SimulationDear My God Mod Apk 1.4.1 (Hack, Free Premium Choices)

Dear My God Mod Apk 1.4.1 (Hack, Free Premium Choices)

Dear My God Mod Apk 1.4.1 (Hack, Free Premium Choices)
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5.5 Rating (241) Votes

5.5 Rating (241 Votes )
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Dear My God Mod Apk 1.4.1 (Hack, Free Premium Choices)

Dear My God Mod Apk
MOD Features Free Premium Choices
Category Mod Apk
Size 90 MB
Version 1.4.1
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Dear My God Mod Apk is a fun, story-based game about creating your own connection to God. You will embark on an adventure filled with difficult moral choices and lessons as you journey to restore your faith through the power of prayer and trust in a higher being. Along the way, you’ll learn more about yourself while uncovering powerful messages of love from beyond our earthly understanding. The goal is simple – finish each level by conquering life’s most tested challenges with strength, forgiveness, and inner peace!

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Dear My God Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

In Dear My God, you will play a young person on a journey to find peace and solace in their spiritual life. You will face moral choices and difficult tasks with the help of your guardian angel throughout the game. As you progress through each level, these trials become increasingly difficult. However, prayer and trusting in divine guidance are key aspects of success throughout this game – always seek comfort from above! Additionally, different rewards are offered for finding all secrets within every stage, so keep an eye out for collectibles along your path toward enlightenment!

Play With Fun this game?

Absolutely! Dear My God offers a unique and fascinating storyline with gorgeous visuals, exciting challenges, and inspirational messages. On top of that, the game features an enjoyable soundtrack with memorable tracks to keep the mood upbeat throughout your adventure. So open up your heart and accept this chance at faith-renewing Fun – there’s no better way to relax than by living out your own spiritual journey in Dear My God Mod Apk Free Download!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Dear My God is a single-player game.

Dear My God Mod Apk

Features of Dear My God

Interesting Storyline

Many games in the religious genre tend to limit themselves to repetitive tasks and recycled ideas, but Dear My God offers a unique twist on the concept with an engaging storyline full of difficult moral choices and thought-provoking themes. Along the way, players will encounter divine messages that teach valuable lessons about inner peace, resilience in hardships, and empathy towards others’ strife – there’s enough juicy material here for players of all backgrounds!

Diverse Challenges

If you’re looking for exciting challenges besides simply reading narrative blocks, then you won’t be disappointed – each level has different puzzles or minigames designed around thematic elements relevant to God’s teachings, such as strength and belief in oneself or trustworthiness when faced with trials from above. As if that wasn’t already awesome enough – stars are given out at the completion of these levels depending on how quickly they’re finished!

Unique Graphics

Even though this game is meant more as a spiritual experience rather than something visually flashy, it still delivers some stunning imagery that resembles hand-painted murals combined with 3D models – sure to keep eyes glued during gameplay segments and cutscenes alike! This sublime art style also compliments its diverse soundtrack, which helps set up an immersive atmosphere no matter where the story takes us next (or last).

Strengthen Your Faith

Dear My Gods rewards efforts made into discovering secrets found inside the game by unlocking powerful skills like advanced combat moves upon successful collection; think brawls including sacred weapons used against cruel entities who want nothing but destruction on earth dutifully backed up by chanting verses inspired directly from scripture itself!. All these added elements help bring the emphasis back onto faith while progressing through yet another chapter ‒ our savior’s blessings have been felt everywhere since eternity, so why not get involved now?

Buried Treasures

Players who proactively look around every nook & cranny inside stages may find treasures along their travels whose purpose lies behind varying pieces thereof, when recombined, forms part of important godly artifacts capable of aiding many expeditions coming afterward. It would seem knowledge left within past civilizations still yet provides an extra edge against evil forces we’ll likely face in future generations, too — surely no ordinary feat even experienced pros might flinch away?!

Collectibles & Costumes

Besides coins, other keepsakes scattered throughout locations can be collected, forming costume sets and giving access to certain areas otherwise inaccessible by normal means. Adorn yourself with ancient deity armor and become holy warriors tasked to defend boundaries well against darkness (while looking sharp doing ). Just a few unlocks determine success come victorious gain favors Divine One stories legendary proportions await those brave take journey complete fulfillment desires everyone. Everyone knows somebody whose yearning heart’s content love kind much better reward-winning type battle anyway.

Stunning Final Boss Battle

After hours of conquering various tests comes an unforgettable climactic final boss battle involving a series of expertly choreographed online cast fused together across battlefields straight mythological ages rivaled matchless intensity cinematic sequences packed action hitting emotional moments keeping audiences mystified until Reach end credits course victory praises well deserved else storied pickings go rivalry instead. The appearance of giant projections said introduces the theme background before the fight begins second act commences heady blend of majestic music matching futuristic visuals giving the player the freshest tastes and emotions, only further amplifying the impressive finale ahead closes the arc convincingly must say one of greatest revenge all generations see ’em conclusion again showing real power originates mind bodies unleash supernatural prowess without limits once board train.

Dear My God Mod Apk

What is Dear My God Mod APK?

Dear My God Mod APK is a modified version of the original game released and developed by Dearestgames. Whilst modding original versions of games usually occur when players produce patches for PC ports, in the case of Dear My God Mod Apk, it involves making changes to a smartphone/tablet-based title. The majority of these issues surround graphics enhancements, bug fixes, adding new items or skills to your character’s arsenal to give them an edge against their adversaries & even installing extra game modes (which can provide hours upon hours more entertainment). Installing this mod should be done with caution as its contents are untested, which could lead to potential problems such as viruses/malware if downloaded from malicious sources, but overall, they appear to be a great supplement playing experience for anyone daring enough to try out!

Features of Dear My God Mod APK

Free Premium Choices

This mod APK offers the ability to make free premium choices, allowing you to fully customize your game experience.

Unlimited Money

A favorite among gamers, this version allows players to unlock all in-game items and content without spending money on microtransactions.

Balanced Difficulty Levels

Fair and balanced difficulty levels have been tweaked so that even veteran or advanced players can enjoy a challenge as they progress further in their adventure with Dear My God Mod Apk. With rebalanced enemy stats matched more evenly against new player skills, everyone stays safe during story missions just like any other RPG out there too!

Dear My God Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Dear My God Mod Apk

• Go to a trusted source such as that offers mod APKs.

• Download the Dear My God Mod APK file on your device. 

• Make sure you have enabled app installation from unknown sources in your “Settings” menu, if not done already. 

• Locate and run the download using any File Manager app you prefer, such as ES File Explorer or Apple Music App for iOS devices and install it as any other .apk file would normally be installed in Android phones/tablets (just open the file once you’re done with downloading & confirm all permissions required so the system can install the application successfully). 

• Once installation is complete, start up your new version of Dear My God Mod Apk! Enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Check that the installed app is from a trusted source.

• Make sure you have enabled installation from unknown sources in your Settings menu. 

• Uninstall any current version of Dear My God Mod Apk before installing this mod APK, as multiple versions can conflict with each other and cause errors or crashes in-game! 

• Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements for playing this game (some older models may struggle due to modern graphics & animations). 

• Restart the phone after attempts at fixing issues did not succeed; sometimes it just takes the exact mechanism to improve things up a bit of honest fault ours here, haha.

Dear My God Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Dear My God Mod Apk offers stunning visuals with a unique art style similar to hand-painted murals fused with 3D models – perfect for keeping eyes glued during gameplay and cutscenes alike! You’ll also find beautiful backgrounds full of detail along every twist and turn that reminds us of the incredible journey ahead on our path to enlightenment.


In addition to the gorgeous visuals, Dear My God Mod Apk offers an enjoyable soundtrack with a mix of inspirational tunes and atmospheric tracks. From lighthearted pieces that keep us in a positive mood to more intense battle scenes – there is something here for everyone! Each level’s musical score matches up nicely with its own unique environment crafting memorable experiences and drawing out all the emotion from each stage’s story arcs during playthroughs too!


Dear My God Mod Apk is a beautiful game with engaging story arcs full of spiritual lessons and moral dilemmas. Players will face many different tasks and challenges during their journey while being rewarded for finding secrets that deepen our understanding of faith – making the connection between us all as well as towards higher beings even stronger! With stunning visuals, an enjoyable soundtrack, free premium choices (from the mod APK), plus various rewards for completion – this is definitely one game every believer should check out at least once!

Dear My God Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Dear My God Modded APK safe to download?

A1: Yes, it is safe as long as the source you obtain it from is trusted. It’s best to make sure your device has a good anti-virus program installed before downloading anything, and if possible double, checking with other sources would be prudent, too, just in case.

Q2: Are there In-App Purchases available within Dear My God Mod APK?

A2: No, all premium choices are free when playing the mod APK version of this game!

Q3: Is it necessary to have a rooted phone in order to use the Mod APK?

A3: No, root access is not required at all. All you need for a successful installation is to have allowed app downloads from unknown sources in your Settings menu. After that process, following the steps contained inside the guide should result in a smooth playing session falling back original state smartphone going, like in recent releases.

Q4: Are there extra modes or levels available in Dear My God Hack APK Free Download?

A4: Yes, absolutely! There are various extras featured within the mod version that add to your experience – ranging from all sorts of hidden characters and content to entirely new game modes.

Q5: Can I convert a saved file from the original Dear My God Hack Apk version into its modded counterpart?

A5: Technically speaking, yes, but it’s not recommended due to potential compatibility issues between them. It’s better just to start a fresh game on both versions separately as this should minimize any pesky bugs & glitches coming up during later stages if they happen together simultaneously at the same time, like when playing two games once upon a busy RAM-filled computer machine!!

Q6 What is the minimum Android OS requirement for playing this title?

A6 The minimum Android OS required for enjoying all features introduced in the latest patch 1.7 (aside device necessary to meet those requirements) would then be 4+ since the system does check specifications beforehand before updating the user correctly regardless of numerical value shown inside the ‘About Phone’ menu checking the correct manually could hugely beneficial towards guaranteed problem-free installment anyway.

Q7 Is there an iOS-compatible build of the Mod APK out yet?

A7 Unfortunately, no App Store-approved variant exists currently though players can find modified ones through jailbreaking devices if desired however risks damaging hardware irreparably fashion (we wouldn’t recommend doing so, obviously!). Anyway, even without a stated option, people luck baring minds warned about security concerns related to possible malicious code inside such modifying packages should proceed accordingly to suit their own risk.


• Always check that the source you are downloading from is trusted before installing any mod APK. 

• Uninstall any uninstallable versions of Dear My God Modded Apk Free Download before trying to install the Mod APK, as having multiple versions can cause problems. 

• Make sure your device meets the minimum OS requirements necessary for running it effectively; some older models may struggle due to modern graphics and animations getting added in recent updates! 

• Restarting the phone after fixing issues did not succeed will help too; sometimes a bit more precise work needs doing improve things (and honest fault ours here, haha).

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