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Bulu Monster Mod APK 10.3.1 (Unlimited everything and candy)

Bulu Monster
App Name Bulu Monster
Latest Version v.10.3.1
Last Updated
Publisher Sigma Game Limited
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 85.35 Mb
Mods Unlimited everything and candy
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3.9 Rating (592) Votes

3.9 Rating (592 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in Android
    • Massive Rewards (you can receive infinite quest rewards as you want)
    Steps: Directly after finishing the tutorial, when reach to red box click on search, and choose done to get rewards, do more and more, to get massive rewards as you can, then click on close icon to continue your game Note: Mod doesn't work in the shop (bulu points are visual)

Bulu Monster Mod APK 10.3.1 (Unlimited everything and candy)


Bulu Monster Mod Apk is a monster collecting and battling game for Android and iOS developed by Sigma Game Limited. First released in 2013, the game has seen continuous updates over the past decade, amassing over 5 million downloads.

With its colorful monsters, expansive world to explore, and deep battling system, Bulu Monster delivers an engaging experience reminiscent of iconic monster collectors like Pokemon.

Bulu Monster Mod APK

Graphics and Visuals

The first thing that stands out about Bulu Monster is its vibrant, cartoony art style. The game world and monsters have a bright and lively look, with each area having its own unique theme.

The monsters themselves are extremely varied in appearance. Ranging from cute little sheep to hulking rock golems, winged dragons to aquatic beasts, there is great diversity in the 150 collectible monsters. Each one has a distinct and memorable design. The monsters are all smoothly animated, and their attack effects like blasts of water or bursts of flame add excitement to battles.

The world map is divided into 14 explorable areas, each with their own terrain and landmarks. You’ll traverse grassy fields, volcanic regions, spooky forests, and more. The maps have little touches like swaying grass and rippling water that make the world feel alive. Though the areas are tile-based, the decorations and landmarks give them personality.

Overall, the graphics and visuals are very polished, especially for a mobile game. The inviting art direction and lively monster designs are sure to appeal to players of all ages.


Bulu Monster has a lighthearted storyline that serves as the impetus for your monster collecting journey. The game opens with a cutscene where your friend Rania has fallen ill. Your grandfather suggests visiting the Crystal Goddess Lady Delfina, who has healing powers. This kicks off your quest across Bulu Island to find a cure for Rania.

The story is conveyed through visual novel style cutscenes at key points. You’ll meet quirky characters like eccentric professors and helpful nurses along the way. Though the plot is simple, it provides some motivation to progress through the game.

A notable side quest involves defeating the Four Heavenly Kings, who are terrorizing Bulu Island. This optional challenge has you taking down boss monsters in special encounters. Overall the story is fun and fits the light tone of the game, but those looking for an epic storyline may be disappointed.

Gameplay Loop and Progression

The core gameplay loop will be familiar to monster collector fans. You traverse the world map, using a waypoint system to choose destinations. Random encounters trigger monster battles, and you can capture defeated wild monsters. Back at your home base, you can view your collection, create monster teams, and train your creatures.

Progression revolves around completing the main story quests, which unlock new areas to explore. Leveling up your player rank by capturing monsters also gives gameplay bonuses. And of course, catching and training monsters is a major motivator, as you build your dream teams.

Bulu Monster Mod APK

Here are some key gameplay elements that give Bulu Monster depth:

  • Searching – On world map tiles, you can “search” randomly for items and special monster encounters. This adds rewarding variability to exploration.
  • Monster Training – Using coins and items, you can train monsters to increase their stats like HP, Attack, and Speed.
  • Evolution – Many monsters can evolve into more powerful forms once they reach certain levels. This keeps training rewarding.
  • Leader Skills – Your team leader monster provides a bonus effect like increased XP gain for the whole team.
  • Online Battles – You can battle other players’ teams asynchronously for bonuses. This competitive element engages long-term.

Overall the gameplay provides a breadth of rewarding activities, from completing the story, to training the ultimate team, to competing online.

Battle System

The turn-based battles make up a significant part of gameplay. When you encounter a wild monster, you enter into a side-view battle scene. Battles are 3 vs 3, with each monster having a set of skills to use. The skills have a limited number of uses before needing to recharge.

There is a basic type effectiveness system, where elements like Fire are strong or weak versus others like Water. Applying the right attack type to an enemy is key. Battles are also faster paced than some monster collectors, with skills recharging in just a few turns rather than being one-use.

Player skill comes into play with how you manage your skill uses and switch between monsters. Overall the battles require some strategy while also being snappy. The excellent attack animations keep battles visually engaging. Auto-battle and 2x speed options are also available for easy grinding.

Monster Capturing

To capture wild monsters, you need to first defeat them in battle. They will have a certain catch rate percentage based on factors like remaining HP and status effects. You then throw Capture Balls to try to catch the monster.

Stronger Great and Ultra Balls have higher success rates. There is always a chance of failure though, so capturing monsters requires some luck in addition to battling skill. Limited edition balls can be collected during events for 100% capture rate.

Overall the capturing system provides excitement after battles. While it can be frustrating to fail captures, the randomness gives each new addition to your collection impact. Some rare monsters have very low base catch rates, providing rewarding challenges.

Bulu Monster Mod APK

Customization and RPG Elements

Beyond battling and collecting, Bulu Monster has a number of customization features that lend it RPG depth:

  • Character Creation – You can customize your character’s look including hair, skin color, facial features, and outfit.
  • Teams – Assemble monster teams of 3 from your collection to take into battle.
  • Monster Training – Use coins to train individual monsters’ stats like HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed.
  • Leader Skills – Assign a team leader to give the whole team bonus effects.
  • Evolution – Level up monsters to evolve them into more powerful forms.
  • Titles – Gain titles that give bonus effects by completing certain challenges.
  • Achievements – A variety of achievements reward you for gameplay milestones.

These features let you shape your character and monsters to your liking. Dedicated players can spend lots of time perfecting their teams.

Social Features

Bulu Monster incorporates social features to add competitiveness and community. You can add in-game friends by exchanging friend codes, then visit their bases. You can also give gifts to friends.

The asynchronous online battles are a major social feature. You can battle the teams of other players for rewards and ranking. Special limited-time tournaments with unique rules provide new challenges.

The game also has an in-game chat system for communicating with your friends list. There is also a forum where players can discuss the game. Overall the social options give longevity through competition and player interaction.

Events and Updates

Bulu Monster receives frequent updates, especially for holidays and anniversaries. These limited-time events add new content and monsters to keep the game fresh. Some examples include:

  • Special event maps with exclusive monster encounters
  • Limited edition monsters that can only be obtained during the event
  • Special capture balls and items
  • Timed quests and achievements
  • Holiday decorations and costumes
  • Anniversary cakes to collect each year

The regular events give players reasons to come back to the game. You may miss out on exclusive items and monsters if you don’t log in during the event period. This provides rewarding content for dedicated players.


Bulu Monster is a free-to-play game that is monetized through optional in-app purchases. The two currencies are coins and gems:

  • Coins – The main currency earned through gameplay. Used to purchase items, train monsters, and more.
  • Gems – Premium currency that can be purchased with real money. Used to speed up timers, purchase rare items, and revive during battles.

The game gives out a fair amount of coins as you play, enough to progress at a reasonable rate. You can also earn gems slowly through gameplay. But paying real money for gems allows you to bypass timers and access premium content faster.

Fortunately the monetization is not overly aggressive. With some patience, free players are not at a huge disadvantage. But those wanting to speed up progression can pay for conveniences.

Bulu Monster Mod APK

What is Bulu Monster Mod APK?

Here is a summary of the key points about Bulu Monster Mod APK :

  • Bulu Monster is a monster collecting RPG game for Android and iOS where players capture, train, and battle monsters.
  • The modded/hacked version of Bulu Monster provides players with unlimited Bulu Points, the premium in-game currency. This allows them to purchase any items, monsters, and upgrades without grinding.
  • Other benefits of the mod include unlimited capture balls to catch monsters more easily, unlimited potions to heal monsters, and an ad-free experience.
  • The mod makes the game easier and faster to progress in by removing the need to grind for resources. However, it reduces the challenge somewhat.
  • The latest version of the Bulu Monster mod APK is v10.2.0. It can be downloaded from various modding websites, though care should be taken to avoid malware.
  • The mod works by modifying the game code to change the values of Bulu Points and items to unlimited. The modded APK has to be installed instead of the original game.
  • Overall, the Bulu Monster mod provides a way for players to bypass the grind and quickly obtain resources/monsters they want. But it removes some of the challenge and progression of the original game.


Bulu Monster is a content-rich monster collecting RPG that should deeply engage fans of the genre. With charming graphics, strategic battles, extensive customization, and regular events, the game provides endless hours of enjoyment.

For a free mobile title, Bulu Monster has incredible polish. The gameplay loop delivers that satisfying progression of building your ultimate monster team. Social features and competitive battles give long-term motivations to keep improving your skills.

Some flaws like the lightweight story and randomness of capturing do hold the experience back slightly. But overall Bulu Monster is an excellent game, especially for Pokemon fans seeking a similar experience on mobile. With so much depth and regular updates, it’s easy to see why Bulu Monster has maintained popularity years after launching.

  • - New event - Bug fixes
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