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Cooking Madness MOD 2.6.2 APK (Unlimited Diamonds and Money)

Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game
App Name Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game
Latest Version v.2.6.2
Last Updated
Publisher ZenLife Games Ltd
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 196 MB
Mods Unlimited Diamonds and Money
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4.7 Rating (627) Votes

4.7 Rating (627 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Cooking Madness brings out your inner crazy chef in this cool restaurant game!
    • Unlimited Diamonds
    • Unlimited Money
    • Ads-Free

Cooking Madness MOD 2.6.2 APK (Unlimited Diamonds and Money)


Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Game is a popular time-management and restaurant simulation game for Android devices. Developed by Cooking Games Studio, the game allows players to experience the chaos and excitement of running their own restaurant kitchens.

In this extensive review, we will cover key aspects of Cooking Madness’s gameplay, graphics, features, difficulty level, and in-app purchases. Whether you are considering downloading the game or are just curious to learn more, this article explores what makes Cooking Madness so addictively fun.

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The core gameplay loop of Cooking Madness involves quickly preparing meals to serve to impatient customers before time runs out. As a chef, you start by selecting customer orders, gathering necessary ingredients, cooking the dishes on stoves and in ovens, and finally serving completed meals to customers.

Each level packs in a stream of customers with orders getting progressively more complex. Juggling multiple dishes cooking simultaneously while new orders roll in induces the signature cooking madness. Success requires swift multitasking abilities.

The gameplay strikes an enjoyable balance between simplicity and challenge. Tapping interactions keep the cooking process approachable while testing your concentration under pressure.

Some additional gameplay elements that spice things up:

Bonus Objectives – Optional goals like serving a certain number of customers or avoiding burning dishes. Complete them to earn extra tips.

Power-Ups – One-time boosts ranging from freezing timers to instantly cooking dishes. Strategic use is key to achieving high scores.

Restaurant Upgrades – Spend earned cash improving appliances to increase cooking speed and capacity.

The combination of accessible core mechanics with engaging supplementary systems makes the gameplay almost infinitely replayable.

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Cooking Madness Mod Apk uses a cartoony 2D art style with vibrant colors that translates well to mobile. The visuals have a certain charm and whimsy to them that fits the lighthearted atmosphere.

Kitchen environments have detailed animations, from realistic boiling pots to comical facial expressions on customers. Visual gags like serving anthropomorphic hot dogs add to the humor. The dynamic visual feedback makes progress satisfying to watch.

From leafy salad garnishes to oozing cheese pizzas, dishes appear delectably appetizing. One may even feel hungry looking at the culinary creations.

While not the most advanced graphics, the visual presentation enhances the gameplay with eye-catching and fluid animations.


For a mobile game, Cooking Madness contains impressive depth and variety:

100+ Levels – Spanning 5 unique restaurants, each with multiple stages.

400+ Dishes – Fun recipes like sushi, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, and pasta.

Game Modes – Classic stages, endless survival levels, and challenging limited ingredient modes.

Holiday Events – Special monthly events with holiday-themed restaurants and dishes.

Restaurant Decor – Customizable furniture and backgrounds for your restaurants.

Achievements & Leaderboards – Trophies to earn and leaderboards to climb.

The wealth of content caters to both casual and hardcore players. You can play in short bursts or dive deep into complex challenges and progression systems. There is always a new goal or milestone to achieve thanks to excellent content variety.

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A hallmark of great casual games is accessible early levels that gradually ramp up in difficulty. Cooking Madness executes this skillfully by slowly introducing new mechanics while giving players time to familiarize themselves initially.

Early on, customers have simple orders and the timers are relaxed. Around level 20, the kitchen gets busier with more appliance types and dishes to juggle simultaneously. Strategies that worked early on suddenly become inadequate as the chaos intensifies.

The learning curve never feels punishing though – losing just means replaying levels to improve your technique. With practice, previously daunting stages become totally manageable.

Late-game and expert levels offer steep challenges for seasoned players, especially modes with limited lives or ingredients. Completionists will be playing for dozens of hours aiming for 100% completion.

The difficulty increases reasonably while always feeling fair, avoiding the frustrating skill spikes some games suffer from.

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In-App Purchases

As a freemium mobile game, Cooking Madness incentivizes in-app purchases to speed progress. However, they are completely optional rather than essential.

The main purchasable currencies are:

Gems – Exchange for power-ups, upgrades, and lives.

Cash – Unlock dishes, appliances, furniture, and customization early.

No Ads – One-time purchase to remove intermittent video ads.

Earning the currencies through normal play is reasonably achievable, if slower. The video ads are also infrequent and brief.

While the game undoubtedly nudges you to spend money, persistence pays off without needing to. Spending remains fully optional, not gatekeeping meaningful content.

The developers strike a fair free-to-play balance that stays viable without being cynical. You can enjoy the full experience free or optionally fast-track progress via purchases.

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Cooking Madness Mod Apk absolutely delivers on its promise of frenzied, addictive restaurant simulation for Android. Approachable gameplay fused with ongoing meaningful progression makes playing daily irresistible.

Visually it uses a cheerful and polished art style that enhances the gameplay. A staggering amount of content will keep players busy for dozens of hours. While the difficulty ramps up considerably, it feels fair with practice.

Well-designed monetization earns revenue without compromising design. All told, Cooking Madness sets an impressive benchmark for the mobile cooking simulator genre. It deserves every one of its over 10 million downloads.

Cooking Madness MOD (2)


  • Accessible and intuitive cooking gameplay
  • Hundreds of levels with tons of replay value
  • Charming and detailed art style
  • Wealth of dishes, kitchens, and customizations
  • Fair, rewarding progression and difficulty
  • Completely optional in-app purchases


  • Later levels can get extremely challenging
  • Occasional video ads interrupt flow
  • Character animations lean slightly generic

In conclusion, Cooking Madness executes the manic restaurant simulation and management fantasy nearly flawlessly. New content updates continuously add to an already packed game brimming with personality. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it justifies its position as one of the most popular cooking games for Android. This is a must-try for any fans of time management or cooking games.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! New update available for Cooking Madness! The Corn Maze event will be available from November 17th to 26th! Explore the maze and reveal the fog to get rewards! - Serve turkey, pumpkin pies and cider in the Thankgiving restaurant! Participate in the contest to win a new avatar and avatar frame! - The Black Friday limited offer is available! Don't miss out on the value packs! Better gaming experience: - Visual and general user experience optimized! Have fun playing!
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