MusicBeat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk 4.0.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk 4.0.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk 4.0.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (330) Votes

4.5 Rating (330 Votes )
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Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a rhythm game developed and published by PM Studios for iOS and Android devices. It’s a fast-paced game that combines music with swordplay in unique and engaging ways.

In this extensive review, we’ll take a close look at Beat Blade and break down its key features, gameplay, graphics and sound, pros and cons, and more. Whether you’re considering downloading this game or just want to learn more about what it offers, this review has got you covered.

By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of Beat Blade’s strengths and weaknesses to determine if it’s the right rhythm game for you. Let’s get started!

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk

What is Beat Blade: Dash Dance?

Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a mobile rhythm game where players take control of a swordsman and slash to the beat of songs. The gameplay involves slashing blocks representing musical beats as they come flying towards the player.

The goal is to time slashes accurately to the rhythm to score points. As players progress, they can unlock new swords, characters, and power-ups. There are multiple game modes including a story mode, versus battles, and an endless survival mode.

Some key features of Beat Blade: Dash Dance include:

  • Intuitive one-touch controls for slashing blocks in rhythm
  • A collection of pop, rock, and electronic songs to play through
  • Challenging gameplay that takes precision timing and quick reactions
  • Character customization through unlockable swords, outfits, and gear
  • Local and online leaderboards to compare high scores with friends
  • Bright, flashy visual style with vibrant colors and effects

With its fast-paced rhythmic gameplay, Beat Blade aims to provide an engaging blend of music and action. Let’s take a closer look at how the gameplay works.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk

How Does Beat Blade: Dash Dance Play?

Beat Blade: Dash Dance’s gameplay is simple to learn but requires skill to master. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Rhythmic slashing – Colorful blocks fly towards the player representing the beats of the music. Players must slash the blocks in time with the beat to get points.
  • Various block types – Blocks come in different shapes and colors. Some blocks give extra points, some deduct points if missed, and others have special effects. This adds variety.
  • Checkpoint scoring – Stages have checkpoints every 30-50 blocks. Reaching checkpoints without missing gives bonus points based on timing accuracy.
  • Power-ups – Collecting certain blocks gives power-ups like double points, slowing down blocks, or automatic slashes. These provide advantages.
  • Gauge management – A gauge fills up by perfectly slashing blocks. Filling the gauge unlocks abilities like boosted damage. Missing blocks drains the gauge.
  • Three difficulties – Songs come in Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties. Hard has faster blocks and more intricate rhythms to master.
  • Character upgrades – Coins earned in songs can be used to unlock new swords, outfits, abilities, and power-ups for the swordsman.

With these mechanics combined, Beat Blade provides satisfying and addictive rhythm-based gameplay. Now let’s see how the game modes make use of these systems.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk

Game Modes and Features

Beat Blade: Dash Dance provides players with several ways to enjoy its core slashing gameplay. Here are the main game modes and features:

Story Mode

Story mode has over 50 stages split into 10 worlds. Each stage features a song with a set difficulty level and length. Stages are woven together by an overarching narrative told through comic book-style cutscenes. Completing stages unlocks new levels, songs, and customization options.

Versus Battles

In versus battles, players can face off against AI or human opponents. The goal is to get the highest score on a song. There are both real-time and asynchronous options available. Performing well unlocks weekly rewards.

Endless Survival

This mode is an endless gauntlet where players see how long they can survive as blocks fly at them faster and faster. The run ends if the player misses too many blocks. High scores get ranked on leaderboards.


Limited-time events feature special stages, customization rewards, and leaderboards. Events keep the gameplay fresh for returning players.


Players can unlock new swords, outfits, trails, and titles for their character by progressing through the game. This allows custom looks.


Global leaderboards and friends leaderboards allow competing for high scores. Leaderboards incentivize improvement.

With all these options, Beat Blade gives players plenty of content to slash through. But how does it fare in other areas like graphics and sound?

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

Beat Blade: Dash Dance goes for a stylized and vibrant visual presentation along with fast-paced electronic music:


  • Anime-inspired style – Characters, effects, and environments have an anime aesthetic with bright colors and fluid animation.
  • Neon aesthetic – Glowing laser-like visuals and particle effects give stages a futuristic neon vibe.
  • Comic book cutscenes – Story sequences use a comic book art style with dramatic poses and reaction shots.
  • Customization variety – Swords, outfits, trails, and titles allow players to create unique looks.


  • Upbeat electronic music – The soundtrack features fast-paced electronic music across multiple genres like dance, dubstep, and synthwave.
  • Familiar licensed songs – Recognizable mainstream hits are included from Marshmello, Alan Walker, and other artists.
  • Syncing and impacts – The beat-matching gameplay is tightened by syncing effects and impacts to the music’s rhythm.
  • Futuristic and energetic – Catchy melodies and energetic rhythms get players in the zone for fast reaction slashing.

The graphics and sound combine to create an engaging atmosphere that complements the core gameplay nicely. But how does Beat Blade perform in terms of pros and cons?

Pros and Cons of Beat Blade: Dash Dance


  • Satisfying rhythm gameplay with simple but hard-to-master mechanics
  • Colorful and flashy neon visual style
  • Fun selection of electronic music tracks to slash to
  • Good progression via story mode and unlockables
  • Competitive leaderboards and multiplayer options
  • Regular content updates with events and new songs


  • Occasional lag on older devices affecting timing
  • Busy visual effects can obstruct block view at times
  • Story mode narrative is barebones
  • Song list lacks diversity in genres
  • Not friendly for colorblind players
  • Multiplayer matching can take time

While not perfect, Beat Blade provides plenty of rhythmic fun across its different modes. For many players, the satisfying core gameplay loop outweighs the shortcomings. But how does it compare with its competition?

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk

Beat Blade vs. Other Rhythm Games

Some key ways Beat Blade Dash differs from other mobile rhythm games:

Beat Blade vs. Cytus II:

  • Beat Blade has action-oriented sword slashing while Cytus relies on tapping/dragging notes
  • Cytus has more technical charts and varied music genres while Beat Blade has more accessible pop songs
  • Cytus has a darker cyberpunk aesthetic compared to Beat Blade’s bright neon anime visuals

Beat Blade vs. Arcaea:

  • Arcaea has auto-scrolling mechanics while Beat Blade’s blocks come straight at the player
  • Beat Blade focus is scoring through combos, while Arcaea is based on accuracy
  • Arcaea has more customization options while Beat Blade has power-ups
  • Beat Blade’s art style is flashier and more animated than Arcaea’s minimalist visuals

Beat Blade vs. Deemo:

  • Deemo is piano-focused while Beat Blade revolves around sword slashing
  • Beat Blade has competitive multiplayer but Deemo is single player only
  • Storytelling in Deemo is more cinematic and emotional compared to Beat Blade’s lighthearted comic tone
  • Beat Blade allows you to pick any song from the start while Deemo unlocks them sequentially

So in summary, Beat Blade carves out its own niche with its sword slashing rhythm mechanics, neon aesthetics, and accessibility. Now let’s move onto some tips and tricks.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod Apk

7 Tips and Tricks for Beat Blade: Dash Dance

Here are some helpful gameplay tips for excelling at Beat Blade:

  1. Turn on the timing indicator in settings. This visual cue helps align slashes to the beat.
  2. Pay attention to block colors and types as they indicate timing and point values.
  3. Focus on accuracy first before chasing high combos. Nailing timing gets more points in the long run.
  4. Fill your gauge by perfectly slashing to unlock abilities. Activate them strategically during challenging sections.
  5. Use swords with stats aligning to your playstyle. Stats boost combo power, health, and more.
  6. Try entering a flow state for fast sections by avoiding overthinking and relying on rhythm instinct.
  7. Take breaks if you feel fatigued or frustrated. Come back refreshed to improve your skills.

Mastering these tips and tricks will help you improve your high scores and progression speed in Beat Blade.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beat Blade

Here are answers to some common questions about Beat Blade: Dash Dance:

Is Beat Blade free to play?

Yes, Beat Blade is free to download and play, but it includes optional in-app purchases. Players can access all game modes without paying.

What in-app purchases are available?

  • Players can buy additional coins used for unlocking swords/outfits faster.
  • There are packs that give access to exclusive swords and costumes.
  • Items that provide timed boosts like extra coins or experience can be purchased.

Does it require an internet connection?

Beat Blade can be played offline, but an internet connection is needed for social features like versus battles, leaderboards, and receiving new event content.

Can it be played on PC or console?

Currently Beat Blade is mobile-only, available on iOS and Android. There is no PC or console version. However, mobile versions can be played on PC using emulators.

How frequently is new content added?

The developers add new content every 2-3 months. This includes new weapons, outfits, songs, events, and game modes. Limited-time events occur more frequently.

Is Beat Blade appropriate for kids?

Beat Blade has cartoon violence (sword slashing) and flashy graphics, so it may not be suitable for very young kids. However, the content is relatively mild compared to many other action games. Parental guidance advised.

Key Feature: Should You Play Beat Blade: Dash Dance?

Here are the key points to consider about Beat Blade:

  • Satisfying rhythm gameplay – Beat Blade provides simple but challenging rhythm mechanics with one-touch controls. Mastering timing and combos is engaging.
  • Colorful neon style – The game has energetic anime-inspired graphics and electronic music that suits the fast gameplay.
  • Approachable for beginners – Easy to pick up but still has depth for veterans. Power-ups help struggling players.
  • Motivating progression – There’s plenty to unlock by playing which provides incentive to keep improving skills.
  • Active development – The developers regularly add new content and improvements so the experience stays fresh.
  • Some flaws – Visual clutter, song variety issues, and multiplayer matchmaking could be better. But not dealbreakers.

Overall, Beat Blade: Dash Dance succeeds as an entertaining mobile rhythm slashing game thanks to its satisfying gameplay core, vibrant style, and approachable experience for all skill levels. Players looking for engaging beat-matching action will find plenty to enjoy.


Beat Blade: Dash Dance delivers a rewarding rhythm game experience that gets players into the beat-slashing flow. With accessible controls, stellar music choices, unlockable progression, competitive multiplayer, and plenty of gameplay modes, Beat Blade has a lot to offer.

While it has some room for improvement when it comes to reducing visual clutter and expanding song variety, the core gameplay loop hits the mark. Beat Blade stands out for its incredibly satisfying timing-based slashing mechanics, energizing neon aesthetics, and content-rich features.

For rhythm game fans, or anyone looking for a fun music-based title accessible to all skill levels, Beat Blade is easy to recommend. It nails the key rhythm gameplay fundamentals while packing on plenty of unlockable content and competitive elements for motivation. Give Beat Blade’s demo a try and experience intense musical swordplay at your fingertips.

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