SimulationDevil Hunter Idle Mod Apk 1.52 (Hack, Attack Speed, Move)

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk 1.52 (Hack, Attack Speed, Move)

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk 1.52 (Hack, Attack Speed, Move)
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3.5 Rating (616) Votes

3.5 Rating (616 Votes )
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Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk 1.52 (Hack, Attack Speed, Move)

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk
MOD Features Attack Speed, Move
Category Mod Apk
Size 1.46 GB
Version 1.52
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk is an idle clicker game about hunting monsters and saving the world. You play as a brave hunter who type must face waves of demonic creatures to progress through challenging levels. Defeat enemies by tapping or clicking on them, then use your earned coins to purchase useful upgrades like powerful weapons and spells that will help you in your journey. Level up to increase your stats and become more powerful as you hunt down bosses for rewards!

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Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

In Devil Hunter Idle, the main objective is to progress through levels by defeating waves of monsters. To do this, players tap or click on individual enemies until they are defeated. After each round you will earn coins that can be used to purchase weapons and spells from a shop that unlocks at level 5. You can also gain XP which helps you level up and increase stats like attack damage or critical hit chance- providing an advantage in battles against tougher foes

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk Free Download features 16 levels of increasing difficulty ranging from simple encounters with skeleton warriors all the way to boss battles with massive demons! Between rounds there are cutscenes featuring fully animated sequences that help tell an engaging story about your journey as a brave devil hunter tasked with stop evil forces from conquering the world!

Play With Fun this game?

Absolutely! Devil Hunter Idle is an easy to learn game with simple controls that can quickly become addicting. Its exciting action, engaging story, and calming soundtrack make it a perfect escape any time of day. The ability to further customize your character’s power by investing coins into upgrades makes the game even more fun as you progress through levels and prepare for battles against powerful bosses. Try out this pick-up-and-play idle clicker now and help save the world from demonic forces!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Devil Hunter Idle is a single-player only game. It does not feature any online or offline multiplayer content at this time.

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk

Features of Devil Hunter Idle

Engaging Story

Devil Hunter Idle features an exciting story, told through in-game cutscenes that set the stage for each level. As your journey progresses, you’ll learn new facts about your brave character and his mission to save the world from demonic forces!

Unique Enemies & Boss Battles

As you progress through levels of increasing difficulty, you must face a variety of unique enemies like skeleton warriors and nightmare creatures on your path towards ultimate victory over powerful bosses!

Customizable Character Upgrades

Help prepare yourself before facing off against difficult adversaries by utilizing coins earned during rounds to purchase weapons and spells at a shop that unlocks at level 5 or investing them into stats like attack damage or critical hit chance in order to gain an edge during intense battles with monsters far more dangerous than anything seen before!

Relaxing Soundtracks & Visuals

Enjoy beautiful visuals while playing as well as calming sound effects designed specifically for Devil Hunter Idle which will further immerse players into its inviting universe filled with adventure – all optimized for both desktop and mobile devices alike!

Exciting Gameplay Mechanics

Take advantage of abilities such as double tapping bosses from certain locations on screen slice up multiple foes simultaneously with special area attacks or slow down time itself when it counts most using magical powers – all waiting within each round ready to be discovered by skilled hunters determined enough take their individual playthroughs next step higher!

Achievements & Leaderboards

Climb global leaderboards based own game performance plus keep eye out extra rewards being offered exclusive members only so users can show off their personal accomplishments other fans same game throughout online community deserved recognition bragging rights – whatever comes first choice always up player ultimately decide what matters most end goal simply aim achieve best possible score everyone else’ likely has mind too after all!

Cloud Saves

Access saved data across various platform including web browser android device iOS without worry ever losing saved progress due cloud saving feature implemented program means no matter where go information follows automatically maximum convenience desired outcome since there never should negative repercussions whenever switching device machine unexpectedly either.

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk

What is Devil Hunter Idle Mod APK?

It is a modified version of the game Devil Hunter Idle. The mod APK removes in-app purchases, giving players an unlimited amount of currency so they can buy whatever they need without having to grind or pay real money. It also contains features which are not available in the original game such as unlockable costumes and rare items which can give you an advantage during battles with powerful bosses!

Features of Devil Hunter Idle Mod APK

Move Speed

In the Devil Hunter Idle Mod APK, the character’s walking speed is increased which allows players to move around quickly and have faster access to enemies during rounds.

Attack Speed

The attack speed of your character is also boosted which means you can take down groups of enemies in significantly less time than before – helping you earn coins more efficiently while progressing through levels with greater ease!

Unlimited Currency

As mentioned before, in-app purchases are removed thus giving users an unlimited amount of currency that can be used towards purchasing weapons and spells from a shop or upgrading stats like attack damage or critical hit chance for extra power during battles against monstrous bosses! With this mod APK equipped no challenge will seem too big as ones skills are elevated drastically – plus get access loads exclusive content found only here so download it now available free download today unlock true potential game originally created play experience never forget!.

How to Download And Install Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk

• Firstly, download the Devil Hunter Idle Mod APK file such as

• Open your Android device’s settings > Security settings and enable installation from “Unknown Sources” if it’s disabled.

• Use a file explorer to locate & open the downloaded APK file and tap on install.

• After successfully installing, you will be able to launch the game and enjoy!

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Ensure you have downloaded the correct version of Devil Hunter Idle Mod APK.

• If you receive a warning that the file is not trusted and may harm your device, ignore it. All versions of this mod are completely safe to download and install!

• Should installation fail after following all steps mentioned above, it’s likely due to insufficient storage space on your device or an outdated Android operating system which can be fixed by freeing up some memory & updating OS accordingly respectively if required – so try doing these before trying again as last resort solution usually works).

Visual and sound quality


Devil Hunter Idle’s Mod Apk visuals are stunningly beautiful and provide players with an immersive experience as they explore the game’s universe. Characters, monsters, and environments have been crafted with exquisite attention to detail giving gamers a realistic feel for every round of their journey to save the world!


The game is accompanied by a tranquil soundtrack that fits perfectly with the action on-screen. Players can also expect to hear sound effects for each tap or click they make when defeating enemies giving an extra layer of satisfaction as their journey progresses onward!


Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk is an exciting idle clicker game that provides players with a truly immersive experience. With stunning visuals and calming soundtracks, it’s easy to get lost in the action as you progress through levels by tapping or clicking on enemies while seeking out powerful weapons and spells from stores or upgrading your character’s stats! Plus, the mod APK removes all in-app purchases for an even greater challenge – so why wait? Download this addicting pick-up-and-play title now to save the world from demonic forces!

Devil Hunter Idle Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it free to download Devil Hunter Idle Hack APK?

A: Yes, the Hack is available to download for free.

Q: Does the Mod remove in-app purchases from the game?

A: Yes, with this mod installed you will have access to an unlimited amount of currency which means no need for grinding or spending real money!

Q: What special features does this version contain?

A: This modified version includes exclusive items like unlockable costumes and rare weapons – helping players gain an edge during battles against powerful enemies. Plus there are plenty more surprises that can be discovered by downloading it today!

Q: Are there any safe devices supported by this modified game version?

A: Yes, all versions of this mod are compatible with android devices as well as web browsers and iOS devices.

Q: Does purchasing the Mod APK provide any additional content not found in the original version?

A: No, players will have access to same features & content from gameplay wise although there may some bonus goodies hidden away depending on which download source being used during installation process – either way main purpose here allow user enjoy game without need monetize!

Q: Is it easy to install this modified version?

A: Installing isn’t difficult at all; simply follow a few steps such downloading the file then locating & opening it before tapping “install” when prompted that’s essentially entire process so feel free make sure updated OS settings ready go ahead give shot now if wanted!


• Devil Hunter Idle Modded Apk Free Download is an engaging idle clicker game with stunning visuals and relaxating soundtracks.

• This mod APK offers features such as no in-app purchases, unlimited currency, unlockable costumes and rare weapons which are not available in the original game.

• It is compatible with web browsers and mobile devices including iOS & Android operating systems.

• Installing this modified version of the game takes only a few minutes yet provides players access to exclusive content that help them give their playthroughs an edge during intense battles against powerful bosses!

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