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COC Mod APK 15.547.11 Hack (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Clash of Clans
App Name Clash of Clans
Latest Version v.15.547.11
Last Updated
Publisher Supercell
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 210 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Gems
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (719) Votes

4.5 Rating (719 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops & go to battle!
    • Town Hall 14 / Builder Hall 10
    • PvP, PvE, Commands working
    • Unlimited Gold
    • Unlimited Money
    • Unlimited Resources
    • Zero build time, free upgrades

COC Mod APK 15.547.11 Hack (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and highest grossing mobile games of all time. With over 100 million downloads, this freemium base building strategy game has taken the world by storm. The objective is to build your village, train an army, and battle against other players online. You can join a clan or start your own, donating and requesting troops while advancing your base and troops.

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Gameplay revolves around constructing your village base and upgrading buildings, walls, and traps to defend against attacks. There are two main currencies: gold and elixir, which are used to build defenses and train troops, respectively. The third currency, gems, can be used to speed up upgrades.

You start with a basic village and are given guidance on constructing additional buildings like gold mines, elixir collectors, army camps, and the clan castle. Once your base reaches Town Hall level 3, you can start battling against other players for trophies, rank, and of course, loot!

Attacking and defending is the core fun of Clash of Clans. You train troops like barbarians, archers, giants, and wall breakers to invade enemy villages. Careful planning is required to deploy troops and spells effectively to destroy defenses and get to the loot.

Conversely, you need to upgrade cannons, archer towers, mortars, bombs, and traps to prevent your own resources from being stolen. Formidable clan castle troops donated by clanmates provide another line of defense.

Walls are essential for protecting your village. As you progress, you can upgrade to higher level walls with more hitpoints to slow down enemies. Proper wall placement around defenses and resources takes strategy.

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  • Build a village with a wide variety of defensive buildings, resource collectors, and support structures
  • Upgrade to Town Hall levels up to 13 to gain access to more buildings, troops, and abilities
  • Raid other players for gold, elixir, dark elixir, and trophies or defend against raids
  • Craft an attack strategy by training troops like barbarians, archers, giants, wizards, and dragons
  • Brew spells to support your army like heal, jump, or rage spells
  • Join or form a clan to donate troops and participate in Clan Wars and Clan Games
  • Customize your village with scenery items, flags, and themed buildings
  • Progress through leagues and compete on global leaderboards


You start with basic troops like barbarians and archers, but as you advance, you gain access to more powerful armies. Here are some notable troops:

  • Giants: Tanky melee unit that soaks up defenses
  • Wall Breakers: Bombs walls to allow ground troops access
  • Balloons: Flying unit that targets defenses
  • Wizards: Ranged splash damage dealer
  • Healers: Support unit that heals nearby troops
  • Dragons: Devastating area damage flying unit
  • Miners: Burrows underground to avoid walls
  • Yetis: Tanky melee unit that causes area damage

Carefully choosing which troops to train and figuring out effective combinations is key to victory. Spells support your army by healing, increasing damage, or weakening enemy defenses.

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Joining an active clan unlocks new social dynamics. You can chat, donate troops, participate in clan wars, and contribute to clan games for rewards. Perks like troop requests and high level donations accelerate your progress.

As clan leader, you can start wars against other clans. Members use both attacks in war to earn stars and loot. Careful planning and communication is needed to coordinate attacks and win wars.

Magic Items

As you play, you’ll earn magic items from clan games, clan war leagues, events, and obstacles. These special items allow you to instantly finish upgrades, build buildings, train armies, and more. Using them at opportune times gives you a strategic edge.

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COC Mod APK Features

The standard Clash of Clans gameplay is already highly addictive and engaging. But you can enhance the experience even further with mods that give you advantages like unlimited gems, max troops, and custom servers. Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the premium currency used to instantly finish upgrades and builds. They can be purchased with real money or acquired slowly through removing obstacles.

Mods that provide unlimited gems allow you to fast track your progress. Instantly max everything without the grind or spending money. With limitless gems, you can rush to the max Town Hall and build the ultimate base.

  • Finish builds and upgrades instantly
  • Buy the best magic items from the shop
  • Speed through hero upgrade times
  • Use gems to boost barracks, spells, and heroes

Max Troops and Spells

Maxing troops and spells normally requires significant grind to earn dark elixir and meet laboratory upgrade requirements. Mods can unlock all troops and spells upfront at maximum level.

With instant access to powerful max armies and spells, you can obliterate opponent villages with ease. Dominate in wars with overwhelming force.

  • Unlock max level electro dragons, yetis, witches right away
  • Brew max level freeze, clone, and invisibility spells
  • Donate max troops to clanmates

Custom Servers

Private servers allow you to play with modified rules beyond the normal gameplay. Depending on the server, you may have instant upgrades, unlimited resources, custom troops, increased speeds, and more.

Custom servers provide a sandbox experience to play just for fun. Build imaginative bases and raid with abandon. Some servers also host clan wars with unique win conditions.

  • Build bases and max everything out instantly
  • Battle others on the server with wacky mods enabled
  • Participate in clan wars with custom rules and win conditions

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Tips and Strategies

Now that you understand the basics of Clash of Clans and the possibilities of modding, here are some tips and strategies to progress quickly and play effectively:

  • Upgrade resource collectors early – This provides a steady income to fund future builds. Prioritize elixir over gold.
  • Rush to Clan Castle – Join a clan as soon as possible to receive troop donations. A strong clan castle troop can defend against attacks.
  • Protect storages – Place gold and elixir storages centrally behind walls to avoid losing resources to raids.
  • Funnel troops – Clear out external buildings to funnel attacking troops toward the core of the base.
  • Use barbarians to check for bombs – They are fast and cheap, so you can scout for hidden bombs.
  • Lightning spell enemy clan castle – This instantly kills defending clan troops at the start of a raid.
  • Upgrade barch – Leveling up barbarians and archers early helps you gather resources quickly.
  • Time hero abilities – Use the Grand Warden’s ability to make troops invulnerable when passing key defenses.
  • Monitor shield status – When your shield expires, you are vulnerable to attack. Be ready to reactivate your shield.
  • Gem resource collectors – Using gems to finish upgrades on collectors is efficient since they generate consistent passive income.

Modding Safety

Modding Clash of Clans to get advantages like unlimited gems or resources can certainly be tempting. But before utilizing mods, keep these risks in mind:

  • Bans – Supercell bans accounts caught cheating, so modding may result in losing your village permanently.
  • Malware – Downloaded mods may contain viruses or malware that can compromise your device and data.
  • Updater detection – The game may detect modded files when updating and revert changes or ban your account.
  • Support issues – If you encounter problems with a modded game, Supercell support will not be able to assist you.
  • Fair play – Modding to get advantages undermines fair competition with other players.

Maintaining your account in good standing is advisable to avoid losing your village permanently. Avoid downloading random mods and only use trusted sources to minimize malware risk. Consider playing the game as intended for a fair and rewarding experience before pursuing mods.

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Final Thoughts

With diverse gameplay across village building, resource management, clan social dynamics, and combat strategy, it’s easy to see why Clash of Clans has become an international phenomenon. Unlocking new buildings and troops constantly leaves you eager to progress your base further. Raiding for loot and climbing the ranks never gets old.

Mods provide an alluring option to speed up progression and gain advantages over other players. But restraint is warranted to avoid account bans or device issues. Playing organically with your clan often leads to the most fulfilling experience anyway.

Overall, Clash of Clans offers almost endless fun for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Join the millions of players worldwide already hooked on this legendary mobile strategy game. Just be prepared to kiss your free time goodbye once you start upgrading your village and waging clan wars!

  • It's a Sparktacularly Spooky Update! ● New Capital District - Goblin Mines ● Mega Sparky - a new Capital Mega Troop that does mega damage! ● If you need an extra helping hand, Goblin Builder is here for a limited time!
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