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Cooking Fever Mod APK 19.2.0 (Unlimited money and gems)

Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game
App Name Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game
Latest Version v.19.2.0
Last Updated
Publisher Nordcurrent Games
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 278.30 Mb
Mods Unlimited money and gems
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4.2 Rating (357) Votes

4.2 Rating (357 Votes )
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Discover recipes and cook tasty food! Be a pro chef - run your own restaurant!
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Cooking Fever Mod APK 19.2.0 (Unlimited money and gems)


Cooking Fever is a free-to-play time management and restaurant simulation game developed by Nordcurrent for iOS and Android devices. The game was released in 2014 and has become hugely popular, with over 100 million downloads worldwide.

Cooking Fever Mod APK

In Cooking Fever, players take on the role of a chef working their way up by cooking and serving food at a variety of restaurants, from fast food joints to upscale dining. The core gameplay involves preparing customer orders against the clock, trying to serve as many customers as possible within the time limit to maximize profits.


The gameplay in Cooking Fever is fast-paced and addictive. Each level presents you with a different restaurant, and your job is to serve the never-ending stream of customers that come in by cooking the food they order.

Gameplay follows typical time management mechanics. Customers will place orders which you must fulfill by preparing the dish they want. You start off with basic appliances like grills and fryers, but can upgrade your kitchen over time to cook more complicated and expensive dishes. Customers get angry if you take too long, and you lose money if they walk away unsatisfied.

There is a constant pressure to work as quickly as possible, fulfill orders accurately, and manage your resources. The challenge comes from juggling all these demands simultaneously – cooking multiple dishes, restocking ingredients, serving customers, collecting money, etc. The gameplay is simple to learn but requires good multitasking skills and quick reflexes to master.

As you progress, the restaurants get fancier, the menu items more complex, and the customers more impatient. The game starts off relaxed but becomes frantically fast at higher levels. There are also hundreds of levels to play through, providing practically endless gameplay.


Cooking Fever allows you to work at a diverse range of restaurant environments:

  • Fast Food Court: Serve burgers, fries, and shakes at a standard fast food joint. This beginning restaurant helps you learn the basics.
  • Bakery: Bake breads, cakes, and pastries for customers with a sweet tooth. Unlock baking appliances like ovens and dough kneaders.
  • Chinese Restaurant: Prepare noodle bowls, dumplings, fried rice and other Chinese specialties. Introduces woks and steamers.
  • Pizzeria: Make pizzas with various toppings and crusts. Ovens and pizza cutters get added to your arsenal.
  • Seafood Bistro: Cook up seafood dishes like sushi, fish fillets, and lobster. Uses equipment like grills and sushi rollers.
  • Breakfast Cafe: Serve up pancakes, omelets, and other breakfast items. Unlock appliances like juicers and coffee makers.
  • Sushi Restaurant: Prepare sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri for discerning foodies. Adds rice cookers and intricate knife skills.
  • Paradise Cocktail Bar: Mix and serve refreshing tropical drinks. Introduces blenders, cocktail shakers, and garnish tools.
  • House of Crab: Focus on cooking various crab dishes like crab cakes and bisques. Uses pots, pans, and shell crackers.

The huge variety of cuisines and cooking methods provides diverse gameplay and keeps things interesting. The restaurants get progressively more difficult as you advance.

Cooking Fever Mod APK

Graphics and Visuals

Cooking Fever utilizes a casual, cartoony art style with bright colors and cute character designs. The visuals are well-executed and fit the lighthearted tone of the game.

The restaurant environments are distinct and characterized appropriately – the fast food joint looks appropriately grungy, while the seafood bistro looks elegantly upscale. The backgrounds have some animation like flashing neon signs that add liveliness.

The dish and ingredient graphics are colorful and stylized in a cartoonish manner – for example, the pancakes are perfectly round and golden. The dishes look quite appealing and appetizing. Visually, the food preparation appears fairly simplistic and unrealistic, but this matches the casual gameplay.

The customer characters are creatively designed with unique personalities, ranging from construction workers to surfers to old ladies. They are animated smoothly, enhancing the gameplay as they tap their feet impatiently or do a celebratory dance after being served.

Small visual details bring polish and humor to the game. For example, customers may play on their phones while waiting, and the chef avatar wipes sweat from their brow when rushed. The visuals may not be cutting-edge, but have charm and character.

Sound Design

The sound design is a highlight in Cooking Fever, perfectly complementing the hectic gameplay. Upbeat music matches the cooking action. The sounds of sizzling grills, chopping knives, and simmering pots immerse you in the restaurant environment.

Customer voices yelling out orders or expressing satisfaction after eating add liveliness. Their impatient throat-clearing or angry outbursts if you take too long ramps up the tension. The clinking of dishes, buzzing blenders, and dinging cash registers add layers to the soundscape.

When you serve a dish, splashes and crunches amplify your sense of satisfaction. The audio provides satisfying feedback when you cook, blend, chop, fry, or flip. The sound is well balanced, with layered effects that tie together nicely without being distracting.

The audio design in Cooking Fever really enhances the gameplay experience and makes you feel like you are masterfully running a busy restaurant kitchen. The sounds match perfectly with the visuals and gameplay.

Cooking Fever Mod APK


Cooking Fever features simple, intuitive touchscreen controls that are easy to pick up. All actions are performed by tapping or dragging on screen.

To take a customer’s order, you simply tap on them. To cook or prepare a dish, you drag the ingredients onto appliances. Serving a meal is as easy as dragging the finished plate onto the customer. Performing actions feels smooth and responsive.

The interface is well-designed for the touchscreen. Buttons and icons are large and uncluttered. Actions like chopping, frying, garnishing happen with simple and satisfying swipe gestures. Navigation is effortless.

Advanced gestures add depth as you progress. You flip pans with a flick, knead dough with a swirling motion, pull noodles with a stretching gesture. But these are intuitive and the game guides you.

Considering the fast-paced nature, the controls allow you to keep up without complication. The simplicity enables you to focus on the time management and multitasking elements rather than wrestling with a complex interface.

In-App Purchases

Cooking Fever is free-to-play, but features optional in-app purchases (IAPs) to speed up progress. There are two currencies:

  • Coins: Earned by serving customers. Used to buy upgrades and furniture.
  • Gems: Premium currency bought with real money. Used to instantly finish cooking or buy premium upgrades.

The game is balanced so you can progress and enjoy it for free. With skill, you can complete levels and earn coins to upgrade at a steady pace. Importantly, there are no ads which would otherwise detract from the experience.

However, IAPs are pushed aggressively via daily pop-up deals and incentives. The hardest levels border on frustrating until you acquire more advanced equipment. These pressure tactics encourage spending real money, which takes advantage of players’ competitive instincts.

On the other hand, you can certainly enjoy the full game and all content without spending money. The IAPs simply offer instant gratification and accelerate growth for impatient players. The game does not penalize you for not making purchases. But the way IAPs are marketed is aggressive and preys on addiction tendencies.

Cooking Fever Mod APK


Cooking Fever has an addictive sense of progression. Starting at a humble fast food joint, you gradually work your way up to running 5-star restaurants.

Advancing comes from:

  • Gaining XP and player levels by completing restaurant stages
  • Earning coins to buy kitchen upgrades like new appliances
  • Unlocking new restaurants that introduce more cuisine types
  • Improving your restaurant by adding furniture and decorations

There is always a sense you are working towards something new – a fancy blender, extra table, or elite restaurant. This constant progression is core to the appeal and addictiveness of Cooking Fever.


Cooking Fever starts off relaxed, with a few customers ambling in at a leisurely pace. You have plenty of time to get used to the controls and gameplay.

But the difficulty ramps up significantly. Restaurants get larger with more customers to serve. Orders come in relentlessly, co-ordination and multi-tasking are vital, and even a few seconds of delay causes failure.

Upgrades ease things temporarily, but the game quickly becomes challenging. The frantic pace requires concentration and quick reflexes. Rushing against the clock to satisfy dozens of impatient, frowning customers creates tense moments.

While undeniably addictive, the extreme pressure and pace may frustrate some players. The game demands sharp accuracy under stress. You really need sound time management skills and coolness under pressure to excel.

For those who enjoy intense time management challenges, the difficulty spike enhances engagement. But some players may find it becomes almost excessively challenging at times.

Replay Value

Cooking Fever offers tremendous replay value for fans of restaurant and time management simulations. Gameplay stays fresh thanks to:

  • Hundreds of restaurant stages – always a new challenge to tackle.
  • Constant progression – upgrades, furniture, and restaurants to unlock.
  • Escalating difficulty – levels get tougher and tougher.
  • Achievements and leaderboards – gives goals to hit and marks to beat.
  • Varied restaurants – diverse cuisines and new mechanics to master.
  • Daily rewards and events – limited-time content.

You can easily sink dozens if not hundreds of hours into the game without losing steam. The compelling loop of constantly improving your restaurants drives you to play again and again.

Cooking Fever Mod APK

What is Cooking Fever Mod Apk?

Based on the search results, a Cooking Fever mod apk is a modified version of the Cooking Fever mobile game app that has been changed to give players unlimited coins and gems.

Some key points about the Cooking Fever mod apk:

  • It is a hacked version of the original Cooking Fever game that gives players an unlimited amount of the in-game currencies of coins and gems.
  • This allows players to purchase any upgrades, furniture, appliances etc without needing to earn coins through gameplay or buy gems with real money through in-app purchases.
  • Having unlimited coins and gems allows players to progress faster and makes the game easier by removing the need to grind for coins or pay for gems.
  • The mod is not available officially through app stores and needs to be downloaded from third-party websites. Installing it requires enabling “Unknown Sources” on your Android device.
  • While the unlimited currency makes the game more enjoyable, using mods is not condoned by the developers and risks account bans if detected.

So in summary, the Cooking Fever mod apk is an unofficially modified version of the game with unlimited coins and gems to unlock gameplay items without paying, making progression faster but with risks. It needs to be manually downloaded and unofficial mods are generally not recommended by developers.


Cooking Fever is a highly addictive and engaging time management simulator that will appeal to casual gamers looking for a fun, fast-paced experience.

The variety of restaurants and progression system make repeating the simple cooking gameplay enjoyable rather than repetitive. The controls are intuitive and gameplay accessible, but difficulty spikes later on.

While the aggressive monetization tactics are annoying, they aren’t necessary to enjoy this excellent game. With tons of content and constant goals, Cooking Fever is a free game that offers outstanding value for money.

Overall, Cooking Fever is a must-try for anyone who enjoys time management or cooking games, with engaging gameplay that will keep you coming back.

Final Score

I give Cooking Fever a final score of 4 out of 5 stars.

The pros such as variety, progression, audio, and replay value outweigh the aggressive IAP marketing and sometimes excessive difficulty. For a free mobile game, Cooking Fever is a standout title in the time management genre worth downloading.

So fire up those grills, blend some smoothies, and bake those cakes – it’s time to start your culinary career with Cooking Fever! Just try not to get too addicted.

  • An exciting new Garden feature has arrived in Cooking Fever! Play levels in any restaurant for a chance to get seeds. Collect and plant them in your Garden to reap rewards! The rarer the seed, the better the reward. Remember, weeds and dry soil will damage your plants, so be sure to upgrade your tools to keep them safe! But that's not all! Complete the new Botanical Journal and claim up to 18 Chef's Mystery Boxes! Various bug fixes and small improvements to make your gaming experience smoother.
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