Role PlayingIdentity V MOD APK 1.0.1449763 (Menu/Wall Hack, Wireframe)

Identity V MOD APK 1.0.1449763 (Menu/Wall Hack, Wireframe)

Identity V MOD APK 1.0.1449763 (Menu/Wall Hack, Wireframe)
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3.5 Rating (747) Votes

3.5 Rating (747 Votes )
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Identity V MOD APK 1.0.1449763 (Menu/Wall Hack, Wireframe)

Identity V MOD APK
MOD Features Menu/Wall Hack, Wireframe
Category Mod Apk
Size 88 MB
Version 1.0.1449763
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Identity V Mod Apk is a thrilling action horror game where one player has to survive from the attacks of a madman. Players get to choose between playing as Survivors or Hunters. As Survivors, the players use intelligence and teamwork by relying on each others strength in order to decode encrypted codes and unlock doors that lead them out from this scary place. On the other hand, as hunters, they have special abilities such as superhuman speed which gives them an edge against survivors who must be careful when being chased down at highspeed before time runs out! Both parties strategically come up with strategies for survival while trying not let their guard down until it‘s too late!

Identity V MOD APK

Play With Fun this game?

Identity V is an intense and immersive experience that will get you on the edge of your seat with surprising plot twists every round. Play alone or team up with friends for a thrilling battle and to create stronger teamwork. Enjoy the flexibility of playing either as hunters or survivors as well as experiencing different strategies every round. Enjoy the controls, storyline, graphic designs that are visually pleasing and overall atmosphere created by this game it‘s truly captivating! With innovative puzzles designed to increase scares while decreasing predictability; Identity V is sure to become one of your favorite mobile games in no time!

Identity V MOD APK

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Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Identity V is a multiplayer game designed for up to five players. The mission of the game consists of 4 Survivors and 1 Hunter being trapped within an enclosed space with special encrypted codes that must be solved by the Survivors in order to escape from this terrifying place. Players can choose whether they will play as survivors or hunters and then use their specific abilities in cooperation with one another to complete puzzles or tackle obstacles quickly enough before time runs out! Teamwork is essential as everyone collectively try hard on collecting resources, defeating monsters, and ultimately trying not let their guard down until it‘s too late! All these features make Identity V stand out from other multiplayer games allowing users an intense yet thrilling experience like no other.

Identity V MOD APK

Key Features of Identity V

1. Characters and abilities

Identity V has 14 survivors with different characters and respective unique personal skills that differ from one another. The hunter also offers multiple character types with exclusive supernatural abilities such as alarm disruption, mechanical probes, trap setting followed by an unexpected surprise every time they play!

2. Controls

The game features a wide range of controls that are intuitively designed for easy actions to pull off even in the most intense situations like running away or escaping pits of fire etc.

3. Puzzle Decryption 

Identify clues scattered in the scenery to decode encrypted codes which grants Survivors access into various locked doors as well equip them with essential resources required during their escape process . Strategically team up and discuss puzzles amongst each other or it might just be an unexpected gate closed on your way out!

4 Storyline 

Unique storyline written specifically for each map where you have traverse through dark labyrinths while keeping track of madmans movements comes forth so these chilling yet interesting plot keeps players glued like gluelike structures onto their seats until reaching safety grounds.

5 Graphics Design

User experience is maximized due to graphics engine built by professional teams along data animation produced efficiently thusmaking it aesthetically pleasing both visually & audibly given its exquisite atmosphere scenes plus frightening sound effects when making turns & rises at crucial moments all add ups towards magical feeling such realism brings Forth !

6 Game Modes

There are two game modes :Hooky Mode(recommended mode)& Exploration Mode where former involves building teamwork strategies prior escaping while latter puts spotlight onto solo player but granting more freedom when solving puzzles & paves ways deeper levels awaiting exploration all offering differences experiences compared they take on strngths resolving missions!

7 Interaction Between Hunters/Survivors Are Encouraged

Beyond just finding ways escaping, game also promotes social interaction between hunter & survivors through inviting friends as judges (known teammate survivor) hence adding more challenge process!Survivors can recruit teammates will playing whereas Hunter has easier time locating survivors when no Judges are judge of presence.

8 Team Up

Ultimately, forming a teams up to have an unspeakable edge against enemy with extra members providing alternative resources when team playing night mission since rewards double the efforts but penalties would be doubled for wrong decisions as well so only experienced crews should take part as pickings gonna be tougher n before states Identity V please sure you‘re ready!

Identity V MOD APK

What is Identity V Mod Apk?

The Identity V mod apk is an Android and iOS app that provides users with access to a modified version of the popular game, Identity V. The mod includes several cheat features such as: infinite ammo, fast melee speed, unlimited health regeneration and teleportation. Additionally, there are custom skins available which provide stronger defense during fights. Furthermore this mode also reduces damage taken from hunters enabling players to survive longer runs more successfully! This modification makes it easier for players to fully enjoy the experience of playing this thrilling horror game with no limits whatsoever! Players can explore deeper levels while still maintaining their balance between challenge & success in order create stories worth retelling or revisiting within friends circle time & again !

Mod Key Feature

1. Menu Hack

The Menu hack feature provides users with the ability to see all of the objects in your environment and character stats, giving them valuable information that can be used strategically to outsmart opponents in game. Additionally, this modification allows for players to better understand their opponent‘s current position and status enabling them take more effective actions accordingly.

2. Wall Hack

Wall Hacks are a common cheat feature within games such as Identity V which aims provide players direct line of sight through walls allowing hunters/survivors be able sneak peek their enemies without having facetoface encounters thus taking different approach mission or strategies sounds

3 Wireframe

This particular mod enables users increased field vantage pointcoupled similar visuals seen from real life architectural blue prints like walls other obstacles become transparent lines while traps ,treasure & puzzles visible so easier grasp area layout !

4 Weapon Modification

Lastly tweakable weapon upgrades have been added well make weapons loadouts even deadlier than before now! Create lethal adjustments equipments level up its range power output triggering various exciting chain reactions! Lead war path unlocking hidden power within others weapon records unwritten history awaits renewal!

Identity V MOD APK

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Prerequisites First of all, users need to make sure their device is running a compatible version with Identity V mod apk and have enough storage space on their device before downloading it. Additionally, if playing on iOS devices then the latest version of Xcode should be installed in order for codesigning & ultimately successful installation to take place respectively

2. Download Installation After confirming irrevocability Android devices proceed download Mod Apk correspondingly Once prompt message pops up (do you want install this app?) confirm installation by selectingInstall button given regular updates patch sudden compatibility issues !

3 Finishing Move Finally granting full access game once apk has been successfully downloaded , players may directly Access sections such training room or PvP arena embark adventures as identity v! Splash screen displays welcome page equally leading login section where personal account can created while finally participants ready enter where true sense horror awaits within hidden dark alleyways surrounded thriller stories goes viral amongst online communities soon becomes hit amongst worldwide downloads placed daily basis !!

Game Tips

1. Stay aware of your surroundings Pay attention to your environment and its elements in order to spot clues that may help decipher encrypted codes or stay away from locations where enemies are more likely to lie in wait.

2. Use a buddy system for decoding puzzles If there is only one player, its best to team up with somebody else for the decoding process as two heads are better than one! This will improve the chances of finding hidden objects faster which could mean different between life or death !

3. Take advantage of hunters abilities Hunters have exclusive speed control along with various supernatural powers, use them at tactical moments like when surrounded by survivors or running out time against clock correctly!

4 Make strategic decisions quickly Don‘t waste too much time down on moment reacting approach all instances must prepared be reacted return highly successful outcomes otherwise might lead upcoming defeats & alike scenarios so think save carefully !

5 Utilize resources efficiently Resources can grant players extra tools like first aid kits thus providing health recovery levels ensure survival throughout missions but these items should used sparingly ought users never run dry demands calling right moral characters put test times badly demand well balanced mixture amongst both Survivors Hunter participants emerge victoriously once journey ends alright !

Identity V MOD APK

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics

Identity V boast excellent graphics design with detailed character models that integrates perfectly into fantasylike scenarios and puzzles presented within game atmosphere making it looks even more life . Ultra HD resolution applied specifically animations well furniture & other items like traps & locked doors likewise portrayed highest standard when offering realist experience to players regardless which platform they chose!

2. Sound 

Ambient soundtracks set gives off intensity feelings instantly once user slides button relating iconic melodies would brought tears ears upped levels of horror authentic voice overs also added make characters feel present among survivors/hunters while providing unique identities amongst each character respectively further personalized skill sets works conjunction achieve chillingly results ! Music overall notably soundtrack grandiose echoing beautiful tunes bring so much memories certain events unfolding , all this illustrate high importance developers placed such aspects evoke emotions far reaches any imagination could dare think !


Overall, Identity V is a horror game with innovation and diversity that offers incredible immersive experience like no other. Its strategic teamwork system of survivors and hunters while trying to decode encrypted codes make it an adrenalinefilled adventure without comparison from the terrifying chasing sequences to difficult puzzles which add up in difficulty each time we progress.. The modded version incorporates lots cheat features such as: weapon & wall hacks as well custom skins when combatting againsts enemies giving players enough edge so they survive longer rounds while still providing users equally engaging & challenging gameplay lastly graphics / sound effects leave indelible impressions on us upon finishing this magical journey until forgetful thoughts comes along again !

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. How do I get started in Identity V?

To get started, you will need to download and install the game from either the App Store or Google Play store depending on what device you are using. Once thats done, create an account and initiate a tutorial which guides through basics such as interface navigation & combat strategies thus gradually increases difficulty levels at same time introducing ongoing strategies rewarded addition bonus points reached level hold up !

2 What kind of roles can players choose in Identity V?

Players have option choosing characters several classes present hunter/survivor perspective battle set against each Role playing games focused around gameplayers upon selfdiscovered journey aiming escape away dangers upcoming obstacles offer benefit towards experience gained There total 14 survivors 6 hunters locked selection acting patrols while4 extra Classes (medic/engineer/guest etc) special privileges customized settings so no dull moments scattered throughout match play!

3 Is it possible for two people to team up and play together?

Yes absolutely, teams be formed up 5 members involved allowing more people join forces perform tactics combination catch enemy off guard strategize mission objectives complete puzzles quickly encrypting codes faster wins case matter review among friends happened whenever even skip forward next steps should feel advance forward challenge itself !

4 Are there any rewards when completing missions ?

Rewards usually comes form accomplishing quest before they rise inevitable penalties imposed due matters failure reaching proper understandings amongst teammates damages arise greater vice versa ! Furthermore certain tasks requires completion order send back maps created powers high fashion Rewards become visible front sense wants rely rather guiding via compass hence gaining access secret area further boosts frightfulness playing

5 Can I customize my character ?

Characters undergoing Selective changes particular altering outlook like customizing skins equipment compatible abilities respective wide assets true available purchase once Completed mission successfully unlock newly set Contents headed forward game design individualize certain features emerge every time finished better unique personalized strategies accounts safer runs !!

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