ActionDark Days Mod Apk 2.0.4 (Hack, Free Crafting)

Dark Days Mod Apk 2.0.4 (Hack, Free Crafting)

Dark Days Mod Apk 2.0.4 (Hack, Free Crafting)
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3.5 Rating (782 Votes )
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Dark Days Mod Apk 2.0.4 (Hack, Free Crafting)

Dark Days Mod Apk
MOD Features Free Crafting
Category Games
Size 23 MB
Version 2.0.4
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Dark Days Mod Apk Free Download

Welcome to Dark Days: Zombie Survival! In this game, you can fight your way through an apocalyptic world full of zombies to survive. You must scavenge for food and supplies while fending off hordes of undead enemies who threaten your life at every turn. Do whatever it takes to stay alive; make alliances with other survivors or go solo as you attempt the ultimate goal—survival! Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Corecraft Mod Apk

Dark Days Mod Apk

The Repercussions of That World’s Epidemic

The world has been ravaged by a zombie epidemic, leaving the survivors desperate. Resources are scarce, and danger lurks around every corner. The economy is crumbling as society struggles to adapt to this new way of life; food shortages cause famine, while crime runs rampant with no reliable law enforcement or government control. Humanity’s only hope lies within each survivor’s ability to survive and rebuild their lives after the apocalypse!

Zombies Becoming Visible

The zombie plague has spread rapidly, leaving many cities and towns in ruins. Zombies can be seen everywhere, shambling aimlessly through the streets or lurking around abandoned buildings looking for prey. It is up to you as a survivor to avoid these creatures at all costs if you want any hope of survival! The undead are relentless and will stop at nothing to feed on the living. Take caution when travelling around town or exploring new locations—it only takes one bite for a zombie to take control of your fate!

Hope is dead.

Hope is all that remains in this dark and dangerous world. As a survivor, you must be relentless in your pursuit of survival; scavenge for food and supplies wherever possible to stay alive while also ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you! Don’t let fear or desperation stop you from striving towards something better—even if it sometimes seems impossible. Together, we can make it through these dark days.

Dark Days Mod Apk

Construct a military base.

Constructing a military base to increase your chances of survival is wise. This will be your haven in the zombie apocalypse; build walls and fortify them with traps or turrets for additional protection against intruders. Gather allies and recruit new members into your camp so that you can work together towards common goals, such as scavenging for supplies or fighting off hordes of zombies! With sufficient resources, there may be enough left over to rebuild society.

Gather helpful resources

In this zombie-infested world, resources are scarce and hard to come by. To survive, you must scavenge for weapons, food, medical supplies, and other essential items wherever possible. Search abandoned buildings or raid enemy camps if necessary—any useful objects you find can mean the difference between life and death! Always stay alert as danger lurks around every corner—never let your guard down when searching for valuable goods in a post-apocalyptic environment!

Machining Weapons

In this zombie-ridden world, weapons are essential for survival. You must learn to craft and upgrade your items to stay alive against the hordes of undead enemies that threaten you at every turn! Gather materials such as wood or metal from abandoned buildings, then head back to base where you can use tools like hammers and saws to construct powerful melee weapons or build a makeshift forge so that you can smelt ore into steel—the possibilities are endless when it comes to machining lethal arms!

What is the Dark Days Mod Apk?

Dark Days Mod Apk is a modified version of the original game that allows players to enjoy more features and content than what’s available in the regular edition. With this mod apk, you can unlock new weapons, items, characters, levels and cheats like unlimited health or ammo. This makes it easier for gamers to progress through the game without grinding endlessly for resources or relying on tedious luck-based elements! If you want an even greater zombie survival experience, Dark Days Mod Apk is right!

Dark Days Mod Apk

Features of the Dark Days Mod Apk

Free Crafting

Craft powerful weapons and items without the need to spend resources.

Unlimited Ammo

Never run out of ammo again with this mod apk!

Invincibility Cheat

Become invincible for unlimited time in-game, giving you more time to scavenge or fight off hordes of undead enemies!

Unlock all weapons and items.

Access all available weaponry and items from the start—no grinding necessary!

Unlimited Health Points and Stamina

Keep yourself alive with infinite health points; never run out of energy when fighting zombies or completing tough challenges again!

Highly Optimized Graphics Settings

Experience stunning visuals even on low-end devices thanks to its advanced optimization technology.

Bonus Content Included

Get extra rewards such as bonus characters, levels, skins, etc.

Dark Days Mod Apk

How to Download and Install Dark Days Mod Apk

1. Download the Dark Days Mod Apk file from a trusted website or source.

2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your device settings if you haven’t already done so before installing third-party apps and games; this will allow installation of applications on your Android phone or tablet.

Install the downloaded apk file by opening it and tapping “Install”.

4 Open the game once installed, sign into any account (if required), and enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

If you are having issues during installation, make sure to check the following:

1. Check that your device meets the minimum requirements for running Dark Days Mod Apk; if not, try downloading an older game version from a trusted source.

2. Check “Unknown Sources” is enabled in your Android phone or tablet settings as described above before attempting to install applications.

Verify file integrity by scanning with anti-virus software such as Malwarebytes or Avast! If any malicious content is detected, delete it immediately and don’t proceed with further steps until this issue is resolved first.

Visual and sound quality


Dark Days Mod Apk includes highly detailed 3D graphics and realistic environments, allowing players to experience the horror of an apocalyptic zombie world like never before. The game also features various special effects, such as dynamic lighting and shadows, further enhancing its visuals.


Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic universe even more with a high-quality soundtrack featuring atmospheric music that intensifies during battle scenes or mysterious soundscapes for exploring abandoned sites—perfect for adding tension and suspense to your playthroughs!

Dark Days Mod Apk


Dark Days Mod Apk is a great way to enjoy the zombie survival game, with more features and content than ever before. With its free crafting system, unlimited ammo cheat, and invincibility feature, you’ll always have ways to fight off your undead enemies! Plus, all the bonus items in this mod apk make it even easier for gamers to progress through levels. Stunning graphics and music further add immersion to each playthrough. It’s worth checking out if you want an enhanced experience of one of today’s most popular apocalyptic games!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Dark Days Modded Apk safe to use?

A1: Yes, it is a legitimate mod apk that has been downloaded and used by many players without any issues. We recommend scanning the file with anti-virus software such as Malwarebytes before installation, just in case malicious files are included!

Q2: Can I play this game offline?

A2: Unfortunately, an internet connection is not required for playing Dark Days Hack Apk.

Q3: Does this mod have unlimited money and resources available?

A3: No, although you can craft weapons and items free of charge using the “free crafting” feature mentioned above (as well as unlocking all other content).

Q4: Are there rewards or bonus contents that come with playing through the dark days at first?

A4.: Absolutely! You’ll get access to exclusive characters, levels, and skins if you complete certain achievements throughout your playthroughs within the zombie apocalypse world.

Q5: Is there a way to save my progress when playing?

A5: Yes, manual and auto-save options are available, allowing you the freedom of choice depending on your preferred playstyle.


• Dark Days Modded Apk is a modified version of the original game that allows players to enjoy more features and content than what’s available in the regular edition.

• This mod includes cheats such as invincibility, free crafting, and unlimited ammo, allowing gamers an easier progression through levels without needing to grind endlessly for resources or rely on luck!

• With advanced 3D graphics and atmospheric music/soundscapes, you can experience this post-apocalyptic zombie universe like never before.

• Plus, bonus items are up for grabs if you complete certain achievements throughout your playthroughs, giving you even more motivation to survive against all odds!

• Finally, it also supports manual and auto-save options so that progress won’t be lost when playing away from home—perfect freedom of choice depending on player preference!

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