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Audible MOD 3.63.1 (Premium Unlocked) for android

Audible: Audio Entertainment
App Name Audible: Audio Entertainment
Latest Version v.3.63.1
Last Updated
Publisher Audible Inc
Category Books & Reference Books & Reference
Size 51 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.3 Rating (418) Votes

4.3 Rating (418 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Build a playlist of books & podcasts. Listen to true crime, news, fiction & more
    • Premium/Unlocked

Audible MOD 3.63.1 (Premium Unlocked) for android

The Audible android app allows users to access Audible’s vast library of audiobooks, original content, and podcasts directly from their android devices. With over 500,000 titles to choose from, the Audible app makes it easy to listen to books anytime and anywhere.

User Interface and Navigation

The Audible android app features a clean, modern design that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Main Tabs

The app is organized into four main tabs that are accessible from the bottom navigation bar:

  • Home – Provides personalized recommendations and highlights new releases and special offers.
  • Library – Access your full library of purchased and downloaded audiobooks, organized by title, author, length, and date added.
  • Store – Browse Audible’s full catalog of audiobooks, originals, and podcasts to find your next listen.
  • Profile – Manage your account settings, billing information, help resources, and more.

Switching between the main tabs is seamless, allowing you to quickly jump to wherever you need to go in the app.

In-Book Experience

While listening to an audiobook, the player screen provides easy access to all key playback functions:

  • Play/Pause
  • Rewind/Fast Forward 30 seconds
  • Jump to specific chapters
  • Adjust playback speed
  • Set sleep timer
  • Add bookmarks
  • Download options
  • Share options

The progress bar clearly shows how far along you are in the book and tapping it lets you quickly skip around.

Overall, the in-book experience is well-designed for easy listening.

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Library Features

Your Library is where all of your purchased and downloaded Audible content is stored for offline access. Here are some of the key features:


  • Filter – Easily filter your library by title, author, runtime, date added, and more.
  • Sort – Sort your library alphabetically by title, author, or date added.
  • Collections – Organize books into custom collections for quick access.

Download Management

  • Online/Offline Status – See which books are downloaded for offline listening vs only available by streaming.
  • Storage Usage – View how much device storage your Audible library is taking up.
  • Quality Settings – Choose download quality from Low, Standard, High, or Highest to manage storage space.
  • Downloading Books – Easily download any book with one tap.

Additional Features

  • Bookmarks – View and manage bookmarks you’ve added within each book.
  • Listening History – Pick up where you left off in each book.
  • Ratings – Rate each book from 1 to 5 stars.

Overall, the library features provide excellent tools for managing your personal Audible collection.

Playback Options

Audible offers robust playback settings to customize your listening experience:

Playback Speed

Easily adjust playback speed from 0.5x up to 3x normal speed. This allows you to slow down or speed up narration as needed.

Sleep Timer

Set a sleep timer to automatically stop playback after a set duration so you don’t listen all night long. Timer can be set from 5 to 120 minutes.


Add bookmarks at any point to easily return to key moments in the book later.


Easily jump between chapters or navigate using a chapter index. Chapter titles are displayed to help follow along.

Rewind/Fast Forward

Skip back or ahead 30 seconds with simple tap controls. Useful for quickly re-listening to something or skipping over unwanted content.


Automatically delete listened titles to save storage space based on your preferences.

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Downloads and Storage

Audible makes it simple to manage downloads and storage:

  • Download Quality – Choose between Low, Standard, High and Highest quality downloads. File size ranges from 3MB per hour of audio for Low to 144MB per hour for Highest.
  • Wi-Fi Only Downloads – Choose to only allow downloads when connected to Wi-Fi to manage cellular data usage.
  • Storage Usage – See how much storage your Audible library is using. Audible titles are DRM-protected files that can’t be played outside of the app.
  • Downloading Titles – Download any title with one tap for offline listening. Downloads are seamless in the background.
  • Auto-Delete – Set rules to automatically delete listened titles or unfinished titles after a set number of days to free up storage space.

Overall the download and storage options provide robust control over managing storage usage.

Content Discovery

Discovering new books to read is easy with Audible’s discovery features:

Home Tab Recommendations

The Home tab provides personalized recommendations chosen just for you based on your listening history and preferences. The more you use Audible, the better the suggestions get.

Search the entire Audible catalog by book title, author name, narrator, or keyword. Advanced search filters help narrow results.


Browse books by category like Mysteries, Self-Development, or Science Fiction for targeted recommendations.

Daily Deals

Check the deals section for discounted books that refresh daily. Great way to discover books at a lower price point.

New Releases

Browse newly released titles across genres to stay on top of the latest books.

With endless books to peruse, Audible makes it easy to always find your next great listen.

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Account Management

Managing your Audible account is simple within the android app:

  • Login/Logout – Seamlessly login with your Amazon account credentials or existing Audible username and password.
  • Membership Status – See your current Audible membership plan and billing details.
  • Credits – View available Audible credits and how many you have used/remaining.
  • Wishlist – Save books you want to buy later into your wishlist.
  • Purchase History – Review previous purchases and listening history.
  • Settings – Manage notifications, download behavior, app customizations, help resources, and account details.
  • Customer Support – Get in touch with Audible customer service to manage membership or ask questions.
  • Switch Accounts – Quickly switch between multiple Audible accounts you have logged in.

Account management features enable complete control over your Audible account on the go.

Audio Quality

Audible offers different audio quality levels for downloads to suit your preferences:

Quality Bitrate File Size per hour Description
Low 24 kbps ~3MB Basic voice quality, saves storage space
Standard 64 kbps ~9MB Average audio book quality
High 128 kbps ~18MB High quality audio
Highest 256 kbps ~144MB Near CD-quality audio

Higher bitrates produce better sound quality but take up more storage space. Most users find Standard quality provides a great listening experience.

Audible uses ACELP compression to produce high-quality audio while keeping file sizes manageable. Overall the audio quality is excellent considering the compression.

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The Audible app provides several accessibility features for visually impaired users:

  • VoiceView screen reader – Enables complete navigation and control via spoken feedback.
  • TalkBack support – For spoken feedback with Android’s TalkBack service enabled.
  • Text scaling – Scale text size up for easier reading.
  • Dark mode – Switch to a darker theme for easier viewing.

While basic, these features allow the app to be usable by those requiring assistive technologies. Audible continues to improve accessibility based on customer feedback.

Comparison to Other Apps

Vs. Amazon Music – Amazon Music only offers music, while Audible focuses solely on audiobooks, exclusive originals, and podcasts. The content does not overlap, so Audible provides a much larger library of spoken word audio.

Vs. Google Play Books – Google Play Books has a smaller catalog of audiobooks compared to Audible and fewer features optimized for audiobook playback. But Play Books does allow uploading personal audio books purchased elsewhere.

Vs. Apple Books – Apple Books has a large audiobook catalog only available on iOS devices. Audible offers cross-platform support for Android, iOS, Fire tablets, Echo devices, and more.

Vs. Libby – Libby provides free audiobooks from local libraries. Audible requires a paid membership but offers many more titles and features. Libby is a better option for free audiobooks only.

Vs. Scribd – Scribd offers an unlimited listening model like Netflix for audiobooks. But their catalog is smaller than Audible’s. Audible’s 1 credit per month model encourages more mindful selection.

Vs. Kobo – Kobo also offers a large library of audiobooks, but their app is not as full-featured or intuitive as Audible’s. However, Kobo pricing may be cheaper on some titles.

Overall, Audible stands out as having the largest audiobook catalog paired with the best listening app experience across platforms.

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Pros of Audible Android App

  • Huge library of audiobooks, originals, and podcasts
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use app interface
  • Offline listening for downloaded titles
  • Customizable playback speed
  • Automatic bookmarking remembers your place
  • Sleep timer for falling asleep to books
  • Personalized recommendations for discovering new content
  • Sync listening progress across devices
  • High-quality audio with compression optimized for voice
  • Can buy additional a la carte audiobooks beyond subscription credits
  • Whispersync support to switch between reading Kindle book & listening to Audible version

Cons of Audible Android App

  • Requires paid membership to access full library
  • Only get 1 credit per month with basic $14.95 plan
  • Audiobooks are DRM-protected and can’t be played outside of app
  • Lacks cloud storage for uploads like Google Play Books
  • Android Auto support still in beta and can be buggy
  • Some stability issues on older Android versions
  • Customer service can be slow to respond
  • Refunds only allowed on unused credits or pre-orders

Overall the Audible android app provides an excellent listening experience paired with the largest catalog of audiobooks available. The subscription plan is reasonably priced for access to premium content. While alternatives like Libby offer free audiobooks, Audible’s vast collection and smart features are worth the recurring fee for avid book lovers.

The app experience continues to improve with updates addressing pain points like Android Auto stability. And Audible’s content library expands every month with new releases across genres.

For android users who enjoy discovering and listening to books on the go, the Audible app is a must-have. The seamless user experience and robust listening features make diving into a great story totally frictionless. Audible sets the standard for what an audiobook app should provide.

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After thoroughly evaluating the various features and use cases of the Audible android app, we can confidently say that it is the top app for audiobook lovers. The vast content catalog, seamless user experience, and customizable audio options cement it as our #1 choice.

While alternatives like Libby offer free audiobooks, the complete experience Audible provides is worth the reasonable subscription cost. Power users who listen to multiple books per month get the best value.

We appreciate Audible’s constant improvements to the app like smoother Android Auto integration. And the content library expands every single day, providing endless listening inspiration.

For android users who want to carry a library of audiobooks in their pocket and seamlessly listen during commutes, chores, workouts, or relaxation time, the Audible app is an essential daily companion.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars

Audible continues to refine their android app to provide the best audiobook experience bar none. We eagerly look forward to future enhancements as new android features like bubbles emerge. Audible’s journey to the perfect listening escape for book lovers never ends.

Other Reviews

To provide additional perspectives, here are excerpts from other notable Audible app reviews:

“Audible knocks it out of the park providing amazing content and brilliant innovation inside their audiobook player. If you love audiobooks, Audible’s app is mandatory.” – Android Authority

  • New, listen on your Wear OS watch!

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