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FIFA Mobile MOD 20.0.03 APK (Unlimited Coins, Mod Menu, Unlocked)

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer
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2 Rating (5) Votes

2 Rating (5 Votes )
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FIFA Mobile is now EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile! Kick off with soccer stars today.

FIFA Mobile MOD 20.0.03 APK (Unlimited Coins, Mod Menu, Unlocked)

FIFA Mobile Mod Apk is the latest mobile soccer game published by Electronic Arts as part of their EA SPORTS franchise. The game was released globally on September 26, 2023 as an update to the existing FIFA Mobile app. With the split between EA and FIFA coming into effect this year, the game has been rebranded from FIFA Mobile to EA SPORTS FC Mobile.

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The update brings a variety of changes to the game, including enhanced gameplay, updated commentary, and a refreshed user interface. Let’s take a deep dive into the various aspects of the game in this detailed review.


The gameplay is the heart of any sports game, and FIFA Mobile aims to achieve a more realistic experience on mobile devices. Here are some of the major gameplay changes and enhancements:

True Player Personality

EA Sports focused on bringing out distinct player strengths and weaknesses to create more diversity in gameplay and team building. Player attributes have been overhauled and rebalanced to better reflect authentic player characteristics and playstyles.

Increased Attribute Impact

Player attributes like speed, dribbling, passing etc. now have a more tangible impact on the gameplay. For example, slower defenders will struggle more to catch up to faster attackers.

Elite Shooting System

The shooting mechanics have been diversified to reward skill. Factors like player attributes, body position, and ball spin now impact shooting more realistically. Long range curlers and power shots feel appropriately epic.

Impact Controls

New controls like Power Shot, Knock On, and Hard Tackle allow you to pull off impactful moves on the pitch using gesture based controls. This brings in more skill to scoring and defending.

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Dynamic Game Speed

The game speed feels authentic to real mobile gameplay and allows for better expression of player attributes like acceleration and sprint speed.

Improved Positioning

The AI player positioning and runs, especially in the attacking third, have been improved. This allows for better passing opportunities and buildup play.

Overall, the gameplay feels more realistic with weighty player movement and momentum. The above changes combine to deliver a mobile soccer experience closer to the real sport. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to player switching, defensive positioning, and referee decisions.


Presentation plays a big role in building up the atmosphere of a sports game. EA Sports FC Mobile features enhanced visuals and broadcast elements:

  • Immersive cameras – The cameras dynamically track the action on the pitch and provide great angles for replays. Set pieces especially look more cinematic.
  • Atmospheric stadiums – The crowds and ambient stadium noise make you feel like you’re in a real match environment. Unlockable weather effects add to the realism.
  • Commentary – The in-game commentary has been updated with some new lines and better audio quality. Repeated lines are still an issue though.
  • Pre-match content – The game builds up the match experience with team lineups, stats overlays and cutscenes of players getting ready.
  • Post-match highlights – You can rewatch key moments and highlights after the final whistle. Slow motion replays let you appreciate spectacular goals.

The presentation elevates the overall quality and brings EA Sports FC Mobile closer to a console-like experience. However, it still falls short of newer mobile sports titles in some aspects like graphics quality, facial animations and commentary depth.

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Game Modes

EA Sports FC Mobile features a variety of single player and multiplayer soccer game modes:


Jump straight into an exhibition match against AI or a friend. You can customize teams, stadiums, weather and match settings.

Career Mode

Manage a club over multiple seasons while building your squad, making transfers, and winning silverware. This single player mode has scenario elements that let you accomplish club objectives.

Ultimate Team (FUT)

Build your dream team by collecting player and item cards. Take on single player challenges or compete against others in Division Rivals or Weekend League.

Head to Head

Go up against other players in 1v1 online matches. Climb up the leaderboards for bragging rights. Weekly competition with special rewards.

VS Attack

Play quick asynchronous online matches where you take turns attacking and defending. Focused on offense rather than full matches.


Join or create leagues with friends for organized seasons and tournaments with league tables. Compete for in-game rewards.


Limited time events with special challenges and rewards.

While the game modes provide plenty of variety, the freemium model pushes you towards the Ultimate Team mode with many in-app purchases. Career mode especially feels neglected and repetitive after some time.

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Licenses and Content

EA Sports FC Mobile features official licensing from over 30 leagues including the English Premier League, LaLiga, and Bundesliga. It has the rights to UEFA competitions like the Champions League and Europa League as well.

Some key licensed elements include:

  • Over 15,000 real player names and likenesses from teams around the world
  • Hundreds of authentic club kits and crests
  • Fully licensed stadiums like Old Trafford, Allianz Arena etc.
  • Official match ball and branding elements

The extensive licensing allows you to play as your favorite real world clubs and players. It immensely adds to the authenticity. However, some major leagues like the Italian Serie A are still missing.


EA Sports FC Mobile offers many customization options to personalize your experience:

  • Create your own player – Make a virtual pro by customizing their appearance, attributes and positions.
  • Club customization – Choose club name, logo, kit colors and stadium for a personalized club.
  • Kit customization – Edit the kit of any player including boots, accessories and hair styles.
  • Tactics – Set formations, player roles and instructions to match your playstyle.

The customization helps provide a sense of ownership in the game. You can shape your team to be unique on the pitch.

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Graphics and Performance

EA Sports FC Mobile features improved graphics and visuals over prior versions:

  • Higher resolution textures and assets
  • Enhanced lighting effects
  • Detailed player faces and models
  • Animated crowds and sideline characters

The game provides high quality visuals on par with many console soccer games. On high end mobiles, the graphics shine in their full glory with smooth framerates. The engine handles complex scenes well.

There are some minor graphical glitches and frame drops at times, but overall the game runs very smoothly. Loading times are also minimal, allowing you to jump into matches quickly.


As a free to play mobile game, EA Sports FC Mobile is monetized via in-app purchases and ads. Some of the monetization tactics include:

  • Coins Packs – Direct purchase of coins, the in-game currency, ranging from $1 to $100.
  • FIFA Points – Premium currency for Ultimate Team purchases.
  • Star Pass – Monthly subscription for special Ultimate Team rewards.
  • Packs – Random player packs purchased with coins or FIFA points.
  • Ad rewards – Earn game rewards by opting to watch video ads.
  • Stamina system – Limits play time in modes like VS Attack unless you use premium items.

While none of the purchases are essential, they provide shortcuts and advantages. The overall monetization is aggressive but expected of a major free mobile sports title.

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EA Sports FC Mobile scores in many aspects that make for an enjoyable mobile soccer experience:

The Good

  • Enhanced realistic gameplay
  • Slick presentation with broadcast elements
  • Licensed teams, leagues and players
  • Ultimate Team mode is engaging and addictive
  • Smooth performance and visuals

The Bad

  • Aggressive monetization tactics
  • AI deficiencies still persist
  • Commentary can get repetitive
  • Lack of innovation in career mode

EA Sports FC Mobile brings meaningful improvements that make the game feel closer to a simulation of the beautiful game. But there is still significant room for improvement when it comes to innovating in terms of game modes and monetization.

Overall, EA Sports FC Mobile is a polished package that soccer fans will find entertaining to play on the go. For players new to the franchise, this is the most complete mobile soccer experience available with tons of content. Veterans will appreciate the enhanced gameplay, but may find career mode lacking in depth after some time.

At the end of the day, EA Sports FC Mobile is a fun, authentic mobile soccer game that gets the core experience right with room for improvement in areas. It lays a promising foundation for the future as EA’s premier mobile soccer series in a post-FIFA world.


I give EA Sports FC Mobile a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

  • EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile marks a new era for The World’s Game! Embrace the future of soccer as you dive into a revamped experience featuring updated visuals and audio, and an updated player roster of 15,000+ fully licensed players, +650 teams, and over 30 leagues. Customize your team's appearance in the Locker Room, enjoy exciting new Gameplay features, and immerse yourself in the new UEFA Champions League Tournament mode against fully authentic teams.
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