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Dead Cells MOD 3.3.13 APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked DLC)

Dead Cells
App Name Dead Cells
Latest Version v.3.3.13
Last Updated
Publisher Playdigious
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Action Action
Size 1.1 GB
Mods Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked DLC
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4.7 Rating (659) Votes

4.7 Rating (659 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.
    • MOD MENU
    • All DLC purchased and installed
    • High Damage
    • Unlimited Money/control is available from the menu
    • Unlimited Cells/control is available from the menu
    • License check is disabled
    • All DLC Unlocked

Dead Cells MOD 3.3.13 APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlocked DLC)

Dead Cells is a roguevania action platformer developed by Motion Twin and released for Android in June 2020. The game combines fast-paced 2D combat with rogue-lite elements and Metroidvania-style exploration. Since its initial release on PC and consoles, Dead Cells has received widespread critical acclaim for its gameplay, art style, and overall polish. Let’s take an in-depth look at how the Android port holds up.

Dead Cells MOD


The core gameplay loop of Dead Cells involves exploring procedurally generated levels, defeating enemies, collecting weapons and items, and gradually unlocking access to new areas.


Combat in Dead Cells is extremely fast-paced and fluid. You play as a decapitated prisoner brought back to life who can inhabit corpses to fight their way out of a dungeon. The combat mechanics feel responsive with tight controls, allowing you to quickly slash, roll, and dodge your way through hordes of enemies.

There is a huge variety of melee weapons, ranged weapons, shields, traps, and spells to unlock, providing diverse combat options. You can carry two main weapons and two secondary items/spells at a time, leading to many possible build combinations. The combat emphasizes learning enemy patterns and timing your dodges and parries correctly. While challenging, it feels fair and is immensely satisfying once you get the hang of it.

Dead Cells MOD


In terms of progression, Dead Cells blends rogue-lite mechanics with Metroidvania-style exploration. While you lose all your cells (currency) and weapons upon death, you retain permanent upgrades and unlocked abilities. This allows you to gradually become more powerful across runs.

The levels themselves are procedurally generated, ensuring a different experience each time you play. Various branching paths also emerge, allowing you to choose your own route. Over time, you gain mobility upgrades like wall running, double jumps, and teleportation that open up new parts of the castle. This Metroidvania-style progression gives you incentives to continually re-explore areas.


The difficulty curve in Dead Cells is steep. The game is extremely challenging, especially when you first start out. You will likely die frequently, but each failed run still feels rewarding as you unlock more weapons and abilities for future attempts. The key is to learn enemy patterns, figure out powerful build synergies, and avoid getting hit as much as possible.

Once you unlock higher difficulty levels, the challenge ramps up exponentially. This provides hardcore players with even tougher gauntlets to run through. However, the difficulty never feels unfair, just demanding. Mastering the combat and progression systems takes patience and skill.

Roguevania Integration

Dead Cells excels at integrating rogue-lite and Metroidvania elements into a cohesive whole. Runs feel unique thanks to procedural generation while still retaining carefully crafted combat encounters and boss fights. The permanent progression system mitigates the frustration of losing everything upon death. And the mobility upgrades open up satisfying backtracking similar to classic Metroidvanias. Everything comes together to create an addictive and rewarding gameplay loop.

Dead Cells MOD (2)


The touchscreen controls are the main concern for any port from PC/console to mobile. Overall, Dead Cells’ controls translate well, with some caveats.


You have many options for customizing the touchscreen controls to your preference. You can enable a floating virtual joystick and buttons in various positions. There are also swipe gestures for dodging and configurable touch zones.

Auto Hit

Helpfully, you can turn on an “auto hit” mode that automatically attacks enemies near you. This alleviates the need for repetitive tapping and makes the controls more manageable.


However, even with customization, touchscreen controls don’t feel as precise as a gamepad. The virtual joystick in particular can be finicky, making platforming and dodging more frustrating. Double jumps occasionally fail to register properly. These issues take practice to overcome.

External Controllers

Using an external controller like the Razer Kishi improves the experience and precision considerably. This allows the game to control similarly to the console and PC versions. Touchscreen controls are serviceable but external controllers are highly recommended for the best experience.

Dead Cells MOD (3)

Visuals and Audio

Pixel Art Style

The 2D pixel art visuals in Dead Cells Mod Apk are simply gorgeous, brimming with detail and fluid animations. The gloomy gothic castle setting comes to life through the vivid pixel art aesthetic. Combat looks and feels visceral thanks to great sound effects and visual feedback when striking enemies. Each area has its own distinct look and ambiance despite the procedural generation. Overall, Dead Cells nails its visual presentation.


In terms of performance, Dead Cells runs smoothly on high-end Android devices. I tested it on a Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and experienced flawless 60 FPS gameplay. There are occasionally framerate dips on lower-end devices, but the game remains playable. The visuals retain their crispness even when played on a phone screen. Dead Cells’ pixel art scales down well and the action still feels fast and fluid.

Audio Design

The audio design is another standout element. The soundtrack dynamically shifts between ambient tracks during exploration to driving beats during combat. The musical cues add to the atmosphere whether you’re creeping through prisoner quarters or battling a boss. Sound effects like sword clashes and enemy growls add visceral punch to the combat. Overall, the audio and visual presentation creates an engrossing backdrop for the fast-paced gameplay.

Dead Cells MOD (4)

Android Port Differences

Compared to the PC and console versions, the Android port does not have any additional content yet. The base game is intact with the full story campaign and randomly generated daily dungeons. However, the DLC packs like The Bad Seed have not been added. The developers have stated plans to eventually update the mobile version with all the same post-launch content.

In the meantime, you still get the core Dead Cells Hack Apk experience. The game includes touchscreen control optimizations not present in other versions. And it remains under active development, with multiple updates since launch to fix bugs and add quality of life improvements.



  • Extremely fluid, responsive combat that’s satisfying to master
  • Huge variety of unlockable weapons and abilities provide diverse playstyles
  • Beautiful pixel art visuals with a gothic, grotesque aesthetic
  • Dynamic, driving soundtrack complements the action perfectly
  • Rogue-lite and Metroidvania elements combine for an addictive loop
  • Tons of replay value thanks to procedural generation and unlockables


  • Touchscreen controls not as precise as a gamepad
  • Steep initial difficulty curve can be frustrating
  • Currently missing DLC content from PC/console versions
  • Occasional performance dips on low-end devices

Overall, Dead Cells is a stellar action platformer that translates well to mobile devices. The Android port successfully captures the frantic combat, rewarding progression, and striking artistic style that has made Dead Cells so beloved. It remains a must-play for any fan of fluid combat, pixel art, or the rogue-lite genre. While the omission of DLC content is disappointing for now, the core Dead Cells experience remains amazingly polished and enjoyable on Android. This is a game that’s easy to recommend to any player looking for a challenging, kinetic, and visually splendid time.

Dead Cells Weapons Guide

Dead Cells features an extensive arsenal of melee weapons, ranged weapons, shields, and spells to unlock. Here’s an overview of some of the most notable gear you can acquire in the game:

Melee Weapons

Broad Sword

A balanced starting sword that offers good damage and speed. Easy to use for beginners.


Fast, narrow sword ideal for quickly stringing together combos. Lower base damage but quick attack speed.

Seismic Strike

Heavy, slow sword that deals massive damage and can penetrate armor. Stuns enemies.

Cursed Sword

Glass cannon sword that inflicts critical hits but reduces your max health on use. High risk, high reward.

Symmetrical Lance

Spear with long reach that allows attacking enemies from a safer distance. Can strike in wide arcs.


A shard of flint lashed to a hilt. Short range but quick and can inflict bleeding damage over time.

Spite Sword

Floating magical sword that attacks enemies autonomously. Frees you up to use other weapons and spells.

Dead Cells MOD (5)

Ranged Weapons

Bows (Multiple Variants)

Allow sniping enemies from afar. Some bows have special effects like poisoning foes.

Ice Bow

Fires arrows that freeze enemies, preventing movement and attacks briefly. Excellent for crowd control.

Fire Brands

Short-range thrown weapons engulfed in flames. Bounces between close targets and causes burning damage.

Hokuto’s Bow

Marked enemies take extra damage from all sources. Great for focusing down tough targets.

Quick Bow

Fires a rapid barrage of arrows in a spread. High DPS at close range but harder to aim precisely.

Alchemic Carbine

Fires acid puddles that deal damage over time. Can be used strategically to create traps.



A basic wooden shield that blocks attacks in front of you. Useful for absorbing hits while you counterattack.


Spiked shield that damages enemies when you parry their attacks. Riskier but deals additional damage.

Thunder Shield

Emits a shockwave on parry, stunning enemies. Excellent for crowd control and creating openings.


A shield fused to a mace that allows bashing enemies. Deals significant damage but leaves you vulnerable.

Bloodthirsty Shield

Heals you based on damage blocked but prevents healing from other sources. Rewards perfect parrying.


Not technically a shield but illuminates dark areas and sets enemies ablaze. Also can melt ice platforms.

Spells & Powers


Lobs an explosive grenade that damages enemies in an area. Useful for softening up groups before engaging.

Sinew Slicer

Charges up and fires crescent projectiles through enemies. Can hit several targets in a line.

Death Orb

Floating skull familiar that attacks enemies autonomously with laser eyes.


Deploys a turret that continually attacks nearby foes. Helpful for dealing passive damage as you fight.

Wave of Denial

Creates a burst of energy that knocks back enemies. Allows breathing room if overwhelmed.

Lacerating Aura

Surrounds you with spinning blades that damage enemies in melee range. Boosts your offense and defense.


Temporarily makes you invisible to sneak past enemies undetected. Useful for scouting or escaping dangerous situations.

Dead Cells Mobs Guide

Dead Cells contains a diverse bestiary of enemies that you will battle through the island. Here’s an overview of some notable foes:

Melee Enemies


Basic shambling zombie that slowly approaches and strikes. Easy to dispatch but can overwhelm in groups.

Shield Bearer

Slow armored enemy that blocks frontal attacks. Strike from behind or use skills to break their guard.


Unarmored zombie that rushes at you quickly. Very aggressive but low health.

Kamikaze Bat

Flying enemy that dive bombs you and explodes on contact. Quickly evade the telegraphed dive attack.

  • - Added Polish and Spanish LATAM localizations - Fixed slider behaviors with touch on the Options screen - Fixed crash when dying with Alucard skin while using japanese language - Restored language selection menu in the options - Added a dedicated option for Auto-heal within the Assist Mode - Minor fixes of UI, audio and localization issues
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