Role PlayingAuto Battles Online Mod Apk 1362 (Hack, Attack Speed)

Auto Battles Online Mod Apk 1362 (Hack, Attack Speed)

Auto Battles Online Mod Apk 1362 (Hack, Attack Speed)
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4.5 Rating (279) Votes

4.5 Rating (279 Votes )
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Auto Battles Online Mod Apk 1362 (Hack, Attack Speed)

Auto Battles Online Mod Apk
MOD Features Attack Speed
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Size 1181 MB
Version 1362
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Auto Battles Online Mod Apk is an online strategy game that features automatic battles between two players. The objective of the game is to build a powerful army and use it to conquer parts of the world that are controlled by enemy forces. Players must also manage their resources, such as troops, money, and technology, in order to defeat their opponents. With multiple types of units available for use in battle, Auto Battles Online Mod Apk provides players with different strategies based on which type of unit they choose to deploy each turn. In addition, various buildings may be constructed during battle, which can potentially give one player an edge over the other when played strategically. Come join us today for your chance to become a master strategist!

Gameplay Overview

The overarching goal of Auto Battles Online is to conquer territory by attacking enemy forces. Players create an army of units, which consists of infantry, tanks and aircraft, among others, and then maneuver these units around the game world map in order to attack their opponents. Each turn consists of players managing their resources (money, technology points), upgrading their units with new weapons or armor capabilities using tech trees researched at specialized buildings on the battlefields as well as placing static defenses such as anti-air guns or minefields. In addition, players can construct factories that enable them to produce additional troops each turn so they can expand upon existing armies with newer, more powerful additions, while cost-effectiveness prevents players from amassing overwhelmingly large armies efficiently unless they have started early on building a foundation before launching an all-out offensive against opposing forces.

Play With Fun this game?

If you are looking for an enjoyable and strategic game to play with friends, then Auto Battles Online is the perfect game for you! The easy-to-learn controls allow players of all ages to quickly pick up the basics, while its unique combination of customization options makes it a satisfying experience every time. Whether playing against other players or challenging yourself by creating custom battlefields with advanced settings, Auto Battles Online Mod Apk encourages creativity & tactical thinking in order to achieve victory. With global leaderboards and daily tournaments, there’s always something new & exciting waiting around the corner, so don’t miss your chance at conquering worlds today!

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Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes! Auto Battles Online is an online multiplayer strategy game where players build armies to conquer territories controlled by enemy forces. Through strategic management of resources, unit customization and deployment, the goal is to gain control over your opponent’s base in order to be declared victorious. With exciting tournaments, global leaderboards, and challenging custom battlefields available for play, there are plenty of reasons why this game should be on every Strategist’s radar!

History and popularity of the game

Auto Battles Online was initially released in 2015 and has quickly risen to be one of the most popular online turn-based strategy games. Players from around the world have enjoyed its challenging yet accessible gameplay with its no cursor/click controls allowing experienced strategists as well as newcomers to enjoy a unique experience. Through daily tournaments, community events, and regular updates, Auto Battles Online Mod Apk keeps things fresh by raising stakes & increasing competition each day, making it an exciting challenge every time you play!

Auto Battles Online MOD APK

Main Features of Auto Battles Online

Custom Unit Deployment

Auto Battles Online allows players to customize and deploy various types of units on the battlefield, such as infantry, tanks, aircraft etc., granting a unique way to tackle enemies each turn through tactical foresight.

Resource Management

With military strategy comes resource management, and in Auto Battles Online, this is handled primarily through managing money & technology points which can then be used to purchase upgrades or construct new buildings that provide buffs to your army, increasing their abilities and chance at victory!

Technology Trees 

In order to profit from all of the resources gathered in Auto Battles Online, special tech trees must be consulted before any major purchasing decisions are made when dealing with large amounts of technology points since they can drastically affect not only unit stats but also armory capabilities giving rise or fall depending on the type chosen making it integral part following the procedure correctly resulting higher performance during conflicts.

Tournaments & Leaderboards

Alongside the regular battles against opponents, Auto Battles Online boasts daily tournaments with globally ranked leaderboards that are open to all players who can compete for prizes granted through various conditions, such as skill level or points collected during matches.

Advanced Customization

For more dedicated professionals looking to hone their skills, Auto Battles Online offers advanced customization options when creating battlefields, including theme selection & enemy population control, so everyone can experience a unique challenge tailor-made for those brave enough to test its limits!

Global Community 

With multiple game servers offering varying maps and difficulty settings, experienced strategists have formed small communities devoted entirely to mastering this strategy genre, having created theories based on how to play correctly and maximize the efficiency of using resources combined with proper use of terrain, which aids development adeptness within individuals joining these armies, search strong opponents swards mastery over rivals resulting lifelong friendships emergence from each challenge faced during course gameplay giving it excellent replay value provided correct setup promotes healthy environment making sure users keep engaged by announcing timely news updates rewards encourage long term following due integration oculus rift headset feedback loops that simulate battle like never before.

Rewards and Achievements

One of the core components in grinding games is its ability to reward persistence, Auto Battles online does exactly this with an achievement system full of unlockables ranging from skins/emblems and additional store credit earned after completing objectives, proving an essential motivating factor helping drive players onward taking upon challenges head stronger determination ensure success leading much milder withdrawal symptoms once log off kind completion closing satisfying conclusion gaming session received whilst playing enjoyed vast knowledge power imparted characters possess throughout journey goodness even effect said virtual world very well designed enjoyable noninvasive ensuring safety commitment promotions growth excitement every corner brings imbued community similar to the way results bond people ever-increasing fanatic fanbase encompassing universe number nations expanding gaming horizons beyond planet Earth itself.

Auto Battles Online MOD APK

Game Tips

• Manage your resources and develop a well-rounded army in order to defeat enemies while staying cost-efficient. 

• Utilize terrain, technology trees, static defenses and custom unit deployment for tactical advantages. 

• Fully understand the mechanics of each unit available in order to utilize it correctly during the battle; this can give you the edge needed over opponents! 

• Research tech trees carefully before purchasing upgrades or constructing buildings, as they can provide powerful buffs that are often invaluable during strategic battles. 

• Compete against friends & global players alike to climb up the leaderboards through daily tournaments, with prizes awarded based on performance play aggressively yet efficiently when competing!

What are Auto Battles Online Mod APK?

Auto Battles Online Mod Apk is an Android modded version of the original game released by developer Elex, with new content and features not available in the original. This includes, for example, various new weapons designs, powerful buffs to units that affect their stats or abilities and unlocks exclusive access to additional missions as well as unique rewards that can be purchased from in-game stores. Auto Battles Online MOD APK has been designed with experienced players in mind so they can dive even deeper into the strategic mechanics of this classic strategy game & conquer whole worlds at a time!

Auto Battles Online MOD APK

Features of Auto Battles Online Mod APK

Attack Speed

Auto Battles Online MOD APK offers a dramatically faster battle speed compared to the original game, allowing for quicker fights to be completed. This would result in more efficient battles and drastically reduce the grinding time within missions, making it ideal for strategists looking to fully conquer their opponents swiftly & efficiently!

Enhanced Unit Stats

Players can now customize statistically each unit that they deploy on the field with powerful buffs that impact their attacks, defense or HP, allowing them an edge when combating even the toughest of enemies as you will have access to new capabilities to combat opponents requiring entering long drawn battles otherwise preventing progress victory.

New Weapons Designs

Auto Battles Online MOD APK also provides access to some of the most advanced weaponry in existence, for instance high, powered laser cannons that can vaporize targets within a few seconds, effectively reducing the number of troops required to defend a position, providing increasing mobility during the mission, allowing players forward even more quickly territory populated hostile forces. As mentioned before, this same technology can be used against those same opponents making it an invaluable asset when attempting clear area safety, ensuring celebrations triumph soon follow.

How to Download Auto Battles Online Mod APK

• Open and search for “Auto Battles Online MOD APK”. 

• Select the Mod Apk version from the result page and tap on it to open its details page. 

• Read all information about the mod apk provided, including; compatibility, file size, and required Android versions are given to ensure the best performance and requirements needed during battle rolls ahead of time. 

• Click Install & follow the instructions on the screen if necessary in order to complete the process depending upon your device’s settings which could require logging onto your Google account, completing verification steps before downloading, fixing requirement failures any other issues causing interruption flow of game setup operations afterward though should proudly call yourself master strategist ready take reign battlefield means fits!

Auto Battles Online MOD APK

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Verify that all components necessary for installation have been downloaded and installed properly. 

• If you’re having trouble downloading the Auto Battles Online MOD APK, ensure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or that your Mobile Data is enabled and stable. 

• Check if there are any updates available, as they may be needed before being able to install the Mod Apk successfully. 

• Make sure that enough storage space has been allocated in order for the game to be installed onto your device without any issues.

Visual and sound quality


Auto Battles Online MOD APK offers pixel-perfect visuals with vibrant and detailed environments that pop from the screen, providing an inviting atmosphere, combined with a color palette chosen precisely to bring out action onscreen, allowing players to remain alert amidst intense battles, which also comes accompanied impressive animations pre-battle roll moments whet appetite anticipation ensuring excitement barely contained be quiet majesty each slow build released after completing objective post completion previous mission leading players always pressing onwards next challenge awaits them hidden inside this game engine alluring yet mysterious & enticing enough keep playing forever.


The sound design featured in Auto Battles Online MOD APK is dynamic & immersive, transcending genres of both classical music & modern-day EDM, creating a true audiovisual experience as it blends perfectly in harmony with visual components creating powerful emotional connections at certain points during fights or character dialogue moments filling hearts determination courage help progress further into the game world while also reminding player ever looming darkness exists should one become too careless making cost price victory itself!

Auto Battles Online MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What type of game is Auto Battles Online Hack Apk?

A1. Auto Battles Online Hack Apk is an online turn-based strategy game that enables players to build powerful armies and battle enemies in order to conquer territories on a global scale.

Q2 Is there a way for me to play against friends or join tournaments?

A2 Yes! Players can battle their friends locally or join daily tournaments open globally, which will also reward participants based on performance, giving them a chance at legendary in-game items, exclusive rewards & titles!

Q3 How long does it take for battles, from the beginning until the end?

A3 Depending upon tactics used/deployed, progress stated during mid turns & reactions by opponents, overall duration varies greatly as some can run quickly while longer grinds are encountered depending on the strain soldiers’ technology employed. Each run duration usually lasts between 5–20 minutes.

Q4 What are the main features offered inside this modded version of Auto Battles online Modded Apk?

A4 The main features found within MOD APK include faster gladiator combat experiences, customized unit stats & new weapon designs, plus much more, all tailor-made for experienced strategists looking to enhance their skills even further!

Q5 Does one need any sort of account before playing the Mod Apk version?

A5 No. Auto Battles Online MOD Apk can be downloaded & played without needing to create an account or sign in with any type of platform, making it easy & quick to start playing right away whenever one desires!

Q6 Are there any additional costs involved when downloading the mod apk?

A6 No. There are no additional charges associated with downloading or installing the Mod APK, as it is provided free of charge by developer Elex for those who wish to enjoy an enhanced version Auto Battles line.

Q7 Can I play this game offline?

A7 Yes, you may play this game offline; however, note that your progress won’t be saved unless connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data and also, some features, such as online tournaments and leaderboards, will not be available while in a disconnected environment.

Auto Battles Online MOD APK


Auto Battles Online MOD APK is an enhanced version of the original strategy game released by developer Elex, allowing for a faster battle experience amongst players boasting a wide range of customization options, powerful buffs to units & new weapons designs. Now featuring pixel-perfect visuals, an immersive soundtrack, and global tournaments with exclusive rewards Auto Battles Online MOD APK promises an enjoyable ongoing experience whether playing alone or against friends, making every Strategist’s dream come true!


• Auto Battles Online Modded APK should not be confused with its original game released by developer Elex. 

• Playing offline will prevent players from accessing certain features such as tournaments & leaderboards. 

• Resource management, technology trees and custom unit deployment are all key strategic elements to consider during playtime in order to gain a strategic edge over opponents.

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