PuzzleBubble Pop Origin MOD APK 23.0926.00 (Auto Win)

Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK 23.0926.00 (Auto Win)

Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK 23.0926.00 (Auto Win)
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4.5 Rating (366) Votes

4.5 Rating (366 Votes )
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Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK 23.0926.00 (Auto Win)

Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK
MOD Features Auto Win
Category Mod Apk
Size 90 MB
Version 23.0926.00
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk – The Addictive Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble Pop Origin is a fun and addictive bubble shooter game for Android. It’s a casual arcade-style game where you aim and shoot bubbles to pop matching colored bubbles. With simple one-touch controls, bright colorful graphics, and thousands of fun levels, it’s easy to get hooked on this bubble popping adventure!

Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk, including:

What is Bubble Pop Origin?

Bubble Pop Origin is a fun bubble shooter game developed by¬†Puzzle1Studio Games. It’s a remake of one of PopCap’s classic titles, Puzzle Bobble. The goal is to aim and shoot colored bubbles to pop and clear matching bubbles off the screen.

It features bright and colorful bubble popping action across thousands of fun filled levels. With simple one-touch controls, fun boosters and bonuses, and offline play, it offers hours of addictive match-3 puzzle entertainment.

Bubble Pop Origin is free to play, but contains in-app purchases and ads. The mod apk allows you to unlock unlimited money, boosters, remove ads, and basically enjoy the full game experience for free.

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Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK


The gameplay in Bubble Pop Origin is easy to pick up but deeply satisfying.

At the bottom of the screen is your bubble shooter. Aim and adjust the angle of the shooter to pop matching colored bubbles. Tap to shoot your bubble up towards the rows of bubbles at the top.

When you pop 3 or more bubbles of the same color, they burst and clear off the screen. The more bubbles you clear in one shot, the more points you score.

match bubbles to aim for bubble pops

The rows of bubbles slowly advance downwards towards you. Clear bubbles quickly and strategically to prevent the bubbles from reaching the bottom. If bubbles pile up too high, you’ll lose the level and have to try again.

As you advance, new bubble and board types are introduced to increase the challenge:

  • Color bubbles – Match 3 to pop them
  • Rainbow bubbles – Pop these wild cards to clear any adjacent bubbles
  • Ice bubbles – Encased in ice so takes 2 hits to pop
  • Stone bubbles – Tough bubbles that require 3 hits to destroy
  • Metal bubbles – Indestructible bubbles that must be worked around
  • Boards – Tiki-themed, honeycomb, crystal, and more!

Combine bubbles with power-up boosters for explosive reactions to blast through tricky puzzles. With physics-based bubble shooting, work your angles to set off awesome chain reactions for bubble popping fun!

Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK


Thousands of Levels

Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk features over 2000 colorful and addicting match-3 puzzle levels. With so much content, you’ll be popping bubbles for hours!

Levels range from simple beginner stages to insanely hard bubble puzzles. Switch up the bubble and board types to provide a fresh, yet familiar gameplay experience.

Powerful Boosters and Bonuses

Use skill and strategy to clear bubbles, but power-up with boosters when the going gets tough!

Here are some of the helpful boosters you can activate:

  • Rainbow Bubble – Clear any adjacent bubbles
  • Bomb Bubble – Pops bubbles in a huge blast radius
  • Double Bubble – Shoot 2 bubbles at once
  • Lucky Bubble – Earns bonus coins when popped
  • Extra Aim – Allows adjusting the shooter angle

Earn and activate bonuses like Bubble Storm, Lightning Bolts, and Bubble Freezes for added advantages to pass challenging stages.

Powerful boosters

With the right boosters, you can set off incredible chain reactions to crush even the most bubble-crowded boards!

Stunning Graphics and Effects

Vibrant colors and beautiful effects make popping bubbles an audiovisual treat. Classic bubble shooter gameplay has never looked better.

From the tiki jungle theme to the crystalline cave backgrounds, every level is bursting with character. Bubbles animate and bounce with a satisfying and distinctive “pop” sound when cleared.

When activating bonuses and boosters, the playfield comes alive with fun particle effects like blazing lightning and creeping ice. Even the user interface has tactile buttons and pleasing sounds.

With HD graphics and optimized performance, Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk looks and plays great on any Android device. The developers did an amazing job enhancing the visuals while retaining that nostalgic puzzle bobble charm.

Offline Play

Bubble Pop Origin is optimized for offline play, so an internet connection is not required to enjoy the game. All 2000+ levels, modes, and features are accessible for unlimited offline entertainment.

Play whenever and wherever – in a waiting room, on an airplane, or anywhere you want to pass time popping bubbles! The game progress saves locally to pick up right where you left off.

For players with limited data or unreliable connections, this offline play capability is a huge plus. Enjoy the full bubble shooter experience without excessive data usage.

Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK

Mod Features

The Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk unlocks the following for free:

Unlimited Money

Normally in-game currency is earned slowly by playing levels and can run out quickly when purchasing boosters, bonuses, and upgrades.

The mod provides unlimited coins so you can buy whatever you want from the shop. Enjoy all the boosters and power-ups without worrying about cost!

Unlimited Boosters

Boosters like the Rainbow Bubble, Bomb Bubble, and Double Bubble are critical for getting past difficult levels. But they are consumable items that have limited uses.

With the mod, all boosters have unlimited uses. Fire away with the most powerful boosters freely on every stage for maximum bubble popping enjoyment!

No Ads

The original game contains ads that appear between levels and upon losing a level. The removed ads provide uninterrupted bubble shooting gameplay.

Enjoy the clean and smooth ad-free experience. No more pointless distractions from the pure puzzle entertainment.

How to Download and Install Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk

Here are step-by-step instructions to get Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk on your Android device:

  1. Go to the trusted Bubble Pop Origin mod apk download site.
  2. Download the latest version bubble pop origin mod apk.
  3. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” on your Android device to allow installing third-party apks. This is usually in Settings > Security.
  4. Install the downloaded apk. You may need to go to File Manager > Downloads folder to find the file.
  5. Open Bubble Pop Origin and enjoy everything unlocked and free!
  6. Disable “Install from Unknown Sources” for security purposes after installation.

That’s it! Follow these steps and you can be enjoying unlimited money and boosters in Bubble Pop Origin in no time. Have fun blasting through thousands of match-3 levels with the help of this Bubble Pop Origin mod apk.

Bubble Pop Origin MOD APK


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about the Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk:

Is the Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes, downloading modded apks from trusted sites is completely safe, as long as you only enable the “Unknown Sources” installation setting temporarily. After installing, disable it again.

Does the mod work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately, mod apks only work for Android devices. iOS users cannot install modded apps on non-jailbroken devices.

Will my game progress be saved?

Yes, the modded and original versions use the same saved game data, so your level progress is retained when switching between versions.

Does it require rooting my device?

No root or jailbreak is required to install or use the mod apk. Just enable “Unknown Sources” during installation.

Is Bubble Pop Origin mod free to download?

Yes, the Bubble Pop Origin mod apk is 100% free to download from top modding sites. Enjoy everything unlocked at no cost!

Is this modded apk legal to use?

Modding apps to unlock paid features is viewed as a grey area in many regions. While popular, it’s recommended to use mods at your own discretion.


Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk offers a stellar bubble shooter experience. With thousands of puzzles, powerful boosters, stunning graphics, and offline play, it’s easy to get hooked popping colorful bubbles.

The mod unlocks unlimited money, boosters, and removes ads so you can fully enjoy this addictive casual game for free. To bubble pop like never before, download the Bubble Pop Origin mod apk from trusted sites today!

Q: What are some common popular questions other players have about Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk?

A: Here are some popular questions about Bubble Pop Origin Mod Apk:

Q: Does the mod apk work on Android and iOS?

A: The mod only works on Android devices. iOS does not support installation of modded apps.

Q: Is there a way to transfer game progress from original to mod version?

A: Yes, both versions use the same saved game data, so progress will carry over when switching between original and modded.

Q: How do you aim and shoot accurately in Bubble Pop Origin?

A: Use the trajectory line when aiming the bubble shooter. Adjust the angle until the line passes over the bubbles you want to hit. Shoot when aligned.

Q: Are there tips to pass hard Bubble Pop Origin levels?

A: Save boosters for tough levels. Prioritize special bubbles first. Create cascades for more bubbles popped. Set off reactions with bomb bubbles.

Q: Does the Bubble Pop Origin mod drain my phone battery faster?

A: No, the mod does not affect battery life compared to the original game. Enjoy the unlocked version without battery concerns.

Q: Is the unlimited money really unlimited in the mod?

A: Yes, the mod actually sets the coin counter to the max value so you will always have the coin balance maxed out.

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