AdventureHello Neighbor MOD Apk 2.3.8 (Unlocked)

Hello Neighbor MOD Apk 2.3.8 (Unlocked)

Hello Neighbor MOD Apk 2.3.8 (Unlocked)
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4.5 Rating (853) Votes

4.5 Rating (853 Votes )
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Hello Neighbor MOD Apk 2.3.8 (Unlocked)

Hello Neighbor MOD Apk
MOD Features Unlocked
Category Mod Apk
Size 1115 MB
Version 2.3.8
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

In the dynamic stealth horror game Hello Neighbor, you take on the role of a nosy neighbour trying to uncover your mysterious neighbour’s dark secrets. You must sneak into his vast and ever-changing home while avoiding detection from advanced AI that adapts to your every action. As tension builds in each step you take, beware of traps and other unwelcoming surprises like cameras or bear traps blocking your path, waiting for those who dare trespass! Utilize items found in the world as tools like boxes to climb through windows or keycards hidden around the house – it’s up to you how best to try figuring out what lies within those basement walls!

Hello Neighbor MOD Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Hello, Neighbor is a fun and unique experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat! With an immersive storyline, diverse puzzles to solve, and intense, action-packed moments as you sneak around the house, all add up for an exciting journey. You can even compete against other players online with leaderboards syncing progress in real-time – setting traps or outsmarting AI monitors can bring satisfaction when conquering these challenges! The ever-stretching home universe also offers depth, showcasing unlockable content like secret outfits or Easter eggs found hidden throughout each playthrough. Come join this thrilling world – how fast will you unravel what lies in wait down below?

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Hello Neighbor MOD Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

Hello, Neighbor is a single-player game for gamers to outsmart the AI and unravel mysteries around every corner. Players can also compete online by comparing scores through global leaderboards, which track progress in real time. However, the focus on this stealth horror experience is overcoming treacherous encounters with its advanced AI opponent all alone. Despite being limited to solo play, there are plenty of secrets hidden within each version, offering competitive content such as unlocking costumes or other treasures waiting to be found!

Hello Neighbor MOD Apk

Key Features of Hello Neighbor

1. Advanced AI:

The Neighbor is an advanced artificial intelligence-driven opponent which will actively adapt and change his strategy based on your previous decisions in the game. He can remember your every move, from visiting the same window twice to using a specific item – so proceed with caution!

2. Immersive Storyline:

There are multiple levels of advancement you need to complete before uncovering what lies beneath in Hello Neighbor’s basement, each progressive stage unravelling bits of the mystery that keep players invested for hours at a time.

3 .Vast World:

You travel through diverse environments as you attempt to sneak into your neighbour’s house – ranging from large gardens overflowing with lush vegetation or quiet alleys surrounded by towering houses. All add depth while exploring this everchanging home universe, such as unlocking Easter eggs lying around waiting for curious adventurers like yourself !

4 .Items & Traps :

 Utilize items found within different rooms or objects blocking away pathways inside buildings making progression difficult; either set traps if things get too hectic or use these tools as a means of escape before it’s too late ! Just watch out for those pesky bear traps.

5 . Interactive Puzzles :

Experience puzzles meant to challenge gamers’ minds by solving logic-based problems ranging from hardware compatibility riddles operating intricate machinery deep below ground, helping unlock secret passageways into forbidden places where dark secrets await to be discovered

6 Online leaderboards :

Compete against other global opponents via worldwide leaderboard system recording scores in realtime helping get additional bragging rights top past achievements results seen endgame sequences refreshing contrast quite moments locked away enemy target

Hello Neighbor MOD Apk

What is Hello Neighbor Mod Apk?

Hello Neighbor Mod Apk is a custom modified version of the original game which includes added features that can be accessed by users with special access to unlock. These exclusive functions are mostly modifications to the AI artificial intelligence portion, allowing them greater customization in their strategies, such as being able to change tech levels faster than before or new skins and visual bonus perks when playing against anyone online. This modded edition also allows easier ways of obtaining rare items, unlocking previously locked zones quicker, and many other features tailored for those seeking an extra edge on this beloved horror title.

Mod Key Feature

1. Faster Tech Time:

Hello, Neighbor Mod Apk allows players to unlock tech levels much faster compared to unmodded editions providing a great boost of capabilities for those seeking overcome adversaries at short notice! This change is applicable to both solo AI battles and actual online opponents, leading to advantageous shift control

2. Customizable Skins :

Uncover revealing skin customization options that are exclusive only modified version enhancing visual appeal while competing against other worldwide gamers in heated virtual duels

3 . Hidden Weapons:

Get an advantage with secret weapon upgrades hidden deep within modapk, allowing you access previously unheard equipment additions when playing scenarios. Weapons items formerly unavailable could turn tide combat; otherwise yawningoutcome

4 . Unlockable Characters :

Obtain special unlocks to make way for new characters and existing ones giving a brand fresh outlook. Same old stories have alternative perspectives overall game. Explore beyond basic roster options and gain edge

Hello Neighbor MOD Apk

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download Version : The mod apk must be downloaded from a reliable source and stored on the device to ensure the safety of your system.

2. Installation Process: Once you’ve done that, open up your device’s settings and locate ‘unknown sources so you can begin with enabling installations of 3rd party applications (which are essential to getting mods)

3 . Access File : Then access the downloaded file by opening it, then select ‘install’ when asked – this should run a verification process automatically before finishing install in seconds, allowing immediate playing once completed

 4 . Disable Unknown Sources After the title is running smoothly, take suredisable security measures before their potential harm coming way. lastly, disabling unknown software sources prevents further unwanted files from entering the phone’s deterministically performance

5. Sign in to Account : Once all steps have been completed, sign your account on the mod apk to start playing! Enjoy the modified functionalities and an enriched gaming experience you wouldn’t otherwise get from a normal version of Hello Neighbor!

Game Tips

1. Move Slowly: Getting caught is a surefire way to get your game over in Hello Neighbor, so it’s best to be extremely cautious when moving around the house by always taking your time and double-checking for any potential cameras or hazards such as bear traps before proceeding further.

2. Monitor AI Behavior: Pay close attention to how the Neighbour behaves and changes his tactics accordingly – if you notice he sets up more traps after a certain action, then don’t do that again! His advanced AI can often react faster than real humans making this reaction crucial in keeping yourself out of harm’s way .

3 . Exploit Environment: Make use of any obstacles not explicitly blocking away pathways like doors but instead furniture like boxes, desks, or chairs. They might lead onto different parts home, avoiding detection

4 Utilize Items : Always bring items from locations outside of distractions, even if just a simple stick or pickaxe lever switch. These serve great means either defence or offence depending on how the situation escalates against the neighbors helping progress through locked areas at a brisk pace

5 Use Save Points Introspector create safe spots within a game world where you store all information collected currently unlocked and leave behind hindrance and everchanging trappings during explorations giving a chance to restock resources necessary preparations for upcoming confrontations foe

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics:

Hello Neighbor is known for its cartoonish graphical style and beautiful character models, which capture the hopelessness of the game’s environments perfectly. The levels are detailed, with many interactive elements, such as bulbs turning on when you interact with them or furniture shaking off the wall as you pass by. Every texture, from potted plants to windowsills, has a unique look that makes them stand out from each other- creating an overall immersive atmosphere within every corner!

2 .Sound & Music :

What makes this title a striking experience, however is its choice soundtrack – consisting of dark melodies meant to simulate tension growing stronger throughout advancing scenarios adding flow progress, eeriness, color otherwise contained stagnant menus along the way, remarkable Differences in audio volume become apparent depending on location too, suggesting hidden pathways nearby filling silence dizzying heartbeats go hand crafting chilling soundscape never experienced before !


Hello Neighbor is a captivating game that offers layers of mystery and suspense for gamers eager to discover what secrets lie within its confines. With its story-driven structure, numerous puzzles to solve and playing against advanced AI – this title makes an entertaining experience like no other. Whether competing on online leaderboards or customizing your character through special outfits, Hello Neighbor can keep players engaged beyond the hours, luring them deeper further into darker mysteries,. Their ever shifts home universe guarded by unique neighbour knows ways best to hideaway the truth . The addition Mod Apk version adds onto existing gaming formula creativity more, allowing fans to outwit one another levels unseen before only true stealth enthusiasts attempt !

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q. How do I repel the Neighbor in Hello Neighbor?

A. The best way to keep the Neighbour away from you is by staying out of his line of sight and making sure your movements are unpredictable – using items like boxes as stepping stones or simply dropping them to distract him away from where you’re going. You can also try luring him with noise-makers or using explosive barrels scattered throughout levels to create a large blast, impelling him off balance for a short time!

Q. Is there an endgame in Hello Neighbor?

A . Yes, upon reaching certain points within each level, players will come across exclusive endings that offer concrete conclusion to the storyline once known through single-play theory proving this mysterious stealth title has some true depth unravelling what hides beneath basement walls

Q .Can I team up with friends to play Hello Neighbor ?

 An Unfortunately not ,despite advancements game’s core mechanics available in multiplayer mode due to added complications putting opposing teams match AI mechanically adjusted ultimate player ranked leaderboards online portion

Q What kind of puzzles are found within the game ?

A. Puzzles found vary greatly depending on which actions decide to undertake Examples may range from hardware compatibility riddles operating machinery deep below ground, usually unlocking secret passages ways into forbidden places,. Dark secrets are wait discovered, providing unique challengesto . Those who brave enough to solve all components complete the mission!

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