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FaceLab MOD 4.0.1 APK (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark)

FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap
App Name FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap
Latest Version v.4.0.1
Last Updated
Publisher Lyrebird Studio
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Photography Photography
Size 34 MB
Mods Pro Unlocked/No Watermark
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4.3 Rating (269) Votes

4.3 Rating (269 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Face editor, face changer, see your future self joy, bald filter older face app!
    • Pro Unlocked

FaceLab MOD 4.0.1 APK (Pro Unlocked, No Watermark)

Overview of FaceLab

FaceLab is a popular photo and video editing app that allows users to edit their selfies and portraits using powerful AI-based tools. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, FaceLab is one of the top choices for editing facial features and applying fun effects to pictures.

The app offers advanced editing features powered by artificial intelligence to detect facial features and accurately edit them. Some of the key capabilities of FaceLab include:

  • Smoothing skin and removing blemishes
  • Reshaping and slimming face
  • Whitening teeth
  • Changing hair color
  • Applying makeup virtually
  • Editing facial features like eyes, nose, mouth
  • Swapping gender in photos
  • Aging and face morphing filters
  • Cartoonizing portraits

FaceLab makes editing facial photos easy and fun with its intuitive interface. The app automatically detects faces in pictures and lets you simply tap on the tools and effects you want to apply. With a comprehensive set of editing options, FaceLab enables users to get creative and makeover their portraits with ease.


Key Features of FaceLab

Here are some of the standout features and capabilities of the FaceLab app:

Powerful AI-Based Photo Editing

The app uses advanced artificial intelligence to precisely identify facial features like skin, eyes, mouth, etc. in portraits. This allows the editing tools to be extremely accurate in applying changes and effects. The AI helps make subtle enhancements to facial features to look realistic and natural.

Skin Smoothing and Blemish Removal

With FaceLab, users can easily even out skin tone, texture, reduce wrinkles, smooth over acne/scars, remove shine, and add glow to the face. The skin editing tools are effective in clearing up complexion and concealing flaws.

Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening tool can add a bright white sparkle to your smile in just a few taps. This works well to remove stains and discoloration.

Face Reshaping and Slimming

FaceLab lets you sculpt your facial structure using tools like cheekbone enhancement, jaw slimming, chin editing and more. You can shape your face to look thinner or well-defined.

Makeup Tools

The app offers makeup filters to virtually try on lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and other products. You can see how you would look with different makeup styles.

Hairstyling Filters

With FaceLab you can instantly change your hair color to popular shades like blonde, brown, black, red, etc. It also has tools to try different haircuts and hair lengths.

Gender Swapping

The gender swap filter lets you transform into the opposite gender in a fun way. The results are realistic and can be shared for laughs with friends.

Aging and Face Morphing

Make yourself look older or younger using the age progression tool. FaceLab also has artistic filters like zombie, painting, cartoon that morph faces in interesting ways.

Photo Enhancement

You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and apply filters to enhance the overall quality of portraits. Vignette, blur, lighting effects can also be added.

Collages and Stickers

FaceLab offers templates and layouts to create photo grids and collages. Stickers like glasses, hats, jewelry can be overlaid onto photos as well.


Ease of Use

The app has a user-friendly design that makes photo editing simple even for beginners.

  • The automatic face detection allows you to directly start editing without manually marking areas.
  • Tools are easy to apply with just taps and sliders to adjust intensity.
  • Edits can be previewed in real-time before applying changes.
  • Undo quickly reverts unwanted edits.
  • Saved photos can be accessed in-app for quick touch-ups later.
  • Sharing edited photos to social platforms is straightforward.

The streamlined workflow enables fast editing and experimentation with different effects. Overall, FaceLab offers powerful editing capabilities through an intuitive interface.

Quality of Edits

FaceLab uses advanced AI technology to accurately identify facial components and apply targeted changes. The editing is natural looking and retains facial textures well. Skin smoothing gives a soft glow without losing definition. Teeth whitening brightens smiles realistically. Makeup filters look subtly flattering. Hairstyle and color changes integrate seamlessly.

Even extreme edits like gender swaps, zombie filters, and aging are high quality. The app avoids an artificial appearance. Photos maintain good detail despite edits. Output quality is optimized for sharing on social media and prints.

Some user reviews have complained about skin smoothing being too aggressive and losing facial detail. But parameters can be adjusted to control the intensity of this effect. Overall, FaceLab delivers professional quality edits without needing expert skills.


Ease of Sharing Edited Photos

The app allows saving edited photos directly to the camera roll. The saved images can then be easily shared through other apps.

FaceLab also has built-in sharing options to popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter. Photos can be directly posted to social media from within the app.

Email and messaging apps are also supported for sharing edited photos. FaceLab makes it simple to save and distribute your amazing makeovers.

Available Subscription Plans

FaceLab offers weekly, monthly, 6-monthly and yearly subscription options along with a one-time purchase lifetime plan.

  • Weekly – $4.99 per week
  • Monthly – $7.99 per month
  • 6 months – $35.99
  • Annual – $69.99 per year
  • Lifetime – $99.99 one-time purchase

The free version of the app provides access to some basic editing tools. Premium plans unlock advanced features like makeup, hairstyles, artistic filters etc. Subscriptions auto-renew by default unless canceled manually.

Compared to competing apps, FaceLab provides good value for money given the diverse editing capabilities. For casual users the free version may suffice, but beauty bloggers and online creators can benefit from premium features.


Advertising in FaceLab

The free version of the app contains ads in the form of full screen interstitials and banner ads. These ads are served between editing photos.

No ads are shown during the actual photo editing process for uninterrupted usage. But ads can be intrusive and annoying for free users.

Premium subscribers do not see any ads in the app. Paid plans offer an ad-free experience for unhindered editing. There are also no watermarks added on saved photos for subscribers.

Many users complain about repetitive, clickbaity ads even with premium plans. But the developer has clarified that ads are only for non-paying users.

User Reviews and Ratings

On the Google Play Store, FaceLab has an overall rating of 4.3 based on over 44,000 user reviews. Here’s a quick breakdown of the positive and negative feedback:

Positive Reviews

  • Easy and fun way to edit portraits
  • Powerful tools for complete makeovers
  • Natural looking edits and filters
  • Great for creating funny shareable photos
  • Good value for money with premium plan
  • Helpful for beauty and makeup content creation

Negative Reviews

  • Too many ads in free version
  • Some tools like teeth whitening don’t work well
  • Heavy skin smoothing without adjustments
  • Crashes on some older Android models
  • Unintuitive interface has learning curve
  • Billing practices for subscriptions criticized

Looking at various user reviews and ratings, FaceLab generally provides a positive experience for selfie editing. The AI capabilities and diverse filters are appreciated. But improvements in ad frequency, stability, billing transparency and user control over editing can further enhance user satisfaction.


Comparison With Similar Apps

Here’s how FaceLab compares with some other popular photo editing apps:

FaceTune: FaceTune focuses more on precision editing of facial details like eyes, nose, lips etc. FaceLab has more filters and effects for complete makeovers.

BeautyPlus: BeautyPlus offers better lighting effects and color correction capabilities. But FaceLab has more powerful AI-based editing tools.

YouCam Perfect: YouCam Perfect provides more control over edit intensity. FaceLab focuses more on ease of use with automatic editing.

Candy Camera: Candy Camera has more filters but lower quality edits compared to FaceLab. FaceLab delivers more realistic and natural edits.

Meitu: Meitu offers more makeup simulation filters while FaceLab has better facial reshaping and morphing effects.

Overall, FaceLab delivers the best balance of AI-based editing, ease of use and diverse effects for selfie makeovers. The app compares favorably to alternatives in terms of features and quality of edits.



FaceLab is one of the most comprehensive apps for editing facial photos with powerful AI tools. It makes enhancing selfies and portraits easy and fun with just taps to apply effects like smoothing skin, reshaping face, applying makeup and more.

The app’s automatic face detection, user-friendly interface and high quality edits make it accessible even for beginners. With a large collection of artistic filters, FaceLab enables creating funny shareable photos.

While the free version is ad-supported, premium plans provide good value with an ad-free experience and advanced capabilities. Overall, FaceLab delivers a robust set of photo editing and enhancement tools through a straightforward interface.

For social media influencers, beauty bloggers, online creators and casual users alike, FaceLab is a great choice for taking selfies and portraits to the next level!

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