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ES File Explorer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

ES File Explorer
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4.5 Rating (886) Votes

4.5 Rating (886 Votes )
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Full-featured file manager!

ES File Explorer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

EX File Manager is a free file management app for Android devices that allows users to efficiently manage their files, folders, apps, and storage. With over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, it is one of the most popular file explorer apps available. MOD APK

EX File Manager MOD APK

Overview and Key Features

EX File Manager aims to provide Android users with an all-in-one tool to explore, manage, and utilize their device storage and files.

Some of the key features of EX File Manager include:

  • File Management – Basic file management functions like copy, move, delete, rename, create new folders, etc. Supports multiple selection and bulk actions.
  • Storage Analysis – Provides analysis of storage usage, large files, recent files, file categories, etc. Helps identify areas to free up space.
  • App Management – Uninstall, backup, create shortcuts, and categorize apps.
  • Cloud Drive Access – Browse and manage files on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
  • Network File Access – Connect to remote FTP, SFTP, WebDAV servers as well as Windows shares (SMB).
  • Search – Quickly find files based on name, date, size, etc.
  • Compress & Decompress – Create and extract ZIP, RAR archives. View APK files as ZIP.
  • Media Playback – Built-in audio and video players.
  • File Encryption – Password protect and encrypt your private files.
  • File Transfer – Share files via Bluetooth, email, WiFi Direct, etc.
  • Dark Theme – Switch to a dark theme for comfortable night viewing.
  • No Ads – No annoying ads.

EX File Manager MOD APK

Interface and Usage

User Interface

EX File Manager sports a clean, minimalist user interface optimized for ease of use.

The main screen displays a list of folders and storage locations. Tapping on any folder opens its contents in a new tab. Multiple tabs can be opened to easily manage or transfer files between various locations.

The toolbar at the top provides quick access to key functions like search, new folder, storage analysis, settings, etc. Users can customize which actions appear in the toolbar for quick access.

Files and folders are displayed in a grid layout by default, with thumbnails for images and videos. List layout is also available. Pinch to zoom can be used to resize thumbnails.

Dark and light themes are available to suit user preference. The dark theme is easier on the eyes in low light conditions.

Overall, the interface provides intuitive navigation and management of files and folders. Key options are easily accessible without cluttering the screen.

Ease of Use

EX File Manager is designed to make file management as easy as possible on Android.

Some ways it improves usability:

  • Tabbed Browsing – Open multiple locations and easily drag-drop files between tabs.
  • Dual Pane Mode – View two folders side-by-side to copy files.
  • Swipe Gestures – Swipe left/right to quickly switch tabs. Swipe files for actions.
  • Drag & Drop – Long press and drag-drop to move files.
  • Context Menu – Long tap any file or folder for context menu with actions.
  • Search – Quickly search files by name, date, size, etc.
  • Bookmarks – Bookmark frequently accessed folders for quick access.
  • Queue Files – Queue multiple files for zipping, sharing, deletion etc.
  • Customizable Toolbar – Add desired actions to the toolbar for 1-tap access.
  • Root Access – Enable root explorer for advanced users.

These features combined with the clean UI help both novice and expert users manage their files with minimum taps and clicks.

EX File Manager MOD APK

Key Features and Tools

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the standout features of EX File Manager.

File Management

The core file management features allow users to efficiently organize, manipulate, and utilize their files and folders.

Actions like copy, move, delete, rename, create new folder, etc. can be performed on single or multiple selected files. Bulk selection makes it easy to perform management tasks on many files or entire folders in one go.

Advanced users can enable the root file explorer to access and edit system files usually hidden from regular users. This allows tweaking app permissions, system settings, etc.

Additional file management features include:

  • Recycle bin – Restore accidentally deleted files
  • Hide files and folders – Keep your private files hidden
  • Bookmarks – Quick access for frequently used folders
  • Queue files – Select multiple files before acting
  • Thumbnails – Image and video previews
  • Context menu – Right click actions on files
  • Archives – Create and extract ZIP, RAR files
  • Encryption – Password protect sensitive files

These powerful features make EX File Manager a full-fledged file management solution for any Android user.

Storage Analysis

The storage analysis tool provides detailed insights into memory usage to easily identify areas occupying large chunks of device storage.

The analysis categorizes files and folders, highlights large unused files, detects duplicate files, reveals usage by file types, and identifies files consuming storage.

This allows quickly freeing up storage by deleting unused apps and media, clearing caches, removing duplicates, or offloading files to cloud or external storage.

Advanced users can drill down into specific folders to analyze storage usage granularly.

App Management

EX File Manager makes app management straightforward with options to:

  • Uninstall apps – Remove unwanted apps freeing up space.
  • Backup apps – Preserve app data before uninstalling.
  • Create shortcuts – Add shortcuts to home screen for quick launch.
  • Hide apps – Remove clutter by hiding rarely used apps.
  • Categorize apps – Group apps into custom categories.
  • App info – View version, data usage, permissions etc.

These features help keep apps organized and manage the app ecosystem on your device.

Cloud and Network Access

One of EX File Manager’s key strengths is its ability to connect to local and remote storage beyond the device’s internal storage.

Cloud drives – Manage files stored on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box without downloading them.

LAN devices – Access files on PCs and devices on the same WiFi network.

FTP servers – Connect to FTP servers to directly access files.

WebDAV – Access files on WebDAV servers.

DLNA – Stream media to DLNA compliant TVs and media players.

These capabilities transform EX File Manager into a central hub to access, manage and share files irrespective of their location – locally on device or network or remotely in the cloud.

Media and Document Viewer

EX File Manager includes built-in media players and document viewers so you can directly open and view files without needing another app.

  • Audio player – Play music files like MP3.
  • Video player – Watch videos in various formats.
  • Image viewer – View photos and images.
  • Document viewer – Open PDFs, Word docs, text files, etc.

The media players include handy options like playlist management, equalizers, background play, pop out into floating window, and more.

Transferring Files

Sharing and transferring files between devices and people is simple with EX File Manager.

  • Share via apps – Share files via email, messaging, social apps, etc.
  • Send files – Transfer files to nearby devices via WiFi Direct.
  • Bluetooth transfer – Send files to Bluetooth devices.
  • FTP servers – Turn device into wireless FTP server.
  • Web sharing – Generate URL to share files over internet.

These choices make it easy to wirelessly transfer files without cables. Paired with network and cloud access, you can manage files seamlessly across all your devices.

Compression and Encryption

EX File Manager lets you compress files to save space and encrypt files to protect sensitive data.

  • Archives – Create and extract ZIP or RAR archives.
  • Encryption – Set password to encrypt files and folders.
  • Decryption – Decrypt encrypted files with password.
  • APK to ZIP – View APK files as ZIP archives.

Compression allows bundling multiple files into smaller archives for easy sharing and storage optimization.

Encryption lets you password protect private files like documents, media, app data etc. to prevent unauthorized access in case your device is lost or stolen.

EX File Manager MOD APK


With fairly modern hardware, EX File Manager offers smooth performance for daily file management needs.

Copying, moving files and folders is quick even for large amounts of data. Network transfers are speedy given a good connection.

The interface remains responsive when loading folders containing thousands of files. Searching through extensive media libraries or storage is fast.

Decompressing large archives does slow things down but works reliably in the background. Transferring GBs of data over the local network understandably takes time depending on router capabilities.

Overall, EX File Manager delivers solid performance for all key use cases like local file management, network transfers, cloud access, compression, etc. Only extremely large operations exhibit slowdowns which is expected.

The performance is consistently smooth across budget, mid-range and flagship Android devices. Efficient coding keeps the app light on system resources.


File managers handle sensitive documents and media so security is an important consideration while choosing one.

On the security front, EX File Manager provides:

  • No ads or trackers – It is completely ad-free.
  • No unnecessary permissions – Only requests storage access permission required for its job.
  • Active development – Regular updates for bug fixes and features.
  • Encryption support – Password protect sensitive files.
  • Open source libraries – Leverages trusted open source libraries like Apache Commons.
  • Data safety – Does not upload or share user data with servers.

However, there are some aspects to note:

  • Not open source – Source code is not publicly audited.
  • No backups – No cloud backups or local backups of app data.
  • Root explorer – Can be risky if misused by malicious apps on rooted devices.

Overall, EX File Manager appears to handle user data securely. But caution must be exercised when enabling root explorer on rooted devices.

For improved security, users can disable root explorer, avoid connecting to public FTP servers, and enable app encryption.

EX File Manager MOD APK

Pricing and Value

EX File Manager is available for free on the Google Play Store with an optional in-app purchase.

The free version contains ads displayed as banners in the app. These are unintrusive but the paid upgrade removes ads for an uninterrupted experience.

A one-time in-app purchase of $4.99 upgrades to the premium version.

Considering the utility it provides, EX File Manager offers excellent value:

  • Full-featured file manager – Comprehensive tools for local, network and cloud files.
  • Ad-free experience – Paid version removes ads for $4.99 one time.
  • No subscription – Pay once, use forever.
  • Highly rated – 4+ star rating on the Play Store from over 500,000 users.
  • Continued development – Regular updates with new features.

For less than the price of a coffee, you get one of the most robust file managers on Android with a polished ad-free interface.

The premium upgrade is certainly recommended for frequent users who want to maximize productivity. But the free version works great too for casual usage.

Pros and Cons


  • Full-fledged file manager for local, network and cloud storage
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Packed with features – search, archives, encryption, etc.
  • Solid performance across file management operations
  • Ad-free paid version with one time charge
  • Regular app updates and support


  • No open source code for transparency
  • Lacks automatic backups of app data
  • Root explorer can be risky on rooted devices
  • Free version contains ads

EX File Manager MOD APK


EX File Manager is a highly capable file management app for Android that covers the complete spectrum – local files, network files, cloud files and more.

An intuitive interface coupled with powerful features makes it easy for novices and experts alike to handle all their file management needs efficiently.

It delivers rock solid performance when it comes to daily tasks like transferring, deleting, compressing and organizing files and folders. Support for accessing networked and cloud storage expands its capabilities beyond the local device.

While not open source, the app does not appear to overstep with user data collection or advertising. The paid upgrade delivers an ad-free interface and full set of features for a reasonable one time charge.

Overall, EX File Manager proves itself as one of the most versatile file managers on Android with an impressive set of capabilities. For anyone looking to take control of their device’s storage and files, it comes highly recommended.

  • 1. Fix Bugs 2. Remove some ads
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