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Fate/Grand Order (English)
App Name Fate/Grand Order (English)
Latest Version v.2.54.0
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Publisher Aniplex Inc.
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
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4.3 Rating (3) Votes

4.3 Rating (3 Votes )
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This is a story about taking back our future! Who's ready for Fate/Grand Order?!

FGO JP APK 2.54.0 MOD (Unlimited Quartz English)


Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a popular Japanese role-playing mobile game developed by Delightworks and published by Aniplex. It was first released in Japan in 2015 and later launched globally in 2017. The game is based on Type-Moon’s Fate franchise and features a turn-based combat system where players summon and command powerful Heroic Spirits from history and mythology.

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FGO features a simple but strategic turn-based combat system. In battles, players assemble a party of up to 6 servants split into frontline and backline teams. The frontline servants fight enemies directly while backline members provide support. Each turn, players select 3 of 5 random command cards to determine their servant’s actions. The cards are split into Quick, Arts, and Buster types which build NP gauges, generate critical stars, and deal extra damage respectively. Servants also have unique Noble Phantasms which are powerful skills unlocked by filling their NP gauge.

Despite the basic mechanics, FGO’s gameplay has surprising depth. Team composition is crucial as servants have different classes like Saber, Archer and Lancer with a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Understanding class advantages is key to success. Crafting optimal teams from your roster of servants and maximizing their capabilities through FGO’s progression systems like leveling, skill upgrades, and ascension is engaging for players.

Outside of combat, gameplay revolves around navigating story chapters presented as visual novel scenes. Dialogue choices are minimal but help provide some roleplaying flair. Between story segments, players can grind dailies for materials to strengthen their servants. Events featuring special quests, servants, and rewards also occur regularly.

While generally fun, FGO’s gameplay has some criticisms. The lack of auto mode requires repetitive manual grinding. Slower battle animations and long load times hamper pace of play. Gacha rates for top rarity servants are low. Still, FGO’s distinctive turn-based combat and team building depth makes for addictive gameplay..



FGO features an expansive original story spanning multiple chapters. It begins with the protagonist joining Chaldea, an organization tasked with preserving humanity’s future. After a sabotage endangers mankind, you travel through seven Singularities – anomalies in history caused by the disruption of leylines. In each Singularity, you must resolve a crisis by joining forces with and battling legendary heroes and villains from different eras.

The overarching premise is grandiose but executed unevenly. Earlier chapters have weaker writing and more formulaic plots. But the storytelling steadily improves, culminating in phenomenal later chapters like Camelot and Babylonia with emotional impact and imaginative worldbuilding. FGO’s story separates itself from typical mobile RPG narratives with its length, quality, and connections to real-world history and myths.

A huge cast of over 300 unique servant characters is another highlight. Their colorful personalities and relationships with the protagonist bring life to the story. Events and character specific quests provide additional backstories for servants. FGO’s excellent writing and characterization, especially in later chapters, is integral to its popularity.



Visually, FGO utilizes a mix of high quality 2D sprite art and animations layered over 3D environments. The servant and enemy designs are vibrant and detailed, accurately capturing the personalities of historical and mythological figures. Battle animations are fluid and flashy, though speed settings are required to reduce lengthy attack sequences.

Noble Phantasms provide stunning visual spectacles as servants unleash their ultimate powers. Special attack animations for higher rarity servants are particularly impressive and elaborate. The visual presentation enriches the gameplay experience.

Story sections contain static character art, but they are beautifully illustrated by prominent artists. Limited animation and visual effects help spice up story scenes. While not as complex as console or PC games, FGO’s graphics are excellent for a mobile game and contribute greatly to its polished aesthetic.



FGO’s audio complements its visuals with quality music and voice acting. The soundtrack encompasses orchestral scores, electronica, and rock music befitting Fate’s unique tone. Sound effects like servant attack cries and Noble Phantasm chants bring battles to life.

Major story scenes are fully voiced by popular Japanese voice actors. From serious speeches to comedic banter, the voice work significantly enhances story immersion. Many servants even have alternate voice lines unlocked at later ascensions. FGO contains hours of voiced story content rare for mobile RPGs.

The only detraction are sound mixing issues causing inconsistent volume levels between sound effects, music, and voices. But overall, FGO’s audio elements are fantastic and integral to fully enjoying the game’s story and gameplay.



A key strength of FGO is its frequent version updates bringing new content and improvements. Major story chapter releases continue the main story every few months. Events happen nearly weekly featuring original story quests and special servants to obtain. These provide steady content for players to enjoy.

FGO also continually adds quality of life changes like animation speedups, UI upgrades, and skill revamps. NA server updates lag behind JP but eventually receive the same enhancements. The developers actively listen to player feedback to improve game balance and expand features.

However, FGO’s update schedule prioritizes new content over revamping existing servants. Many older servants have outdated animations and skills compared to newer additions. Lack of auto mode or gameplay speedups remain persistent issues. Still, regular updates keep the game feeling fresh.



FGO JP offers an immensely enjoyable experience combining strategic gameplay, an immersive story, beautiful graphics, stellar audio, and regular content updates. It stands out as a top-tier mobile RPG through the quality and quantity of its content.

However, the dated gameplay systems, grindy progression, and stingy gacha hold it back from achieving true excellence. But for Fate fans or any players seeking an engrossing mobile game, FGO JP remains a must-play that lives up to its reputation. Despite flaws, its phenomenal production values and charm make playing through its full story an unforgettable journey.


Gameplay – 8/10
Strategic, team-oriented combat with progression depth but dated systems.

Story – 9/10
Massive high quality story surpassing mobile RPG standards.

Graphics – 9/10
Gorgeous 2D art and animations with high production values.

Sound – 10/10 Memorable soundtrack and extensive voiced story content.

Updates – 8/10 Frequent new content but older servant neglect.

Overall – 9/10 An incredible mobile RPG experience despite some flaws.

  • [ver.2.54.0] Update Contents Thank you for playing Fate/Grand Order. Here's a list of changes going into this update. - Start of Limited Time Event "Showa Kishin Project: GUDAGUDA Ryouma's Narrow Escape! The Mystery of the Disappearing Nobbu Head" - Various Bug Fixes Thank you for your continuous support of Fate/Grand Order.
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