SimulationHarem Heroes Mod Apk 2.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Harem Heroes Mod Apk 2.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Harem Heroes Mod Apk 2.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money)
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5.5 Rating (903) Votes

5.5 Rating (903 Votes )
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Harem Heroes Mod Apk 2.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Harem Heroes is an 18+ erotic visual novel RPG developed by Nutaku and Kinkoid. The game takes place in a fantasy world and allows players to recruit and collect a harem of anime-style girls.

Key Features:

  • RPG and visual novel hybrid
  • Recruit and collect a harem of anime girls
  • Level up girls and improve their stats
  • Unlock affection scenes and poses as girls gain affection
  • Participate in turn-based RPG battles
  • Compete in PvP battles against other players’ teams
  • Gacha collection mechanic to get new girls
  • Frequent events with exclusive girls as rewards

Harem Heroes Mod Apk


Harem Heroes combines elements of RPGs, visual novels, and gacha collection games. The core gameplay loop involves:

  • Progressing through the story and visual novel sections
  • Improving your hero and girls through leveling up and gifts
  • Unlocking affection scenes and poses
  • Participating in turn-based RPG battles
  • Using gacha mechanics to recruit new girls
  • Competing in PvP battles

Story and Visual Novel

The story of Harem Heroes takes place in a fantasy world split into different themed areas. Players take on the role of a male hero on a quest to build a mighty harem. The story progresses through visual novel sections where choices can be made to influence outcomes. The writing quality varies, but serves its purpose in introducing new girls and moving the plot forward. The focus is much more on collecting the girls rather than an epic story.


The main appeal of Harem Heroes is collecting a harem of diverse anime-style girls. There are currently over 150 obtainable girls in the game. Girls have different rarities, stats, abilities, fetishes, and personalities. The rarities from lowest to highest are:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Higher rarity girls have better base stats and abilities. Each girl has stats like:

  • Hardcore – Damage in battles
  • Charm – Defense against charm attacks
  • Know-how – Defense against know-how attacks
  • Ego – Hit points in battles

Girls also have fetishes and personalities that influence their scenes and dialog.

Improving Girls

As girls gain levels and affection, their stats improve. Giving gifts is the main way to increase a girl’s affection level. At certain affection thresholds, you will also unlock new intimate scenes and poses. This provides strong motivation to invest in your favorite girls. Here is an example affection level progression for the girl Bunny:

Affection Level Unlocked Bonus
5 Bunny’s bio
15 Bunny’s first sex scene
30 Bunny’s second sex scene
50 Bunny’s third sex scene
75 Bunny’s fourth sex scene
100 Bunny’s final sex scene


Harem Heroes features simple turn-based RPG battles. You take a team of 4 into battle:

  • 1 Hero character
  • 3 Girls

Only the lead girl actively participates, but you can swap girls in and out. Battles involve reducing the enemy’s Ego (hit points) through attacks while surviving their assaults on your Ego. Special moves can deal bonus damage. Winning battles rewards you with experience to level up your hero and girls. High level girls can sweep through common enemies with ease.

Gacha Collection

The main way to obtain new girls is through the gacha collection mechanic. You spend Diamonds (premium currency) to receive random girls from the Pachinko machine. Rarer girls have lower drop chances. This incentivizes spending real money to speed up collecting all the girls, but it is possible to obtain Diamonds through normal gameplay.

PvP Battles

Once your team is strong enough, you can compete against other players in asynchronous PvP battles. This is called the Tower of Fame. You pick a team of 1 hero and 3 girls to defend your tower. Other players can then challenge your team. Winning battles increases your tower level and provides rewards. There are leaderboards to compare your tower level against others. This end-game PvP system provides great replayability and incentive to keep improving your girls.

Harem Heroes Mod Apk


Harem Heroes frequently runs limited time events that provide new story content, exclusive girls, and special rewards. Events will have certain girls as a reward for collecting event items from battles or visual novel sections. This allows you to expand your collection. Here are some example events:

  • Valentine’s Day – Collect chocolate gifts for the girls. Reward girl: Aphrodite.
  • Halloween – Trick or treat through a haunted castle. Reward girl: Vampirella.
  • Christmas – Help the girls prepare for Christmas. Reward girl: Miss Santa.

Events keep the game feeling fresh and provide strong incentive to log in daily during the event period. They last around 1-2 weeks generally.

Harem Heroes Mod Apk

In-App Purchases

As a free-to-play mobile gacha game, Harem Heroes contains in-app purchases to speed up progress. The main purchases are:

  • Diamonds – Premium currency used for gacha pulls and stamina refills.
  • Gold Membership – Doubles daily diamonds and adds other benefits.
  • Stamina Pots – Refill stamina used for battles and visual novel sections.

No purchases are required, but buying Diamonds speeds up collecting girls significantly. Gold Membership is the best long-term value. Expect to spend $10-20 monthly if you want to progress at a faster pace as a low spender. Whales can easily spend hundreds per month.

Harem Heroes Mod Apk

Art Style

The anime art style is very appealing with detailed and attractive character designs. Everything is visually polished. There is a high level of variety among the girl designs in terms of hair color, body types, outfits, and personalities. The sex scenes are well-illustrated and animated. They avoid feeling overly repetitive due to the number of positions and situations.

Harem Heroes Mod Apk

Community Reception

Harem Heroes has developed a dedicated playerbase and receives largely positive reviews. Here are some example player reviews:

“I’m having a great time collecting a harem of cute and sexy girls. The RPG battles and PvP add a nice layer of depth beyond just the visual novel.”

“The anime art is top notch. I love unlocking new intimate scenes with my favorite girls through the affection system.”

“The frequent events keep things feeling fresh. I always log in to see the new event girls.”

“My only complaint is the monetization feels aggressive. I wish it was easier to get Diamonds as a free player.”

On Nutaku, Harem Heroes has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars based on almost 4,000 votes. The game maintains a consistent playerbase years after initial release due to regular content updates and events.

Harem Heroes Mod Apk


Harem Heroes successfully combines RPG, visual novel, and gacha mechanics into an addictive adult game. The focus on collecting anime girls caters directly to the target horny weeb demographic. Unlocking new scenes and poses through the affection system provides strong motivation to invest in your favorites. While the monetization could be less aggressive, the core loop of progressing through story, improving your girls, and competing in PvP is highly enjoyable. Frequent events help keep things feeling fresh. For fans of anime girls and RPG mechanics, Harem Heroes is easy to recommend trying out, especially since the core game is free-to-play friendly. Just be wary of the gacha collection mechanics tempting you to spend. Overall, Harem Heroes delivers exactly what it promises – a fun adult game for building your ultimate anime harem.

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