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Crowd Evolution MOD 54.0.0 APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Items)

Crowd Evolution!
App Name Crowd Evolution!
Latest Version v.54.0.0
Last Updated
Publisher Rollic Games
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 158 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Items
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2.7 Rating (88) Votes

2.7 Rating (88 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Grow & evolve your crowd!
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Crowd Evolution MOD 54.0.0 APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All Items)


Crowd Evolution! is a fun and addictive mobile game developed by Rollic Games for iOS and Android devices. The game combines simple yet strategic gameplay with an interesting concept of evolving a crowd through different historical eras.

In Crowd Evolution!, the player guides a crowd of people along a path, helping them evolve across centuries by utilizing portals. The core objective is to increase the size and power of your crowd by navigating them through various obstacles and enemies.

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With its appealing graphics, intuitive controls, and engaging progression system, Crowd Evolution! makes for an enjoyable casual gaming experience. This in-depth review will examine the key aspects of the game.


The gameplay mechanics of Crowd Evolution! are simple yet satisfying. Each level presents a side-scrolling path filled with obstacles, enemies, and portals.

To play, the user slides their finger across the screen to move the crowd. Tapping on the screen makes them jump. The objective is to guide the crowd to the end of the path while overcoming challenges along the way.

Gameplay Elements

  • Portals – These allow the player to progress through historical eras, advancing their crowd’s weapons and attire. Portals multiply the size of the crowd.
  • Obstacles – Blockades, trenches, and other impediments must be navigated around. Some temporarily split the crowd.
  • Enemies – Dangerous foes like enemy crowds, wild beasts, and bandits must be defeated, often by jumping on them.
  • Power-ups – Temporary boosts like increased speed and jump height help overcome challenges.

The short, arcade-style levels make for quick and engaging gameplay sessions. While simple at first, the challenges ramp up quickly, demanding strategic portal usage and crowd maneuvering to succeed.

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Crowd Evolution Mod Apk! features steady progression in the form of an evolving crowd and increasing era spans.


The game contains a number of distinct eras, each with their own aesthetic. Starting in the Stone Age, the player progresses through Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, World Wars, and more.

Advancing to new eras strengthens the crowd. For example, their sticks and stones in the Stone Age transform to bows and arrows, then guns and cannons.


The player can spend coins earned through gameplay to upgrade various stats:

  • Strength – Increases damage against enemies
  • Health – Bolsters defense against attacks
  • Speed – Makes the crowd move faster
  • Jump – Improves jumping height over obstacles

Upgrading these core stats gradually empowers the crowd, allowing them to take on tougher challenges.


By completing levels, the player gains prestige. This prestige unlocks additional era portals and new levels to progress through.

The steady drip of new eras, upgrades, and levels provides a compelling sense of progression. There’s always something to work towards.

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Graphics & Audio

Crowd Evolution! utilizes 3D visuals and animations to bring its evolving world to life. The graphics are smooth, colorful, and visually engaging.

The crowds and environments contain small animated details that make everything feel alive. Effects like smoke and explosions add flair during intense moments. It’s impressive how much visual variety is packed into the side-scrolling levels.

The audio mainly consists of upbeat background music that fits the fast-paced action. While basic, the music complements the gameplay well without becoming grating or repetitive.

Overall, the graphics and audio combine to create a polished, cohesive experience. The visuals do an excellent job of realizing the appeal of evolving through different historical periods.


The touchscreen controls are intuitive and responsive. As mentioned earlier, the player simply swipes to move the crowd and taps to jump over obstacles.

Buttons in the lower right corner activate character upgrades and special abilities once unlocked. Controls for these extra skills are straightforward – single taps or swipes to trigger them.

The simple and accurate controls make it easy to maneuver the crowd around hazards with precision. Crowd Evolution! truly shines as a mobile game thanks to its smart utilization of touch-based inputs.

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Game Modes

Crowd Evolution! offers several game modes with different objectives:

  • Adventure – The main mode featuring over 1000 levels across evolving eras. This is where players spend most of their time.
  • Arena – Special survival levels focused on battling waves of enemies. Good for earning coins.
  • Challenge – Limited-time levels that test specific skills like speed and jumping.
  • Zen – Relaxing, endless runner-style levels with soothing music and visuals.

While Adventure mode makes up the bulk of the game, the extra modes provide a nice change of pace. Modes like Arena and Challenge also let players hone their skills and earn more rewards.


As a free-to-play mobile title, Crowd Evolution! is monetized through optional in-app purchases and advertising. However, neither of these aspects feel overly aggressive or intrusive.


Short 5-15 second video ads appear between levels. The player can optionally view longer 30 second ads to obtain power-ups and bonuses. While ads are frequent, they don’t disrupt the core gameplay.

A single $2.99 IAP removes all ads, which is quite reasonable compared to similar titles. This is a worthy purchase for players who don’t wish to view ads.


Various packs are available containing coins, upgrades, and boosts. However, these are not at all necessary to progress or succeed in the game.

Coins and upgrades can be earned at a fair rate simply by playing. The IAPs mainly serve to speed up progression slightly, rather than locking away essential content.

Overall, the monetization strikes a fair balance between profit and player experience. Those wanting to support the developers can make small purchases, while everyone else can enjoy the full game for free.

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Replay Value

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk! offers impressive replay value for a mobile title thanks to its evolving gameplay and staggering amount of content.

Near-Endless Progression

With over 1000 Adventure levels and more being added, it takes dozens of hours to reach the end. There’s always a new era, upgrade, or challenge to work towards.


The different eras, enemies, and hazards keep things fresh and varied across the many levels. Plus, the extra modes like Arena and Challenge provide unique experiences separate from the main Adventure.

Daily Challenges

Special limited-time levels that change each day give players a reason to return daily. These challenges offer rewards and leaderboard competition.


Once players reach the end, they can prestige and restart with boosted stats and tougher challenges. This essentially doubles the content.

Between the vast Adventure mode and changing daily levels, Crowd Evolution! offers ridiculous amounts of content for a mobile game. There’s more than enough here to keep players engaged for the long haul.


Crowd Evolution! executes its unique premise very well, resulting in a highly addictive and entertaining mobile experience.

The Good

  • Simple and strategic arcade gameplay
  • Engaging progression through historical eras
  • Impressive amount of content and replay value
  • Appealing graphics and animations
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Fair free-to-play monetization

The Bad

  • Audio is basic with no sound effects
  • Occasional stability issues on older devices
  • Later eras can get visually busy

Minor flaws aside, Crowd Evolution! succeeds as an addictive casual game with plenty of depth and progression to keep players coming back. Evolving and empowering your crowd through history remains satisfying even after hours of play.

Fans of arcade-style mobile games should absolutely give Crowd Evolution! a try. With approachable gameplay, fun progression, and historical appeal, it’s easy to see why this game has become so popular.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crowd Evolution! free to play?

Yes, Crowd Evolution! is a free-to-play mobile game containing optional in-app purchases. All content can be accessed for free.

How many levels are there?

There are over 1000 Adventure levels, with more being added in updates. Hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Does it require internet connection?

No, Crowd Evolution! can be played fully offline once downloaded. An internet connection is only needed to download updates.

Can I remove the ads?

Yes, you can pay a one-time $2.99 IAP to remove all ads from the game.

Is there a story/campaign?

No, Crowd Evolution! does not contain a story or campaign. The focus is purely on arcade-style survival gameplay across evolving eras.

Can I play Crowd Evolution! on PC?

Officially the game is only available on iOS and Android. However, it can be played on PC using an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

How much storage space does it require?

Crowd Evolution! requires approximately 150MB of free storage space on mobile devices. Additional space will be needed for future updates.

Does it support controllers?

No, Crowd Evolution! requires touchscreen controls and does not natively support controllers.

Is there multiplayer or online features?

No, Crowd Evolution! is a purely single-player offline experience. No multiplayer or online connectivity is offered.

Final Summary

  • Crowd Evolution! is an addictive arcade-style mobile game combining simple gameplay with deep progression across historical eras.
  • Players guide a crowd of people through side-scrolling survival levels, helping them evolve with new weapons and power-ups.
  • With over 1000 levels, prestige mode, multiple game modes, and daily challenges, Crowd Evolution! offers tremendous replay value.
  • The gameplay is easy to pick up but challenging to master thanks to strategic crowd maneuvering and portal usage.
  • Visually polished 3D graphics and responsive touch controls make this a great game for iOS and Android devices.
  • Optional IAPs and ads are present but do not detract much from the overall experience.
  • Fans of casual arcade games should definitely give Crowd Evolution! a try thanks to its fun concept, progression, and ridiculous amounts of content.

  • What’s the best update a game can have? More levels, of course! Enjoy our freshly added new levels that boost your in-game experience!
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