ProductivityGinger Keyboard MOD APK 9.8.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK 9.8.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK 9.8.0 (Premium Unlocked)
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3.5 Rating (95 Votes )
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Ginger Keyboard is a smart keyboard app that helps you write better and faster by providing real-time grammar, spelling and style corrections as you type. With advanced AI technology, Ginger Keyboard goes beyond basic autocorrect to check complete sentences, not just individual words.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK


Ginger  Keyboard  allows  you  to  send  better,  higher  quality  messages  across  chat,  email,  social  media  and  more.  Key  features  include:

Grammar Checker and Spell Check

Ginger’s grammar checker  and spell checker  correct  grammar,  spelling,  punctuation and capitalization errors quickly and efficiently. This helps you produce cleaner, more professional writing.

Emoji, Stickers and GIFs

Express  yourself  with  a  huge  selection  of  beautiful  emojis,  emoji  art,  stickers  and  animated  GIFs.  Easily  find the perfect visuals to spice up your messages.

Word Prediction

Ginger understands  your  writing style  and  provides  accurate  next-word  predictions  to  speed  up  typing.  See suggestions  and  choose  to accept or ignore them.


Customize  the  look  of  your  keyboard  with  over  100  free  themes.  You can  even  create your own personalized theme.

Emoji Prediction

Ginger predicts which emoji you’ll use based on your most common words and phrases, and provides smart suggestions.

Swipe Typing

Type faster by swiping  your  finger  from  letter  to  letter instead  of tapping. Streamline your typing flow.

Smart Bar

Optimize your workflow  with  quick  access  to  your  favorite  and  most-used  apps right from the keyboard.

Built-in Games

Take a quick break and play classic  games  like  Snake,  Pong,  Copter, 2048 or Sliding Puzzle without leaving the keyboard.


Communicate across languages by translating between  58+ different languages as you type.

Advanced Rephrasing

Rewrite sentences in new  ways by tapping sentence rephrasing suggestions. Discover alternative ways to express your thoughts.

Ginger Page

Access advanced  editing  tools  directly within  the  app to refine  entire sections of text. Check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, personalized dictionary, synonyms, translations and more.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Languages Supported

Ginger Keyboard supports text input and corrections for over 50 languages including:

  • English (US, UK)
  • Esperanto
  • Spanish (Latin American, European, US)
  • Danish
  • German
  • Greek
  • French (France, Canada)
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Norwegian Bokmal
  • Dutch
  • And many more

See the full list of supported languages.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Why Choose Ginger Keyboard?

Write Better, Faster and More Confidently

Ginger Keyboard helps you produce cleaner, higher quality writing free of errors – all while typing quickly and efficiently:

  • Avoid embarrassing typos, grammar mistakes, misspellings and more.
  • Use contextual grammar and spell checking based on full sentences, not just individual words.
  • Receive accurate corrections and suggestions as you type in real time.
  • Speed up typing with intelligent next word predictions.
  • Swipe between letters for faster typing.
  • Translate foreign languages on the fly.

With Ginger Keyboard, you can write confidently knowing your messages will be clear and professional.

Personalized AI Writing Assistant

Ginger Keyboard acts like an AI writing assistant tuned to your personal writing style:

  • It learns your most common emoji choices and phrases to provide smarter suggestions.
  • The more you use Ginger, the more tailored the experience becomes.
  • Your writing is analyzed by advanced Natural Language Processing to catch mistakes in context.
  • You’re given the final say on accepting or rejecting corrections.

Ginger Keyboard delivers a personalized writing boost customized to you.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Express Yourself with Rich Media

Ginger Keyboard makes communicating visually engaging:

  • Access thousands of emojis, emoji art, GIFs and stickers.
  • Search for just the right emoji or GIF by keyword.
  • Create your own personalized keyboard theme.
  • Embed multimedia seamlessly as you type.

Visually enhance your messages and express yourself creatively.

Flexible Writing for Any Situation

Whatever you’re writing, Ginger Keyboard has you covered:

  • Casual chats, elaborate emails, social posts and more.
  • Short form replies or long complex pieces.
  • Professional documents or lighthearted conversations.

Ginger Keyboard improves writing across genres and contexts. It’s there whenever inspiration strikes.

Privacy and Security

Ginger Keyboard keeps your data safe and private:

  • It never collects or stores personal info like passwords, usernames or credit cards.
  • All sensitive data remains with the associated third party app and is inaccessible to Ginger.
  • You remain in control of your information.

Write with confidence knowing your data is secure.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

How to Use Ginger Keyboard


Ginger Keyboard is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

To install:

  • iOS – Download from the App Store.
  • Android – Get it on Google Play.

The app is free to download and use. An optional premium subscription unlocks additional features.

Set Up

Setting up Ginger Keyboard is quick and easy:

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Open Settings > General > Keyboard on your device.
  3. Select Ginger Keyboard and enable it.
  4. Open any app where you can type and the Ginger keyboard will appear.

You’re now ready to start using Ginger Keyboard for faster, better writing in any app!

core Features

Here are some of the core features to take advantage of:

  • Grammar and Spell Check – Activate the proofreader to check for errors as you type.
  • Word Predictions – Use the suggested next words that pop up to speed up typing.
  • Swipe Typing – Glide your finger between letters instead of tapping to type faster.
  • Emoji Predictions – Accept fitting emoji suggestions based on your messages.
  • Themes – Change your keyboard layout and style.
  • Smart Bar – Add shortcuts to your favorite apps.
  • Ginger Page – Use the robust editing suite to refine full sections of text.

Explore all the features and customize the experience to your needs.

Ginger Keyboard MOD APK

Premium Upgrades

The free version of Ginger Keyboard provides a great typing experience. Upgrading to premium unlocks benefits like:

  • Unlimited grammar and spelling corrections.
  • Advanced sentence rephrases.
  • Full access to Ginger Page.
  • No ads.

Consider premium to get the most out of the app and access the full breath of features.

Ginger Keyboard Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Intelligent grammar, spellcheck Requires some getting used to
Great for improving writing quality Interfaces with limited apps
Personalized suggestions Premium version expensive
Faster typing with predictions Privacy concerns around data collection
Visually engaging with emojis/GIFs

Pros Explained:

  • Intelligent grammar, spellcheck – Ginger’s contextual proofreading significantly reduces errors and improves writing.
  • Great for improving writing quality – The app actively makes your writing clearer, more concise and professional.
  • Personalized suggestions – Its AI learns your style to offer smarter predictions over time.
  • Faster typing with predictions – Next word suggestions and swipe typing accelerate your typing speed.
  • Visually engaging with emojis/GIFs – Easily search for and embed the perfect visual content.

Cons Explained:

  • Requires some getting used to – It takes a bit of use before Ginger’s corrections feel natural.
  • Interfaces with limited apps – Unlike stock keyboard, it only works in certain approved apps.
  • Premium version expensive – $8.99 USD per month is pricey for the premium features.
  • Privacy concerns around data collection – Many users don’t like a third-party keyboard collecting their typing data.

Comparison to Other Keyboards

Stock Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard provides a much more robust experience than your phone’s default keyboard app:

  • It goes beyond just simple autocorrect to check entire sentences and paragraphs.
  • The proofreading and suggestions are far more accurate and useful.
  • It learns your personal writing style over time.
  • More visually engaging with emoji/GIF search.
  • Additional features like swipe typing, themes and games.

However, the stock keyboard will interface with many more apps and has no learning curve.


SwiftKey is similar to Ginger as a popular third-party keyboard with advanced features like:

  • Next word predictions
  • Some contextual spellchecking
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Personalization of suggestions based on your writing style
  • Emoji and GIF search
  • Themes and customization

However, Ginger Keyboard offers much more advanced grammar checking capabilities powered by AI. It also has unique features like sentence rephrasing, a built-in writing suite, and games.


Grammarly isn’t a keyboard but rather an app that integrates with other apps to proofread writing. It provides advanced grammar, spelling, punctuation and style suggestions.

Compared to Ginger Keyboard, Grammarly likely has more robust proofreading capabilities. However, Ginger makes the process more seamless by integrating directly into a keyboard. It also offers other helpful writing features beyond just proofreading.

Who is Ginger Keyboard For?

Ginger Keyboard is a great option for:

  • Anyone looking to improve their writing quality and avoid embarrassing mistakes.
  • Non-native english speakers who want assistance writing properly.
  • People who care about producing clean, professional communication through writing.
  • Those who enjoy expressing themselves through emojis, GIFs and multimedia.
  • People seeking a more personalized, AI-powered writing experience.
  • Those wanting a faster, more streamlined typing workflow.
  • Users who value strong data privacy protections.

The app is less suited for:

  • People who require seamless integration across a wide range of apps.
  • Those who dislike adapting to new technology and learning curves.
  • Users satisfied with basic autocorrect and spellcheck.
  • People averse to third-party data collection while typing.
  • Individuals seeking an inexpensive solution.

Overall, Ginger Keyboard most benefits intermediate and advanced writers looking to communicate more clearly and effectively across mediums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Ginger Keyboard:

Q: Is Ginger Keyboard secure?

A: Yes, Ginger Keyboard does not collect personal data like passwords, usernames, addresses or credit cards. All of this remains securely with the associated third-party app.

Q: Does it work well with social media apps?

A: It has limited integration with social media at this time. You can use it effectively in some social media apps, but not all.

Q: Can I undo Ginger’s corrections?

A: Yes, Ginger gives you full control. You can easily reject corrections by tapping the backspace key.

Q: Does Ginger learn my personal writing style?

A: Yes, the more you use Ginger the more it adapts to your vocabulary, tone, emoji choices and other quirks.

Q: Can I use Ginger Keyboard on multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can install Ginger Keyboard on as many iOS or Android devices as you want and sync your personal dictionary between them.

Q: Is there a way to provide feedback to Ginger?

A: Yes, within the app you can submit direct feedback to Ginger through Settings > Feedback. They use this to improve the product.


Ginger Keyboard is an intelligent keyboard app that helps you write faster, better and with more confidence. It provides real-time grammar, spelling and style corrections powered by AI technology. Key features include contextual proofreading, personalized suggestions, swipe typing, emoji/GIF search and robust customization.

While Ginger Keyboard has a learning curve and premium version costs, it can significantly reduce writing errors and improve quality. For intermediate and advanced writers seeking to communicate more professionally across mediums, Ginger Keyboard is an excellent choice. It facilitates clear, concise writing through an engaging, personalized user experience.


Ginger Keyboard MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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