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Another Life Mod APK 4.0.4 (Unlocked All, Unlimited Life)

Another Life - Life Simulator
App Name Another Life - Life Simulator
Latest Version v.4.0.6
Last Updated
Publisher Another Byte
Requirements Android 8.1 Android 8.1
Category Simulation Simulation
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3.8 Rating (769) Votes

3.8 Rating (769 Votes )
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Just another life simulator game... or is it?

Another Life Mod APK 4.0.4 (Unlocked All, Unlimited Life)

Another Life is a life simulation game developed and published by AnotherByte Inc. for iOS and Android devices. The game allows players to live out an entire virtual life from birth to death, making choices that affect their character’s career, relationships, lifestyle, and more. Some key features of Another Life include:

  • Character customization with many appearance options
  • Dating and relationships – find love by swiping right
  • Variety of careers to pursue and get promoted
  • School phase to choose your education
  • Mini-games like driving, gambling, playing music
  • Purchase cars, homes, pets, and other items
  • Karma system that impacts your life path
  • Achievements to unlock unique experiences

Overall, Another Life aims to provide an immersive and addictive life simulation experience on mobile. The game has a modern interface and gameplay tuned towards short sessions. While it lacks the depth of PC/console life sims, it’s a fun casual game to play on the go.

Another Life Mod APK


When you first launch Another Life, you can customize your character’s appearance including hair, eyes, skin tone, body type, and clothing. There are ample options to create your virtual avatar. Once your character is created, you start life as a baby being born. You’re given a random first name, last name, location, and family background.


In childhood, there are limited actions you can take. The game will prompt you with various scenarios and you have to choose how to respond. Your choices affect your character’s core stats:

  • Smarts – Impacts school performance and job prospects
  • Looks – Affects your attractiveness and dating
  • Health – Physical fitness and life expectancy
  • Happiness – Overall mood and satisfaction with your life

Here are some example scenarios from childhood:

  • Bully takes your lunch money – fight back, tell teacher, or do nothing?
  • You find a wallet on the ground – keep it, turn it in, or leave it there?
  • Your friend invites you to try smoking – accept, decline, or lie?

Based on your responses, your core stats will shift higher or lower. There are no major consequences at this life stage, but it sets the foundation for your character.


Once your character becomes a teenager, they start high school. Here you take classes each year that boost your Smarts and determine what careers will be available later on. You also make choices regarding social life, dating, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs. Each decision affects your stats and unlocks certain narrative events. For example, joining an athletic club may improve your Health but reduce study time and lower Smarts. Working part-time improves Smarts at the cost of less dating and Happiness. At the end of high school, your final grades and activities influence what college options are available.

Another Life Mod APK

Young Adulthood

After finishing school, your character enters young adulthood. This is when you start to have more freedom and face bigger decisions. First, you can choose to attend university or not. If so, you select a major which unlocks related careers. If not, you can only access basic jobs. University also presents many scenarios that shape your character’s personality and relationships. For example:

  • Cheat on an exam for better grade but hurt Smarts if caught
  • Join a fraternity/sorority for more friends but less study time
  • Experiment with drugs and alcohol with various outcomes

After university, you start your first part-time job. Soon after, you’re able to move into your own apartment. You’ll be presented with options for decorating and customizing your living space. Your choices affect your character’s Happiness. This life stage is also when dating and relationships become important. You can browse dating profiles and swipe right or left on other characters. If they swipe right too, you can exchange messages and eventually go on dates. Successfully dating improves your character’s Happiness. You may even find a long-term relationship. Getting married provides stability which can lead to better job performance. Other key decisions at this life stage include:

  • Adopting pets
  • Making friends and expanding your social network
  • Pursuing hobbies like sports, music, art
  • Working hard or goofing off at your job

Each choice shapes your character as they transition into full adulthood.


When your character enters their mid-20s, they are considered a full adult. You can pursue many different life paths based on earlier choices. The main focus now is your career. Depending on education and job performance so far, certain careers will be available while others are locked. The careers in Another Life include:

  • Fast food worker
  • Retail clerk
  • Business analyst
  • Accountant
  • Police officer
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Scientist
  • Actor
  • Musician

Each job has different salaries, hours, and stress levels. As you progress in your career, opportunities for promotion arise which increase your pay and responsibilities. You can reach the top of any career ladder by performing well for long enough. For example, with the business path you could go from analyst to manager, director, vice president, and eventually CEO. Advancing in your career takes dedication though. You may have to sacrifice time with friends and family or even your health. The game constantly forces you to balance ambition with personal happiness. Other key choices at the adulthood phase include:

  • Buying your first house or upgrading to bigger homes
  • Having children or remaining child-free
  • Staying faithful or having affairs if married
  • Maintaining your health through diet and exercise
  • Developing addictions to things like alcohol or drugs
  • Breaking the law and going to jail
  • Random events like car accidents, lawsuits, and windfalls

The game provides an impressive amount of life diversity through the many combinations of career paths, relationships, and random events. No two lives end up exactly the same.

Later Life

As your character enters middle and old age, their priorities shift again. Physical and mental stats begin declining, presenting new challenges. Your career may plateau as younger employees jump ahead. Relationships can stagnate or fall apart. Key decisions at this stage include:

  • Changing careers or retiring altogether
  • Settling down or seeking excitement
  • Coping with illness and declining health
  • Repairing damaged relationships or finding new ones
  • Planning your estate and will
  • Choosing risky behaviors like crime or drugs
  • Fighting depression and staying mentally sharp

The game will eventually force you into retirement between ages 60 and 70. At that point, you have to decide how to spend your golden years. Will you relax and take up hobbies? Travel the world? Spend time with grandchildren? Or succumb to the limitations of old age? When the end draws near, the game will present you with a summary of your life’s accomplishments and failures. Your character’s core stats will heavily influence their final years. For example, characters with high Happiness and Health may continue active lifestyles well into old age while those lacking in those traits may suffer earlier deaths.


Eventually, every life in Another Life ends in death, as in real life. The age of death depends on your character’s choices and stats. In general:

  • High Health enables living past 80
  • High Happiness improves longevity
  • Too much crime and risky behaviors reduce lifespan

When your character passes away, you’ll receive a summary of their life highlights and how they died. The game tracks metrics like:

  • Money earned
  • Homes purchased
  • Years spent in jail
  • Number of marriages
  • Career level achieved
  • Overall happiness

It’s fun to look back on your character’s full life arc and see how different choices could have improved or worsened their life path. After your character dies, you have the option to start a new life with a different character. Everything resets except Karma which carries over between lives.

Another Life Mod APK

Karma System

A key feature that sets Another Life apart from other mobile life sims is its Karma system. All actions you take affect your character’s Karma score, represented by a flame icon at the top of the screen. Karma is essentially a morality scale, with good deeds raising your score and bad deeds lowering it. Actions considered “good” include:

  • Telling the truth
  • Volunteering and donating
  • Completing education
  • Having a successful career
  • Being a good friend and family member
  • Obeying laws

“Bad” actions include:

  • Lying and cheating
  • Being mean or hostile
  • Dropping out of school
  • Doing poorly at jobs
  • Damaging relationships
  • Committing crimes
  • Developing addictions

Your Karma score passively grows over time as you make moral choices. However, crimes and cruelty can rapidly plummet your Karma. So why does Karma matter? Because it unlocks unique life paths and affects how NPCs interact with you. Characters with high Karma are treated better and offered special opportunities. For example, they may:

  • Get free gifts and windfalls
  • Make friends easier
  • Have better dating options
  • Be promoted faster
  • Recover from illnesses quicker
  • Gain advantages during random events

Meanwhile, low Karma characters face more challenges:

  • Higher prices at stores
  • Fewer job prospects
  • Less attractive dating candidates
  • Slower career advancement
  • More jail time for crimes
  • Worse outcomes from random events

Karma essentially acts as your character’s moral compass. Straying too far down the dark paths makes life much harder. But another benefit is that Karma persists across lives. So improving the Karma of one character makes the next one’s life a bit easier. This provides long-term incentive to play morally and makes the game more rewarding.

Another Life Mod APK

Graphics and Audio

Another Life utilizes relatively simple 2D graphics and visuals. The characters, environments, and UI have a clean, colorful, cartoon art style. Everything is family-friendly and accessible. There is nothing scary or inappropriate for kids visually. The graphic highlights include:

  • Character Creator – Robust editor to customize your avatar
  • Life Stages – Characters visibly age from babies to elderly
  • Locations – Homes, schools, businesses, and other venues
  • Items – Cars, furniture, clothing, and other purchases
  • Pets – Dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles to adopt

The visuals won’t blow anyone away but effectively convey the life simulation experience. On the audio front, the game has minimal sound effects for tapping buttons and other actions. There is also light background music that matches the mood, whether happy, tense, or sad. The audio enhances gameplay but is secondary to the visual novel narrative format. Most time is spent reading text versus listening to sounds.

Another Life Mod Apk


Another Life monetizes through a few different methods:

  • Ads – Short video/banner ads appear occasionally
  • In-App Purchases – Players can buy “Life Points” to gain advantages
  • Remove Ads IAP – One-time purchase to disable ads

The ads are not excessive, but provide revenue for the developers. Watching enough ads also rewards some free Life Points. Life Points (LP) are used to purchase in-game advantages and bonuses. Some examples:

Action Life Points
Redo a scenario 10 LP
Increase a stat 20 LP
Earn extra money 50 LP
Revive after death 500 LP

LP can be earned slowly through gameplay and ad watching. But buying them with real money is far quicker. Packages range from $1 for 25 LP up to $50 for 2500 LP. Whales can splurge for advantages while casual players are not pressured. Finally, a $3 one-time IAP unlocks ad-free gameplay. This improves the experience for invested players. Overall the monetization seems fair. The game itself is free and fully playable without spending. But options exist to enhance the experience if desired.

Gameplay Positives

Some standout positives about Another Life’s gameplay:

  • Addictive gameplay loop – “Just one more life” feeling makes it hard to put down
  • Impactful choices – Every decision changes your life trajectory
  • Karma system – Provides moral framework and purpose across lives
  • Life diversity – Ton of different paths and outcomes to discover
  • Customization – Strong character creator and avatar options
  • Balanced monetization – Unobtrusive ads and IAPs, not pay-to-win

Another Life Mod Apk

Gameplay Negatives

Some weaknesses to improve on:

  • Repetitive – Text heavy format leads to eventual repetitiveness
  • Shallow late-game – Lacks depth once career and goals peak
  • Random events – Some events feel too random rather than logical
  • Short lives – Lives play out quicker than expected
  • Grinding – Progressing high careers requires grinding through years
  • Reading heavy – Not suited for players who dislike reading


Overall, Another Life succeeds as an accessible and enjoyable mobile life simulation game. It may not have the depth of PC counterparts, but provides a polished casual experience.

  • New - Added new visuals for team detail stats - Updated visuals for team matches to better reflect information - Added button to view positions info - Added button to view team roster stats - Hospital is now free under age 16 - Added stats tab to person details Fixes - Various bug fixes and crash fixes
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