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Kipas Guys MOD 0.60.2 APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked Skins)

Stumble Guys
App Name Stumble Guys
Latest Version v.0.60.2
Last Updated
Publisher Scopely
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 170 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked Skins
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4.1 Rating (744) Votes

4.1 Rating (744 Votes )
Price: $ 0
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Kipas Guys MOD 0.60.2 APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked Skins)


Stumble Guys is a multiplayer battle royale party game available on mobile devices. Developed by Kitka Games, Stumble Guys takes inspiration from the popular PC and console game Fall Guys. Up to 32 players compete in chaotic obstacle course races, with the goal of qualifying for each round and ultimately being the last player standing. With its cartoonish graphics, ragdoll physics, and lighthearted gameplay, Stumble Guys aims to provide a fun and accessible experience for players of all ages. This article will provide an in-depth review of Stumble Guys, analyzing its gameplay, graphics, controls, progression system, and more.

Kipas Guys MOD


The core gameplay loop of Stumble Guys consists of competing against 31 other players in fast-paced obstacle course races across multiple rounds. Each round features new obstacles and challenges to overcome, such as climbing walls, spinning beams, bumpers, and more. Players must run, jump, dive, and dodge their way through these obstacles while avoiding falls that will cost them precious time. Making it to the finish line or surviving elimination rounds allows you to qualify and advance to the next stage. Rounds continuously escalate in chaos and difficulty until only one victor remains at the end to claim the crown.

Matches are short, lasting around 3-5 minutes in total across all rounds. This makes Stumble Guys easy to pick up and play in short bursts. The randomness in lobby sizes, opponents, and chosen maps keeps each match feeling fresh. There are also limited-time events and tournaments that offer unique challenges and rewards.

While gameplay is simple on the surface, there is a surprising amount of skill involved. Precise movement and jumping, quick reflexes, and knowledge of optimal routes are required to consistently qualify. Understanding the physics and ragdoll mechanics allows you to maneuver your character for an edge. For example, diving into the ground for a speed boost or using dive momentum to skip across water. Mastering when to play aggressively versus patiently is key.

The gameplay is enjoyable both when playing seriously and just messing around. The lighthearted atmosphere means you can laugh off mistakes and misfortunes. Spectating others after you’re eliminated extends the entertainment. Overall, the gameplay provides a fun and frantic multiplayer experience.

Kipas Guys MOD


Stumble Guys features a colorful, cartoonish graphical style with simple and cute character designs. Environments are vibrant and varied, with themes ranging from jungles and deserts to cities and candy lands. Obstacles also fit the aesthetic of each map. For example, lollipops as spinning beams on a candy map.

The ragdoll physics contribute greatly to the visual humor. Characters bend, stretch, and contort wildly with each tumble. Their limbs flail chaotically when hit by obstacles like bumpers and fans. The exaggerated physics leads to many funny and meme-worthy moments.

While graphics are simple, the game still looks great visually. The vibrant colors and smooth animations run well even on low-end mobile devices. The aesthetic works well for a casual multiplayer party game like this. Overall, the graphics nicely complement the gameplay to deliver a fun and lighthearted experience.


As a mobile game, Stumble Guys utilizes touchscreen controls. An analog stick on the left controls your character’s movement. Jumping, diving, and interacting are handled through buttons on the right. The controls work well enough to play the game, but take some practice to master.

The main issue is the lack of precision inherent with touchscreens. This can make platforming and navigating tight spaces more frustrating. Sensitivity settings help alleviate this somewhat. But an external controller would provide even greater accuracy.

Another limitation is that the camera cannot be controlled manually. It generally tracks your character well, but can sometimes rotate at inopportune moments. An optional setting to lock the camera would be a welcome addition.

Overall, the touch controls function fine for casual play. But expect a learning curve when trying to compete seriously, especially on more demanding maps. Support for controllers in the future could help improve the control experience.

Kipas Guys MOD

Progression and Rewards

Stumble Guys features a progression system that rewards playing regularly. You gain experience for completing matches which increases your account level. Higher levels unlock new character customization options. The game also tracks your collection of crowns from winning matches.

The main form of progression is the Stumble Pass – a rotating battle pass that grants cosmetic rewards. There is a free track with basic rewards and a premium version with greater prizes that costs gems. Leveling up your pass by completing matches earns you skins, emotes, and currency. This provides worthwhile goals to work towards.

An in-game shop also allows purchasing skins, emotes, nameplates, trails, and more using gems. While there are some starter packs with good value, most items are overpriced individually. However, the game is still enjoyable without buying cosmetics.

There are also daily and weekly challenges that offer gems and crowns for completing matches, using emotes, and more. This further incentivizes regular play. Overall, the progression systems reward playing consistently and provide avenues to customize your character.

Game Modes

Stumble Guys currently features a standard battle royale mode where you compete against 31 other players across randomly chosen maps. Matches have 3 rounds – an elimination round where a set number qualify, a race round where the first half qualify, and a final round with a single winner.

There are some variations like Hunt, where players must collect objects while navigating obstacles. And team matches where players work together to score points. But most maps follow the standard race format.

While the core mode has great replay value, more variety would be welcome. Ideas like an endless survival mode, co-op challenges, or custom lobbies with friends could provide fresh experiences. Different team sizes and match lengths could also mix up the formula. More gameplay modes would help expand the options available.

Kipas Guys MOD


Stumble Guys currently has around 35 maps across a range of themes. These include:

  • Jungle Run – A jungle temple with swinging axes, rolling logs, and a giant boulder.
  • Haunted House – A spooky mansion with moving floors, ghosts, and a graveyard.
  • Skyscrapers – A cityscape with rotating platforms, wrecking balls, and an elevator.
  • Candyland – A sugary race through donuts, ice cream, and giant candies.
  • Winter Festival – An icy map with snowballs, frozen lakes, and slippery surfaces.

The theming of each map is excellent, with unique obstacles that fit the environment. Layouts are well-designed to test player skills in different ways. And the visual variety keeps maps feeling distinct.

However, maps can feel repetitive over time since the core format stays the same. More gameplay modifiers could help change up races. Ideas like low gravity zones, speed boosts, or portals could alter how maps play. Hazards that dynamically change each round would also keep maps fresh. Expanding the number of maps and adding greater layout diversity remains important for longevity.


The multiplayer element is core to Stumble Guys’ enjoyment. The large 32 player lobbies ensure chaotic, unpredictable matches. You never know what other players will do – whether they’ll play nice or grab you to eliminate the competition. The randomness of player behavior entertains win or lose.

While matches are anonymous, you can still express yourself through character customization and emotes. Seeing your stylized character interact with others enhances the social experience. Some form of social features would be a nice addition, however. Ideas like custom lobbies with friends, in-game chat, or player profiles could expand the social potential.

One issue currently is that some lobbies seem populated with bots rather than real players. This detracts from the enjoyment when you expect human competition. Adding an option for human-only matches could help remedy this. Overall, the large multiplayer lobbies deliver chaos but have room to grow on the social front.

Kipas Guys MOD


Stumble Guys monetizes through an in-game gem currency which is used to purchase cosmetics, the premium Stumble Pass, and more. Gems can be earned slowly through gameplay, but the main method is purchasing them with real money.

Fortunately, gems are not essential to enjoy the core game. All maps and gameplay modes are accessible without paying. And you still receive the free Stumble Pass rewards. This makes the game fairly playable as a free player.

However, premium cosmetics are overpriced when buying gems individually. Better value is provided through starter packs and the Stumble Pass. But the monetization could be improved by lowering gem costs across the board.

There are also video ads between matches and menus offering bonuses for watching. While optional, these can be disruptive and annoying. A one-time purchase to disable ads could provide a cleaner experience.

Overall, monetization is not too aggressive for a free mobile game. But the individual gem purchases are expensive, and ads could be handled better. There is still enjoyment for free players, just with slower cosmetic progression.

Final Verdict

In summary, Stumble Guys succeeds as an enjoyable multiplayer mobile game thanks to:

  • Fun, frantic gameplay – The obstacle course races make for fast-paced, humorous gameplay against 31 other players.
  • Great visual style – Vibrant, colorful graphics with exaggerated ragdoll physics provide a lighthearted aesthetic.
  • Rewarding progression – Multiple progression systems like the Stumble Pass provide worthwhile goals.
  • Tons of maps – A wide variety of themed maps keeps races feeling fresh.

However, improvements could be made through:

  • More game modes – Additional modes beyond standard races would add more gameplay variety.
  • Social features – Ways to play and interact with friends would expand the multiplayer appeal.
  • Better monetization – Lowering gem costs and adding an ad-removal purchase could improve monetization.
  • Controller support – Allowing controllers would greatly improve controls.

Overall, Stumble Guys succeeds as a casual multiplayer game that anyone can enjoy. For battle royale fans, especially those fond of Fall Guys, it’s easy to recommend trying Stumble Guys. The adorable graphics and humorous ragdoll physics make it hard not to smile while playing. Approachable gameplay and straightforward progression keep you coming back. While improvements could still be made, the low barrier to entry and enjoyable chaos of Stumble Guys shines through.

Kipas Guys MOD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stumble Guys free to play?

Yes, Stumble Guys is free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases for cosmetic items and currency, but they are not required to enjoy the core game.

What devices can play Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. An iOS device requires iOS 11.0 or later. For Android, you need Android 5.1 and up.

Does Stumble Guys have controller support?

Currently, Stumble Guys does not natively support controllers. The game utilizes touchscreen controls. However, players can use third-party apps to map controller inputs to on-screen touches when playing on mobile.

Is there local multiplayer or multiplayer with friends?

At the moment, Stumble Guys does not have custom lobbies to play locally or with friends. All matches are online against random opponents. The developers could potentially add friend lobbies in future updates.

How many players are in each match?

Every Stumble Guys match supports up to 32 players. So in a full lobby you will compete against 31 other players. Matches can still start with fewer players, but 32 is the maximum.

How long does a match take?

A full match of Stumble Guys lasts around 3 to 5 minutes. This consists of 3 rounds – an elimination round, a race round, and a final round. Matches are designed to be quick, bite-sized multiplayer experiences.

What are the in-app purchases?

The main in-app purchases are gems, which are used to purchase cosmetic items and the premium Stumble Pass. There are also optional starter packs that provide one-time bundles of gems and cosmetics. All purchases are optional for enjoying the core game.

Are there bots or real players?

Matches can sometimes contain bots to fill lobbies, but most players will be real people. The developers aim to have real players as much as possible, but bots help ensure smooth matchmaking. An optional setting to prefer human players could improve this.

  • What’s New in Version 0.60.2 NEW MAP: SpongeBob is taking over! Checkout all the fun in Don’t Be Jelly! NEW FEATURE ALERT: Stumble Workshop is here. Jump in and play maps created by our own Creators! Check out our store for new offers each week New Server updates and general bug fixed
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