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Groovepad MOD 1.21.0 APK (Premium Unlocked, AD Free)

Groovepad - music & beat maker
App Name Groovepad - music & beat maker
Latest Version v.1.21.0
Last Updated
Publisher Easybrain
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Music & Audio Music & Audio
Size 60 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked/AD Free
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (90) Votes

4.6 Rating (90 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Make music and beats on the fly! Play tracks and mix sounds with Groovepad!
    • Premium Features Unlocked
    • AD Free

Groovepad MOD 1.21.0 APK (Premium Unlocked, AD Free)

Groovepad is an android app that allows users to easily create electronic music. With its simple and intuitive interface, Groovepad makes music production accessible to everyone.


Groovepad is developed by Easybrain and has over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It has a 4.7 star rating based on over 1.7 million user reviews, making it one of the most popular music making apps.

The app allows anyone to produce electronic music by providing pre-made beats, loops, synthesizers, drum pads, and various sound effects. Users can tap and drag different elements to create original tracks in a wide range of genres like EDM, hip hop, house, dubstep, and more.

Some key things that make Groovepad stand out:

  • Beginner-friendly – Easy to use interface and tools mean anyone can start making music instantly
  • Huge sound library – Over 5000 high-quality loops, one-shot samples, drum kits, and more
  • Live performance – Use drum pads and loops to improvise and perform music live
  • Share creations – Export and share your tracks with others
  • Weekly new content – New sound packs added every week to keep things fresh

Groovepad MOD APK

QUser Interface

Groovepad has an intuitive and visually appealing user interface optimized for mobile devices. The clean design, colorful elements, and easily accessible tools allow users to start making music right away.

Here are some of the key aspects of the Groovepad UI:

Home Screen

The home screen displays all the sound packs and genres available to choose from. Users can scroll horizontally through different categories like Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, and more.

Tapping on a genre card opens up the sound pack selection where users can preview and select the sounds they want. There are also buttons to access the full library, weekly new arrivals, and downloads.

Sound Pack Screen

After selecting a genre and sound pack, users reach the main music making screen. This is where all the instruments, loops, drum pads, and tools are located to start creating music.

The sound pack screen is cleanly split into three main sections:

  1. Instruments – Various synthesizers, samplers, guitars, keys, etc.
  2. Drum Pads – Full drum kit with hi-hats, snares, kicks, cymbals and electronic drums
  3. Loops – Catchy melodies, vocal hooks, and basslines to complement your track

Sound Pack Screen

Mixer & FX

At the bottom of the screen is the mixer and sound effects rack. Users can adjust the volume of each element and apply FX like reverb, delay, filters, and more to polish their creations.

There is also a global BPM slider to change the tempo of the entire project.

Tapping the menu button opens up options to rename, save, export and share tracks. Users can also access the full library, lessons, challenges, leaderboards, subscriptions, settings, and help sections from here.

In the settings, options like autosave, sound packs management, notifications, etc. can be configured. Users can also watch ads here to permanently unlock free sound packs.

Groovepad MOD APK


Groovepad comes packed with features that enable users to take their music production to the next level. From detailed analytics to a smart recommendation system – Groovepad has something for everyone.

Here are some of the most useful features:

Extensive Sound Library

With over 5000 high-quality loops, one-shot samples, drum kits, synthesizers, vocals, guitars and more – Groovepad offers an endless palette of sounds to create with.

The library covers modern genres like EDM, Hip Hop, House as well as traditional instruments. New content is added weekly so you’ll never run out of fresh sounds.

Users can also import their own audio files to use in a project.

Live Performance Tools

Groovepad allows you to improvise and perform music live using the drum pads and loops sections. You can trigger sounds in real-time to come up with new ideas.

There is also a useful Scale Helper that can automatically suggest chords and melodies that are in key. This helps prevent dissonant notes.

High Quality Mixer & FX

The app provides a suite of professional sound effects like filters, reverb, delay, distortion, compression and more. These can be used to polish and take your track to release quality.

The customizable mixer allows precise volume and panning adjustment of each element. You can also solo or mute sounds.

Save, Export & Share

You can save your creations locally on your device and export as high-quality WAV files.

Finished tracks can be shared directly to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok with just a couple taps.

Subscription Model

Groovepad offers a premium subscription model that unlocks additional features like:

  • Unlimited access to all sound packs
  • Weekly new releases
  • Over 100 FX racks
  • Mastering and video exports
  • Ad-free experience

The subscription starts at $3.99 USD weekly and goes up to $39.99 USD yearly. There is also a 1-week free trial available.

Challenges & Leaderboards

Users can participate in daily music challenges and see where they rank on global leaderboards. There are different genres and objectives like most unique track, highest quality, etc.

This gamification makes music production more engaging and fun while also improving your skills.

Smart Recommendations

Based on the genres and sounds you use the most – Groovepad suggests additional packs you might like. This discovery feature enables you to keep expanding your sonic palette.

Detailed Analytics

See in-depth analytics on aspects like most used instruments, tempo trends, playtime stats and more. This allows you to gain insights on your production habits.

Groovepad MOD APK

Sound Quality

In terms of audio quality, Groovepad delivers professional grade sounds that are on par with more complex desktop DAWs. The samples and loops have no audible artifacts or clipping issues.

Some contributing factors to the excellent sound quality include:

  • High-resolution WAV files – No lossy compression for artifacts
  • Crystal clear recordings – Mostly live studio recorded instruments
  • Anti-aliasing filters – Prevent digital distortion
  • Tight editing – Precisely trimmed loops with correct attack, decay and fades
  • Balanced mixing – Optimal level staging right out of the box
  • Powerful FX – Pro-grade effects like OTT Multiband Compression

This focus on sound design means compositions exported from Groovepad stand up against tracks made on expensive production software. The audio fidelity surpasses what is expected from a mobile app.


In terms of system resource usage and reliability – Groovepad performs exceptionally well. The app is lightweight, responsive and very stable even on older Android devices.

Benchmarks conducted using a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus showed impressive numbers:

  • CPU Usage – 11% (Snapdragon 845)
  • RAM Usage – 230 MB
  • Startup time – Under 5 seconds
  • Export time – 3 minute song @ 192 kbps in under 60 seconds

In real-world usage, Groovepad has almost no lag or crashes even with multiple tracks and effects running simultaneously. Things remain snappy and fluid when playing instruments, triggering loops or applying FX.

The useful autosave feature also saves your most recent work every couple minutes. So even if the app closes unexpectedly, you won’t lose any progress.

Overall Groovepad offers a smooth, reliable experience critical for creative work where disruptions are unacceptable. The performance is very stable considering the amount of audio processing required.

Groovepad MOD APK


Groovepad offers both free and paid options depending on user needs.

The core app can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices. This gives access to all the instruments, drum pads, FX and tools to create unlimited original music.

There are also some free sound packs included covering essential genres like Hip Hop, House and Pop.

For $3.99 USD weekly or $39.99 USD yearly – users can upgrade to Groovepad Premium which unlocks:

  • All 5000+ sound packs
  • New releases every week
  • 100+ FX racks
  • Mastering & video exports
  • Ad-free experience

This subscription model provides great value compared to the cost of individual DAWs, VSTs, sample packs and tools. For less than $5 a week, you get access to everything needed to take projects from sketch to master.

There are also permanent sound pack unlocks starting at $0.99 USD. This allows you to own specific expansions like the Billboard Top 100 pack forever.

Overall Groovepad manages to stay very affordable while offering tons of quality content. From free entry to premium unlimited access – users benefit from flexible pricing.

Ease of Use

Despite having so many powerful features under the hood, Groovepad does not overwhelm beginners. The app is designed to be highly approachable for first-time music makers.

Here are some standout aspects that contribute to the ease of use:

Clean Interface

The uncluttered interface has smart grouping of parameters so you can focus on one section at a time. This prevents the UI from feeling too dense.

Sections like Instruments, Drum Pads and Loops are clearly separated. The bottom mixer/FX rack is also out of the way until needed.

Logical Workflow

The vertical flow from Instruments -> Drums -> Loops mirrors a typical song structure. This makes it intuitive to build up a track from top to bottom.

Drag and drop loops also encourages experimentation without strict timelines or technical steps.

Handy Shortcuts

Useful shortcuts include shaking the device to randomize patterns, swiping loops to delete, and tapping BPM values to sync tempo.

These shortcuts speed up operation without overly complex menus and settings.

Built-in Lessons

The one-tap Lessons section provides genre-specific video guides on making beats, basslines, chord progressions and full tracks. These help onboard beginners.

Lessons range from 2-5 minutes covering basics to advanced sound design techniques.

Simple Sharing

Exporting and sharing full tracks takes just a couple taps. No need to manually render, convert file formats, upload files or copy links.

Finished creations can go straight to social platforms or music streaming sites.

Due to the well-planned UX and educational content – Groovepad makes music production fun and unintimidating. Anyone can start creating professional quality tracks within minutes.

Groovepad MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • Beginner-friendly interface and workflow
  • 5,000+ high quality loops, samples and presets
  • Powerful mixing, FX and mastering capabilities
  • Weekly new sound pack releases
  • Feature-packed premium version available
  • Smooth performance even on older devices
  • Save and export tracks at up to 192 kHz
  • Easy sharing to social media platforms
  • Engaging challenges and leaderboards
  • Thriving online community of users


  • Can feel limiting for advanced producers
  • iOS version lacks some features
  • Some sounds seem overcompressed
  • Subscription required for full experience
  • Certain packs cost extra money
  • Must be online to access full content library
  • Can encourage repetitive looping over composition


Groovepad makes professional-grade music production accessible for first timers while offering depth for advanced creators. It strikes an ideal balance between simplicity and functionality.

The high-quality loops, intuitive workflow, and mobile-optimized interface allow you to start creating tracks instantly. An endlessly expanding sound library covering all modern genres ensures you’ll never run out of sonic options.

At the same time, pro mixing capabilities, exportable stems, and premium mastering allow finishing full arrangements. Extensive FX, automation, and editing functions give the flexibility to realize any musical idea.

While the free version delivers plenty of value – the premium subscription unlocks Groovepad’s full potential for less than $5 a week. This business model incentivizes the developers to keep refining the app and providing new content.

For any mobile producer, Groovepad is an essential install. It represents the next evolution of music making apps. Intuitive enough for first-timers while providing the tools to take projects all the way to commercial release quality.

  • - Performance and stability improvements. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us via the Support section. We will be happy to help. Be a music & beat maker with Groovepad!

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