ActionKill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS

Kill Shot Bravo MOD 11.8 APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS
App Name Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS
Latest Version v.11.8
Last Updated
Publisher Deca Games
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Action Action
Size 109 MB
Mods Unlimited Ammo
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (401) Votes

4.2 Rating (401 Votes )
Price: $ 0
FPS online multiplayer PVP Sniper gun shooter games & array of army maps & modes
    • Unlimited Bullets
    • Unlimited Energy

Kill Shot Bravo MOD 11.8 APK (Unlimited Ammo)


Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk is a first-person shooter game developed by Hothead Games for Android and iOS. The game puts players in the role of an elite special forces sniper tasked with completing covert missions around the world.

Kill Shot Bravo MOD

Some key features of Kill Shot Bravo include:

  • Over 500 missions across different environments and scenarios
  • Variety of enemy types including drones, zombies, and exo-suit soldiers
  • Live PvP sniper duels against real opponents
  • Customizable weapons, gear, and player avatar
  • Alliance system to team up with friends
  • Leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Services


As an elite special forces sniper, the core gameplay in Kill Shot Bravo involves taking out enemies from a distance with sniper rifles and other weapons. Here are some details on how the gameplay works:

  • Missions – Each mission has specific objectives, such as eliminating a certain number of enemies or protecting an ally. Missions take place across different environments like cities, islands, and jungles.
  • Weapons – Players can unlock and upgrade various rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and more. Different weapons are useful for different situations.
  • Stealth – It’s important to find good vantage points to snipe from without being detected. Players can sneak through environments and use cover to their advantage.

Kill Shot Bravo MOD

  • Vehicles – Some missions feature vehicles like helicopters and jeeps for unique gameplay sequences.
  • Enemy Variety – There are different enemy archetypes that each require different strategies to defeat like exo-suit soldiers, zombies, drones, etc.
  • PvP – Players can compete in real-time 1v1 sniper duels against opponents from around the world.
  • Alliances – Joining alliances allows players to team up with friends and assist each other in challenging co-op missions.

Graphics and Audio

Kill Shot Bravo features high quality 3D graphics that help immerse players in the sniper experience:

  • Environments – A variety of detailed locales like cities, deserts, and forests. Features dynamic lighting and weather effects.
  • Weapons – Guns are modeled realistically and animate well while firing and reloading.
  • Characters – Enemy soldiers and zombies are detailed with smooth animations and ragdoll physics when killed.
  • Visual Effects – Flashy muzzle flashes, blood sprays, explosions, and smoke add to the combat atmosphere.

Kill Shot Bravo MOD

The game’s audio also helps set the tone:

  • Weapon Sounds – Unique firing, reloading, and handling sounds for each gun.
  • Enemy Sounds – Enemies shout and groan when alerted and killed for added realism.
  • Music – Tense instrumental music matches the covert spec ops theme.
  • Kill Confirmations – Satisfying sound effects play when landing a skillful kill shot on an enemy.


Kill Shot Bravo uses intuitive touch controls optimized for mobile devices:

  • Look Controls – Drag left side of screen to look around and aim.
  • Fire Button – Tap right side of screen to fire equipped weapon.
  • Scope Zoom – Tap and drag on scope to adjust zoom level.
  • Weapon Switching – Tap icons on HUD to switch between equipped guns.
  • Reloading – Tap reload icon when ammo is depleted to start reload animation.
  • Grenades – Tap grenade icon then tap target area to throw.
  • Crouching – Tap crouch icon to crouch for more accurate shots.
  • Vehicle Control – Tap and drag to steer vehicles during driving sequences.

The controls are responsive and easy to grasp, allowing players to quickly jump into the action.

Kill Shot Bravo MOD

Progression and Unlocks

As players complete missions and earn currency, they can unlock new weapons, gear, and other upgrades:


  • Rifles – Bolt-action sniper rifles, semi-auto rifles, assault rifles, etc.
  • Machine Guns – LMGs, miniguns, mounted turrets.
  • Shotguns – Pump action, automatic, revolving shotguns.
  • Explosives – Grenades, RPGs, missile launchers.

Weapon Upgrades

  • Scopes – Night vision, thermal, variable zoom. Improves accuracy.
  • Barrels – Improved range and damage.
  • Stocks – Enhanced stability and recoil control.
  • Ammo – More damage, fire rate, or capacity.


  • Armor – Helmets, vests, and ghillie suits. Provides protection.
  • Gadgets – Radar, scanners, and distractions. Provides intel.
  • Camouflage – Camos, face paints, and bushes. Improves stealth.

Kill Shot Bravo MOD


  • Steady Aim – Reduces sway for better accuracy.
  • Fast Hands – Faster reloads and weapon switching.
  • Marathoner – Increased sprinting duration.

Unlocking new equipment allows players to customize their playstyle and loadouts to match their preferences and combat scenarios.

Game Modes

Kill Shot Bravo offers diverse gameplay across a variety of modes:

  • Campaign – 500+ story missions across different environments and enemies.
  • Survival – Fend off endless waves of enemies as long as possible.
  • PvP – Compete in 1v1 real-time sniper duels with other players. Global leaderboards.
  • Alliance Wars – Join alliances and compete in team battles against other alliances.
  • Events – Limited time events with special enemies, rules, and rewards.
  • Challenges – Complete daily and weekly challenges for bonuses.

The different modes provide plenty of variety in gameplay and keep players engaged in both PvE and PvP battles.


As a free-to-play mobile game, Kill Shot Bravo monetizes through various in-app purchases:

  • Gold Currency – Direct purchase of gold bars to speed upgrades.
  • Battle Passes – Premium pass provides exclusive seasonal rewards.
  • Loot Boxes – Contains random cosmetics, currency, etc.
  • Seasonal Sales – Limited time discounts on gold and items.

While in-app purchases can accelerate progression, they are not required to advance or compete. Core gameplay remains accessible for free players.

Kill Shot Bravo MOD


Overall, Kill Shot Bravo succeeds at delivering an exciting and polished first-person sniper experience on mobile platforms. With approachable touch controls, great graphics and audio, and diverse PvE and PvP modes, there is plenty of content for both casual and hardcore players to enjoy. The monetization remains optional for those who choose to invest, but does not gate core progression. Fans of military shooters who want to take their skills on-the-go will find Kill Shot Bravo well worth playing.


I give Kill Shot Bravo a 4 out of 5 star rating. The game provides a sizable amount of sniper-focused content and multiplayer modes for a free mobile title. While it doesn’t necessarily innovate the genre, it refines FPS gameplay for touchscreens and gives sniping enthusiasts an enjoyable experience to play on mobile.

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