SimulationGetting Over It MOD APK 1.9.6 (Hack, Unlocked)

Getting Over It MOD APK 1.9.6 (Hack, Unlocked)

Getting Over It MOD APK 1.9.6 (Hack, Unlocked)
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4.5 Rating (531) Votes

4.5 Rating (531 Votes )
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Getting Over It MOD APK 1.9.6 (Hack, Unlocked)

Getting Over It MOD APK
MOD Features Unlocked
Category Mod Apk
Size 1030 MB
Version 1.9.6
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is an indie game created by Bennett Foddy and distributed by Humble Bundle. In this trial-and-error based puzzle game, players take control of a weirdly clothed man sitting in a cauldron and holding onto a hammer as he climbs up steep mountain slopes made from objects such as rocks, buckets or ladders. Every misstep the player makes will send him back down to his starting point. Players must use their skillful agility to maneuver the character up his treacherous journey, all while listening to an entertaining narration from Bennett himself along the way! The ultimate goal? Reach that invincible summit at all costs!

Getting Over It MOD APK

Play With Fun this game?

Yes, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is an excitingly challenging game that can provide hours of fun and frustration! Despite its difficulty, it is easy to pick up the basics as there are no complex rules or objectives. Every level starts out at the same spot but they require each player to adapt their strategy in order for them reach their destination. With a great set of witty dialogues from Bennett himself and demanding challenges lurking within every corner, players will be kept entertained for hours on end! Whether you succeed or fail relentlessly at getting over it doesn’t matter because this game ensures that everyone will have lots of fun along the journey trying (and sometimes crying) while playing.

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a single-player game. There are no officially supported online multiplayer capabilities in this version of the game. Despite this, players have devised unofficial ways to enjoy it as a social activity with friends. For example, many people have gathered together around one device and take turns playing through levels cooperatively or competing for the best time achieved on each level! This sort of creative gameplay can certainly be fun too and allows everyone to get involved even if they don’t own their own copy of the game.

Getting Over It MOD APK

Key Features of Getting Over It

Challenging Gameplay

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a challenging feat! Players must use their skillful agility and adaptive problem-solving to maneuver the character up a steep mountain slope made from objects such as rocks, buckets or ladders. Every misstep will send them back down to their starting point, so they must take caution and be smart in order to reach that summit at all costs!

Witty Narration

 To make the journey even more enjoyable, players get an entertaining narration from Bennett himself along the way with his thoughtful and sassy commentary on every situation presented in this game. It adds another layer of depth which helps enhance everyone’s engagement while playing it too!

Variety of Environmental Design & Objects

 This version includes much improved visuals featuring redesigned environments that provide much needed visual stimulus throughout each level including detailed obstacles like vistas filled with trees or oceans extending far into infinite horizons which makes scaling those heights that much more exciting for everyone involved.

Creative Customization Options

Not only does this game provide captivating scenery but also tons of creative customization options let players modify almost everything about the protagonist’s appearance right down to his hammers color scheme; adding yet another layer of creativity available for anyone willing enough try it out!

No Pressure Objectives

 Every level starts out at same spot however there are no specific objectives regarding what you should accomplish along your journey other than simply reaching that invincible summit; leaving many opportunities open to cater towards any playstyle whether fast paced action oriented gamers or slow patient analytical types!

Accessibility Availability Everywhere

With versions released both PC & Android Platform now gamers have access anywhere anytime providing great flexibility when wanting experience riveting these tasks wherever one may be !

Getting Over It MOD APK

What is Getting Over It Mod Apk?

Getting Over It Mod Apk is an unofficial modified version of the Getting over It with Bennett Foddy game which offers a variety of features that are not available in the official version. This mod apk includes modifications to both graphics and gameplay, such as unlimited money, removal of ads/pop-ups, improved graphics settings and more. For those looking for an even more advanced experience then there’s also unlockable tools like hammer time warping or warping boost which can help people accelerate their progress through levels quickly if they find themselves stuck! The mod itself is not officially sanctioned by its creator but it nonetheless immensely popular amongst players who want take their gaming experience to next level without having deal all those pesky restrictions from original publisher.

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Mod Key Feature

Unlocked Content

Getting Over It Mod Apk provides players with an abundunace of freely available content which includes things like hidden costumes, new objects to interact and exclusive levels that are otherwise inaccessible in the original version. Making this mod apk highly appealed for many people wanting get most out their experience by having more opportunities try something different each time they play

Cheats & Tricks Enabled

Embedded across almost every level there’s a variety of cheats and exploits built right into mod making it much easier users make progress through game at breakneck pace get highest scores on leaderboards . There’s even some warp zones where you can skip ahead or bypass sections altogether!

Hammer Boosts & Time Warps 

 Not only cheats but if you feel like need extra oomph hammer boosts along time warps will help with pushing past those impasse use special abilities clip through quickly !


To top off everything else one rather nice benefit brought about by Getting Over It Mod Apk is it freedom from pesky ads pop-ups normally found original versionsl. This ensures uninterrupted gaming reduction potential slow downs that may occur while trying enjoy your favorite activities.

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download and Install : To install Getting Over It Mod Apk first you must download the mod file from a trusted safe source such as the Google Play Store, App Store, or direct from developer’s official site. Once it is downloaded then open the file and follow all of instructions given by installer program restarting your device ensure successful installation process.

2. Open Game & Login : After completing previous steps next players need introduce themselves game logging with their Apple ID/Google Account order allow advertisement revenue roll in same time unlocking cloud based saves levels progress will there no matter what platform they are playing on !

3 Unlock Unlocked Content: Finally once logged into titlefile loading screen paired up some cutscene’s featurettes that help keep everyone entertained while spin wheels wait for action commence . At this point any content that was unlocked prior installing mod should be available if not simply repeat enlistment seeps gain access apk goodies!

4 Run & Enjoy!: Now everything properly set last step involves popping lid getting Down wild running across top sun-kissed landscapes smashing rocks out way ultimately reach summit exhilarating fun satisfaction those playthroughs handonly can bring player!

Getting Over It MOD APK

Game Tips

1. Take Your Time: Don’t rush your progress as often there are hidden gems or tricks to the level that may pass over if you’re too eager on reaching to top. Taking your time will let you take in more of the scenery and enjoy all other surprises this game has offer.

2 Train Hard : Preparation is key here since levels can get progressively harder each one it is beneficial practice each level multiple times until eventually being able master craft some optimum strategies what works best for user . This way when they reach higher tier situation be confident combat them !

3 Talk Out Every Action: As Bennett provides clever commentary during entire playthroughs talking out loud actually helps prevent players from making mistakes also letting everyone have good he laugh or two along way! You never know acts his banter might even give hints tips those desperate need some direction !

4 Explore Everywhere : Remember world not so small where tons secret sections tucked away inside walls searching these random routes always recommended as sometimes lead exclusive goodies rewards end albeit frustratingly difficult. Yet still staying reward!

5 Experiment Away!: Lastly feel like having fun break rules unleash creativity test boundaries mod apk enables users experiment with hacking puzzles bypassing objects generates whole different set issues challenges prompting innovative thinking methods added fun factor!

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics:

Getting Over It Mod Apk has some of the best graphics you can find in a mobile game. Colors are vivid and highly detailed creating an immersive environment within each level that will please even the pickiest of gamers! There is no low-poly or pixelated art here, as textures look crisp and life-like giving attention to every second detail even when playing on a small screen device. Everything flows smoothly with nary any hiccups in frame rates ensuring visual pleasure all around !

2 Sound & Music :

In addition to amazing graphical elements there’s also impressively crafted soundtracks composed made up many different instrumental pieces instruments ranging from traditional violins jazz keyboard solos These tracks adjust dynamically difficulty before battle ensues adding extra dimension excitement while getting ready rush out into fray! Furthermore witty quips dialogues set Bennett Foddy’s methodical narration take center stage making sure never skip some line funny dialogue during session play . All combined compose work quite well leveraging full potential audio capabilities these devices possess create infinitely enjoyable experience anyone may immerse themselves title!.


In conclusion, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Mod Apk is an excellent game for those looking for an enjoyable challenge. This mod apk offers endless options and opportunities to explore, ranging from unlimited money to unlocks levels that are inaccessible in the original version. To make things more interesting there’s even cheats built into the game so you can bypass obstacles easily! Lastly, it also contains some amazing graphics and soundtracks which definitely enhances one’s experience while playing through this demanding puzzle game! Whether you love trying out complex challenges or appreciate all of its infused humor won’t be disapointed get over it put heave hammer down as attempt reach summit by any means necessary .

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. Is Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy free?

 Yes, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a free game which can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the App Store on your mobile device. The base version and mod apk feature all of the same levels but with various additional features such as cheats, improved graphics and no ads if you choose to download & play through a modified version instead

2. Is There An End To This Game?

Yes! As this game has progressions points for each individual level meaning that once players manage to scale all of those heights successfully they reach final ending cinematic sequence . But although it may seem like finale there’s still plenty content coming in from many add-on packs expansions so even after getting summit journey will still need to be done !

3 Do I Need Any Special Equipment To Run This Mod Apk ?

 Not necessarily as long have perform essential software maintenance ensuring at least 1gb available space 4GB Ram memory unit along most recent updates installed should enough get good performance out title running smoothly without any hiccups throughout session!

4 Can I Collect Rewards Through Getting over it With Bennet Foddy ?

 Yes , there are several rewards that you can collect simply by progressing normally through this game’s levels such as costumes hidden goodies et cetera; so keep an eye out what lurks around corner uncovering them unlockables yourself! Plus players also bonus coins while playing too these currencies allow purchase other cosmetics accessories change protagonist look feel whole new way exploring map!

 5 How Does Physics Work In getting over it?

Physics engine incorporated into Working great detail accurately contacting objects how behave when weight force acting upon them applicable Newtonian physics ensuring experience genuine life authenticity however strange scenarios arise running climb slope upside down floating ladders plains area although concept mad quite actually enjoyable much more challenges lay ahead during play through!.


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