SimulationIdle Car Factory MOD APK 14.6.9 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Car Factory MOD APK 14.6.9 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Car Factory MOD APK 14.6.9 (Unlimited Money)
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3.5 Rating (710) Votes

3.5 Rating (710 Votes )
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Idle Car Factory MOD APK 14.6.9 (Unlimited Money)


Idle Car Factory is a free-to-play tycoon game for Android where players manage an automobile factory. Starting with just a small workshop, players must construct production lines, hire workers, upgrade equipment, and manufacture cars to sell for profit. Key aspects of Idle Car Factory:

Idle Car Factory MOD APK

  • Gameplay – Incremental idle clicker mixed with active factory management
  • Progression – Expand and upgrade your factory over many levels
  • Production – Manufacture car parts, assemble them into models to sell
  • Management – Hire and manage workers for different jobs
  • Customization – Decorate your factory with furniture and vehicles
  • Monetization – Free-to-play with optional in-app purchases

Gameplay Loop & Progression

Idle Car Factory revolves around an incremental idle gameplay loop mixed with more active factory management.

Idle Production

  • Car parts like engines and chassis produce cash over time
  • Earn money even when away to upgrade and expand
  • Prestige system lets you reset for bonuses

Expanding The Factory

  • Purchase new floors and production stations
  • Each station creates car parts, which are assembled into models
  • Expanding unlocks new parts, car models, worker types

Idle Car Factory MOD APK

Hiring Workers

  • Hire miners, engineers, janitors, security guards, etc
  • Manage each worker’s salary and training
  • More workers produce parts and cars faster

Upgrading Stations

  • Use money to upgrade part manufacturing stations
  • Improves output and unlocks higher tier parts
  • Advanced parts make more valuable car models

Selling Cars

  • Completed car models are sold automatically over time
  • More advanced cars sell for higher profits
  • Balance production pace to meet demand

Events & Goals

  • Various random events with choices occur
  • Complete goals for rewards to boost progress
  • Events and goals spice up the core loop

Decorations & Vehicles

  • Customize factory floors with decorations
  • Purchase and drive new vehicles around yourself
  • Provides a sense of visual progression

Factory Management Gameplay

While idle at its core, players actively manage many elements of the factory.

Resource Management

  • Produce raw materials like metal and glass
  • Transform them into parts needed for car assembly
  • Balance raw material supply with part requirements

Production Lines

  • Arrange stations in efficient production lines
  • Conveyor belts move parts from one station to the next
  • Well organized lines increase output

Warehouse & Distribution

  • Built warehouses to store excess parts and cars
  • Manage shipping fleets to deliver sold cars
  • Keep distribution smooth to meet demand

Research & Technologies

  • Research new technologies to boost production
  • Unlock advanced machines and conveyor upgrades
  • Applies long term boosts to factory efficiency

Prestige Upgrades

  • Prestige lets you reset your factory for bonuses
  • Permanently improve production speed
  • Stronger boosts require more resets

Proper management of these systems allows players to grow their factory into a car-making empire.

Idle Car Factory MOD APK

Graphics & Visuals

Idle Car Factory goes for a detailed pixel art style with bright and colorful visuals. Players can zoom in to appreciate the fine animations. Some examples of the graphics:

  • Detailed factory floors – Machines, conveyors, workers, and cars all rendered
  • Smooth animations – Zoom in to see all moving parts
  • Car customization – Unique visuals for each manufactured car model
  • Stylized workers – Each worker type has own visual design
  • Visual progression – Factories grow visibly larger over time

Seeing the factory come to life with movement and increasing complexity provides great visual feedback.

Events & Story

Random events help provide flavor and goals to the core loop. The story is light, mainly serving to set context.

Random Events

  • Events like storms or strikes alter factory conditions
  • Choices affect factory stats and worker morale
  • Breaks up routine with scenarios to deal with

Goals & Achievements

  • Various goals with rewards to work towards
  • Milestone achievements for completing tasks
  • Provides structured objectives

Story Context

  • Inherited an old factory from your uncle
  • Try to modernize and turn it profitable
  • Compete against rival factories
  • Light story gives some narrative context

While not a narrative-driven game, the events and story give some flavor to the simulation.

Car Models

Players can manufacture a wide selection of car models, from vintage to modern supercars. More advanced models sell for higher profits.

Car Classes

Cars fall into various classes, from basic to luxury:

  • Economy – Basic starter cars
  • Hatchback – Affordable compact cars
  • Sedan – Medium-sized passenger cars
  • SUV – Large family & off-road vehicles
  • Hypercar – High-end supercars

Car Stats

Each model has stats like:

  • Cost – Raw material cost to produce
  • Speed – Time to assemble each car
  • Value – Price the completed car sells for
  • Prestige – Bonus prestige value on reset

Production Requirements

Higher tier cars require upgraded stations and advanced parts:

  • Engine – More powerful engines
  • Chassis – Stronger chassis and body
  • Electronics – Luxury electronics
  • Assembly – Faster assembly with robots

Pushing to produce luxury hypercars will require significant factory investments.

Idle Car Factory MOD APK


While playable for free, Idle Car Factory includes optional in-app purchases to help accelerate progress.

Hard Currency

  • Gems can be purchased with real money
  • Used to instantly finish builds and research
  • Buy crates containing various rewards

Soft Currency

  • Cash is earned through normal play
  • Used for common purchases and upgrades
  • No need to buy cash with real money

No Forced Ads

  • Opt-in video ads provide small rewards
  • No mandatory or intrusive ads
  • Avoiding ads does not limit progress

The game can be completed without spending money, though impatient players can pay to speed up progress.


Idle Car Factory provides an addictive incremental idle game layered with active factory management. Watching your automotive empire grow from a small workshop to a sprawling complex of factories and warehouses is immensely satisfying. While fundamentally an idle clicker, the additional simulation elements like managing production lines, resources, and staff add engagement. Players looking for a manufacturing tycoon experience on mobile with lots of vehicles will find plenty to enjoy.


  • Deep idle tycoon simulation for mobile
  • Challenging logistics of managing resources and production
  • Prestige system adds meaningful reset progression
  • Visually impressive scale when factories grow
  • Wide selection of car models to produce


  • Eventually bottlenecks without regular player input
  • Can feel overwhelming for new players
  • Monetization could be aggressive for some
  • Lack of multiplayer or PvP elements
  • iOS version coming later

For fans of incremental idle games looking for a production tycoon flavor, Idle Car Factory is easy to recommend, especially as a free mobile title. Just be prepared for the complexities of balancing supply chains and production logistics. Vehicles enthusiasts will especially enjoy producing and customizing the many auto models. Overall an in-depth factory simulation for your pocket.

Final Thoughts

Idle Car Factory brings an addictive idle tycoon experience to mobile with the fun theme of automotive manufacturing. Starting small and growing into an industrial complex provides a great sense of progression and achievement. While the core loop is idle clicking, the active factory management systems like supply chains and production lines provide welcome complexity for those wanting more engagement. Fans of idle games and tycoon management should find a lot to enjoy in this free mobile title.

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