ActionBlades of Brim Mod Apk 2.19.79 (Hack, Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Blades of Brim Mod Apk 2.19.79 (Hack, Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Blades of Brim Mod Apk 2.19.79 (Hack, Unlimited Money, God Mode)
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4.5 Rating (715) Votes

4.5 Rating (715 Votes )
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Blades of Brim Mod Apk 2.19.79 (Hack, Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Blades of Brim Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, God Mode
Category Mod Apk
Size 165 MB
Version 2.19.79
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Blades of Brim – A Slashing Android Action RPG

Blades of Brim is an exciting action role-playing game developed by Super Planet for Android devices. With its fast-paced hack-and-slash gameplay, stunning graphics, and deep progression system, Blades of Brim provides endless hours of entertainment for RPG fans on the go.

In Blades of Brim, you play as an elite warrior on a desperate mission to save your homeland from the looming threat of the evil Drakhul Empire. Armed with sharp blades and powerful magics, you must slash through hordes of menacing enemies across sprawling levels filled with hidden treasures and deadly foes.

The combat in Blades of Brim is instantly engaging, with simple, intuitive touch controls allowing you to swiftly unleash devastating combos against your foes. Stringing together light and heavy attacks while judiciously using your magical abilities is key to laying waste to the forces of darkness.

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Defeating enemies and completing quests rewards you with gold and experience points. These can be used to upgrade your hero’s stats and abilities on the character progression tree. With three unique character classes to choose from – Warrior, Rogue, and Mage – there are plenty of ways to tailor your hero to your preferred playstyle.

The presentation in Blades of Brim is truly stunning, fully immersing you into its fantasy world. Environments are beautifully rendered, from gloomy crypts to lush forests, with detailed animations bringing every slash of your blade to life. The epic orchestral soundtrack accentuates the adventure perfectly.

While the campaign can be played offline, Blades of Brim also features asynchronous online multiplayer modes for competing with others. The Arena allows you to test your party against player-controlled defense teams for rewards and leaderboard glory.

For RPG fans looking for their next adventure on mobile, it’s hard to go past Blades of Brim. Its captivating world, intense combat, and deep progression systems will have you glued to your screen for hours on end. Best of all, there are no upfront costs – Blades of Brim is completely free to play on Android, with optional in-app purchases. Download it today and immerse yourself in this epic struggle!

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Key Features of Blades of Brim

Blades of Brim packs in tons of great features that make it an exciting hack-and-slash RPG for Android devices. Here are some of the key things to look forward to:

Intense Real-Time Combat

Blades of Brim features satisfying hack-and-slash combat optimized for touchscreens. You can chain together light and heavy attacks, unleash powerful skills, and dodge incoming blows using intuitive controls. Fighting through hordes of enemies has never felt so good on mobile.

Three Unique Player Classes

Choose to play as the stalwart Warrior, crafty Rogue or elemental Mage, each with their own playstyles and abilities. Customize your build even further by investing in different skills and stats.

Beautiful Console-Quality Visuals

Blades of Brim really shines in the visual department, with meticulously detailed environments and characters bringing the dark fantasy world to life. Spectacular lighting and visual effects take the graphics up another notch.

Massive Boss Battles

The dungeons and landscapes are populated with imposing boss enemies that will put your skills to the test. Figure out their attack patterns and exploit their weaknesses to triumph over these lethal foes.

Engaging Progression System

Defeating enemies and completing quests lets you level up your hero, distribute stat points, and unlock new abilities on the progression tree. Finding loot out in the world can give you a decisive edge against the forces of evil.

Asynchronous Online Multiplayer

Test your party against the defense teams of other players in the asynchronous Arena battles. Earning rubies and climbing the leaderboards against the community provides tremendous replay value.

No Stamina or Paywalls

Blades of Brim can be played completely for free without paywalls or stamina restrictions hampering the experience. Optional in-app purchases are available but fully unnecessary to enjoy everything this RPG has to offer.

Controller Support

For even greater immersion into the PC-like gameplay, Blades of Brim has full support for external controllers like the Razer Kishi. Hack away at the Drakhul menace using your preferred control method.

The Blades of Brim mod apk is a hacked version of the popular Android action RPG that unlocks unlimited rubies and gold. This allows you to fully upgrade your hero and abilities right away, letting you breeze through the campaign without grinding. The mod also provides infinite energy, so you can play non-stop without annoying timers hampering your enjoyment. For an easier and faster-paced experience, the Blades of Brim mod apk is a great way to experience this excellent slashing RPG.

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Key Features of the Blades of Brim Mod Apk

The Blades of Brim mod apk unlocks some incredibly useful cheats and tweaks to enhance the base game. Here are the major benefits you can enjoy with this hacked version:

Unlimited Rubies and Gold

The core advantage of the mod apk is gaining unlimited rubies and gold. Rubies are the premium currency used to buy powerful gear and rare items. Gold is essential for upgrading your skills and abilities. Normally you’d have to grind these resources slowly, but the mod eliminates all grinding and paywalls. You can fully upgrade your hero right away to dominate enemies with ease.

Max Character and Gear Level

Thanks to unlimited resources, you can immediately raise your character’s level cap to the max available in the game. This lets you distribute stat points and expand your progression tree quicker. Likewise, all gear can be upgraded to max level, granting you immense attack and defense bonuses. Everything is unlocked from the start.

One Hit Kills

By activating the instant kill mod, you can one-shot every enemy with a single attack, including bosses. This makes blasting through the campaign effortless. It’s perfect for players who just want to experience the story and world rather than combat challenge.

God Mode / Immortality

God mode renders your hero invincible so you cannot die in battle. Combine this with one hit kills and nothing can stand in your way. Immortality is great if you want to relax and enjoy the RPG elements without any combat friction.

Unlimited Energy

Normally you need to manage energy in Blades of Brim which slowly refills over time. The modded apk provides unlimited energy so you can play non-stop without waiting. No more timers hampering your dungeon-crawling enjoyment.

Auto-Loot Pickups

By enabling auto-loot, all item and gold pickups will automatically be collected without needing to tap on them individually. This convenient tweak improves quality of life and speeds up your adventure.

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Fast Farming and Arena Grinding

The cheats and tweaks in the mod allow you to grind loot, XP, and arena rewards much faster compared to the base game. You save tons of time maxing out your hero and dominating PvP.

The Blades of Brim mod apk unlocks a wealth of advantages to customize your gaming experience. Whether you want unlimited resources, instant power-ups, invincibility, or just faster grinding, the mod has you covered. All the fun of Blades of Brim amplified!

Here are instructions on how to install the Blades of Brim mod apk:

How to Install the Blades of Brim Mod Apk

Installing the Blades of Brim mod apk on your Android device is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the Blades of Brim mod apk from a trusted source online. Make sure to get it directly from the modder’s site for the best experience.
  2. On your Android device, open Settings and enable Install from Unknown Sources. This allows installing apps outside of Google Play Store.
  3. Locate the downloaded Blades of Brim mod apk file on your device. It will usually be in the Downloads folder.
  4. Tap on the mod apk file which will launch the installer. Hit Install and wait for it to finish.
  5. After the install completes, you can open the Blades of Brim mod apk and start playing! All mods and cheats will be enabled from the get-go.
  6. Optionally, you can toggle mods on or off from inside the app as you please. The settings are available on the main menu.

That’s all there is to it! With the mod apk installed, you can now enjoy unlimited rubies, one hit kills, max level gear, and other cheat benefits while playing Blades of Brim. Slash your way through the campaign with god-like power!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Blades of Brim Mod Apk

The Blades of Brim mod apk unlocks some incredibly useful cheats and hacks. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this hacked version of the popular RPG.

1. Is the Blades of Brim mod apk safe to download?

Yes, the mod apk is completely safe to download if you get it directly from the developer’s official website. We recommend Game Hacking Tools as the trusted source. The download is free of malware. The mods only affect offline gameplay and do not tamper with online functionality. Your account will not get banned.

2. Does the mod work on both new and old saved games?

The great thing about this mod is that it works flawlessly on both new and existing save files. So if you have already sunk dozens of hours into Blades of Brim, you can apply the cheats to that same game. It will not corrupt or reset your saves. All your progression will still be intact but amplified massively by the mods.

3. Will I need to root my Android device?

Rooting is not necessary at all to use the mod apk. It works perfectly fine on any standard Android device. The modded app does not touch system files. You simply need to enable Install from Unknown Sources to bypass Google Play, then install just like a normal APK.

4. What happens if the game gets updated?

When an official game update rolls out, it may block the mod from working correctly until the mods get updated as well. This cat-and-mouse game is normal. However, the developer is very quick to push new mod versions whenever the base game updates. Just download the latest mod apk after any game patches.

5. Can I play online and will I get banned?

The mod only affects offline gameplay. If you play online or engage in PvP, the cheats will be disabled automatically to prevent unfair advantages. You can still play online but only with the normal base game functioning. So no need to worry about bans.

6. How do I uninstall the mod if I want to revert back?

You can easily revert to the original game by uninstalling the modded apk. Your saves will remain intact. Then go to Google Play Store, install the official Blades of Brim, and relink your account. You can toggle between mod and original seamlessly.

7. What are some beginner tips when starting with the mod?

Here are some useful tips:

  • Enable unlimited energy before exploring so you don’t get interrupted
  • Turn on auto-loot collection for convenience
  • Max out your gear’s level before tackling bosses
  • One hit kill is great but can make the game too boring, use judiciously
  • Teleporting through walls lets you access hidden areas
  • Increase enemy difficulty if becoming too easy

In summary, the Blades of Brim mod apk massively enhances this already great slashing RPG by removing grinding and unlocking god-like power. But use cheats wisely to customize the experience to your liking without going overboard. Have fun on your overpowered heroic adventure!

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Key Takeaways

  • Blades of Brim is an immensely fun hack-and-slash RPG for Android with great graphics and intuitive touchscreen combat
  • The game features three classes, intense boss battles, a progression system, and asynchronous PvP arenas
  • The Blades of Brim mod apk unlocks awesome cheats like unlimited resources, one hit kills, max stats, no energy timers, auto-loot, and more
  • The mod apk can be easily downloaded and installed without needing to root your device
  • It works on both new and existing save files without corrupting data
  • The cheats only work offline and provide a great way to customize the gaming experience
  • Use the mods judiciously to amplify enjoyment without removing all challenge


In closing, Blades of Brim delivers slick hack-and-slash gameplay optimized for Android devices. Its beautiful console-quality visuals, epic boss fights, and RPG progression mechanics provide hours of enjoyment.

While already great in its base form, the game can be taken to another level with the official Blades of Brim mod apk. This fan-made hack enables awesome cheats like one hit kills, unlimited resources, max stats, no timers, auto-loot, and more.

The mod apk is incredibly easy to download and install. It integrates seamlessly with both new and existing saves, boosting your hero without losing progress. With god-mode immortality and unlimited gold, you can slash your way through the Drakhul threat with ease.

Some restraint is still advised when activating cheats, as removing all challenge can dampen the experience. But used properly, the mod amplifies the adventure and reduces annoying grinding to unlock the full majesty of your elite hero much faster.

For the ultimate adventure in mobile medieval swordsplay, look no further than Blades of Brim. And the mod apk lets you tailor the experience to be exactly how you want it. Now grab your blade and relive the hack-and-slash golden era on your Android!

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