ActionDead by Daylight Mobile Mod Apk 1.245033.245033 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod Apk 1.245033.245033 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod Apk 1.245033.245033 (Hack, Unlimited Money)
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3.5 Rating (460 Votes )
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Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod Apk 1.245033.245033 (Hack, Unlimited Money)


Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. The game pits four survivors against one killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Survivors must work together to repair generators and open exit gates to escape, while the killer hunts them down to sacrifice them to the mysterious Entity. With its tense gameplay, terrifying killers, and variety of playable survivors, Dead by Daylight has become a popular horror game since its release in 2016. This article will provide a comprehensive review of Dead by Daylight’s key features, gameplay, and mechanics.

Dead By Daylight Mod Apk


Dead by Daylight gameplay involves two sides with opposing objectives:


  • There are currently 29 survivors to choose from, each with their own backstories and unlockable perks. Popular survivors include Dwight, Meg, Claudette, Jake, Nea, and Feng Min.
  • The main objective as a survivor is to repair 5 generators scattered across the map in order to power up 2 exit gates.
  • Survivors must evade the killer, rescue teammates from hooks, and survive long enough to escape. Teamwork is key.
  • Survivors have third-person perspective during gameplay.
  • They can walk, run, crouch, repair generators, heal allies, sabotage hooks, vault through windows, hide in lockers, and more.


  • There are currently 26 killers, ranging from iconic horror villains like Michael Myers to disturbing original creations like The Nurse.
  • The objective as a killer is to hunt, injure, hook, and ultimately sacrifice all 4 survivors before they can escape.
  • Killers have first-person perspective during gameplay.
  • Each killer has a unique power and 3 teachable perks that provide abilities to aid in hunting survivors.
  • Killers can damage generators, smash barricades, lay traps, and mori (kill) survivors once they are hooked twice.

Matches are tense and thrilling as survivors desperately attempt to evade the killer and escape the nightmarish realm.

Dead By Daylight Mod Apk


Dead by Daylight incorporates various gameplay mechanics that influence the dynamic between survivors and killers.

Health States

  • Survivors have 2 health states: healthy and injured.
  • Healthy survivors can take 1 hit before becoming injured.
  • Injured survivors go down after 1 more hit into the dying state.
  • Injured survivors suffer from impaired movement but can recover with medkits or another survivor’s healing.


  • When a survivor is spotted, the killer will pursue them in a chase to try and down them.
  • Skilled survivors can use obstacles and perks to extend chases and waste the killer’s time.
  • Bloodlust builds up during long chases, granting the killer a speed boost if they are unable to catch a survivor quickly.

Hook States

  • When downed, survivors are carried to a hook where they enter the first hook state.
  • Hooked survivors can attempt escape, be freed by allies, or eventually progress to struggle phase.
  • Being hooked again results in the second hook state.
  • Survivors lose a health state when unhooked from second hook state.
  • The third and final hook sacrifice the survivor to the Entity.

Hatch Standoffs

  • The hatch spawns when only 1 survivor remains in a trial. It provides an alternate escape.
  • However, the hatch opening alerts the killer, resulting in tense standoffs where the survivor tries to find the hatch before the killer closes it.


  • Totems are objects that can be cleansed by survivors to counter certain killer perks and hexes.
  • Cleansing dull totems also gains points, but has no direct effect on the killer.
  • The Devour Hope and Hex: No One Escapes Death perks are tied to hex totems that can be cleansed.

Dead By Daylight Mod Apk

Playable Characters

Dead by Daylight boasts a diverse cast of survivors and killers to choose from, each with their own backgrounds and abilities.


There are currently 29 playable survivors in Dead by Daylight:

Name Description Perks
Dwight Fairfield Nervous leader Prove Thyself, Bond, Leader
Meg Thomas Athletic student Quick & Quiet, Sprint Burst, Adrenaline
Claudette Morel Medicinal botanist Empathy, Botany Knowledge, Self-Care
Jake Park Stoic survivalist Iron Will, Calm Spirit, Saboteur
Nea Karlsson Rebellious street artist Balanced Landing, Urban Evasion, Streetwise
Laurie Strode Survivor of Michael Myers Sole Survivor, Object of Obsession, Decisive Strike
Bill Overbeck Vietnam veteran Left Behind, Borrowed Time, Unbreakable
Feng Min Competitive gamer Technician, Alert, Lithe
David King Rough brawler Dead Hard, We’re Gonna Live Forever, No Mither
Quentin Smith Insomniac student Pharmacy, Vigil, Wake Up!
Detective Tapp Grizzled detective Stake Out, Tenacity, Detective’s Hunch
Kate Denson Aspiring country singer Windows of Opportunity, Dance With Me, Boil Over
Adam Francis Introspective teacher Diversion, Deliverance, Autodidact
Jeff Johansen Artist and humanitarian Breakdown, Aftercare, Distortion
Jane Romero Investigative journalist Solidarity, Poised, Head On
Ash Williams Wise-cracking demon hunter Flip-Flop, Buckle Up, Mettle of Man
Nancy Wheeler Quick-witted teenager Better Together, Fixated, Inner Strength
Steve Harrington Former high school jock Babysitter, Camaraderie, Second Wind
Yui Kimura Rebellious biker Breakout, Any Means Necessary, Lucky Break
Zarina Kassir Documentary filmmaker Red Herring, For the People, Off the Record
Cheryl Mason Occult investigator Soul Guard, Blood Pact, Repressed Alliance
Élodie Rakoto Appraiser and heiress Power Struggle, Appraisal, Deception
Yun-Jin Lee Ambitious producer Fast Track, Smash Hit, Self-Preservation
Jill Valentine Elite officer Counterforce, Blast Mine, Resurgence
Leon S. Kennedy Rookie cop Bite the Bullet, Flashbang, Rookie Spirit
Mikaela Reid Tech expert and thief Boon: Circle of Healing, Visionary, Boon: Shadow Step
Jonah Vasquez Motivational speaker Overcome, Built to Last, Corrective Action


There are currently 26 playable killers, each with their own twisted backgrounds:

Name Description Power Perks
The Trapper Vengeful hunter Bear traps Unnerving Presence, Brutal Strength, Agitation
The Wraith Demon of vengeance Invisibility and speed Predator, Bloodhound, Shadowborn
The Hillbilly Deformed killer Chainsaw sprint Lightborn, Tinkerer, Enduring
The Nurse Tortured mental patient Blinking teleportation Stridor, Thanatophobia, A Nurse’s Calling
The Shape Pure evil Stalking and exposed status Save the Best for Last, Play with Your Food, Dying Light
The Hag Swamp witch Phantasm traps Hex: Ruin, Hex: The Third Seal, Hex: Devour Hope
The Doctor Mad scientist Static blast and hallucinations Overcharge, Monitor & Abuse, Overwhelming Presence
The Huntress Isolated killer Hunting hatchets Hex: Huntress Lullaby, Territorial Imperative, Beast of Prey
The Cannibal Deranged chainsaw killer Tantrum sprint Knock Out, Barbecue & Chili, Franklin’s Demise
The Nightmare Dream demon Dream projection and snares Fire Up, Remember Me, Blood Warden
The Pig Demented disciple Jigsaw traps and ambush Hangman’s Trick, Surveillance, Make Your Choice
The Clown Creepy performer Hindering gas Bamboozle, Coulrophobia, Pop Goes the Weasel
The Spirit Vengeful ghost Phasing Rancor, Spirit Fury, Haunted Ground
The Legion Teenage hoodlums Feral frenzy stabs Discordance, Mad Grit, Iron Maiden
The Plague Devout priestess Infectious vomit Corrupt Intervention, Infectious Fright, Dark Devotion
The Ghost Face Serial killer Stalking and exposed status I’m All Ears, Thrilling Tremors, Furtive Chase
The Demogorgon Otherworldly beast Shred and portals Surge, Cruel Limits, Mindbreaker
The Oni Vengeful samurai Demon dash and power Zanshin Tactics, Nemesis, Blood Echo
The Deathslinger Bounty hunter Redeemer gun and spear Gearhead, Dead Man’s Switch, Hex: Retribution
The Executioner Sadistic enforcer Rites of Judgement and trail of torment Forced Penance, Trail of Torment, Deathbound
The Blight Alchemist Lethal rush Hex: Undying, Dragon’s Grip, Hex: Blood Favor
The Twins Conjoined siblings Possession and pounce Oppression, Coup de Grâce, Hoarder
The Trickster Deranged K-pop star Throwing knives Starstruck, Hex: Crowd Control, No Way Out
The Nemesis Bio-weapon Zombie control and mutation Hysteria, Eruption, Lethal Pursuer
The Cenobite Extradimensional torturer Lament Configuration and chains Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain, Deadlock, Hex: Plaything
The Dredge The darkness within Teleportation and nightfall Darkness Revealed, Overcharge, Dissolution

Dead By Daylight Mod Apk

Progression and Customization

Dead by Daylight offers deep progression systems for both killers and survivors. Players can unlock new perks, addons, items, and cosmetics to customize their gameplay experience.

  • By gaining XP and Bloodpoints during matches, players can invest in their characters’ Bloodwebs to unlock upgrades.
  • Prestiging a character (reaching Level 50) will reset their level, but grant a special cosmetic reward each time.
  • Players can unlock new Teachable Perks by leveling characters, making their perks available to others.
  • Outfits, accessories, and weapon/item skins can be purchased in the Store with two currencies: Iridescent Shards earned through playtime or Auric Cells bought with real money.
  • The Shrine of Secrets rotates new perks for purchase with Iridescent Shards weekly.

This progression system allows players to continually upgrade their characters, try out new builds, and show off their style with cosmetics.

Dead By Daylight Mod Apk

Game Modes

Dead by Daylight primarily focuses on its 4v1 survival horror gameplay, but also features limited-time events and custom game modes:

  • The core Trials match survivors against killers in a deadly game of cat and mouse.
  • Custom Games allow players to tweak settings and play with friends locally.
  • Survive With Friends lets survivors group up publicly for trials.
  • Kill Your Friends is a casual mode for killers to hunt friends.
  • Special Events introduce new objectives, rules, and cosmetics for a limited time.
  • Examples include The Hallowed Blight, Lunar New Year, and Summer BBQ events.

While focused on its core experience, these rotating events help keep gameplay feeling fresh.

Dead By Daylight Mod Apk


Dead by Daylight currently has 21 maps for trials, each with a unique theme and layout: Dead by Daylight Map

  • 14 Realms based on the original killers like the MacMillan Estate and Coldwind Farm.
  • 7 Realms from licensed chapters including Haddonfield and the Raccoon City Police Station.
  • Certain realms have map-specific features like the saloon in Dead Dawg Saloon or the mines in Shelter Woods.
  • Every trial randomizes map generation, pallet/window placement, and hex totem spawns to keep each match feeling fresh.

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