SimulationIdle Magic School Mod Apk 2.6.6 (Hack, Unlimited Holy Water)

Idle Magic School Mod Apk 2.6.6 (Hack, Unlimited Holy Water)

Idle Magic School Mod Apk 2.6.6 (Hack, Unlimited Holy Water)
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4.5 Rating (203 Votes )
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Idle Magic School is an idle clicker game developed and published by Codigames. It was released in 2020 for iOS and Android devices. The game has become hugely popular, currently sitting at over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

In Idle Magic School, players take on the role of a principal of a magical school. The goal is to continuously upgrade your school by recruiting new wizards and witches, constructing new buildings, and conducting magical research. It’s an addictive loop as you watch your school and its students grow.

This article will provide an in-depth review of Idle Magic School. We will look at the pros, cons, graphics, gameplay, and more. We’ll also provide some tips and strategies for new players.

Idle Magic School Mod Apk



Idle Magic School is an idle clicker game. That means much of the game involves letting the game run and progress on its own. You set up different aspects of the school, click buttons to activate abilities or speed things up, then let the game idle away as you earn resources.

Here are some of the key gameplay elements:

  • Recruit students – There are different wizard and witch students you can recruit to your school. Each has their own bonuses they provide to help grow your school.
  • Construct buildings – Buildings like classrooms, dormitories, the academy, and more will unlock as you progress. These provide bonuses and allow you to train more students.
  • Conduct research – The research lab allows you to research various upgrades and bonuses to apply to your school.
  • Upgrade students – As students gain experience, you can spend resources to upgrade them to more advanced wizard/witch ranks.
  • Prestige – After pushing your school as far as it can go, you can prestige and reset the game at a more advanced level.

The idle gameplay loops allows you to steadily build up your school no matter if you are actively playing or not. It is very addicting to see everything continue to grow and progress.


The graphics have a cutesy, cartoon style. The wizards and witches have exaggerated features and designs. The school buildings also have a fun magical theme.

The graphics are smooth and work well for a mobile title. Everything is colorful and detailed enough to distinguish buildings and characters.

The visuals won’t blow anyone away, but they fit the casual idle clicker genre well. They also help bring the magical school theme to life.


Idle Magic School utilizes some monetization strategies typical of idle games. There are multiple currencies in the game, some which are premium. You can earn premium currencies slowly through gameplay or purchase them outright.

There are also occasional video/ad boosts you can watch, though they are not forced on the player.

Overall the monetization is there but does not hamper enjoyment of the game too much. Paying provides some nice bonuses but is not at all required to progress. The game can be completed without spending money, though it may take longer.

Idle Magic School Mod Apk

Pros and Cons


  • Addictive idle/clicker gameplay loop
  • Cute graphics bring the magical school theme to life
  • Lots of depth with all the buildings, upgrades, students, etc.
  • Prestige system provides continued progression
  • Does not require money to enjoy and progress


  • Can feel slow at times without purchasing bonuses
  • Occasional monetization nudges
  • Graphics are simple and basic
  • Late game can become repetitive grinding

Starting Your School

When first starting out in Idle Magic School, follow these tips:

  • Build your first few classrooms and dormitories. These will allow you to recruit students.
  • Focus on recruiting Silver students at first. They provide the best early bonuses.
  • Work through the research tree, prioritizing upgrades that speed up earnings.
  • Don’t neglect the Wizard’s Tower and its upgrades. This generates a lot of your idle resources.
  • Over time construct one of each building to unlock all features.
  • Prestige when progress slows down significantly.

Idle Magic School Mod Apk

Mid-Game Progression

Once your school is established, work towards these milestones:

  • Construct the Academy to train students beyond Silver rank.
  • Build the Spring of Mana to generate more magic resources.
  • Upgrade classrooms to fit more students.
  • Work on recruiting Gold students.
  • Slowly upgrade facilities like the Dorms, Dining Hall, and Training Grounds.
  • Consider unlocking Auto-Buy for buildings. This speeds construction.
  • Keep researching new upgrades.
  • Level up students evenly rather than focusing on just a few.

End Game and Prestiging

After a few in-game months, you will reach a point where progression slows down significantly. This is the time to prestige.

Before prestiging:

  • Max out any last minute upgrades or student levels.
  • Make sure you have at least 350,000 mana so you can quickly buy back upgrades.
  • Have 1-2 million coins to quickly construct buildings.

The prestige system in Idle Magic School is great. You keep all currencies, purchased upgrades, pets, and more. You just reset the main school back to level 1. This allows you to progress much quicker your next run through.

A few prestige runs will increase your earnings multiplier significantly. Make sure to push as far as you can each run.

Idle Magic School Mod Apk

Tips and Strategies

Here are some valuable tips and strategies to succeed in Idle Magic School:

  • Check in frequently – It helps to check back often to activate skills and set up new constructions. This will speed up progress.
  • Daily pet gifts – Make sure to check the pet house daily for resources and gems from pet gifts.
  • Only spend gems on premium purchases – The gem currency is slow to earn, so only spend it on premium buildings, pets, or other purchases.
  • Upgrade Cost Reduction research – This should be one of the first technologies researched as it will save a lot of coins and mana over time.
  • Participate in events – Limited time events provide great rewards for free so always complete them when available.
  • Balance wizard and witch students – Try to maintain an even number of wizards and witches for the best spell bonuses.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Idle Magic School have a cute, cartoon style as mentioned earlier. Things are bright and colorful with a magical theme. The characters and animations have some nice little touches like potions bubbling over and spell books flipping pages on their own.

The building designs cover all the typical magical school tropes. Things like big castles, bubbling cauldrons, and floating candles help bring the theme to life.

The graphics are good for a mobile title and fit the casual style of the game well. They probably won’t wow anyone but they add to the overall enjoyment and theme.

The sound is fairly minimal in Idle Magic School. There are upbeat magical tunes that play in the background. The music is pleasant but mostly stays in the background.

There are occasional sound effects when you tap buttons or construct buildings. These are pretty basic chimes and noises but serve their purpose.

Overall the audio gets the job done but is not anything special. The music loops can get repetitive after long play sessions. Players may want to listen to their own music.

Idle Magic School Mod Apk

When recruiting students in Idle Magic School, they will sometimes ask you questions. Here are some of the most common questions and how to best respond:

Why is our curriculum so rigid?

Best Response: The curriculum covers all the core magical skills we want our graduates to have. But we do allow some flexibility in elective courses so students can study their passions.

Do you have any plans to modernize the dorms?

Best Response: We are currently raising funds to renovate the dorms. Providing comfortable housing for our students is a top priority.

I want to focus on potions but we hardly have any courses for it.

Best Response: You raise a good point. I will speak with the faculty about expanding our potions curriculum to support students with that interest.

Can you reconsider the ban on electronic devices in the classrooms?

Best Response: You make a reasonable argument. The faculty and I will have a discussion about updating that rule to reflect new technologies.

Why don’t we have more field trips or guest speaker events?

Best Response: Those are great ideas! We will start planning more hands-on learning experiences like those to make lessons more engaging.

These uniforms are so outdated. Any chance we can get new ones?

Best Response: I agree, it is time we modernize the uniforms. We will arrange for our supplier to design some new options that are still formal but more comfortable.

Can we get some more modern courses like Web Spells or Magical Engineering?

Best Response: Excellent suggestions! Offering cutting edge courses is important to prepare students for the real world. I will work with faculty to develop courses on newer magical fields.

Idle Magic School Mod Apk

Conclusion and Key Feature

Idle Magic School is a highly addictive and entertaining idle clicker game with a fun magical school theme. It may seem simple at first but has an impressive amount of depth and content to explore.

Some key feature:

  • The gameplay is centered around an addictive loop of upgrading your school and recruiting students.
  • Strategy comes into play in choosing which buildings and upgrades to invest in.
  • Cute graphics and audio provide immersion in the lighthearted magical world.
  • Frequent prestiging is key to steady progress in the long run.
  • The game is very free-to-play friendly, with no ads or paywalls hampering enjoyment.

Overall Idle Magic School is an easy recommendation for any fan of idle/clicker style mobile games looking for something new. The magical school theme really separates it from other titles in the genre.

It is the perfect game to play in short bursts or leave running in the background. Unlocking new wizards and witches is satisfying, and there is lots of depth for those who stick with the game. Give Idle Magic School a try if you want a magical idle game that is engaging without feeling like a grind.

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