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House Flipper Mod APK 1.342 (Unlimited money and coins)

House Flipper: Home Design
App Name House Flipper: Home Design
Latest Version v.1.342
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Publisher PlayWay SA
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 401.72 Mb
Mods Unlimited money and coins
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4.6 Rating (740) Votes

4.6 Rating (740 Votes )
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Design home and decorate with real furniture. Create your dream house design.
    • Unlimited money
    Note: Exchange Flipcoins to Cash, and get a lot of Flipcoins!

House Flipper Mod APK 1.342 (Unlimited money and coins)


House Flipper Mod Apk is a unique simulation game that allows players to buy, renovate, decorate, and sell virtual houses for profit. Developed by Empyrean and published by PlayWay, House Flipper was released for PC in May 2018, with console and mobile versions launching later.

The game provides an accurate representation of the house flipping process, from performing renovations and designing interiors to dealing with prospective buyers. With realistic gameplay mechanics, a variety of tools, and plenty of customization options, House Flipper gives players a taste of what it’s like to be a real estate investor and contractor.

House Flipper Mod APK

Gameplay Mechanics

The core gameplay loop in House Flipper involves:

  • Purchasing rundown properties at low prices
  • Renovating and repairing the homes
  • Designing attractive interiors to boost home value
  • Selling the flipped properties for profit

To progress in the game, players must master the following mechanics:


  • Remove trash, dirt, leaves, and other debris
  • Scrub filthy surfaces like walls, floors, and appliances
  • Wash windows, mirrors, and other glass


  • Replace broken fixtures like lights, outlets, and switches
  • Fix leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues
  • Repair damaged walls, floors, and appliances


  • Plaster walls to smooth imperfections
  • Prime surfaces before painting
  • Paint walls, ceilings, doors, trims, and radiators
  • Use paint roller, brush, or sprayer tools


  • Demolish and build walls where needed
  • Lay new floors and tiles
  • Install windows, doors, railings
  • Assemble furniture and cabinets


  • Place furniture like beds, couches, shelves
  • Add decorations such as plants, artwork, rugs
  • Choose appliances and fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms
  • Design lighting layouts

House Flipper Mod APK

Real Estate Market

An important part of succeeding in House Flipper is understanding the real estate market dynamics:

  • Location – Buy properties in desirable areas
  • Purchase price – Buy low to maximize profit margins
  • Market trends – Renovate homes to match current buyer tastes
  • Home styles – Some buyers prefer modern, others traditional
  • Buyer preferences – Each buyer has unique style preferences

Making smart purchases and tailoring homes to buyer tastes is key to flipping for big profits.

Modding Support

House Flipper has robust mod support via the Steam Workshop. Some key mods include:

  • New furniture – Thousands of new furniture and decoration options
  • More tools – Specialized tools like carpet cleaners to aid renovations
  • New locations – Additional houses, apartments, and areas to expand gameplay
  • Cheats – Money mods, free shopping, unlimited energy
  • Miscellaneous – Custom paintings, new textures and materials, quality of life improvements

Mods allow players to deeply customize and expand the House Flipper experience.

Progression System

As players complete jobs, they earn XP and unlock:

  • Perks – Special abilities like increased cleaning speed
  • Tools – New tools for construction and renovation
  • Licenses – Certifications needed for advanced jobs
  • Houses – More expensive houses become available for purchase

Unlocking perks and better tools allows players to take on bigger renovation challenges.

House Flipper Mod APK

Graphics and Visuals

House Flipper uses a detailed 3D graphics engine to represent houses and objects. Key visual elements include:

  • Detailed environments – Fully rendered houses with rooms, yards, etc
  • High-resolution textures – Realistic materials like wood, granite, metal
  • Dynamic lighting – Real-time shadows and light reflection
  • Deformable objects – Objects become dirty, damaged, or painted
  • Particles – Floating dust, smoke, debris enhance visuals

While not photorealistic, the level of detail contributes to the realistic atmosphere.

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Property Types and Renovations

House Flipper allows players to try flipping different types of virtual properties:


  • Small starter homes
  • Mid-size family homes
  • Large luxury homes

Typical renovations include kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, painting, landscaping, etc.


  • Studios
  • Lofts
  • Penthouses

Apartment flips focus on maximizing space and modern finishes.


  • Corporate offices
  • Law firms
  • Doctor’s offices

Office flips emphasize reception areas, conference rooms, lobbies, etc.


  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques
  • Salons

Store flips concentrate on showcasing products, signage, and storefronts.

House Flipper Mod APK

Audio Design

Realistic sound effects contribute to the overall virtual renovation experience:

  • Ambient noise – Birds, wind, traffic sounds
  • Tools – Buzzing, drilling, hammering
  • Physics – Thuds, crashing, breaking objects
  • Interface – Menu clicks, cash register ka-chings

The audio adds satisfaction when cleaning, building, or knocking down walls.

Multiplayer Features

While mainly a single-player game, House Flipper also offers:

  • Co-op mode – Renovate homes with friends
  • Split-screen – Share screen with two players
  • Trading – Buy, sell, and trade items with others

Co-op play enables players to take on large renovation projects together.


House Flipper Mod Apk provides an excellent inside look at the business of flipping real estate. With detailed simulation mechanics, robust customization, and accurate market dynamics, the game captures the rewarding yet challenging process of renovating homes for profit.

While the virtual house flipping becomes repetitive after extended play, the game remains engaging due to the sheer variety of properties, customizations, and buyer preferences to master. Mod support also dramatically expands the game’s depth.

For anyone curious about the world of real estate investing, House Flipper offers an entertaining, enlightening experience. Becoming a virtual contractor and flipper provides great insight into this popular business strategy.


I give House Flipper a rating of 8/10 for:

  • Immersive renovation gameplay loop
  • Realistic real estate market dynamics
  • Extensive customization options
  • Great mod support via Steam Workshop
  • Detailed 3D graphics and physics

However, it loses points for:

  • Repetitive gameplay over long sessions
  • Lack of multiplayer depth
  • Not beginner-friendly due to complexity

Yet these cons do not outweigh the engrossing experience of running your own virtual house flipping business.


House Flipper provides the perfect virtual playground for aspiring real estate moguls to hone their renovation and design skills, experiment with house flipping strategies, and experience the thrills and challenges of this popular business strategy.

With robust customization, realistic market dynamics, and engaging progression, House Flipper makes living the dream of buying, fixing, and flipping homes accessible and entertaining. Become a property tycoon from the comfort of your computer.

So grab your virtual toolbox, study the market trends, and prepare to renovate rundown shacks into neighborhood gems. Just mind the wet paint and watch your profits soar!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main gameplay mechanics in House Flipper?

The main mechanics are cleaning, repairing, painting, building, and decorating virtual houses. You also buy and sell the properties for profit.

Does House Flipper have multiplayer or co-op modes?

House Flipper has local co-op with split-screen functionality so you can renovate homes alongside friends. There is no online multiplayer though.

How many houses can you buy and flip in the game?

There are over 50 different houses and apartments to purchase and renovate in House Flipper. You can re-purchase and re-flip properties too.

Does House Flipper require a lot of skill?

House Flipper is easy to pick up but has depth in optimizing renovations and designs. No special skills are required beyond learning the gameplay mechanics.

What are the best mods for House Flipper?

Some of the best mods add new furniture, locations, tools, cheats, and other custom content. Mods allow you to customize the experience.

So in summary, House Flipper provides an engrossing and realistic simulation of renovating and flipping virtual houses for profit. If you find the premise intriguing, it’s absolutely worth trying out.

House Flipper Mod APK 1.342 (Unlimited money and coins)

  • 🏠 Weekly Update 1.342 is out! 🆕 New items for children 🆕 New job 🆕 New house Have fun!
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