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Bomber Friends MOD 4.93 APK (Unlimited Money/Skins Unlocked/God Mod)

Bomber Friends
App Name Bomber Friends
Latest Version v.4.92
Last Updated
Publisher Hyperkani
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 108 MB
Mods Unlimited Money/Skins Unlocked/God Mod
Google Playstore

3.9 Rating (837) Votes

3.9 Rating (837 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Bomber game with online multiplayer! Challenge your friends now!
    • Mod Menu
    • God Mode
    • Unlimited Bomb
    • Allow Quick Bomb
    • Character Speed
    • Unlock Season Pass
    • NO Ads
    • Bypass Banned

Bomber Friends MOD 4.93 APK (Unlimited Money/Skins Unlocked/God Mod)


Bomber Friends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for Android devices developed by Hyperkani. The game takes inspiration from the classic Bomberman series and brings the strategic, action-packed gameplay to mobile.

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Players take control of cute, customizable bomber characters and compete in online matches of up to 8 players. The goal is to strategically place bombs to destroy opponents while avoiding getting caught in the explosions yourself. Powerups and abilities add an extra layer of strategy. The last bomber standing wins the match.

Beyond competitive multiplayer, Bomber Friends also offers a lengthy single-player campaign with over 300 levels across 6 worlds. There are also co-op and player vs environment (PvE) modes.

With its cute graphics, accessibility, and blend of multiplayer competition and PvE content, Bomber Friends aims to appeal to both casual and more hardcore gamers. This review will take an in-depth look at how well the game accomplishes that goal across its different modes and features.

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The core gameplay of Bomber Friends will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played a Bomberman game. Matches take place on a grid-based arena. Players can move their character around this arena and place bombs. After a couple seconds the bombs explode in a cross pattern. The explosions destroy destructible walls and damage players. Powerups randomly appear that can improve your bombs or grant other abilities.

This simple but strategic formula is executed well on the touch screen controls. Movement and bomb placing feel responsive. The top down perspective gives you full visibility of the arena. There is enough depth with the various bomb and powerup abilities to support the multiplayer competition.

Single Player Modes

The single player campaign offers a series of short puzzle-like levels across 6 different themed worlds. The objective is simply to find the exit, which is blocked off by destructible walls. It starts off simple but gradually introduces new enemy types and puzzle mechanics that spice things up.

There are also special dungeon run modes with survival and time trial variants. These provide a nice change of pace and increased challenge for seasoned players.

In all the single player content is a fun way to learn the game and offers plenty of replayability for those who enjoy high score chasing. The experience is hurt slightly by intrusive ads between levels urging you to engage with the multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer Arena

This is where Bomber Friends really shines. Quick online matches pit you against up to 7 other players in a frantic battle of bombing your friends and avoiding getting blown up yourself. There is also a clan system where you can team up with others.

Special events and tournaments with unique rules and maps provide variety. The different multiplayer modes and arenas are unlocked gradually as you collect medals and reach new ranks.

Matches have a fun casual intensity to them that really captures the classic Bomberman multiplayer experience. There is enough depth with all the special bomb abilities and powerups to support continued progression without being overly complex.

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One of Bomber Friends’ biggest strengths is all the customization options. Your bomber character is fully customizable with different skins, hats, outfits, accessories, taunts, and more. These cosmetic options don’t affect gameplay but allow you to create a unique style.

The customization really enhances the lighthearted appeal and gives you a greater sense of ownership over your bomber. There are numerous unlockable cosmetics earned through both single player and multiplayer achievements. There are also microtransactions to purchase premium currency and directly buy certain cosmetics.


As a free-to-play mobile game, Bomber Friends uses various monetization methods including:

  • Ads – Video ads appear between levels and matches. A $2.99 monthly subscription removes them.
  • Premium Currency – Can be purchased to unlock cosmetics and upgrades faster.
  • Battle Pass – Seasonal paid battle pass offers exclusive cosmetic rewards.
  • Gacha – Some cosmetics come from loot boxes purchased with premium currency.

While none of these directly affect gameplay, they can detract from the experience if you aren’t willing to spend money. The game is still very playable for free but expect grinding to unlock later cosmetics. The ads are also on the frequent side.

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Technical Performance

Bomber Friends runs well on most modern Android devices. The graphics have a simple, cartoon style that looks decent and allows the game to run smoothly. Even multiplayer matches with the maximum 8 players suffer minimal slowdown on an average device.

The game is also well optimized for both smartphones and tablets. Controls automatically adjust to make the best use of the screen real estate. There don’t appear to be any differences in visuals between devices.

One technical complaint is the game’s large install size of over 150MB. This is quite large compared to similar titles and may be prohibitive to players with storage limitations.


Bomber Friends successfully brings the frantic, strategic fun of Bomberman to mobile. The classic formula is executed well for touch screen devices. There is plenty of content for both solo players and those looking for competitive multiplayer. And the extensive customization adds to the lighthearted appeal.

However, the aggressive monetization and ads may be frustrating for some. The gameplay itself isn’t compromised, but the overall experience suffers from the constant pushes to spend money. Players willing to look past this will find one of the better mobile multiplayer arena games. Bomber Friends delivers plenty of explosive fun across its different modes.

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  • Accessible, strategic, skill-based gameplay
  • Smooth performance even with 8 player multiplayer
  • Hundreds of single player levels
  • Deep character customization system


  • Aggressive monetization detracts from experience
  • Frequent ads interrupt flow
  • Large app download size

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Gameplay and Modes

Movement and Controls

Moving your bomber character around the arena is simple using the virtual joystick or swipe controls. Tapping the screen places a bomb. There is also a dedicated button for your equipped special ability.

The controls are responsive and easy to grasp while still allowing for skill. Experienced players can utilize techniques like bombing behind them as they run to optimize movement and trap opponents.

Single Player Campaign

The lengthy single player campaign is comprised of short, puzzle-like levels across 6 themed worlds:

Forest World
Desert World 
Jungle World
Lava World
Cloud World
Shadow World

Each world introduces new hazards, enemies, and stage elements that build on the core gameplay. Completing levels earns stars which unlock the next stages. There are over 300 levels total providing plenty of content.

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Here are some examples of features introduced across the worlds to keep things interesting:

  • Spike traps – Damage on contact
  • Mud – Reduce movement speed
  • Teleporters – Transport between set locations
  • Conveyor belts – Change movement direction
  • Ice – Slide uncontrollably
  • Portals – Link two points on stage
  • Ghosts – Can move through walls

There are also keys in some levels which must be collected to unlock the exit. This adds an extra puzzle solving layer having to locate and reach the key.

Overall the campaign does a good job teaching the mechanics while providing escalating challenges. It avoids becoming repetitive thanks to the steady introduction of new stage elements. The short level length of 1-3 minutes keeps the action moving at a quick pace.

Dungeon Run

For players seeking a greater challenge, there are procedural dungeon run modes. These special levels put your skills to the test seeing how far you can progress against escalating difficulties.

There are survival and time trial variants. Survival focuses on longevity by giving you limited lives. Time trial challenges you to complete levels under tight time limits. Powerups within the levels can provide assistance.

Dungeon run adds replayability for expert players to keep improving their scores. The randomization and increasing threats also help it avoid becoming stale. It’s a nice change of pace from the regular stages.

Multiplayer Arena

Competitive multiplayer is where Bomber Friends truly shines. Quick online matches pit you against up to 7 other players. This captures the frantic, strategic fun of classic Bomberman versus multiplayer. Matches have a casual intensity that makes them hard to put down. There are currently 6 multiplayer modes:


Free for all – Most kills wins


Collect coins from item boxes – Most coins wins


Capture crystals on map – Most crystals wins


Score goals with giant ball – Most goals win


Collect and hatch eggs – Most eggs hatched wins


Destroy crates – Most crates destroyed wins

The different objectives add variety and require adjusting your strategies. Powerups randomly appear on the map offering offensive and defensive boosts. Using these effectively is key to coming out on top.

Matches are short, lasting just a couple minutes. This encourages jumping into quick games whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Progression systems reward playing regularly. Bomber Friends does a great job capturing the addictive fun of Bomberman’s multiplayer modes.


Co-op provides a collaborative PvE experience. 2 player teams work together to clear stages by defeating monsters. This offers a nice change of pace from the competitive modes.

There are 50 co-op stages in 5 different environments:

Fire Mountain
Frozen Lake 
Alien Planet

Teamwork is required to strategize movements and properly coordinate bombing enemies. Having an ally makes it less punishing and lowers the difficulty compared to single player. But it adds a fun new dynamic coming up with plans together.


Limited time multiplayer events help keep things fresh. These have special rules or conditions that provide a unique twist. For example, some previous event modes include:

  • Giant Bombs – All bombs are huge
  • No Powerups – Abilities disabled
  • Slippery – Low friction arena
  • Cursed – Periodically cursed reducing speed
  • Bomber Royale – Last bomber standing out of 50

Events only last a couple days and are on constant rotation. They incentivize regularly playing to experience the variety. Special seasonal events also occur coinciding with real world holidays.

Progression and Unlocks

Bomber Friends uses multiple progression systems to provide a sense of advancement from continued play across all modes.

Single Player Stars

Earning stars for completing campaign levels unlocks new stages. 3 stars are available per level based on performance. This provides incentive for replayability and mastery.

Multiplayer Ranks

Gaining medals and trophies increases your multiplayer rank. Higher ranks unlock new arenas, match types, abilities, and cosmetics. This encourages playing regularly to see new content.

Character Levels

Experience earned in all modes levels up your character. Each new level boosts stats and unlocks rewards. This RPG-like system provides a satisfying sense of growth.

Battle Pass

Seasonal battle pass offers exclusive cosmetic rewards by completing challenges and leveling up the pass. Premium purchase unlocks premium track.

Multiple progression systems give a feeling of meaningful advancement from continued play. There is motivation to keep improving skills and unlocking new content across both single player and multiplayer.

Visuals and Audio


Bomber Friends utilizes a bright, cartoon art style. Environments and characters feature simple, chunky 3D models. This gives it a cheerful, playful look reminiscent of toys coming to life.

The visual clarity is excellent – characters pop against the backgrounds and all movement and abilities are clearly telegraphed. There is nothing visually confusing. This is vital for the strategic gameplay.

Arenas feel distinct between the different themes. Here are some examples:

Forest – Lush greenery, trees, boulders

Desert – Sandy dunes, pyramids, palm trees

Jungle – Dense leafy foliage, ancient temples

Lava – Molten rock, metal platforms, geysers

Cloud – Floating platforms, heavenly light beams

Shadow – Eerie darkness, ghostly aura

The visuals may not be technically impressive but have plenty of charm. The cute, toy-like aesthetic really fits the lighthearted, casual appeal.


Customizing your bomber allows creating a unique style. There are tons of cosmetic options:

Outfits – Bodysuits, dresses, uniforms, armor

Hats – Helmets, animal ears, wizard hats

Accessories – Glasses, masks, headphones, wings

Special Effects – Flaming head, icy aura, ghostly trails

Emotes – Dances, taunts, greetings

Certain cosmetics provide non-gameplay benefits like earning more rewards or experience. Otherwise they are just for aesthetics.

There are hundreds of cosmetics to mix and match. It really enhances the personalization and attachment to your character. You can make them look silly, cool, pretty – whatever suits you.


Sound effects are simple but effective – cartoonish booms and crashes suit the bomb action. The music matches the visual theme with upbeat melodies for the worlds. It energizes the gameplay without becoming grating.

Character voices are high pitched gibberish, almost like Smurfs. These exclamations after scoring hits or getting knocked out add to the slapstick

  • - Season 51: Happy Holidays starts in December - Fashion tokens can be received from events - Bug fixes
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