ToolsExpressVPN Mod Apk 11.12.1 (Ad-free)

ExpressVPN Mod Apk 11.12.1 (Ad-free)

ExpressVPN Mod Apk 11.12.1 (Ad-free)
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3.5 Rating (126 Votes )
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ExpressVPN Mod Apk 11.12.1 (Ad-free)

APP INFO: ExpressVPN Mod Apk
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Version 11.12.1
Requires Android 5.0
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ExpressVPN Mod Apk Free Download

ExpressVPN Mod Apk is an award-winning virtual private network (VPN) service that allows users to anonymously and securely access websites, streaming services, apps, and more. ExpressVPN offers a reliable connection with blazing speeds, so you can stream content without buffering or wait times. The app also includes military-grade encryption standards for data privacy protection while online on public networks like WiFi hotspots on college campuses or at the airport. With over 3200 servers across 94 countries worldwide – including US VPN locations–you’ll always be connected to the internet no matter where you are! Plus, if there ever comes a time when one server isn’t working, their 24/7 customer support team will help resolve any issues quickly – allowing you uninterrupted browsing experiences every day!


Virtual private networks (VPNs) can be highly beneficial for various reasons. They provide an extra layer of security by encrypting your data and making it difficult for malicious actors to access it, allowing you greater peace of mind when browsing in public places such as cafes or airports. VPN services also allow users to access geo-restricted content from anywhere worldwide – beneficial if one travels frequently! Lastly, many streaming platforms use IP address tracking methods. A reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN will help block those trackers and give you increased privacy while streaming movies/TV shows on different sites during vacation time away from home.

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ExpressVPN Mod Apk


ExpressVPN is designed to be easy to use. Download the app and click on one of their secure server locations, and you’re good to go! Whether it’s watching movies in another country or bypassing censorship laws, whatever you need – ExpressVPN has covered you. With over 94 countries available for access – nothing is stopping you from accessing a variety of websites worldwide with just a single tap!


Another great feature of ExpressVPN is that they offer a built-in profile editor. This allows you to customize your online experience by blocking ads and trackers, hiding IP addresses, or disabling cookies – all at the click of a button! So if privacy and security are essential, this app can help protect your data while still allowing access to whatever content you need – even abroad.


ExpressVPN also offers a range of features for those who need fast and reliable internet access. They provide unlimited bandwidth and no-limit streaming & downloading speeds – making them perfect for gamers or anyone needing quick connections to websites worldwide! Plus, with their ‘Network Lock’ feature, you can ensure your data is always protected even when there are connection issues – so that nothing will slow down your online experience.


ExpressVPN also works on various devices and operating systems, so you can use it to protect your data on laptops, tablets, smartphones & more. And with the ExpressVPN browser extension – available for Chrome and Firefox – you can browse securely from any web page in just one click! So whether you’re an Apple user or prefer Android OS, this app is guaranteed to provide excellent encryption standards no matter what device type/OS version combination is being used.


ExpressVPN offers some great features to help keep your data safe and secure. With military-grade encryption standards in place and their ‘Network Lock’ feature, you won’t have to worry about cyber criminals or government agencies snooping on your activity while online! And if anything ever did go wrong, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, users never feel stuck paying for something they don’t need/want!

ExpressVPN Mod Apk


• Access to 3200+ servers in 94 countries with unlimited bandwidth and no speed limits.

• Military-grade encryption standards keep your data safe from online threats.

• The ExpressVPN app is compatible across different versions of the Android OS – ensuring protection on all devices!

• A kill switch feature cuts off internet access if you ever lose connection, so there’s never any risk of exposure or data theft while browsing public networks like WiFi hotspots at airports/hotels.

Plus, they also offer 24/7 customer support & 30-day money-back guarantees – meaning even first-time VPN users can feel confident about using their service without worry!

What is ExpressVPN Mod Apk?

ExpressVPN Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular ExpressVPN app. It provides users with access to enhanced features such as faster speeds, more secure connections, and better performance overall. The mod apk also allows you to use different country servers so that you can bypass geo-restrictions online while maintaining your privacy and security at all times.

Features of ExpressVPN Mod Apk

Unlimited access to VPN servers worldwide:

Enjoy unrestricted access to the ExpressVPN server network without speed or bandwidth restrictions.

Ad-free browsing experience:

Enjoy a completely ad-free experience with ExpressVPN.

Fast and secure connection:

Enjoy the fastest and most secure connection possible with ExpressVPN’s military-grade encryption.

No bandwidth limitations:

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth to stream and download as much as you want.

Unlimited device connections:

Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously with a single ExpressVPN account.

24/7 customer support:

Get help from friendly, helpful expert representatives anytime, day or night, via chat or email.

Secure data with a no-logs policy:

ExpressVPN has a strict no-logging policy, meaning your online activities and history remain private.

Automatic kill switch:

The ExpressVPN kill switch will automatically cut off your internet connection if it detects a breach in security so you can stay secure at all times.

ExpressVPN Mod Apk

How to download and install ExpressVPN Mod Apk

1. Visit Hackdl, com to download and install ExpressVPN on your device

2. Once installed, sign up for an account with ExpressVPN using either a valid email address or by connecting with Facebook/Google+ accounts

3. Now open the app and select ‘Sign In’ from the main menu

4. Enter your details, then tap ‘Continue.’

5 . Choose one of their secure server locations from around 94 countries worldwide – including US VPN locations -then click connect!

6 Finally, enjoy fast & reliable browsing experience all day, every day, without any data loss threats or extra ads!

How to use Step-by-step ExpressVPN Mod Apk

1. Download and install ExpressVPN on your device

2. Open the app & select ‘Sign In’ from the main menu

3 . Enter your credentials, then tap ‘Continue.’

4 . Choose one of their secure server locations – including US VPN locations -then click connect!

5 Now, you can enjoy fast, reliable browsing experiences with unlimited bandwidth/no speed limits!

6 To customize settings like blocking ads or trackers, go to Settings > Advanced Options to edit profiles as needed.

7 Finally, you can rest assured knowing your data is protected with military-grade encryption standards – so no matter what network or device is being used, ExpressVPN has got you covered!

ExpressVPN Mod Apk


ExpressVPN Mod Apk is an excellent option for anyone looking to increase their online security and privacy. With military-grade encryption standards, unlimited bandwidth & no speed limits, it’s perfect for streaming services or accessing geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world! Plus, with a built-in profile editor, you can customize your browsing experience and block ads/trackers as needed, providing further peace of mind when using public networks like WiFi hotspots at airports. Download ExpressVPN Mod Apk today and start protecting yourself on any device!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the difference between the original and the modded version?

The original version of ExpressVPN is the official software offered on The modded version, sometimes called a “cracked” or “hacked” app, has been modified by third-party sources and may include additional features unavailable in the original release. It is important to note that these apps can be maliciously configured with hidden malware/viruses, which could cause damage if installed onto your device!

No – it is not legal to use a modded version of ExpressVPN as the app has been modified by third-party sources and may include additional features unavailable on the official release.

Q: Is it safe to use ExpressVPN Mod Apk?

No – using a modded version of ExpressVPN can be incredibly dangerous as it may contain hidden malware/viruses that could damage your device. Therefore, we recommend only downloading and installing the official release from either for maximum security.

Q: How do I update the app?

To update ExpressVPN, go to and search for “ExpressVPN,” then click on the latest version. Alternatively, you can also use their built-in auto-update feature to ensure that your app is constantly running with up-to-date security patches/updates!

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