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CDO2: Dungeon Defense MOD 02.15.01 APK (Unlimited Money/Mod Menu)

CDO2:Dungeon Defense
App Name CDO2:Dungeon Defense
Latest Version v.02.15.01
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Publisher Brave Beginners
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 690 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Mod Menu
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4.2 Rating (881) Votes

4.2 Rating (881 Votes )
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Run a dungeon and beat the Heroes!
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CDO2: Dungeon Defense MOD 02.15.01 APK (Unlimited Money/Mod Menu)

CDO2:Dungeon Defense Mod Apk is a tower defense strategy game developed by Brave Beginners for Android. As the Chief Dungeon Officer (CDO), your goal is to defend your dungeon against invading heroes for as long as possible. You summon and command monsters, equip them with weapons and armor, use relics and totems, and make strategic decisions to withstand the onslaught of heroes.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense MOD

With its variety of monsters, equipment, events, and deep strategy, CDO2:Dungeon Defense provides an immensely enjoyable and challenging tower defense experience on mobile.


Summon and Command Monsters

You start with a single room dungeon containing your Demon King. As heroes invade, you summon monsters to defend each room. There are over 90 monsters spanning different races like Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Demons, and more. Each race has monsters with distinct stats and abilities.

For example, Orcs have high HP and attack but low speed, while Goblins are fast but fragile. Undead monsters can revive after death, while Demons have AoE attacks. You need to summon a balanced mix of monsters to counter the heroes’ abilities.

Monsters gain XP and level up from combat. You can also sacrifice monsters to boost your Demon King’s stats. Managing your army by summoning new monsters, leveling them up, and sacrificing extras is key to survival.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense MOD

Equip Gear and Use Relics

There are over 80 equipment pieces like swords, armor, rings, and amulets that boost your monsters’ stats. Equipping gear suited to a monster’s role like high defense armor for tanks and damage boosting weapons for DPS is important.

Relics are special items that provide dungeon-wide buffs like increasing monster HP, attack speed or XP gained. There are over 90 relics to find, providing plenty of customization and synergy with your monsters.

Place Totems

Totems are structures you can build in each room, with over 30 types available. They provide useful effects like summoning minions, debuffing heroes, or boosting monster stats in that room. Intelligently placing totems to support your lineup is vital.

Defend Against Heroes

Waves of heroes invade your dungeon every few minutes. There are over 50 stages, each with a unique setup of heroes to counter. Heroes have varied skills like area attacks, healing, buffs/debuffs, and more. You need to tactically position your monsters, gear them appropriately, and place totems to counter each hero wave.

Stages get progressively harder with stronger heroes and more complex mechanics to overcome. Defeating a stage requires meticulous strategy and monster/gear choices. You really need to optimize your lineup by trying different monster combinations and placements.

Losing all your heart HP results in defeat, but you can use limited sandglasses to rewind time and try again. Sandglasses are very valuable, so you must carefully consider when to use them.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense MOD

Expand Your Dungeon

Your starting dungeon has very limited space, but you can invest gold earned from stages to expand it by building more rooms. This allows summoning more monsters and totems for a stronger defense.

There’s also a building that passively generates gold over time. You need to balance investing gold in expansion vs upgrades vs sandglasses based on current needs.

Events and Dilemmas

There are over 100 random events that occur on a schedule, like monster invasions, totem malfunctions, gold bonuses, etc. You get advance notice of events, allowing you to prepare.

Some events present dilemmas with different choices, each with pros and cons. Like sacrificing monsters for a power boost vs preserving your army. Making the right decisions is important to long-term success.

Research Upgrades

The Research building unlocks permanent upgrades like summoning cost reductions, XP bonuses, advanced buildings, and more. You invest gold over time to research upgrades that synergize with your playstyle.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense MOD

Goblin Bandits

This feature lets you send goblins to raid other players’ dungeons and steal their resources. You can also defend against bandit attacks. It provides periodic gold income and PvP interaction.

Secondary Stats

As you play, you earn secondary stats like Attack, Defense, Gold, and Sandglass boosts. These provide permanent bonuses that carry across playthroughs, allowing you to get stronger over time.

Graphics and Audio

CDO2 has detailed 2D graphics with fluid animations. The monsters, heroes, and environments are visually distinctive. Spell effects like lightning and fire have vivid particle effects.

The audio has rousing background music befitting an epic dungeon defense. Monster sounds and combat effects add to the atmosphere. The presentation nicely complements the gameplay.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense MOD

Progression and Replayability

Defeating stages, winning events, and researching upgrades earns you XP for account level progression. Higher levels unlock advanced features like new monsters and gear. There are also leaderboards to compete on.

The ever-increasing stage difficulty provides immense replayability. Additionally, the random events, dilemmas, and Goblin Bandits make each playthrough unique. No two runs feel the same, and you constantly have to adapt your strategy, keeping the game engaging.


CDO2:Dungeon Defense is free to play, but has in-app purchases for sandglasses, gold, gear packs, and account boosts. However, they are not required to progress or enjoy the game. You can access all content and features through normal gameplay. Reasonable grinding earns you sufficient upgrades and resources.

While the in-app purchases can accelerate your progress, skillful play is more important than upgrades. So you can choose to play completely free without any disadvantage. The monetization is unintrusive.



  • Huge variety of monsters, gear, totems, and events
  • In-depth strategic tower defense gameplay
  • Challenging stages require optimizing your lineup
  • Random elements like events and dilemmas provide uniqueness
  • Expanding your dungeon provides progression
  • Research tree enables customization
  • High replayability and account progression
  • Good presentation with detailed graphics and audio
  • Unintrusive monetization, completely playable for free


  • Can feel overwhelming initially due to vast strategic options
  • Progress eventually reaches grinding bottlenecks
  • Some events like Goblin Bandits feel tacked on
  • Lack of multiplayer PvP interactions

CDO2 Dungeon Defense MOD


CDO2:Dungeon Defense executes the tower defense genre remarkably well on mobile with its expansive strategic gameplay and dungeon management aspects. Fans of classic tower defense games will find it a must-play on Android.

Despite some progression bottlenecks and lack of PvP, the sheer variety of content and addictive game loop provides endless hours of enjoyment. Overall, CDO2 is easily among the best free mobile strategy games available today.

Additional Gameplay Tips

Here are some useful tips to excel at CDO2:Dungeon Defense:

  • Have at least one tank like the Orc Warrior to absorb damage
  • Invest in AoE damage dealers like the Demon Warlock for wave clears
  • Use slowers like the Ice Witch and Frost Archer to kite heroes
  • Don’t spread out upgrades, focus on boosting your main DPS monsters
  • Gear boosts stats more than levels, don’t neglect equipment
  • Use speed boosting totems to outpace fast heroes
  • Save sandglasses only for very difficult waves or boss fights
  • Disable auto skills and use them manually for critical waves
  • Activate relics that counter the current stage’s hero abilities
  • Use goblins to steal resources from inactve players’ dungeons

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to develop optimal monster lineups and dungeon layouts to beat even the toughest invasion stages. Mastering the complex strategy of CDO2:Dungeon Defense is immensely rewarding.

Final Thoughts

CDO2:Dungeon Defense combines tower defense, army management, dungeon building, equipment crafting, and event strategies into a polished mobile gameplay package.

It may seem intimidating initially, but taking the time to learn its varied systems reveals an incredible amount of depth. Each stage requires carefully tailoring your lineup and tactics to overcome the challenges.

The sheer variety of content and random elements make every playthrough feel fresh. Being able to expand your dungeon also provides a sense of progression. The presentation perfectly complements the gameplay with dark, atmospheric visuals and audio.

While the monetization could be less aggressive, the game never forces you to pay and remains fully enjoyable for free players. If you like classic tower defense games and have any interest in strategic gameplay, CDO2:Dungeon Defense is easy to recommend on Android.

  • CDO2: Dungeon Defense ver 02.15.01 - Others Please refer to the in-game patch note for details.
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