StrategyEra of Magic Wars MOD APK 1.5.01 (Unlimited Money)

Era of Magic Wars MOD APK 1.5.01 (Unlimited Money)

Era of Magic Wars MOD APK 1.5.01 (Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (606) Votes

4.5 Rating (606 Votes )
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Era of Magic Wars MOD APK 1.5.01 (Unlimited Money)

Era of Magic Wars is an epic turn-based strategy game that brings the world of medieval fantasy warfare to life on mobile devices. This full review will dive deep into all aspects of the game including gameplay, heroes, units, customization, game modes, graphics, and the benefits of the MOD APK.


Era of Magic Wars drops players into a sprawling kingdom filled with magic and mythical creatures. You take on the role of a battle commander, recruiting legendary heroes and training elite troops to fight in turn-based battles. The objective is to defeat menacing enemies and win the war for your kingdom’s survival. With its blend of RPG and strategy, Era of Magic Wars offers an immersive and addictive gameplay experience. The MOD APK takes it to the next level by providing unlimited money and resources for free.



The core gameplay revolves around turn-based combat on hexagonal grids. As a commander, you will need to:

  • Recruit heroes and units into your army
  • Manage your squad composition and formations
  • Make strategic moves to outsmart the enemy
  • Cast spells and use special skills for advantage

Turn-Based Combat

The turn-based battles take place on tiled grids. Your heroes and units take turns to move, attack, or use abilities.

  • Carefully position your squad to gain a tactical edge.
  • Exploit weaknesses in the enemy formation and roles.
  • Charge up powerful spells and special moves for impactful attacks.

There is deep strategy involved in optimizing each turn for maximum effectiveness. You have to consider range, area of effect, cooldowns, mana costs etc.

Squad Composition

Assembling the right squad composition is key to winning battles. Some factors to consider:

  • Faction synergy – Bonuses for using heroes from the same faction
  • Role balance – Having tank, damage dealer, support etc.
  • Unit strengths – Use creatures with advantages against certain enemies
  • Combos – Spells that combo with other unit abilities

You need to find the best squad balance through experimentation.


Heroes are powerful characters that lead your army into battle. There are 50+ heroes divided into factions like Knights, Mages, Undead, Elves etc.

Hero Types

  • Warriors – Frontline tanks and bruiser fighters
  • Marksmen – Ranged physical damage dealers
  • Mages – AoE damage and healing casters
  • Assassins – Single target nukers and disablers
  • Support – Buffers, debuffers, summoners

Each hero has a rich backstory and unique skills. Level them up to unlock their full potential.


Gear and Evolution

Equip heroes with weapons, armor, and accessories. Upgrade gear to increase stats. Evolve heroes using ascension stones to unlock new abilities and a higher rarity tier.

Hero Synergies

The key is using hero combinations that complement each other. Some examples:

  • Chain crowd control – Stun into freeze into petrify
  • Damage combos – Defense reduction into nuke
  • Wombo Combos – AoE disable into AoE nuke

Understanding these synergies will give you the edge in battle.


In addition to heroes, you can recruit elite units that have their own set of abilities.

Unit Types

Units are based on medieval fantasy archetypes like:

  • Knights – Heavily armored cavalry
  • Archers – Long ranged bowmen
  • Artillery – Siege weapons like catapults
  • Beasts – Mythical creatures
  • Undead – Skeletons and zombies
  • Spirits – Ethereal entities

There are over 50 units to mix and match into your squad.

Unit Abilities

Each unit type has a unique skillset:

  • Charge – Rush and damage enemies
  • Volley – Ranged area attacks
  • Heal – Restore ally HP
  • Taunt – Force enemies to attack them
  • Invisibility – Become untargetable
  • Teleport – Instantly change position

Use these skills to create deadly unit combos.



You can customize the looks and stats of your heroes and units in multiple ways.

Gear and Artifacts

Equip gear like swords, shields and armor. Attach artifacts for bonus attributes and effects. Higher tier gear provides bigger boosts.


Spend resources to train units. Training increases stats like HP, attack, defense etc.


Evolve units to the next star grade for a major stat boost. This helps tackle end game content.

Limit Breaking

Limit break units using duplicate copies to increase their maximum level cap. This further powers them up.

Game Modes

Era of Magic Wars offers diverse game modes to test your skills.


The story-driven campaign has over 100 levels across multiple worlds. Defeat epic bosses guarding each world.

Infinite Tower

A gauntlet style mode with escalating difficulty. See how high you can climb for glory.


PvP battles against other players’ squads. Earn trophies and climb the competitive ladder.

Guild Wars

Cooperative battles alongside guild members against mighty raid bosses. Requires teamwork.


Special limited time events open to all servers. Race to top the global leaderboards.

Graphics and Visuals

Despite being a mobile game, Era of Magic Wars delivers console-quality visuals.

Detailed Models

Heroes and units are crafted with meticulous detail. You can admire the intricate weapons and armor.

Effects and Animations

Abilities are brought to life with brilliant VFX. Environments are destructible during battles.


Change hero outfits, gear appearance, skills effects etc. for your own personalized look.


Key story moments play out through dramatic cutscenes with full voice acting.


Battle across picturesque environments like medieval cities, dark forests, snowy peaks and more. The game really shines on high end devices with all graphics maxed out for an eye candy experience.


Era of Magic Wars MOD APK Benefits

The modded APK unlocks unlimited money and all heroes for free. This offers some major benefits:

Unlimited Shopping

Buy any item, upgrade or cosmetic without worrying about costs. You can max out everything.

100% Collection

Obtain every hero in the game instantly without gacha. Create your dream team.

Max Rank Ups

Rank up heroes, gear, units to maximum rank without farming. Achieve top power fast.

Customization Unlocked

All cosmetics and skins are available for free. Customize to your heart’s content.

No Grinding

You can avoid the grind and focus purely on battle strategy and team building.

Try New Comps

Experiment freely with different hero and unit combinations. Discover powerful team comps. For fans of strategy RPGs, the modded APK is the definitive way to experience Era of Magic Wars.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to excel at the game:

  • Focus on completing daily quests to quickly amass resources.
  • Save summons for rate up events to have better luck.
  • Only invest in one damage carry hero initially.
  • Don’t spread resources thin, concentrate on your main team.
  • Manual play is better than auto mode for tricky battles.
  • Position ranged units behind tanks to protect them.
  • Time ultimates to land after disables for maximum impact.


Era of Magic Wars offers a polished and addictive strategy experience. The turn-based battles have lots of depth but avoid being overly complex. Stunning graphics, varied game modes and deep customization system add to the appeal. While the free-to-play grind may be frustrating for some, the MOD APK neatly solves that issue. It unlocks unlimited money and heroes, allowing you to focus purely on squad building and strategy. Overall, Era of Magic Wars is an easy recommendation for RPG fans looking for immersive turn-based battles in a medieval fantasy setting.

Download Guide

Follow these steps to download and install the Era of Magic Wars MOD APK:

  1. Click on the download button above to get the APK file.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources option on your Android device.
  3. Locate and install the downloaded APK file.
  4. Open the game and grant it the required permissions.
  5. Claim unlimited money rewards and unlock all heroes from menu.
  6. Build your dream team and start dominating PvP battles!

Make sure you have sufficient storage space before installing this large RPG. Also disable Play Protect if it shows warnings. Enjoy the unlimited money and hero collection with the mod for a smoother gameplay experience!

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