AdventureKim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk 13.6.1 (Unlocked Everything)

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk 13.6.1 (Unlocked Everything)

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk 13.6.1 (Unlocked Everything)
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5.5 Rating (203 Votes )
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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk 13.6.1 (Unlocked Everything)


Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Glu Mobile for iOS and Android devices. The game was released in June 2014 and allows players to create their own celebrity avatar and navigate the Hollywood social scene alongside Kim Kardashian. The main goal of the game is to increase your celebrity ranking and fame by completing various activities like photo shoots, promotional events, and dating celebrities. As you gain more fans and move up the rankings from E-list to A-list, you’ll unlock new locations, clothing, hairstyles, and storylines. While the game is free to download, there are optional in-app purchases available to speed up progress by buying virtual currency. This includes K-stars for special items and outfits, as well as K-coins for energy refills and bonus activities. Here is an overview of the key features in Kim Kardashian Hollywood:

  • Create and customize your own celebrity avatar
  • Increase your fame ranking from E-list to A-list
  • Complete modeling gigs, acting jobs, club appearances
  • Go on dates with other characters
  • Unlock new locations like clubs, restaurants, and stores
  • Purchase clothing, accessories, and hairstyles
  • Interact with Kim Kardashian and other celebrities
  • Join a squad to earn bonuses and compete in challenges
  • Optional in-app purchases for K-stars and K-coins

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk


The gameplay in Kim Kardashian Hollywood centers around completing various activities to gain fans and experience points. Here are some details on how it works:

  • Energy system – Each activity like photo shoots or dates costs a certain amount of energy. Your energy recharges over time or can be refilled using K-coins.
  • Earning money – Completing activities earns you cash, which can be used to purchase clothing, furniture, cars, and pets.
  • Leveling up – Gaining fans and completing objectives will level up your celebrity ranking and unlock new features.
  • Customization – You can visit salons and clothing shops to customize your look with different hairstyles, makeup, and outfits.
  • Relationships – Flirting and dating other characters increases your bond and unlocks special storyline events.
  • Locations – As your fame ranking increases, new locations like clubs, restaurants, and stores open up.
  • Mini games – Occasional mini games during dates or photo shoots provide bonuses.
  • Time limits – Activities like photoshoots have timers counting down until completion.

Here is an example of typical gameplay:

  1. Receive a call from your agent with details about an upcoming photoshoot.
  2. Purchase a new outfit to prepare for the event.
  3. Arrive at the photoshoot and complete mini games and prompts during the session.
  4. After completing the photoshoot, you gain cash, fans, and experience points.
  5. Check your social media feed for comments and likes.
  6. Spend your cash to upgrade your apartment.
  7. Flirt with a love interest to improve your relationship.

Graphics and Visuals

The graphics in Kim Kardashian Hollywood have a glossy, Hollywood aesthetic with bright colors and stylized characters:

  • Character customization – Thousands of hair, makeup, and clothing options let you perfect your look.
  • Animated characters – Other characters you interact with are animated during conversations.
  • Environments – Clubs, stores, restaurants, and homes have a lively, decorated look.
  • Clothing – Outfits and accessories are stylized with lots of glitter, sequins, and bold colors.
  • Photo shoots – Backdrops like beaches, parks, and studios provide variety.
  • Text bubbles – Conversations occur through text bubbles with profile pictures.
  • Cinematic scenes – Occasional short cinematic scenes add polish.

The visuals overall match the glamorous tone of the game well and provide plenty of customization for your character. Environments have enough unique details to feel like real locations you’d find in Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk

Progression and Unlocks

As you gain more fans and experience, you’ll level up your celebrity ranking and unlock new features:

Celebrity Rank Unlocks
E-List Starting clothes and hairstyles
D-List Modeling gigs, new stores
C-List Acting gigs, squad creation
B-List Club promotions, new locations
A-List Paparazzi, launch parties, VIP rooms

Other progression elements include:

  • Dating – As your relationships improve, unique dates and conversations unlock.
  • Homes – New apartments, penthouses, and mansions can be purchased.
  • Businesses – Clothing boutiques can be opened to earn money.
  • Pets – Dogs, cats, and other pets become available.
  • Vehicles – Cars, jets, and helicopters can be purchased.

Reaching new celebrity ranks and milestones keeps gameplay feeling fresh with new goals to pursue.


Kim Kardashian Hollywood is free-to-download but includes optional in-app purchases. Here are the pricing details:

Item Price
K-Stars $1.99 – $99.99
K-Coins $0.99 – $99.99
Subscription $7.99 per month

K-Stars are used to purchase premium clothing items and access special areas. K-Coins can refill your energy and allow you to do more activities per day. A subscription provides daily rewards and discounts. While all content can be unlocked for free over time, these purchases are aimed at impatient players who want to speed up their progression. The game provides plenty of prompts and reminders to buy K-Stars or use K-Coins when certain actions would otherwise require waiting. Parents should be aware of the in-app purchase options if kids are playing. Purchases can be disabled entirely through your device’s parental controls.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk

Social Features

Kim Kardashian Hollywood incorporates several social features:

  • Squads – Join up with friends to complete challenges and earn bonuses.
  • Parties – Invite your squad over to your home for exclusive benefits.
  • Social media – Post to a feed and see comments from other characters.
  • Multiplayer dates – Go on group dates with other real players.
  • Fashion contests – Submit looks and vote on other player outfits.

These social mechanics aim to provide a sense of community and friendly competition. Being in an active squad makes it easier to earn rare items and progress quicker.

Story and Writing

The story in Kim Kardashian Hollywood is told through conversations with characters via text bubbles. Here are some key story elements:

  • Beginning – Kim discovers your character working in a clothing store and encourages you to become famous.
  • Networking – Befriend mentors, love interests, and rivals as you move up the ranks.
  • Drama – Deal with catty gossip and maintain your reputation.
  • Locations – Explore storylines in places like Paris, Tokyo, and Dubai.
  • Choices – Select dialogue options that impact your relationships.

The writing has a light, breezy tone with some fun Hollywood satire worked in. While the story is secondary to the progression-based gameplay, it adds flavor and humor to the experience.

Controls and Interface

Kim Kardashian Hollywood uses a simple tap-based interface optimized for mobile devices:

  • Tap to move – Tap locations and icons to move around.
  • Tap speech bubbles – Progress conversations by tapping text bubbles.
  • Tap activities – Start photo shoots and events by tapping options.
  • Tap menus – Access your social feed, contacts, and outfits through menus.
  • Swipe to scroll – Swipe up and down to scroll through long text boxes and feed posts.

An energy bar and level meter on screen provide clear progress indicators. Icons allow quick access to key features like changing outfits. The interface works well for short, casual play sessions on a smartphone. All actions can be easily performed with one-handed tapping.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk


The Good

  • Highly polished Hollywood aesthetic
  • Fun customization with thousands of fashion options
  • Simple and addictive progression loop
  • Fun cameos and appearances by Kim Kardashian

The Bad

  • Story is thin and secondary to progression goals
  • Aggressive monetization with constant upsells
  • Repetitive activities get stale over time

Kim Kardashian Hollywood successfully captures the feeling of being rich and famous with plenty of humor and self-awareness. Fans of fashion and celebrity culture will find endless customization options and a compelling progression loop. However, the repetitive activities may become tedious over time without spending money. Overall, it’s an enjoyable casual game that provides a solid value as a free download. The monetization efforts seem fair for an indefinitely playable game, even if they are constantly pushed. Look past the glitz and glamour, and there’s a surprisingly addictive gameplay formula that will appeal to Kim fans and non-fans alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kim Kardashian Hollywood free to play?

Yes, the game is free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases available for virtual currency, but they are not required to progress.

Is it online multiplayer?

The game has some social features like joining squads and going on multiplayer dates, but is primarily a single-player experience.

How much money can you spend in the game?

In-app purchase packs range from $1.99 for a small amount of K-stars up to $99.99 for large amounts of premium currency. There is no limit to how much you can spend overall.

Does the game work offline?

No, you must have an internet connection active to play. The game syncs your progress and social interactions online.

Is Kim Kardashian Hollywood appropriate for kids?

The game is rated 12+ for some suggestive content, revealing outfits, and references to alcohol. Parents may want to monitor kids under 12 playing due to the social gameplay aspects.

Final Thoughts

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a surprisingly well-made game considering its celebrity tie-in status. Underneath the glitzy exterior is an engaging clicker/simulation that provides hours of entertainment. Fans of Kim Kardashian should definitely give it a try for the fun cameo appearances. But you don’t have to be a Kardashian fan to find enjoyment in rising from nobody to superstar, making new friends and fans, and decking yourself out in the most stylish clothes. The game is bolstered by constant updates and live events which provide new goals and rewards to achieve. While the core progression gameplay loop remains the same, there’s always a new outfit or accessory to unlock. Overall, Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a great casual game to play in short bursts when you want to relax. It’s the perfect app to kill time when you’re waiting in line or riding the bus. And best of all, you can experience the perks of being rich and famous without having to deal with the paparazzi or tabloid scandals!

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