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Endless Quest 2 MOD 1.0.90 APK (Moeny, No Skill CD, Damage)

Endless Quest 2  Idle RPG
App Name Endless Quest 2 Idle RPG
Latest Version v.1.0.90
Last Updated
Publisher ShereGame
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
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3.9 Rating (765) Votes

3.9 Rating (765 Votes )
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Tap hero to win the Nonstop Epic Battles and Adventure of legends!

Endless Quest 2 MOD 1.0.90 APK (Moeny, No Skill CD, Damage)

Endless Quest 2 is a free-to-play idle RPG for Android that delivers a polished casual gaming experience. With its anime-inspired visuals, simple tap-based gameplay, and incremental progression, it’s easy to get hooked on the loop of constantly evolving your hero and tackling new challenges.

Endless Quest 2 MOD


Endless Quest 2 falls into the popular idle or incremental game genre, where offline progression and frequent small upgrades drive the addictive gameplay. The key aim is to assemble a team of heroes and gear to defeat enemies and complete quests to earn rewards.

The core idle RPG gameplay involves:

  • Offline progress: Your heroes continue fighting and gaining XP when the app is closed.
  • Incremental upgrades: Constantly improving your heroes, gear, pets, skills etc. through small upgrades.
  • Minimal active play: The game progresses by itself even when not actively played.
  • Strategic team building: Form the optimal party of heroes and pets to maximize progress.

With its casual gameplay and anime-inspired style, Endless Quest 2 brings a unique flair to the idle RPG genre.

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The gameplay loop

The core gameplay loop in Endless Quest 2 revolves around:

  • Assembling a party of heroes and pets to battle enemies.
  • Progressing through stages and dungeons to complete quests and defeat bosses.
  • Earning coins, gear, and upgrade materials as rewards.
  • Using rewards to incrementally upgrade your heroes, pets, skills, and gear.
  • Unlocking new heroes, areas, quests, and features as you progress.

This creates a steadily moving treadmill of progress as you repeatedly improve your party between quests to take on greater challenges.

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Idle mechanics

As an idle game, offline progression is a key part of Endless Quest 2’s appeal and longevity. When you close the app, your party continues battling enemies, gaining XP, and earning coins.

So even when not playing actively, progress continues in the background. The longer you stay offline, the more significant your offline earnings.

This incentivizes closing the app and letting the game play itself, knowing your heroes are constantly getting stronger.

Daily rewards

Along with offline progress, daily login rewards give you an extra nudge to return regularly. These can include resources, currency, temporary boosts, and more.

So you’re encouraged to at least open the app daily to collect these prizes and set your heroes off on their next automated quest.


Limited-time events add variety to the gameplay and give periodic boosts to progression. Events may feature special quests or enemies that reward event currencies to unlock exclusive heroes and gear.

By participating in events, you can progress faster than normal for their duration.

Hero Collection

Assembling and upgrading a roster of heroes is a key aspect of Endless Quest 2. Each hero has unique skills and abilities to help in battle.


Heroes come in classes like:

  • Warrior – Tanky fighters that can absorb damage.
  • Mage – Ranged magic damage dealers.
  • Rogue – Agile physical damage dealers.
  • Healer – Restore party HP and provide buffs.
  • Support – Provide party buffs.

You’ll want to maintain a balance of classes for an effective party.

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Gear and upgrades

Heroes can equip gear in slots like weapons, armor, accessories, and artifacts to boost their stats. Gear is earned through quest and dungeon rewards.

You can also spend coins to upgrade each piece of gear, increasing its stats and power. So upgrading gear is key to strengthening your heroes.


When heroes reach maximum level, you can evolve them using evolution stones. This resets them to level 1 but at 1 star, with increased stats and level cap.

You can repeat this evolution process multiple times to keep boosting your heroes’ power over the long term.


Each hero learns new skills as they level up. You can enhance these skills using coins and materials to reduce cooldown and increase damage. Maximizing key skills is vital to tackle harder quests.

Through collecting more heroes and gradually enhancing your favorites, you build an unstoppable party to progress further.

Pet System

Pets provide passive bonuses and skills to complement your team of heroes. Collecting and improving pets forms another key progression system.

Pet types

Pets come in types like:

  • Offensive pets boost your party’s damage.
  • Defensive pets improve defense and HP.
  • Support pets provide buffs and debuffs.

You’ll want a balance of pet types to boost different areas.

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Leveling up

Using coins and pet XP items, you can level up pets to increase their bonuses. Higher rarity pets can reach higher levels.


Pets can also be evolved using evolution fruit once they reach max level. This starts them over at 1 star, like heroes.

Evolving pets improves their skills and bonuses, so it’s key for progression.


Pets learn new skills as they level up. You can enhance these skills to amplify their effects using coins and materials.

Building up a diverse set of powerful pets complements your hero team and pushes you further.


Endless Quest 2 offers a lengthy progression path with a stream of incremental upgrades, new features, and areas to explore.

Main stages

The main stages are where you’ll spend most of your time, completing quests and battling through dungeons. With over 100 stages, there’s plenty of content to work through.

Daily dungeons

Rotating daily dungeons provide materials for evolving and enhancing your heroes and pets. Tackling these regularly helps progression.


Limited-time events add extra quests and dungeons to give periodic boosts through event currencies and exclusive rewards.

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is an endgame challenge, a tower with 100 levels of tough enemies and bosses. This pushes your party to its limits.

While the core gameplay stays similar, new features and challenges continue to unlock over time to keep progression rolling.

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Graphics & Visuals

Endless Quest 2 utilizes a colorful anime-inspired style for its graphics. The polished visuals give it a charming look that sets it apart from other idle RPGs.

Vibrant art

The vibrant 2D art creates an inviting fantasy world. Environments, characters, monsters, and gear all have a cute chibi-style design overflowing with color.

Animated heroes

Your party of heroes comes to life with smooth animations as they traverse across the world and battle enemies. Their abilities and spells have flashy effects.

Illustrated cutscenes

Key story moments play out through beautifully illustrated cutscenes and character art, providing a treat for the eyes.

Intuitive UI

Clean and minimal menus make navigating the various progression systems straightforward. Icons and numbers clearly indicate your current progress.

The charming visual presentation enhances the idle gameplay and brings warmth to the fantasy world.


Endless Quest 2 monetizes through optional in-app purchases to accelerate progression. While completely optional, spending provides a significant boost.

Free-to-play experience

The entire game can be enjoyed for free. Through regular offline progress and daily play, you’ll still experience steady advancement and growth.

However, without purchases, progression is considerably slower and grinding intensive. The game nudges you towards spending to skip grinds.

Premium currency

There are two premium currencies in the game:

  • Gems – The main premium currency used for the majority of purchases.
  • VIP Points – Used exclusively to upgrade your VIP level for permanent bonuses.

Both can only be acquired with real money.

Things to spend on

Key purchases include:

  • Energy refills to farm stages and dungeons more frequently.
  • Stamina to sweep stages instantly for rewards.
  • Hero summons to build your roster faster.
  • Packs that bundle resources, gear, and heroes.
  • VIP membership for bonuses and perks.

While entirely optional, spending allows rapid power spikes compared to the slow free-to-play climb.

Targeted offers

Like many gacha RPGs, you’ll receive personalized offers tailored to your playstyle and progression. The game tempts you to spend at every opportunity.

Staying competitive as a free player requires immense discipline and grinding. Spending provides a huge advantage.

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The Good

  • Satisfying idle progression: Constant incremental upgrades and offline progress create addictive gameplay.
  • Charming anime style: Vibrant graphics and cute chibi characters give the game personality.
  • Strategic team building: Customizing your hero/pet roster and skills provides depth.
  • Lengthy progression: With many areas, features, and events, there’s always something to progress towards.

The Bad

  • Aggressive monetization: Free players hit major walls and the game constantly nudges spending.
  • Repetitive gameplay: The core battle system lacks variety and gets repetitive over time.
  • Shallow social features: Co-op and PvP elements are very limited.


Endless Quest 2 excels at delivering the quick, bite-sized progression loop that makes idle RPGs so addictive. Anime fans will especially appreciate the charming graphics and characters that provide plenty of eye candy. However, the aggressive monetization and repetitive gameplay limit its long-term appeal for free players. Overall, it’s a solid casual idle RPG worth trying, but don’t expect too much depth.

Similar Games

For Android gamers who enjoy Endless Quest 2, here are some alternatives to check out:

  • AFK Arena – Top-rated idle RPG with great progression and polish.
  • Idle Heroes – Popular for its PvP and guild systems. Generous to free players.
  • Nonstop Knight 2 – Cartoony hack and slash idle RPG.
  • Tap Tap Heroes – If you enjoy the simple team building and progression.
  • Eternium – For a more traditional action RPG experience.


Endless Quest 2 is an addictive idle RPG featuring colorful anime graphics and strategic incremental team building. Key aspects include:

  • Satisfying loop of offline progress, quests, rewards and upgrades.
  • Charming chibi anime graphics and cute pets.
  • Assemble and customize a party of heroes and pets.
  • Lengthy progression through main quests, events, and endgame tower.
  • Aggressive monetization provides major shortcuts for spenders.

Overall, it delivers a solid casual idle RPG experience with plenty of charm. The repetitive gameplay and push for spending limit its appeal in the long run. But anime RPG fans will find it easy to get drawn into this incremental adventure.

Final Rating

Graphics: 4/5 Progression: 4/5 Gameplay: 3/5
Monetization: 2/5 Overall: 3.5/5

  • 1. Fix some game bug 2. Optimize the game
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