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Hunt Royale MOD 1.9.12 APK (Mod Menu/God Mode/Unlimited Money)

Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle
App Name Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle
Latest Version v.1.9.12
Last Updated
Publisher BoomBit Games
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Action Action
Size 176 MB
Mods Mod Menu/God Mode/Unlimited Money
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (690) Votes

4.3 Rating (690 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Hunt cool monsters against other people! Become the last survivor!
    • Mod Menu
    • One Hit Kill
    • God Mode
    • Move Speed

Hunt Royale MOD 1.9.12 APK (Mod Menu/God Mode/Unlimited Money)

Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle is a free-to-play mobile game developed and published by BoomBit Games for Android and iOS devices. Released in March 2021, Hunt Royale combines elements of battle royale, RPG, and MOBA games to create a unique hunting experience.

Hunt Royale MOD

In this in-depth review, we will cover all aspects of Hunt Royale to help you decide if it’s the right game for you. We’ll look at gameplay, graphics, characters, progression, monetization, and more. Whether you’re a fan of competitive multiplayer games or RPGs, read on to see if Hunt Royale is your next gaming obsession.


Hunt Royale gameplay revolves around entering arenas and hunting monsters – alone or with other players – while leveling up your character. Here are the key gameplay elements:

Game Modes

There are 5 main game modes to choose from:

  • Hunt: Battle royale-style PvE mode where you compete with 3 other players to hunt monsters and earn the highest score before time runs out.
  • Co-op: PvE mode where you team up with one other player against endless waves of monsters.
  • Bounty Hunter: 10 player PvP battle royale mode where you earn points for killing other players.
  • Duel: 3v3 PvP mode where you take turns battling 1v1.
  • Boss Hunt: PvE mode unlocked at 1000 trophies where you defeat a boss monster.

The variety of PvE and PvP modes provides diverse gameplay experiences. Hunt and Bounty Hunter are classic last man standing modes, Co-op offers cooperative play, Duel provides structured PvP, and Boss Hunt presents a major endgame challenge.

Hunt Royale MOD

Characters and Progression

Hunt Royale Mod Apk currently has 70+ unlockable characters (called hunters), each with their own skills and abilities. As you play matches, you earn XP to level up your hunter and unlock new abilities to create custom builds.

Progression is the typical RPG system of gaining XP and levels to strengthen your character. You can then experiment with different hunter builds as you unlock new skills.

Hunting Mechanic

In the Hunt, Co-op, and Boss Hunt modes, your goal is not only to survive, but to actively hunt down enemies to earn points and the highest score. This creates a dynamic gameplay loop of hunting monsters while surviving vs enemy attacks.

The hunting mechanic sets Hunt Royale apart from being just another battle royale game. You have to balance offense and defense to both eliminate enemies and stay alive.


The touch controls are simple – tap the left side of the screen to move, release to attack. There are also abilities mapped to the right side of the screen.

The one-touch combat allows you to focus on movement and positioning while your hunter automatically attacks nearby enemies.

Hunt Royale MOD

Graphics and Visuals

Hunt Royale features bright, colorful voxel-based graphics with a blocky aesthetic. The visual style is reminiscent of games like Minecraft. While not the most advanced graphics, the voxel art style gives the game a distinct look and feel.

The arenas and character designs are well done, with detailed environments and monsters to battle. Small touches like destructible objects and death animations help the hunting feel visceral and satisfying.

The playful voxel graphics make Hunt Royale accessible and lighthearted. The visual presentation matches the casual gameplay – Hunt Royale isn’t striving for cutting edge realism but rather a fun and relaxed hunting experience.

Characters (Hunters)

Let’s take a closer look at the playable characters (hunters) and their abilities:


There are 5 main classes hunters fall under:

  • Warrior – Melee damage dealers with high HP but short range. Examples: Barbarian, Berserker.
  • Marksman – Ranged damage dealers that excel at keeping distance. Examples: Elf Archer, Sniper.
  • Mage – Spellcasters with AoE abilities and elemental attacks. Examples: Wizard, Druid.
  • Assassin – Mobile melee fighters specializing in single target burst damage. Examples: Ninja, Crow.
  • Tank – Heavily armored fighters who can absorb damage for the team. Examples: Knight, Dwarf.


Each hunter has stats like:

  • HP – Amount of health/damage they can take.
  • Attack – Damage dealt by basic attacks.
  • Armor – Reduces incoming damage taken.
  • Crit Chance – Chance basic attacks will deal bonus damage.

As you level up, you can increase stats to customize your build. For example, boosting HP and Armor on a Tank.

Hunt Royale MOD (2)


Hunters unlock new abilities as they level up, creating their build. Abilities range from direct attacks, buffs, debuffs, summons, and more.

Some examples include: flamestrike, ricochet, healing aura, poison arrow, bladestorm, and chain lightning.

Combining classes, stats, and abilities allows for diverse hunter builds to suit your playstyle.


Purely cosmetic skins are available to customize the look of your hunter. Skins don’t affect stats or abilities, just the visual appearance.

Progression and Meta

Here’s how progression works in Hunt Royale Hack and the current meta:


As you play matches and hunt monsters, you earn XP to level up your account and your individual hunters.

  • Account level represents your overall progression and unlocks features like game modes and daily rewards.
  • Hunter level determines stats and abilities. Leveling up hunters makes them stronger.


There is no gear or equipment system currently. Hunter strength comes from their innate stats and abilities.

Hunt Royale MOD (3)


In the current meta, Marksmen like Sniper and Elf Archer are popular for their ranged damage. Assassins like Ninja and Crow are also strong picks for their mobility and burst potential.

Mages and Warriors see niche use but aren’t as common. Tanks have fallen out of favor due to the lack of teamplay in most modes.

For PvE modes, AoE abilities are useful for clearing waves of monsters. Single target burst is effective against bosses.


While completely free to play, Hunt Royale does feature in-app purchases for those looking to speed up progress:


You can watch 30 second video ads to receive rewards like gold and hunter XP. Ads are optional and grant small benefits.

Battle Pass

The premium Battle Pass unlocks extra rewards as you complete daily and weekly challenges. Rewards include gold, gems, chests, and unique hunters.

Crystals (Premium Currency)

You can buy Crystals to purchase skins, the Battle Pass, gold, XP boosts, and chests. Prices range from $1 to $100.

Is it Pay to Win?

Thankfully, Hunt Royale is not pay to win. Paying provides some progression advantages but no direct combat benefits. Skill and game knowledge matter more than money spent.

Technical Aspects

Let’s examine some key technical elements of Hunt Royale:

Graphics Engine

Hunt Royale utilizes Unity engine to render its voxel-based 3D graphics. Unity allows the game to support both Android and iOS platforms.

Server Infrastructure

The game uses dedicated servers to host matches rather than relying on player-hosted games. This provides low latency and prevents cheating.

Multiplayer Networking

Networking is handled by Photon, a third-party multiplayer game networking platform. Photon manages the lobbies, matchmaking, and real-time action synchronization.

Install Size

On Android, Hunt Royale is a 143MB download. On iOS, it takes up 151MB of space. This makes it easily accessible to most devices, even those with limited storage.

Data Usage

A 30 minute play session uses around 30-40MB of data. This allows the game to be enjoyed even with restrictive data plans.

Hunt Royale MOD (1)

Game Modes and Features

Beyond the core gameplay, Hunt Royale contains additional modes and features:

Limited Time Events

Special limited time events appear periodically, featuring modified rules and unique rewards. Events help keep the game fresh.


Venture into deadly dungeons, defeat enemies to gain loot, and defeat the dungeon boss. Provides roguelike PvE challenges.

Social System

You can add in-game friends, chat, and form clans for cooperative play. Finding allies enhances the experience.

Daily Quests

Daily quests provide objectives to complete each day for rewards. They motivate you to play regularly.


Over 150 achievements recognize milestones and feats accomplished in the game. Completionists have lots of challenges.

Gameplay Strategy and Tips

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some tips and strategies for success:

Pick Your Battles

Don’t just blindly fight every monster you see – retreat to draw isolated enemies away from groups to engage safely.

Use Abilities Wisely

Know your abilities and when to use them – don’t waste your cooldowns and mana on unimportant encounters.

Learn Enemy Attacks

Study enemy attack patterns. Once you can predict monster moves, you can dodge them more effectively.

Position Intelligently

Pay attention to positioning – don’t let yourself get surrounded. Use line of sight to limit how many foes can attack you.

Gear Your Build

Tailor your hunter’s build to your playstyle and the game mode. An AoE mage excels at wave clearing but will struggle vs single target bosses.

Play the Objective

In competitive modes, focus on completing the objective over simply getting kills. Kills don’t always equal victory.

Use Consumables

Keep health and mana consumables on hand for tough fights. Don’t be afraid to use them if needed.

Verdict: Is Hunt Royale Worth Playing?

The Good

  • Addictive and rewarding progression system
  • Diverse PvE and PvP game modes
  • Fun voxel-based graphics
  • 70+ unique hunters with customizable builds
  • No pay to win elements
  • Engaging hunting mechanic sets it apart
  • Active development with frequent updates

The Bad

  • Can feel repetitive grinding the same modes
  • Battle Pass is slightly overpriced
  • Lacks role diversity – tanks and supports rarely used
  • Not the most complex or deep gameplay
  • Story and lore are barebones


Hunt Royale succeeds at being an accessible and enjoyable casual hunting game. With approachable voxel graphics and simple touch controls, it makes for a great mobile experience.

While the gameplay may feel shallow to hardcore gamers, there is enough variety and progression to keep most players hooked. Trying out new hunter builds and competing online scratches that competitive itch.

Fans of battle royales, RPGs, and MOBAs should give Hunt Royale a shot – especially if you want a lighter, friendlier alternative. With regular updates and lively multiplayer community, it continues to improve.

Overall, Hunt Royale earns an 8/10 score and a recommendation for those seeking a casual-friendly hunting playground. Download it today and start honing your skills. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hunt Royale pay to win?

No, thankfully Hunt Royale is not pay to win. Spending money can accelerate progression, but provides no direct combat advantages.

Does Hunt Royale require internet?

Yes, an internet connection is required as all modes involve online multiplayer. There is no offline single player mode.

How much data does Hunt Royale use?

A typical 30 minute gaming session will use 30-40MB of data. Hunt Royale is fairly light on data usage.

Can you play Hunt Royale on PC?

Officially the game is only available on Android and iOS. However, using an Android emulator like Bluestacks allows you to play on PC.

Is there a clan system?

Yes, you can join clans to play and chat with other players. Clans are a great way to make friends and find teammates.

The Verdict

Hunt Royale successfully adapts the hunting and battle royale genres into a casual-friendly mobile experience. With accessible gameplay, cute voxel graphics, and deep progression, it’s easy to get hooked chasing the thrill of the hunt.

While seasoned gamers may desire more complexity, there’s enjoyment to be had creating your perfect hunter build and testing it in action. Regular events and updates provide new content and challenges.

Overall, Hunt Royale is a solid multiplayer action game worth checking out, especially for fans of non-traditional battle royale games. Load it up and get ready for some lighthearted but intense hunting pandemonium. Just be careful not to become the hunted yourself!

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