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Demon Hunter: Shadow World MOD APK (Menu, Speed)

Demon Hunter: Shadow World
App Name Demon Hunter: Shadow World
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Publisher EA Publishing
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
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4.8 Rating (336) Votes

4.8 Rating (336 Votes )
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Hardcore Hack’n Slash Action-RPG.

Demon Hunter: Shadow World MOD APK (Menu, Speed)

Demon Hunter: Shadow World is an action-packed mobile game set in a dark fantasy world. Published by EA Games, it is available on both Android and iOS. This in-depth review will cover the key aspects of Demon Hunter: Shadow World including gameplay, graphics, storyline, monetization, and performance.

Demon Hunter: Shadow World MOD


Demon Hunter features hack and slash gameplay with intuitive touch controls. The combat is fast-paced and focused on chaining basic attacks into combos to defeat enemies.


The controls utilize a simple virtual joystick and action buttons:

  • Virtual joystick (left side) – Move your character
  • Basic attack buttons (right side) – Perform different basic attacks like slash, stab, launch, etc.
  • Special attack button (right side) – Unleash character-specific special moves with powerful effects
  • Dodge button (right side) – Roll to evade enemy attacks

The controls are very responsive and easy to grasp, allowing you to pull off combos with precise timing. Overall the combat feels smooth and satisfying.

Demon Hunter Shadow World MOD (2)


As you defeat enemies and complete quests, your character gains experience points and levels up. Higher levels grant skill points to unlock and upgrade special moves to enhance your combat capabilities.

You also collect coins and materials from battles. These resources are used to craft and upgrade equipment to increase your stats like attack, defense, and health.

Game Modes

Demon Hunter provides plenty of PvE content across different game modes:

  • Campaign – Journey through story chapters and levels defeating enemies and bosses.
  • Challenge Tower – Battle through floors of enemies to reach the top.
  • Altar of Darkness – Defeat waves of enemies inside the altar to unlock rewards.
  • Guild Boss – Team up with other players to take down raid bosses.
  • PVP Arena – Compete in 3v3 battles against other players.

There are also limited-time events with special rewards and daily/weekly quests to complete.

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Demon Hunter features high-quality 2D graphics with fluid animations and vivid skill effects. The dark gothic art style fits the grim setting. Stages have destructible objects and interactive elements lending immersion.

Boss designs stand out with hulking demons and monsters that fill up the screen. Their move sets are telegraphed clearly through visual tells. Overall the graphics bring the intense combat to life on mobile devices.


The story follows your custom character who takes on the mantle of a demon hunter. As a demon invasion corrupts the mortal world, you must harness your powers to battle through the darkness and defeat the demon hordes.

Cutscenes play out at the start of each chapter providing context for your mission. The story is serviceable but takes a backseat to the satisfying combat gameplay which is the main highlight.

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As a free-to-play mobile game, Demon Hunter monetizes through advertisements and in-app purchases.

Ads appear between battles and can be removed by a one-time IAP purchase. The ads are not intrusive and skipping them provides a short bonus.

In-app purchases provide:

  • Premium currency to summon for gear and heroes
  • Stamina restore items
  • Monthly subscription plans with bonuses

The game employs typical F2P elements to incentivize spending but is still enjoyable for casual players. The monetization is not overly aggressive, though paying provides advantages for progression and competitive play.


Demon Hunter has stable performance and runs smoothly on most modern devices. The 2D visuals are optimized to run at 60 FPS delivering responsive combat.

On iPhone 13 devices the game runs at max settings perfectly. It can also run on older devices like iPhone 8 with lower graphical settings.

The download size is reasonable at 100MB total. Demon Hunter has good internet connectivity and works offline after the initial download. Overall it offers great performance for a mobile title.

Demon Hunter Shadow World MOD (5)


Demon Hunter: Shadow World delivers a polished hack-and-slash experience tailored for mobile devices. The intuitive controls and exciting progression systems make for addictive gameplay.

While the story is lackluster, the stunning graphics and smooth performance realize the dark fantasy world. Fans of action RPGs should find the satisfying combat loop appealing despite some repetitive grind.

As a free game, the monetization relies on optional purchases to speed up progression rather than locking out content. In the end Demon Hunter is a solid action game expanding the genre on mobile.


  • Visually impressive skill effects
  • Responsive and intuitive touch controls
  • Addictive character growth through levels and gear
  • Tons of PvE content across different game modes
  • Smooth 60 FPS performance even on older devices


  • Storytelling takes a backseat to gameplay
  • Repetitive grind to upgrade gear
  • F2P elements push certain advantages for paying players
  • Occasional network connectivity issues


  • - Fix bugs
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