SimulationHooked Inc MOD APK 2.28.3 (Unlimited Money)

Hooked Inc MOD APK 2.28.3 (Unlimited Money)

Hooked Inc MOD APK 2.28.3 (Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (294) Votes

4.5 Rating (294 Votes )
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Hooked Inc MOD APK 2.28.3 (Unlimited Money)

Hooked Inc MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 82 MB
Version 2.28.3
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Hooked Inc Mod Apk is an exciting and thrilling fishing simulation game. In this game, you are a tycoon in charge of managing a fleet of boats and crews that go out to the vast ocean and catch fish to sell for profit! You must choose the right equipments for your crews voyage, decide which areas are best for potential catches, upgrade vessels with cuttingedge technologies all while optimizing fuel consumption in order to maximize earnings potential. Along their journey your ships will face treacherous weather conditions as well as enemy fleets looking to steal away both profits and fame! Reaching far corners of the map holds big rewards such as ancient treasure maps that lead you on grand adventures full of mystery! This all comes together with smootharcadey controls designed specifically with mobile devices in mind so play anywhere at anytime even online PvP matches against rivals from around the world!

Hooked Inc MOD APK


Play With Fun this game?

Hooked Inc is a perfect game for hours of entertainment. The stunning 3D visuals will transport you into an immersive and exciting fishing adventure! You can join forces online with friends in PvP matches, or take on the challenges of hardmode careers locally as leader boards compare your successes to other players. With smooth gameplay, plenty of upgradable equipment to choose from, and multiple boats that each come with their own set characteristics this game offers endless customization possibilities so you can play just the way that suits you best! Dont miss out hop aboard Hooked Inc today for some serious deepsea fun!


Hooked Inc MOD APK

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Hooked Inc is a multiplayer game. You can join with friends in PvP matches or tournaments either at local level or around the world. This allows you to compete against rivals and other players as well as unlocking unique rewards by completing various missions along the way such as find lost artifacts! There is also a leader board feature for those who want bragging rights among their peers when competing against tough opponents online while maintaining economical fuel managing strategy all which requires tactical thinking skills on part of player to succeed! So whatever your playstyle be sure to dive in and get hooked into this exciting adventure today!

Hooked Inc MOD APK

Key Features of Hooked Inc

1. Customization:

Hooked Inc offers a vast customization option for boats and crews, allowing you to create an ideal fleet. You get access to highlevel technologies with upgradable equipment, enabling players customize their vessels in order to make profits quickly and efficiently!

2.Go on Adventures:

With each voyage comes the risk of facing both benefits as well as enemies fleets trying to take away your resources or fame; however theres also the chance of finding ancient artifacts that can provide unique rewards when solved correctly adding a whole new dimension into your gaming experience!

3.Realistic Fishing Mechanics:

Realistic fish populations, types depending on location data all combine into giving an incredibly realistic experience when fishing within the game making it feel like engaging in real life fishing without having any pain points associated with it!

4.Online Multiplayer Mode & Tournaments :

Players around the world can join together online or just battle against one another locally in tournaments while striving for bigger rewards and leadership rankings amongst peers due competitive nature of gameplay offered here !

5 .Leaderboard feature :

There is leader boards features which records players performance over certain time period so they not only could compete against rivals rather develop strategies based upon other player successes too helping them further increase their own business profitability margins .

6 Easier Control Options & Graphical Interface :

This game was specially designed with mobile devices mind , thus assuring smoother gameplay through easy controls accompanied by stunning visuals that makes this oceanic adventure even more intensely enjoyable !

7 Suitable For Different Playing Styles

The diverse range of playing styles available allows novices learners ease entry as well veterans benefit deeper levels play because regardless how hardcore/casual players is theres always something new they could try doing with their fleets.

8 Arcadelike Graphics

Unique full 3D graphics games makes this all even more interesting for those heavy into visuals making them feel like they truly inside fishing rather than playing game at home improving overall immersive experience.

Hooked Inc MOD APK

What is Hooked Inc Mod Apk?

Hooked Inc Mod Apk is a modified version of Hooked Inc, an exciting fishing simulation game. This mod provides access to all the features present in original game but with multiple advantages including unlimited money, all unlockables and items available for free and much more. It also has improved graphics for better experience in gaming online which won‘t let you get bored as it reignites your passion with every new challenge faced! With this mod apk you can tailormake your fleet right from start thus making most out of resources available faster saving both time energy sure way fast track success tycoon mogul life without having worry about pesky limitations that setup!

Hooked Inc MOD APK

Mod Key Feature

1. Unlimited Resources:

The Hooked Inc Mod Apk offers unlimited resources such as money, unlocking items, and much more all of which adds to an evergrowing arsenal thus ultimately giving you a strategic edge over other players when competing against them!

2. Improved Graphics :

The mod apk also comes with improved graphics that is unparalleled in comparison to the original game this makes it look and feel even more realistic making immersive experience better overall .

3. Easy Accessibility :

All content is readily available starting from get go so no need wait around grind out enough money unlock courses or ships . You can take advantage extra power your hands right away without any restrictions !

4 Unlockables for Free:

With modapk ,you gain access new levels vessels not limited those already unlocked rather have complete freedom customize each boat individually way wish tailored just according personal playing style allowing vast improvements profitability runs far quicker comforts own homes couch than going through hours long processes grinding needed resources usually associated similar experiences elsewhere which takes lot longer time achieve same results !

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download the Apk: The first step is to download Hooked Inc Mod Apk from either an official source website or a thirdparty application store. Ensure that the version youre downloading is up to date and compatible with your device!

2 . Check Your Settings : Before installation, make sure that your settings are adjusted accordingly so as not to interfere with data being downloaded during installation process . Go intoSettings > Security menu find optionAllow Unknown Sources select turn on which will allow files other than Google Play Store be installed onto phone without hassle!

3 Install The Game : Once everything has been configured , simply head back download location start installing mod apk following steps provided there. Launch game afterwards enjoy all unlocked content available right away hassle!

Hooked Inc MOD APK

Game Tips

1. Upgrade Your Tech and Boats: It is important to keep your boats uptodate with modern technologies as it makes the fishing trips much more efficient and profitable!

2. Dont Be Afraid Of Risks: Risky voyages come with higher rewards, so if you want those big profits dont be afraid of taking risks! You can increase your chances for success by preparing well before each voyage.

3 Manage Fuel Economically : Since fuel plays very important role in game managing how its spent should be taken into considerations; Therefore try optimizing every resource usage utilize them most economical way possible rather wasting time energy doing inefficient activities thus achieving greater returns at end .

4 Choose Wisely Where To Fish / Voyage Certain locales offer better rewards than others that also depend upon type fishes are being hunted there choosing objectively base only upon reward structure rather other instances such poor visibility due bad weather etc into account would help make decision making process smoother stand out crowd knowing biggest competition hardest tasks this business !

5 Stay On Top Of Leaderboards Staying ahead leader boards requires one take extra precautions risks usually going unnoticed plus bonus points given completing certain missions like reaching far corner map unlocking ancient artifacts give edge above player peers striving score themselves glory fame too !

Graphics and Sound Quality


The graphics of the game are quite enjoyable and have been carefully designed to make it look realistic with detail, as well as provide a wide angle view of the ocean that will draw players into an immersive experience. The visuals are very detailed but also manage to keep a stable loading rate which is essential for any mobile gaming experience.


One aspect Hooked Inc excels at is providing great sounds along your voyage like boat engines roaring, ambient noise from sea creatures and other atmospheric production value! With its array creative soundtracks complimenting scene perfectly dont be surprised hear fishing themed music playback even while navigating menus thus creating unique sonic landscape immersion playing !

Music :

Music in the game amplifies sense exploration adventure empowering victorious feeling crossing endless reaches oceans drowning out worries home yet adding more excitement scoring big deals distant shores while tying together broader narrative story based upon famous nautical tales .


All in all, Hooked Inc Mod Apk is an awesome adventure game that will allow gamers to explore the open sea and take part in a thrilling fishing simulation. You can customize your crews boats with modern technologies and equipments for their voyage deep into the vast ocean where they might face tough weather conditions or find lost ancient artifacts on their way. The stunning visuals combine with smooth gameplay allowing you to play anywhere anytime for hours of entertainment. Additionally, its mod apk version offers unlimited money, unlockables and items plus improved graphicsthus giving you a strategic advantage when competing against other players online! So what are you waiting for? Take this chance now by diving deep into Hooked Inc today!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. What is Hooked Inc?

Hooked Inc is an exciting fishing simulation game where you are a tycoon responsible for managing a fleet of boats and crews in order to catch fish for profit across the vast ocean. You must upgrade the vessels with modern technologies, decide which areas would have potential catches and optimize fuel consumption while being wise in your decisions! Along the way, there could be various adventures with hidden treasure maps that lead to great rewards!

2. Is it free to play?

Yes, Hooked Inc is freetoplay but there‘s also premium content available through purchases made using real money currency though this isnt necessary if one wants just experience offered without having pay anything .

3 Does It Have Online Multiplayer mode ?

Yes ,you can join forces online or locally either partaking tournaments or playing against rivals from around world PvP mode . Leader boards ranking players performances plus its ability customize each vessel unlimitedly along adventurous journeys makes multiplayer even deeply enjoyable !

4 Can I get Unlimited Money & Unlocks With Mod Apk ?

Yes ,the mod apk offers access all features including those locked original game such as x forms of currencies resources unlocks allowing be spent however player wishes maximizing earning potential achieve targets set far quicker much comfortable process usually experienced other apps otherwise because most utilities come pre activated reduce waiting time almost zero further making user experience way smoother than normal processes !

5 Is There A Practical Limit On How Much Can Be Earned On The Game ?

Though realistically speaking its earned depend upon quests successfully completed missions unlocked progress based whereabouts boat crew chosen but technically unlimited resource access provided modded version thus theoretically any size income potentially achieved provided right decisions kept consistently across entire game !

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