CasualDownload Stack Colors Mod Apk 4.5.15 (Unlimited Coins)

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk 4.5.15 (Unlimited Coins)

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk 4.5.15 (Unlimited Coins)
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4.5 Rating (724) Votes

4.5 Rating (724 Votes )
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Download Stack Colors Mod Apk 4.5.15 (Unlimited Coins)

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Category Mod Apk
Size 90 MB
Version 4.5.15
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

In Stack Colors Mod Apk, a casual game from VOODOO studio, you are challenged to move and collect differently colored platforms in order to stack them up as high as possible. With increasing levels of difficulty the colored platform speed starts getting accelerate rapidly making it difficult for players to manage. The goal is also increasing with each level which requires more accuracy on part of players. As they progress further and higher in Gameplay, they can earn coins for completing successfully achieved goals from previously made by stacking same color platforms together along with time bonus and multiplier reward points too., moreover there is an award system available when crossing specific milestones like building tower over 100 blocks or beyond while playing this exciting game Stack Colors!

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Stack Colors is an ideal game for those who love playing casual games and pushing their boundaries. This thrilling game from VOODOO studio gives players the opportunity to test their quick wits by challenging them to stack up differently colored platforms as quickly as possible while collecting coins at the same time! With increasing levels of excitement, rewards keeps on multiplying when gamers can keep stacking higher up with precision within the given time frame. Themed around building blocks it‘s a great way to enjoy quality family time together while also bringing friends into wide array of feats from zestful combo streaks and inspired chain reactions which makes creating high towers even more gratifying in this highly addictive multilevel Stack Color Game!

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Download Stack Colors Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

Stack Colors is a singleplayer game from VOODOO studio. Despite being a solo player game, with its increasing level of difficulty and the quickpaced action it provides an exciting atmosphere for gamers to challenge themselves in pursuit of beating high scores and milestones. With every successful achievement players are rewarded generously with coins which can be used as ingame currency or exchanged for tips aiding their playthroughs further ahead while collecting stars, block particles and time bonus rewards in process along the way up that towering colorful stack!

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk

Key Features of Stack Colors

1. Quick and Dynamic Gameplay

Stack Colors is a fastpaced stacking game that requires the players to move quickly in order to create towers of varying colors while collecting coins as rewards. As gamers progress further their speed should also increase in order for them to complete levels and score higherpointed objectives making this game incredibly engaging with its quickGameplay scale throughout entire match session.

2 Challenge Levels

Each challenge level increases difficulty of previous sections taskers, from same 1 colored platforms increasing up till 5 colorful blocks while managing time allocated allows for even greater heights upon reaching next stage which can lead towards receiving multiplier bonuses too boosting players credits balance along the way giving extra motivator into achieving success!

3 Multiplayer Functionality

Although Stack Colors is primarily a singleplayer game it has an optional local coop mode allowing friends n family members who are playing together each have own identical controller setup hence adding some sparkles onto classic mode fun plus groups competitiveness between them for bragging rights when crossing different milestones like 300k or above!

4 Unlockable Achievements & Rewards System

With every successful completion on current level sets bonanzas get unlocked such as points bonus (including offline multiplier), stars& special bouncing particles adding more incentive into pushing nearer end goals which helps raising overall scores multiplicatively after successive matches enabled by Unlockable Achievement granting system .

5 Vibrant Graphics

Of course despite making gameplay extraordinary biggest credit really goes VOODOO studio who managed creating this fun titles charming artstyle bringing alluring visuals ranging from subtle pastel tones up until vivid saturated color schemas producing stunning environments , animations even completing mini tasks extending experience any true desktop gamer seek out nowadays !

6 Boosts & Upgrades Galore

Building one tower only isn‘t enough as upon reaching higher levels various boosts packs can be used like extra speed time or mega blocks to score bigger multipliers & help into managing challenging twists this game usually embeds!

7 PowerUps

These special power ups grant a wide range of abilities depending on each one offering from increasing characters force up until slowing down passing platforms altogether , as more crates gets collected each PowerUp limits goes further forward enabling players into enjoying obscure benefits along the way.

8 Bonus Levels

Every X levels certain tasks get unlocked containing high rewards whether by completing said task within given amount of times or merely piling number of colors stacks putting your calm composure put test all while having chance to double boosted funds!”, making its even more desirable for anyone eager enough trying their luck towards bonus stages!

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk

What is Stack Colors Mod Apk?

Stack Colors Mod Apk is a modified version of the original VOODOO game, Stack Colors. The main difference with this version is that it offers many additional features such as unlimited money, high score multipliers, bonus levels and powerups. With plenty of missions to complete and rewards to collect during playtime gamers can have a great time pushing their limits in this gameplay driven fastpaced action platformer setting along with several unlockable secrets awaiting within!

Mod Key Feature

1. Unlimited Coins:

Stack Colors Mod Apk gives players the opportunity to obtain unlimited coins by just playing and completing levels while collecting stars, block particles which can be exchanged or used for ingame tip boosts.

2. High Score Multipliers:

Bonus rewards like multipliers are unlocked by reaching specific milestones during playtime such as building towers over 100 blocks or above granting much larger scores all around boosting players overall score board significantly!

3. Power Ups:

Special power up cards give a wide range of abilities depending on each one option from increasing characters force and speed time reductions up until slowing down passing platforms making it easier for quicker taller stack formations .

4 Bonus Levels :

Once X amounts level are reached certain tasks require completion within given amount of times before unlocking high bonus values and treasures grant spicing level up even further providing an extra challenge upon top already existing adversaries!

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download: The mod apk is available to download from unofficial websites or trusted third party platforms in the form of a file which can be easily copied into an android device for installation.

2. Installation : After successful downloading, go to settings and allow unknown sources option toggle then locate downloaded apk file and select install button , after completing instalment user will see app icon on main screen these ready used.

3 Activation : Once successfully installed open application entering registration details required following tutorial indicated this should take less than minute , congratulations player now fully activated enjoy many game benefits mod version offers like infinite coins boosts as many time they desire!

Download Stack Colors Mod Apk

Game Tips

1. Stay Focused: Professionals know focus is the key to success when playing any kind of game, you should focus on what you need to do rather than getting distracted by sounds or color changing patterns within the game environment.

2. Combos: Completing long chains and combo streaks is a great way for players rack up points and coins ingame giving them an edge towards achieving higher rewards along with bonus multipliers too!

3. Practise Makes Perfect : Replaying stages multiple times allows one familiarize himself each stages moods & quirks also enabling abating mistakes such as missing platform which can happen quickly if wasnt paying attention before, so dont be afraid take few attempts until fully mastered each level !

4 Collect Power ups : Special powerup cards scattered around provide extra support during playtime granting various temporary boosts beneficial under specific circumstances aiding players onto creating their highest tower dreams!

5 Take Pauses : As thrilling this game may look like in pursuit collecting vast amounts stars/coins it‘s important not overlook regular pauses little refreshers helps lot better keeping gamer alert instead get overtired upon trying reach X targets per set duration putting his vision into risk zone .

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics :

Stack Colors has some of the most vibrant graphics and visuals from VOODOO studio, with sophisticated pastel and vivid color schemes that blend perfectly into creating an enjoyable gaming experience. The animation effects are sharped & smooth throughout entire game play session running by its own engine guaranty no slowdowns or lags even after piling hundreds towers simultaneously ensuring stunning sights along progression!

2 Music/Sound:

Alongside good visuals , this title comes full range diversified soundtracks ranging familiar retroclassics up until modern genre tracks to spice things bit , with addition se tapping sfxs which will signal users they knocked extra coins during their combos streaks as stacks keep growing higher each second enthralling playersmusical atmosphere created hereby keeping them engaged all while collecting 3 stars!.


Stack Colors from VOODOO studio is an great casual game and definitely one for players to try out. It requires quick reflexes to move and collect differently colored platforms in order to stack them as high as possible, ensuring each successful completion yields a generous reward of coins. The level difficulty increases with every playthrough, though not overpowering it presents hunters with occasional challenge requiring precise execution while having fun through the entire quest sessions . With its vibrant visuals & captivating soundtracks plus wide array power ups n bonuses unlocks this title provide tonshours gameplay anyone could asked initially whilst playing so dont forget pick up Stack Colors today enjoying many beautiful rewards unlocked!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. What is the objective of Stack Colors?

The main objective of Stack Colors game is to move and collect differently colored platforms in order to stack them up as high as possible while also collecting coins for completing goals. The higher the tower gets, more powerful rewards get unlocked from previously made successes such like multipliers or even infinite money if one can manage their rounds well enough!

2. Is there a twoplayer mode in Stack Colors?

No, unfortunately there isnt any two player modes available at this moment on Stack colors . Other than enjoying solo players feel free play with family members that have same controller device enabling local coop adventurous between loved ones around same puzzle goal taking it next level!

3 How do I earn coins on Stack Colors?

Stars are earned by successfully stacking towers which gives not only points but additional bonuses too multiplier or special bouncing particles unlocking extra items overall gaming progress continuing pushing thresholds upward slingshot effect through exciting levels !

4 Are power ups available within the game ?

Yes They provide variety benefits depending each modifier ranging from receiving extra speed timetil slowing down passing stages may assist user into creating taller stacks faster manner ensuring pure satisfaction whilst building his way towards eternal victory!

5 How does boosters work within Stack Colors mode ?

Boosters act aids helping gamer achieve specific tasks quicker take less moves prior collecting desired objects within fewest steps rewarding approach reinforces strategy upon using it anytime hard times came up better managing twisted levels pesky enemies collapsing towers & obtain maximum score!.

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