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GUNS UP Mobile MOD 1.18.12 APK (Unlimited Money/gold)

GUNS UP! Mobile War Strategy
App Name GUNS UP! Mobile War Strategy
Latest Version v.1.18.12
Last Updated
Publisher NHN Corp
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 320 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/gold
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (596) Votes

4.1 Rating (596 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Form alliance & build strong army of soldiers that will lead you to 100% victory
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GUNS UP Mobile MOD 1.18.12 APK (Unlimited Money/gold)

GUNS UP! Mobile War Strategy is an online multiplayer strategy game developed by NHN Corp. The game brings a fresh take on tower defense battles with asynchronous PvP gameplay.

As the commander of an army, you must build a base, train soldiers, and lead them into battle to emerge victorious. With vivid graphics, intuitive controls, and hours of gameplay, GUNS UP! Mobile becomes highly addictive.


This in-depth review covers all aspects to determine if GUNS UP! Mobile War Strategy is worth playing.


The core gameplay involves asynchronous PvP battles where you raid other players’ bases while defending your own from attacks.

Attacking Bases

When attacking, you spawn troops using an APC and support them with abilities and power-ups. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s Outpost by tactically maneuvering your army.

You earn resources like ammo and gold by killing troops and destroying structures. These let you progress by upgrading abilities.

With each attack, you can learn and improve your battle strategy. As bases get tougher, you need to plan troop composition and positioning perfectly.


  • Enjoyable strategy-based combat
  • Multiple ways to approach and conquer bases
  • Rewards good tactics and army building


Defending Outpost

Your Outpost is the most critical asset you need to protect. Losing it means defeat.

You arrange fortifications and place troops strategically to create impregnable bases. Watch battle replays to identify weaknesses and improve defenses.

With a strong base design and leveled-up troops, you can defend against even seasoned attackers.


  • Base building mechanics are intuitive
  • Plenty of defensive buildings and traps to use
  • Adjusting layouts using replays feels very rewarding


  • Managing resources gets tricky as costs increase
  • High-level matches involve more grinding

Graphics and Audio

GUNS UP! Mobile uses a cartoonish military theme with vibrant colors and fluid animations. Visuals are clear and detailed despite the birds-eye view. Zoomed-in action looks smooth.

Audio effects like gunfire and explosions add thrill during combat. The upbeat background music fits the casual gameplay.


  • Bright and energetic military theme
  • Detailed unit and animation graphics
  • Audio complements the visuals nicely


  • Graphics might seem too arcade-ish for some

GUNS UP Mobile MOD (3)

Progression Systems

You gather resources and XP to upgrade offenses and defenses. The progression gives a constant sense of achievement as you unlock new content.

Army Building

Recruiting and enhancing troops is pivotal for victory. With stronger soldiers, you can devise better tactics.

There are 50+ unit types like Grunts, Snipers, Artillery, and Tanks. You can even unlock special forces through events.

Customize them with skins and level up abilities. Promote veterans to give stat bonuses. The sheer variety keeps army building engaging.

Tech Tree Upgrades

The tech tree offers over 100 upgardes to boost offense and defense. This spans troop abilities, base structures, and support powers.

Spend resources carefully to optimize your battle capabilities. Maxing out key nodes makes a noticeable difference.

Alliance Systems

Join an alliance to collaborate with others by:

  • Chatting and planning attacks
  • Requesting aid and troop reinforcements
  • Participating in alliance wars for ranking rewards
  • Contributing to projects for alliance-wide buffs

Having allies can help progression significantly. But you need to contribute as much as you gain.


  • Diverse content to unlock
  • Customizable armies and bases
  • Alliance support benefits all members


  • Tech tree upgrades get very expensive
  • Alliance rewards incentivize high activity

GUNS UP Mobile MOD (2)


Despite being free-to-play, GUNS UP! Mobile is fairly generous to non-paying players. There are no forced ads or paywalls for progression.

You can access all content and competitive features without spending real money. The only purchasable items are:

  • Resource packages
  • Cosmetic skins
  • Troop training boosters

These offer convenience, not direct power. You won’t lose just because someone pays more. No predatory practices exist.


  • Completely optional purchases
  • No abuse of power for spenders
  • Respects player time with no forced ads


  • Paid resource packs might still feel unfair to some


GUNS UP! Mobile War Strategy offers accessible yet deep PvP gameplay on mobile. There’s always room for mastery with rich strategic elements.

The game respects your time while providing quality content updates. Playing casually or competitively both work well.

For fans of base building and army management, GUNS UP! Mobile is easily among the best on mobile.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

You should play GUNS UP! Mobile War Strategy if you like:

  • Asynchronous PvP gameplay
  • Base building mechanics
  • Army collection and upgrades
  • Casual but strategic combat

GUNS UP Mobile MOD (1)

Key Details

Here are some key details about the game:

Game Modes

  • Campaign – Player vs Environment mode with over 100 missions
  • Skirmish – Asynchronous PvP battles with player bases
  • Events – Limited-time co-op and competitive events
  • Alliance War – Collaborative wars between alliances

Player Stats

  • Medals – Indicate skill level based on wins
  • War Score – Points earned from battles
  • Alliance Honor – Contribution within an alliance

Social Features

  • Chat and strategic planning in alliances
  • Leaderboards for competitive players
  • Spectator mode to watch alliance war attacks

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Microsoft Windows (early access)

Release Date

GUNS UP! was first released on PlayStation 4 in 2015. The mobile version launched globally on October 5, 2021.


GUNS UP! Mobile is developed by NHN Corp based in South Korea. They have over 6000 employees and specialize in entertainment and search services.


The game is published by NHN Corp itself on mobile platforms.

Attacking Enemy Bases

When you battle enemy bases, the goal is to strategically maneuver your army to destroy the Outpost. This section covers key attacking principles and strategies.

Troop Positioning

How you position troops is crucial when assaulting fortified bases.

Flanking around defenses allows you to target and snipe key structures. This eventually opens a path to the Outpost.

Funneling troops through breaches focuses firepower to break lines. But bunching units also risks heavy splash damage.

Try to approach from multiple sides. If the perimeter is too dense, create an opening first using Airstrikes or Artillery.

GUNS UP Mobile MOD (6)

Ability Usage

Abilities can turn the tide if timed correctly.

  • Emergency Heal injured troops in combat
  • Molotov roasts grouped enemies
  • Artillery Strike destroys clusters of buildings
  • Airstrike demolishes base defenses
  • Smoke Screen blocks turrets temporarily

Manage cooldowns and save abilities for when you need them most. Don’t waste powers early when breaching or they won’t be ready for the final assault.

Resource Management

Efficiently using resources lets you sustain offenses longer.

Ammo spawns all troops. Ration expenditure early and leave reserves for the end-game.

Energy fuels abilities. Use them only when necessary to avoid emptying out.

Destroying buildings offers plenty of resources to recoup losses. But don’t get reckless trying to farm too much.

Game-Changing Upgrades

Upgrades make a very noticeable impact when attacking.

APC Veterancy increases troop spawn speed, letting you swarm much faster.

Soldier Veterancy boosts stats like DPS and health to extend survivability.

Ability Enhancements reduce cooldowns so you can chain powers together.

Prioritizing certain upgrades based on your battle style pays dividends.


  • Flank and funnel troops strategically
  • Use abilities sparingly but effectively
  • Ration expenditures early on
  • Upgrade vital nodes for your playstyle

Follow these tips to emerge victorious!

Defending Your Outpost

While attacking is fun, losing your own Outpost means defeat. Construct impassable bases with these defensive strategies.

Fortification Types

Various buildings have unique properties to bolster defenses:

  • Walls form impenetrable barriers against ground troops
  • Barricades block ranged units and slow movement
  • Traps surprise enemies dealing damage
  • Turrets provide automated fire support
  • Mortars rain long-range projectiles
  • Anti-air Guns counter aerial threats

Mix fortifications and stagger them to create kill zones covered from all sides.

Troop Placement

Troops act as the last line protecting the Outpost. Position them to:

  • Guard breach points and critical junctures
  • Hold important objectives like mines and farms
  • Hide in buildings to ambush troops
  • Cover areas just outside turret range

Shift them around to adapt after watching attack replays.

Layered Defenses

Channel enemies through layers of cascading defenses:

  • Outer layer with traps and barricades to divide forces
  • Mid layer with heavy fortifications to break momentum
  • Inner layer with concentrated firepower to finish them

This makes assaults extremely punishing.

Upgrade Priorities

Wall Health makes breaching nearly impossible, so upgrade them first.

Next, boost Mortars and Turrets to maximize damage output.

Finally, improve Traps as they become vital once walls are breached.

With impenetrable walls and overpowered turrets, your base becomes an unbreakable fortress!


  • Use diverse fortification types
  • Troops should complement buildings
  • Create layered kill zones
  • Keep walls healthy and maximize firepower

Follow these defensive tactics to protect your Outpost at all costs!

Graphics and Performance

Let’s examine the graphical quality and optimized performance of GUNS UP! Mobile.

Art Style

The game uses a vibrant cartoon style with rather basic textures. This fits the casual gameplay but might not appeal to fans of gritty war aesthetics.

Environments have enough detail to seem somewhat realistic despite the top-down perspective. Dynamic weather and lighting also help in immersion.

Unit Animations

Smooth animations make battles come alive:

  • Detailed walking and shooting motions
  • Realistic explosions and smoke
  • Destructible structures crumbling

Zoomed-in action conveys intensity well. Death animations could be more varied though.

Technical Aspects

The game runs smoothly even on mid-range devices thanks to:

  • Streamlined graphics
  • Well-optimized code
  • Server-side processing

Load times are very quick and frame rates are consistent. Control responsiveness also feels polished.


While visual options are limited, you can:

  • Adjust camera zoom and angle
  • Toggle environmental effects
  • Change graphic quality (low to ultra)

So you can tweak the experience based on device capabilities.


GUNS UP! Mobile favors performance over dazzling visuals, but the art style brings enough life to battles. Animations and technical polish also stand out positively.

Progression and Meta

This section dives into progression systems and evolving metagame strategies.

Early Game Goals

When starting GUNS UP! Mobile, focus on:

  • Upgrading Barracks to unlock new recruitable troops
  • Gathering resources through regular raids
  • Improving overall offense with upgrades
  • Learning basics of movement, positioning and abilities

This builds a strong foundation for the later game.

Mid Game Priorities

After getting comfortable with combat, focus on:

  • Fortifying your Outpost with walls and turrets
  • Joining an active alliance for added support
  • Targeting tougher opponents for bigger rewards
  • Specializing army and upgrades

Having advanced defenses prevents losing hard-earned resources.

Late Game Strategies

End-game competition demands expertise in:

  • Fine-tuning builds to counter the meta
  • Perfecting base layouts to maximize defenses
  • Leading alliance wars through coordination
  • Climbing ranked tiers for prestige

Dedication, activity, and teamwork become critical at higher levels.

The Ever-Changing Meta

The player-base keeps discovering and propagating new “meta” strategies:

  • Unit compositions maximizing efficiency
  • Building placements for impenetrable bases

GUNS UP Mobile MOD 1.18.12 APK (Unlimited Money/gold)

  • - New System: Equipment 2.0 - Unit-specified Equipement - New system: Alliance Store - Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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