RacingApex Racing Mod Apk 1.12.3 (Hack, Free Purchase, Unlimited Money)

Apex Racing Mod Apk 1.12.3 (Hack, Free Purchase, Unlimited Money)

Apex Racing Mod Apk 1.12.3 (Hack, Free Purchase, Unlimited Money)
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4.5 Rating (541) Votes

4.5 Rating (541 Votes )
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Apex Racing Mod Apk 1.12.3 (Hack, Free Purchase, Unlimited Money)

Apex Racing Mod Apk
MOD Features Free Purchase, Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 77 MB
Version 1.12.3
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Apex Racing is a racing game developed by Apex Games for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It features an open world based on hundreds of different tracks and beautiful visuals. The game also includes several types of cars, ranging from street-legal to off-road vehicles, with massively customizable options across the board. Along with its single-player campaign, Apex Racing also includes online multiplayer events that allow players to compete against up to 12 other racers at once! With its wide array of customization options for both you and your car as well as comprehensive detailing across the entire track lineups including dirt roads around canyons or tight chicanes along oceanfronts Apex promises high octane thrills every time you hit the accelerator! And while it may not be quite on a level with some established series like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport in terms of simulation depth, it still presents a deep enough experience that even veteran sim drivers won’t quickly forget they’re playing through a video game. Whether your goal is making it to the Finish Line first or living out an adrenaline-packed movie fantasy, Apex Racing’s sure to deliver, both on and off the accelerator!

Apex Racing Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Apex Racing features an open-world racing experience with hundreds of tracks to explore. Players have access to a variety of cars, from street-legal production vehicles to heavily modified off-road and racecars. They can customize their car, as well as driver profile attributes like speed and agility, for maximum performance while competing against up to 12 opponents in multiplayer races or completing the single-player campaign. High-octane thrills await players every time they hit the accelerator!

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Play With Fun this game?

Definitely! Apex Racing offers a wealth of customization options and content for players to enjoy. Whether you’re playing with friends in intense multiplayer races, tackling the single-player campaign, or just cruising around checking out all the beautiful tracks – Apex will keep you coming back for more. With its open-world experience and exciting, visceral action, there’s something here for everyone who loves racing games!

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Apex Racing does offer online multiplayer events for up to 12 players at once. You can team up with your friends or search for opponents through a matchmaking system to join organized races, compete in leaderboards, or race against ghost cars. The game also features solo Freestyle mode, where you can drive around freely and explore the environments without any competitive elements!

Apex Racing Mod Apk

Features of Apex Racing

Open World Racing

Apex Racing offers an open-world based experience with hundreds of different tracks to race on in stunningly detailed environments. From winding roads along the coastlines to tight chicanes hidden within canyons, there’s something here for everyone who loves racing games!

Immersive Single Player Campaign

As well as taking part in multiplayer events, players can also take on a single-player campaign featuring intense rivalries and exciting challenges across several difficulty levels – all while uncovering secrets about the cars and characters they encounter along the way! Players will be tested every step of their journey through this expansive world built around speed and danger!

A Wide Range Of Cars

With over 250 vehicles available across four distinct classes — sports, supercars, off-road trucks, or rallycross variants; no two races feel quite alike as you adjust how your car performs depending upon track type or driving style preference isn’t a problem either as you’ll have access to plenty of customization options that allow tweaking each individual component from engine packages for more power down low & exhaust finesse for better-handling balance (endurance, etc.).

Comprehensive Game Modes

Apex Racing offers several game modes to choose from, ranging from standard race events to more specialized activities such as drifting or stunt challenges. Whether you’re playing alone with friends online or offline, there’s always something new and exciting here!

Comprehensive Customization Options

Not only can players customize their vehicles for peak performance, but they also have access to dozens of different paint schemes and decals that can be applied either freely in the garage or through a series of unlocks while earning rewards across the single-player campaign.

Tons Of Multiplayer Events

Players are given all kinds of chances to test their skills against both AI opponents in solo races but also up to 12 other drivers simultaneously via VPN connections across various events like time trials and head-to-head showdowns aimed at providing intense competition with every lap around the track complete it!

Apex Racing Mod Apk

What is Apex Racing Mod APK?

Apex Racing Mod APK is a modified version of Apex Racing the popular racing game. This modded version offers access to unique and powerful cars that are not available in the original game, various customization options, an improved graphics engine giving higher FPS (Frames Per Second) with realistic lighting effects, an enhanced multiplayer mode allowing players to join cross-platform online races against up to 12 other racers at once as well as various other cheat codes making it easier for players to take on even harder opponents while enjoying all the thrills that racing games have come to offer!

Apex Racing Mod Apk

Features of Apex Racing Mod APK

Free Purchase

Apex Racing Mod APK enables players to instantly purchase any car, upgrade, or customization option that is available in the original title without having to grind for coins and currency.

Unlimited Money

Along with free purchases, Apex Racing Mod APK also grants access to an unlimited amount of virtual currency, guaranteeing that you can keep on top of your game and maximize every new ride no matter how much money you have!

Enhanced Graphics

The modded version comes complete with a completely overhauled graphics engine, boosting the frame rate, introducing improved lighting effects, and adding more detail throughout its world’s environments, which make exploring anytime feel like a cinematic experience!

Apex Racing Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Apex Racing Mod Apk

• Download and install the latest version of the Apex Racing Mod APK from its official website

• Go to “Settings” on your device, then open “Security Settings” and enable installation from unknown sources in order to allow your device to install apps that do not come from the Google Play Store.

• Once enabled, go back into your download directory and tap on the mod apk file downloaded earlier. Then, follow through with any additional prompts until the installation is finished.

• Once installed, you can now begin playing Apex Racing Mod APK! Enjoy access to unlimited virtual currency along with powerful cars, an improved graphics engine for more immersive visuals, plus tons more cheat codes for a wild ride every time you hit the accelerator!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Ensure that you have enabled installation from Unknown Sources in your security settings before attempting to install the mod APK.

• Check for any updates within the app’s official website and make sure you are installing the latest version of Apex Racing Mod APK.

• Uninstall any previous version of Apex Racing Mod apk from your device before attempting a new install.

• Have adequate storage space on your device to ensure complete download and installation processes take place without interruption or error messages popping up during either stage!

Visual and sound quality


Apex Racing features stunning visuals with enhanced resolution for clarity and increased detail at higher levels of zoom. Carefully rendered environments featuring bridges, roads, rivers, and coastlines bring realistic depth to the world wherever you choose to race!


A captivating soundtrack accompanies each race event, plus plenty of immersive audio effects (such as engine roars or car collisions) work together to create an intense atmosphere every time you set off on a lap around the track! Both sound elements have been carefully curated by experienced professionals looking to treat racers with wild and exciting rides from the beginning until the end!


Apex Racing provides an incredibly immersive gaming experience for players of all types. Featuring an open world with hundreds of differently styled tracks and realistic visuals, plus the ability to customize your cars, you’ll find yourself racing through different environments in diverse conditions that will keep you coming back again for more dynamic thrills each time. And, whilst it may not rival some established series like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport, Apex Racing still offers a deep enough driving simulation coupled with a comprehensive range of features, including online multiplayer capabilities, powerful car customization options, and much more, making it a must-have title for any fan who loves racing games!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Apex Racing Mod APK free to play?

A: Yes, Apex Racing Mod APK is 100% free and does not require any additional purchase for access to it’s features or content.

Q2. What platforms are compatible with this mod?

A: Currently, the mod is only compatible with the PC version of Apex Racing but may be expanded later onto other platforms, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4, in future releases!

Q3. Are there cheat codes available within this version?

A: Yes,hack codes can be found scattered across single-player races as well as online multiplayer events, giving players powerful advantages like unlimited money for upgrades & customizations or unique cars that wouldn’t otherwise have been attainable via normal gameplay, thus allowing you an edge over your opponents!

Q4. Does the mod affect online leaderboards?

A: No, all players playing within a modified version of Apex Racing will be identified as being part of the same racing group within Leaderboard matches so that no one is unfairly penalized for using this hack!

Q5. Is it safe to use this mod?

A: Yes,the Mod APK does not include any harmful malware or viruses and uses only officially licensed game files, which are regularly maintained by developers for optimal performance & stability.

Q6. Are there any hidden in-app purchases available with Apex Racing Mod APK ?

A: No,there are no hidden costs associated with the download & installation of these mods – they’re completely free from start to finish, meaning you can access all content without worrying about spending additional money on purchases or upgrades on top of what is already available!

Q7 Can I play my original apex race save data with the mod version?

A :Yes , All your progression will be saved when switching from the regular game to the modified version, meaning you can continue from exactly where you left off!


• Always make sure to download the latest version of Apex Racing Mod APK for optimal performance & stability. 

• Even though there are cheat codes available, they should be used responsibly in order to keep game integrity and fairness intact while playing online races against other players! 

• Avoid downloading mod APKs from shady or untrusted websites, as these may contain malicious malware that could compromise your device’s security.

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