SimulationDrivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.128 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars)

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.128 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars)

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.128 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars)
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4.5 Rating (474) Votes

4.5 Rating (474 Votes )
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Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.128 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Cars)

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator is an exciting vehicle simulation game that allows players to work as drivers of various vehicle types. The game offers a realistic driving experience with advanced physics engine and immersive 3D graphics. This full review will cover the key features of the game, gameplay, vehicles, customization, game modes, controls, graphics and more.


The core gameplay involves driving different vehicles to complete missions and earn money. As a driver, you can choose to drive trucks, buses, cars, vans and more. Each vehicle type has specific jobs associated with it.


Truck Driver

As a truck driver, your job is to transport cargo and make deliveries to various companies in different cities. Driving a truck requires precision and skill to maneuver the large vehicle safely on the road. You will learn how to drive responsibly while delivering the cargo on time.

Bus Driver

The bus driver job involves picking up passengers from bus stops and taking them safely to their destinations in different cities. You need to drive carefully by following traffic rules, avoiding accidents, dropping passengers at correct bus stops and managing passenger requests.

Car Driver

As a car driver, you drive passengers to various locations in the city. The passengers make booking requests which you have to accept and pick them up to drop at their destination. You can also participate in racing events against other AI drivers to win prizes.

Van Driver

The van driver’s job includes loading the van with packages and making multiple delivery stops within the city. You need to plan the route to drop off all the packages in a timely manner.


The game features a wide range of vehicles divided into multiple categories:

  • Trucks – Cargo Truck, Dump Truck, Fuel Truck, Moving Truck
  • Buses – School Bus, Double-Decker Bus, Articulated Bus, Intercity Bus
  • Cars – Hatchback, Sedan, Coupe, Convertible, SUV
  • Vans – Cargo Van, Passenger Van, Food Delivery Van
  • Special – Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Tractor

Each vehicle has distinct controls, speed, power, braking, fuel efficiency and other attributes. As you progress, you can unlock new vehicles with better stats and abilities.


You can customize and modify your vehicles in detail:

  • Change paint colors and apply unique decals
  • Install performance upgrades like turbo, better engine, brakes etc.
  • Tune handling, aerodynamics, suspension and more
  • Adjust transmission – automatic or manual
  • Modify interior with new seats, steering wheel and accessories

Customizing your ride not only makes it look cooler but also improves its performance. But all modifications come at a price which is paid with in-game money.


Game Modes

The game offers exciting game modes to test your driving skills:

  • Story Missions – Complete jobs and deliveries to progress
  • Time Trials – Race against the clock to set best time
  • Police Chases – Escape from the cops without getting busted
  • Off-road Racing – Drive on challenging terrain and uneven roads
  • Drag Races – Floor the accelerator in straight line sprint
  • Drift Trials – Score points by drifting around corners perfectly
  • Grand Prix – Compete with other drivers in a multi-race championship

The variety of challenges will put your driving abilities to test.


The game utilizes realistic driving controls:

  • Steering wheel to turn the vehicle left or right
  • Brake and accelerator pedal for speed adjustment
  • Gear stick for changing transmission
  • Handbrake for making sharp turns
  • Toggle headlights, signals, wipers, etc

You can customize the control sensitivity, buttons placement and tilt steering to your preference. The detailed control mechanics lend a simulation feel.


The game features detailed 3D visuals and environments. Some key highlights:

  • Highly-detailed vehicle models with customizable bodywork
  • Realistic damage effects – crumple zones, shattered glass, scratches
  • Dynamic weather system – rain, fog, snow, day/night cycle
  • Realistic traffic – different vehicle types driven by AI
  • Large open world city to explore with landmarks
  • Varied environments – forests, deserts, hills, highways

The graphics bring the simulation to life and are optimized even for low-end devices.

MOD Features

The game has many MOD versions that add useful cheats and hacks:

  • Unlimited money – Max out your cash to spend on anything
  • All cars unlocked – Directly access any vehicle for free
  • No damage – Vehicles will never get destroyed
  • Free repairs – Fix your car instantly without cost
  • No fuel usage – Drive forever without refueling
  • Max upgrades – Apply all upgrades without paying
  • Speed hack – Make your car insanely fast

The cheats make the game easier and give freedom to customize or experiment.

Pros and Cons

Some of the key pros and cons of the game are:


  • Realistic driving experience with detailed control mechanics
  • Huge selection of vehicles with deep customization
  • Stunning 3D graphics and environments
  • Challenging game modes test driving skills
  • MODs provide fun cheats and hacks
  • Supports multiplayer races and challenges


  • Can get repetitive with similar delivery missions
  • Large game size requires lots of storage
  • Contains ads which can be removed in paid version
  • Needs constant internet connection to play
  • Driving feels difficult initially with steep learning curve

Overall, the game offers an immersive driving simulation for vehicle enthusiasts with hours of gameplay across varied modes. The MODs make it entertaining and less grindy.



Drivers Jobs Online Simulator delivers a robust simulation experience on mobile with its expansive content and features. The realistic driving mechanics and detailed customization system are a petrolhead’s paradise. There is always something new to explore across diverse environments and challenges. The game outshines similar titles with its depth and polish. Fans of vehicle simulations will find it hard to put down thanks to the addictive progression. Despite some repetitive missions, the overall package is enjoyable and makes you feel like a pro-driver.

Download and Installation Guide

Follow these steps to download and play the game on your Android device:

  1. Open your web browser and search for “Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK HackDL”.
  2. Select a HackDLwebsite offering the latest MOD version with unlimited money and all cars unlocked.
  3. Download the APK file and allow installation of apps from “Unknown Sources” if prompted.
  4. Install the MOD APK and open the game to start playing!
  5. Optionally download the OBB data file for additional game assets.
  6. Move the OBB file to Android/OBB/ folder on your device.
  7. You may need to uninstall any existing version of the game before installing the MOD.

Make sure you have sufficient storage space before downloading this large game. Also check that your device meets the minimum system requirements for smooth performance. Enjoy the unlimited money and unlocked vehicles with the MOD for a better gameplay experience. Share your high scores and achievements with friends too!

Final Thoughts

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator offers mobile gamers an authentic driving simulation that captures the thrill and challenges of being a professional driver. It is loaded with content and customization for car enthusiasts. The realistic gameplay mechanics, detailed vehicles and expansive world provide endless fun. Try out this game if you like vehicle simulators and want to test your driving skills in a variety of scenarios. The MOD APK and OBB data take it to the next level. Share your own experiences while playing this game in the comments!

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