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Angel Saga MOD 2.09 APK (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)

Angel Saga: Hero Action RPG
App Name Angel Saga: Hero Action RPG
Latest Version v.2.09
Last Updated
Publisher Alchemist Games Inc
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 235 MB
Mods Menu, Unlimited Money
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (312) Votes

4.3 Rating (312 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Incredible combination of Roguelike action shooter and RPG!
    • God Mod
    • Speed Multiplier
    • High Critical Damage

Angel Saga MOD 2.09 APK (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money)

Angel Saga Mod Apk is a rogue-like action RPG game developed by Alchemist Games for iOS and Android devices. Released in 2021, the game has you take control of Myel, an angel summoned to the underworld who must fight her way back to the heavens. With simple touch controls, randomized dungeons, and tons of skills and gear to unlock, Angel Saga provides a fun and addictive gameplay loop.

Angel Saga MOD


The core gameplay loop of Angel Saga Mod Apk involves moving through procedurally generated dungeon floors while dodging enemy attacks and defeating enemies and bosses. The controls are simple – tap the screen to move and your angel will automatically attack nearby enemies. Each floor contains a portal that brings you to the next level, along with various enemies and obstacles to overcome. Defeating enemies earns you gold and experience points to level up, unlocking new skills and attributes.

The skills system provides plenty of variety, with over 60 different skills split across three classes – Warrior, Archer, and Mage. Skills range from powerful nukes to buffs to summons, and you can equip 5 at a time. There are also over 100 pieces of equipment like weapons, armor, rings, and more that provide stat boosts and set bonuses. The wide range of skills and gear allows you to customize your playstyle. Do you want to focus on fast attacks? Strong AoE skills? Summoning minions? You can mix and match skills and gear to create unique builds.

The dungeons themselves are randomly generated, providing a fresh experience each run. They are laid out on an overworld map, allowing you to choose your path through the chapters. Normal chapters contain 5-15 floors of enemies to clear, while special challenge levels test your skills against waves of foes or tough bosses. Dying returns you to the overworld map to try again, but you keep all acquired gear and levels between runs. There’s also a PvP Arena to battle other players if you need a break from dungeon delving.

Angel Saga MOD

Graphics and Audio

The graphics have a clean anime-inspired style, with vibrant colors and effects. Environments range from heavenly clouds to demonic dungeons, each with their own unique visual flair. Skill effects are flashy and impactful, with giant magical circles, lightning storms, and more filling up the screen. The 3D character models are well-animated, bringing the angelic heroes and demonic enemies to life.

The audio matches the visuals, with sweeping orchestral scores during epic boss fights and fast-paced battle music when plowing through hordes of monsters. Attacks and spells have punchy sound effects to match their dazzling effects. Ambient environmental sounds like flowing water or howling wind help immerse you in each new area.

Overall, Angel Saga Mod Apk graphics and audio combine to create an engaging atmosphere reminiscent of classic action RPGs and anime. The eye-catching effects and sounds keep you pumped up to battle through each floor.

Angel Saga MOD

Progression and Rewards

Defeating enemies and completing floors awards you with gold, experience, and gear. Gold is used to upgrade skills and gear, providing incremental boosts to your stats. Experience levels up your account, unlocking new skills and higher gear levels. Gear can be equipped immediately or broken down into materials for crafting.

Other rewards come from completing achievements and daily/weekly quests. The achievements act as fun milestones, like defeating certain amounts of enemies or clearing specific challenge levels. Daily and weekly quests provide useful materials and currency as incentive to play every day.

The progression feels steady and rewarding. There’s always a new skill to work towards unlocking or gear piece to craft. Reaching new account levels is exciting as it opens up more ways to customize your build. The constant stream of upgrades and unlocks keeps you pushing forward.

Angel Saga MOD


Angel Saga Mod Apk monetizes through removable ads and an optional subscription called the Angel Pass. Ads play between floors and can be removed for $9.99 a month. Watching ads provides small rewards like gold and gems. The Angel Pass costs $5.99 monthly and provides bonuses like increased gold, experience, and materials from floors.

Neither the ad removal or subscription are necessary, but provide some quality of life improvements. You can play through the full game and all content without spending money. The only limitation as a free player are cosmetic costumes and inventory slots, but the base inventory is already generous. Overall the monetization feels fair for a free mobile title.

Major Updates

The developers have supported Angel Saga Mod Apk well with frequent updates adding new content and features:

  • New dungeon chapters – Additional themed chapters with unique bosses and gear sets were added. This provided more variety and build options.
  • Costume system – Cosmetic costumes let you change your angel’s appearance. Costumes are unlocked by completing events and provide stat bonuses.
  • Rune system – Runes act like gems, providing bonuses that can be slotted into gear. Different rune sets encourage new builds.
  • Ascension system – After reaching the level cap, ascension lets you reset back to level 1 while keeping gear/skills. This extends the endgame progression.
  • Time challenge mode – Race against the clock across short challenge levels for rewards. Provides a change of pace from normal dungeon diving.

The steady updates show the developers are committed to improving the game over time and expanding the content.

Angel Saga MOD

Social Features

Angel Saga Mod Apk incorporates some social features through its guild system. Joining a guild lets you chat and team up with other players. Guilds can also battle against guild bosses together to earn rare loot. It provides a nice sense of community and way to make friends beyond just the PvP arena matches.

You can also watch and learn from other players through the replay system. Any player’s run can be viewed to pick up tips on skill rotations and gear builds. Top leaderboard runs are frequently exciting displays of skill. Replays make it easy to learn from the best.

Angel Saga MOD

Final Verdict

Angel Saga Mod Apk executes the mobile dungeon crawler formula nearly perfectly. Dodging through randomized floors while unleashing flashy skills simply feels great. There’s endless build variety with the skills and gear. Progression is rewarding and steady. Frequent updates add substantial new content. Monetization remains fully optional. It’s the ideal pick-up-and-play RPG experience.

For rogue-like RPG fans on mobile, Angel Saga is easily recommendable. The gameplay loop remains engaging for the long term. There’s always another build to try or challenge to overcome. Angel Saga absolutely earns its wings.

  • Event bug fixes
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