SimulationDream Town Story Mod Apk 2.0.6 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Points)

Dream Town Story Mod Apk 2.0.6 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Points)

Dream Town Story Mod Apk 2.0.6 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Points)
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3.5 Rating (503) Votes

3.5 Rating (503 Votes )
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Dream Town Story Mod Apk 2.0.6 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Points)

Dream Town Story Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Points
Category Mod Apk
Size 64 MB
Version 2.0.6
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Dream Town Story Mod Apk – A Detailed Review


Dream Town Story Mod Apk is a popular life simulation game developed by Kairosoft Co., Ltd. The game allows you to build and manage your own dream town, make friends, fall in love, and live your life virtually. The modded/hacked version of Dream Town Story unlocks unlimited money, gems, and other resources to help you progress faster in the game. In this detailed review, we will discuss the key features of Dream Town Story mod apk and assess if it’s worth downloading over the regular version.

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Overview of Dream Town Story Game

Dream Town Story is available on Android and iOS platforms. The objective is to grow a small community into a thriving, bustling town. As the mayor, you get to build homes, decorate the town, recruit people to move in, help them find jobs and partners, and lead them to prosperity. The more residents you attract, the more your town grows. You can progress through different eras by completing tasks and milestones. The graphics are cute and colorful, reminiscent of retro gaming styles. Overall, it’s a relaxing and wholesome game suitable for all age groups.

Key Features

  • Build, customize and manage your dream town
  • 100+ buildings and decorations to choose from
  • 300+ residents to recruit from 8 unique cultures
  • Help the residents find jobs, fall in love and live happily
  • Progress through historical eras like Bronze Age, Middle Ages etc.
  • Lovely pixel art graphics and chill background music
  • No combat or violence, family-friendly gameplay

Dream Town Story Mod Apk

Benefits of Dream Town Story Mod Apk

The modded version of Dream Town Story unlocks some handy benefits and features:

Unlimited Money and Gems

  • The regular version requires you to slowly earn in-game currency and gems through completing tasks or IAPs. The mod apk provides unlimited money and gems so you can instantly purchase anything without worrying about costs. This allows you to fully focus on creativity and enjoyment.

Unlocked Premium Buildings

  • Several premium decorations, buildings and facilities are locked behind a paywall in the original game. The hacked version has all these premium assets unlocked for free, allowing greater customization options.

No Ads

  • The original version has occasional ads and popups that interrupt the gameplay. The modded app is completely ad-free for uninterrupted simulation experience.

Free Shopping

  • You need to spend money or gems for shopping in the base game. In the mod version, shopping is absolutely free allowing you to get stylish outfits and accessories for your residents without spending anything.

Everything Unlocked

  • Right from the first level, everything is unlocked. So you don’t have to progressively grind to access new buildings, activities, cultures etc.

Dream Town Story Mod Apk

How to Download Dream Town Story Mod Apk

The modded apk is not available on Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded from third-party sources. Here are the steps to download and install it on your Android device:

  1. Enable “Install from unknown sources” in Settings > Security
  2. Search for “Dream Town Story mod apk” and download the latest version from a reliable source.
  3. Once downloaded, open the apk file and click Install
  4. Accept the permissions and let the installation complete
  5. Open the Dream Town Story mod app and enjoy the unlocked features

Make sure to disable the “Install from unknown sources” setting after installation for security reasons. Also, download the mods only from trustworthy sites to avoid bugs or malware.

Gameplay and Tips

Once you have the modded version installed, you can begin building your dream town and shaping its destiny. Here are some tips and strategies to master Dream Town Story:

Balanced Development

  • Don’t focus all your efforts on just one area of the town. Try to evenly build residences, production buildings, community buildings, and leisure facilities for wholesome development.

Level Up Faster

  • To progress through eras quicker, focus on completing resident requests and achievement goals. This will provide XP and allow you to unlock advanced buildings sooner.

Satisfy Needs

  • Check the resident demand icon regularly and build facilities they require. This keeps them happy and attracts more residents to move in.

Township Policies

  • Enact policies like education encouragement, industry subsidy, cultural events etc. tailored to your development goals. The policies provide bonuses and benefits.


  • Customize houses with paint, gardens, fences etc. Add parks, statues and decorations across the town. This increases town prestige.

Maintain Happiness

  • Keep your residents happy by fulfilling their requests, providing community buildings, reducing rents/taxes, and resolving disputes/problems promptly.

With unlimited resources and everything unlocked upfront, you can thrive and grow your dream town without any limitations using the modded app.

Dream Town Story Mod Apk

Pros and Cons of Dream Town Story Mod Apk

Like all mods, the Dream Town Story mod too comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Unlimited money, gems and free shopping
  • All premium buildings unlocked
  • No bothersome ads/popups
  • Completely free gameplay
  • Customize and build freely from start
  • Satisfaction of quicker progression
  • Reduced grinding for resources


  • Could make gameplay too easy and boring after some time
  • Constant need to download latest mod versions
  • Risk of viruses from downloading mods
  • Unethical and illegal in some regions
  • Lack of challenge and competition
  • Defeats original developer purpose
  • Possibility of bugs and glitches

So in summary, the Dream Town Story mod does enable a faster-paced and more convenient gameplay if you don’t mind the risks and ethical implications. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences as a gamer.

Dream Town Story Mod Apk

Alternatives to Dream Town Story Mod Apk

If you wish to avoid the complexities of mod apks but still want a fulfilling town simulation experience, some good alternatives are:


  • Feature-rich city builder with great 3D graphics and gameplay depth.

City Island 5

  • Relaxing city simulator with weather effects and day/night cycle.

My Town : Best Friends’ House

  • Casual town builder with emphasis on friendships and relationships.

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt

  • Challenging medieval city builder with deep strategy elements.


  • Farm and town management simulator with mini games and social features.

These non-modded games provide their own twists on the town simulation genre without needing workarounds.


The Dream Town Story mod apk delivers an entertaining, addiction town-building experience by removing frustrating limitations. The advantages of unlimited resources, unlocked items, and ad-free gameplay come at the cost of potential risks and ethical implications. The choice ultimately depends on your priorities as a player. If you prefer to avoid modding, several similar games are available that offer decent alternatives. But for maximum freedom and convenience with Dream Town Story’s core gameplay, the modded version is worth checking out.

Dream Town Story Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Dream Town Story mod apk safe to download?

While mods should generally be downloaded from trustworthy sites, there is always a minor security risk involved given that they are unofficial versions. However, top mod sites are usually safe and thousands of users download such mods daily without issue. Just use common sense precautions.

Does the mod work on both Android and iOS?

Unfortunately modding is only possible on Android devices as iOS is more restrictive. The Dream Town Story mod apk can only work for Android smartphones and tablets.

Will my town progress be saved if I update the game?

Your modded town data should be synced to your Google Play Games or social media account. So even if you install the original game later, your town progress should carry over seamlessly.

Modding apps to access paid content for free is usually considered unethical and illegal in most countries. While there is little risk of being caught as an individual user, using mods is legally dubious. Install them at your own discretion.

Can overusing mods ruin the core gameplay?

It’s certainly possible to overly spoil the gameplay by utilizing every mod feature exhaustively from the start. Try to exercise restraint to avoid making the experience too easy. Using mods to complement rather than replace core gameplay is advisable.

Dream Town Story Mod Apk

Key Takeaways

  • Dream Town Story Mod Apk provides unlimited money, gems, unlocked premium content and no ads for free.
  • It allows faster, frustration-free town progression and building without grind or paywalls.
  • The mod can be downloaded from third parties but carries some security risks.
  • Alternatives like TheoTown and Township offer similar gameplay without modding needed.
  • Mod use should be within ethical reason to avoid ruining core gameplay enjoyment and purpose.


Dream Town Story Mod Apk offers a relaxing, engaging town-building experience on mobile. The mod removes monetization limitations at the cost of some risks. While the advantages are tempting, restraint should be practiced to avoid overly exploiting it. If you find the right balance, the mods can complement and enhance the original gameplay. But alternatives without modding are also worth considering. Ultimately, choose carefully based on your priorities as a player. The choice of mods vs originals depends on how you wish to approach the game.

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