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Hungry Shark MOD APK 10.5.4 (Unlimited Money)

Hungry Shark Evolution
App Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Latest Version v.10.5.4
Last Updated
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Arcade Arcade
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4.4 Rating (921) Votes

4.4 Rating (921 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Evolve and grow by eating all kinds of fish in this shark survival game!

Hungry Shark MOD APK 10.5.4 (Unlimited Money)

Hungry Shark is a popular mobile game developed by Future Games of London and published by Ubisoft. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The original Hungry Shark game was released in 2012, and has since expanded into a successful franchise with several sequels and spinoffs, including Hungry Shark Evolution, Hungry Shark World, and Hungry Shark Heroes.

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This review will focus on Hungry Shark Evolution, which was released for Android in October 2012. With over 100 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store, Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the most popular mobile games ever made.


The premise of Hungry Shark Evolution is simple – you play as a shark swimming around the ocean looking for prey to eat. The goal is to survive as long as possible while eating everything in your path.

You start off as a small reef shark, but as you eat more, you can evolve into bigger and more powerful sharks, like hammerheads, tiger sharks, and eventually the iconic great white shark. There are a total of 19 playable sharks to unlock.

Your shark has a hunger meter which depletes over time. You must keep eating fish, mammals, birds, and even humans to keep your hunger meter up and stay alive. If you go too long without eating, your shark will die and the run will end.

In addition to the hunger mechanic, there are also enemies to watch out for. Larger sharks will try to eat you if you get too close, and humans on boats will shoot harpoons at you or blow you up with explosives. You can fight back and kill the humans for extra points. There are also environmental hazards like mines and geysers that can damage your shark.

The touch controls are simple – your shark automatically swims forward, while you tap the screen to steer left/right and swipe to activate a speed boost. Despite the simplicity, controlling your constantly-moving shark while navigating the ocean and grabbing food requires skill.

The gameplay is fast-paced and addictive. There is something immensely satisfying about charging through a school of fish and watching them get gobbled up by your massive shark. Chasing down humans for a quick meal is darkly humorous. The bigger your shark gets, the more chaotic and action-packed each run becomes.

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Graphics and Visuals

Hungry Shark Evolution utilizes colorful 3D graphics and an exaggerated cartoon art style. While not the most technically impressive visuals, the aesthetic works well for this over-the-top shark game.

The ocean environments are bright and vibrant. Schools of tropical fish, coral reefs, and sunken ships add liveliness to the underwater setting. The shark models are detailed and each species has distinct visual designs.

The visual effects like blood splatters and explosions add to the frantic nature of the gameplay. The humans display humorous panic reactions when your shark draws near. When you eat something, the camera zooms in and shakes to emphasize the chomping action.

There are no issues with performance or frame rate drops. The visuals run smoothly even on mid-range Android devices. Overall, the graphics do a great job of bringing the chaotic shark gameplay to life in a fun and colorful style.


The audio design matches the exaggerated visuals. When you eat prey, there are dramatic crunching sounds. Your shark makes appropriately aggressive chomping noises. Upbeat surf rock music plays in the background, fitting the beachy surroundings.

The audio adds to the lightheartedness rather than realism. You won’t hear any blood-curdling screams when you eat humans – just quirky splashes and chomps.

The audio is well done for what the game aims to be – a fun and casual experience. But those looking for immersive or realistic sounds may be disappointed.

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Progression and Unlocking

As you play Hungry Shark Evolution, you earn coins for eating prey which can be used to unlock new shark species and other upgrades.

There are three currencies: coins, gems, and gold. Coins are earned from normal gameplay and are used to buy most upgrades. Gems are rarer and can be collected in levels or purchased with real money. Gold is the rarest currency which can unlock top tier upgrades.

New shark species become available when you reach certain lengths with the previous shark. Each new shark has greater speed, bite power, and boost ability, changing the gameplay.

There are also shark customization options, stat boosts, and special abilities to unlock. Equipping a jetpack or chainsaw on your shark is as ridiculous as it sounds.

The progression system provides a steady stream of rewards and goals to work towards. There is satisfaction in saving up to buy a fancy new shark, then dominating with your upgraded predator.

However, the later sharks and upgrades take an extremely long time to unlock just through normal gameplay. This frustrates many players, encouraging spending real money to speed up progress.


The touch controls are intuitive and work well, especially considering most of the gameplay involves quickly reacting to objects in your environment.

Tapping the left side of the screen steers your shark left, while tapping the right side steers it right. Your shark swims forward automatically.

Swiping up triggers a speed boost which is useful for chasing down prey or escaping enemies. You can also swipe down to brake or even reverse direction.

Tapping the screen while near edible creatures will make your shark bite, allowing you to easily gobble up anything that gets near your massive jaws.

There are also buttons on the screen for map, pause, missions, and shark customization. These controls are responsive and out of the way during gameplay.

Considering that Hungry Shark Evolution is a mobile game, the controls are very well done. Maneuvering your shark feels natural, especially as you get used to the touch screen steering.

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Hungry Shark Evolution features a diverse set of environments to explore including a tropical beach, Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea, and more.

Each environment has a distinct look and feel. The beach has calm turquoise waters filled with vacationers. The Arctic is icy and full of penguins and polar bears. The Arabian Sea is filled with luxury yachts and oil tankers.

In addition to aesthetic differences, each environment spawns different types of prey to eat. You’ll find plenty of tourists to snack on at the beach, while the Arctic has seals and fish. This keeps the gameplay fresh as you unlock new locations.

The environments are fun to explore and discover hidden caves or shipwrecks. They add variety and keep the game visually interesting. Unlocking new locations provides incentive to progress further.

However, the environments are not extremely large, especially compared to the giant sharks you eventually unlock. It can feel confining when controlling massive sharks in the smaller levels. But the level sizes are reasonable for a mobile game.

Missions and Challenges

As you play, there are various missions and challenges to complete for rewards. These include high score challenges, hunting specific numbers of prey, defeating bosses, and more.

Completing daily missions earns you pearls, which are used to unlock new sharks and upgrades. This gives you goals to work towards each time you play.

There are also hundreds of regular missions to complete that give coins and gems as rewards. These range from simple tasks like eating 10 humans, to harder challenges like defeating a great white shark with your reef shark.

Special limited time events and holiday updates will add even more missions and unlockable content.

These small objectives add replay value and give you short term goals to focus on, rather than just swimming around aimlessly. However, the missions do eventually become repetitive since there is a limited variety.

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Hungry Shark Evolution has asynchronous multiplayer in the form of leaderboards. You can compete for high scores against friends or top players around the world.

Viewing the leaderboards lets you see the top scores for each shark species in each environment. This lets you directly compare your performance with others.

Trying to climb up the leaderboard ranks provides long term motivation to keep improving your skills. You feel compelled to try beating your friends’ best scores.

However, there is no real-time multiplayer or social features beyond global leaderboards. You cannot directly interact with other players in real-time. But the leaderboards integrate well into the core gameplay loop.


Hungry Shark is a free to play mobile game, so it makes money by offering in-app purchases. There are ads that can be disabled for a one-time IAP.

The main monetization comes from gem purchases. Gems are used to instantly unlock new sharks or gain resources like coins. Prices range from $1.99 for a few gems to $99.99 packs with thousands of gems.

This allows impatient players to skip the grind and quickly unlock late-game sharks by spending real money. The monetization is not aggressive, but having to grind or pay money to progress does hamper the experience.

On the positive side, you can access all content and unlock everything without spending money. Nothing is exclusively locked behind a paywall. But expect to grind for hours to unlock the best sharks.

What is Hungry Shark mod apk

Here is a summary of the key points about the Hungry Shark mod apk based on the search results:

  • Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk is a modified version of the popular Hungry Shark Evolution game that gives players unlimited coins, gems, and other benefits.
  • It allows players to unlock all sharks and abilities instantly without having to grind or pay real money. This removes the monetization and allows free access to all content.
  • The mod provides god mode, unlimited boost, health, gold rush, and other hacks that make the game easier and more enjoyable.
  • Players can download the Hungry Shark mod apk for free from various third party sites. However, it is not available officially on the Google Play store.
  • To install the mod apk, users have to enable “Unknown Sources” on their Android device and disable any original version of the app to avoid signature conflicts.
  • The Hungry Shark mod delivers a more rewarding and convenient gameplay experience by removing the excessive grinding and monetization barriers of the original game.
  • However, mods come with risks, like potential bugs, malware, and lack of updates. Players should be cautious when downloading from third-party sites.

In summary, the Hungry Shark mod apk provides players with unlimited resources and unlocked content for free, but bypassing the original game’s monetization system. It makes the game easier and more accessible but with some risks involved. Players should assess if the benefits outweigh potential downsides for their usage.

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Here is my final verdict on the Android game Hungry Shark Evolution:

The Good

  • Satisfying and addictive gameplay loop centered around eating everything in your path
  • Fun cartoonish visuals with smooth performance
  • Good variety of playable sharks with different stats and abilities
  • Diverse environments to explore like tropical beaches and Arctic oceans
  • Missions and challenges provide replay value and progression

The Bad

  • Extremely long grind to unlock later sharks without spending money
  • Environments feel small when controlling larger sharks
  • Gets repetitive due to limited mission variety
  • Lack of real-time multiplayer or social features

TLDR: With simple and accessible gameplay, vibrant visuals, and satisfying progression, Hungry Shark Evolution lives up to its popularity and is one of the better arcade survival games on mobile. The monetization could be less aggressive, but overall it’s easy to see why the Hungry Shark franchise has become so successful. This is a game that both casual and hardcore mobile players can enjoy.

Game Details

Genre: Action, Arcade, Survival

Platform: Android (also on iOS)

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Future Games of London

Release Date: October 18, 2012

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Number of downloads: 100+ million

Rating: 4.5/5 stars with over 2 million reviews on Google Play

About the Developer

Hungry Shark Evolution was developed by Future Games of London, a mobile game studio owned by Ubisoft. They are best known for the Hungry Shark series and have also made popular mobile games like Hungry Dragon and Badland Brawl.

Originally founded in 2009, Future Games of London has grown into a major mobile developer with over 350 employees. Their games have been downloaded over 1 billion times worldwide.

Future Games of London focuses on polished casual experiences rather than core gaming franchises. Hungry Shark Evolution remains one of their most successful titles.

The Verdict

Hungry Shark Evolution is a wildly entertaining mobile game that delivers a fun and addictive survival experience. It may not have the depth of a major console or PC game, but for quick gameplay sessions on your phone, Hungry Shark Evolution is easy to recommend, especially for the low price of free.

The satisfying core loop of controlling a shark and eating everything in your path never gets old. Unlocking bigger and deadlier sharks provides strong progression. While the monetization could be less aggressive, the gameplay itself remains fun whether you pay or not.

With simple controls, smooth performance, and colorful visuals, Hungry Shark Evolution distills the chaotic joy of causing ocean havoc into a polished mobile title. It still holds up well years after initial release. For shark fans and mobile gamers looking for a solid arcade survival game, Hungry Shark Evolution is worth sinking your teeth into.

Final Score

I give Hungry Shark Evolution for Android a final score of 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
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