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Egg Inc Mod APK 1.29 (MOD,Unlimited golden eggs, money)

Egg, Inc.
App Name Egg, Inc.
Latest Version v.1.29
Last Updated
Publisher Auxbrain Inc
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 73.09 Mb
Mods Unlimited golden eggs, money
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (204) Votes

4.5 Rating (204 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Build an enormous egg farm!
    • Unlimited money (increase when spent)

Overview of Egg, Inc

Egg, Inc. Mod Apk is an incremental clicker game developed by Auxbrain where players build an egg farm empire. The core gameplay loop involves:

  • Hatching chickens that produce eggs
  • Earning money to upgrade your farm’s production
  • Prestiging to earn special boosts and progress faster

With its colorful 3D graphics and chill soundtrack, Egg, Inc. strikes an addictive balance between idle and active play. While easy to pick up, mastering its strategic prestige system takes time.

Egg Inc Mod APK

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Egg, Inc. features simple, yet surprisingly deep gameplay. Here’s an overview of the main mechanics:

Core Loop

The core loop involves:

  • Tapping the big red button to hatch chickens
  • Building hen houses to hold more chickens
  • Buying vehicles to ship eggs to market
  • Using earnings to research better eggs

This gradually increases your earnings per second.


When earnings slow down, you can prestige your farm to earn special Soul Eggs. These boost earnings on future farms.

The key is balancing when to prestige. Doing it too early wastes potential earnings. Too late is also inefficient.


Contracts introduce co-op and competitive multiplayer elements. Players work together towards goals for special rewards.

Spaceships and Artifacts

End-game content comes in the form of spaceships and artifacts. These provide persistent, account-wide permanent boosts.

Egg Inc Mod APK

Graphics and Visuals

Egg, Inc. stands out for its gorgeous 3D visual style. Vibrant colors and animations bring your egg farm to life.

Egg Inc Graphics

Chickens mill about happily, vehicles drive around delivering eggs, and each egg type has distinctive visual effects.

It’s optimized well too – the game runs smoothly on most devices. This adds to the premium feel.

Sound and Music

A chill, laidback soundtrack complements the colorful visuals perfectly in setting Egg, Inc.‘s peaceful mood.

Ambient tunes mixing piano, guitar, and synth tones create a smooth, atmospheric background. Sound effects like chicken clucks add character.

The audio suits the idle clicker genre nicely without getting repetitive or annoying over long play sessions.

Egg Inc Mod APK


Egg, Inc. uses an ethical freemium model. The full game is playable for free, with optional purchases providing convenience and customization.

Here are some of the purchase options:

Item Price
Silo Permit $2.99
Pro Permit $4.99
Piggy Bank $2.99
Golden Eggs Various
  • Silo Permit – More offline earnings
  • Pro Permit – No ads & other benefits
  • Piggy Bank – Break for Golden Eggs
  • Golden Eggs – Premium currency for boosts/upgrades

Crucially, none of these feel necessary to progress or compete. Egg, Inc. does not gate content behind purchases. You can prestige and earn Soul Eggs without paying.

Egg Inc Mod APK


For an incremental clicker, Egg, Inc. has incredible depth and longevity.


  • Attractive graphics and sound
  • Solid core idle gameplay loop
  • Prestige system adds depth
  • Co-op contracts and artifacts provide end game
  • Ethical free-to-play monetization


  • Can feel grindy/slow at times
  • Lots of complexity for new players

Overall, Egg, Inc. is a must-try for idle/clicker fans. New players should stick with it too – the game really opens up after the first few prestiges.

With frequent updates and many goals to work towards, this egg farm sim will have you coming back daily. Just don’t blame me if your real-life chickens start feeling neglected!

Egg Inc Mod APK

What is Egg, Inc. Mod Apk?

Key points about the Egg Inc Mod Apk:

  • It provides access to paid features of the original game for free, such as unlimited money/gold, all items unlocked etc. This allows faster progression.
  • Being a modded version, it is not available officially on app stores like Google Play Store or App Store. You need to download and install it manually from third-party websites.
  • It is completely free to download and use. However, modding apps is legally questionable.
  • The mod apk works the same as the original Egg Inc game, except with the additional benefits like unlimited resources. The core gameplay of building a chicken/egg farm empire remains unchanged.
  • It requires allowing installation from “Unknown Sources” on Android devices before it can be installed. And existing original version of Egg Inc should be uninstalled if already present to avoid conflicts.

So in summary, the Egg Inc Mod Apk is an unofficial hacked version that provides a superior gameplay experience for free compared to the original game, but bypassing the normal monetization. It needs some additional steps to install on Android devices.

  • - Shells Showcase! - Shop, share, and rate custom farms! - Artifacts stability - small improvements and bug fixes
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