StrategyAge of Apes MOD APK 0.57.4 (Unlimited Money / Gems)

Age of Apes MOD APK 0.57.4 (Unlimited Money / Gems)

Age of Apes MOD APK 0.57.4 (Unlimited Money / Gems)
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5.5 Rating (269) Votes

5.5 Rating (269 Votes )
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Age of Apes MOD APK 0.57.4 (Unlimited Money / Gems)

Age of Apes MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Gems
Category Mod Apk
Size 867 MB
Version 0.57.4
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Age of Apes Mod Apk is a 3D multiplayer strategic game where apes fight one another for domination. Every group of primates must collaborate to send their clan’s rocket into space and claim the bananas as rewards! As an ape commander, you will have to build your own army of monkeys and protect it with defense structures, resources and units. Also, research technology that will improve their firepower or even develop plans for missile strikes on opponents. Defeat enemy clans in skirmishes taking place in forests, valleys as well as cities ravaged by war – then join with other successful factions into powerful unions to onslaught larger enemies or wild animal hordes threatening your base camp! It’s time now – Let’s make history together – Begin the Age Of Apes!

Age of Apes Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

The Age of Apes game gives you endless possibilities for intense and explosive battles! Every action you take, every move you make is critical to claim victory. In this thrilling adventure, the apes must use their elemental weapons, like fireballs and rocks, to fight opponents while also defending themselves from wild animal attacks. There’s a strategy involved – capture enemy territory by building powerful defenses that will block projectile missiles or launch an air strike on approaching hordes of wild beasts. Experience a whole new level of competition when your clan allies with others for huge rewards at the end of each skirmish! Join in on all the fun – join Age Of Apes today!

Heroes vs. Hordes Survivor Mod Apk

Age of Apes Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, the Age of Apes is a multiplayer game that allows you to join forces in an all-out war with competing primate clans. You can choose from different player factions and form alliances with other competitors’ clans to share bonuses or launch attack strategies against rival primates. Invite friends or use matchmaking online – both options are available for strategic gaming pleasure! Make the most of your playthrough when you fight alongside allies and challenge foes over various terrains ranging from large forests to invulnerable cities ravaged by war! The possibility for warfare bliss awaits those who dare attempt – enter the Age Of Apes now

Age of Apes Mod Apk

Key Features of Age of Apes

1. Clan System:

Form your own factions from different clans with exclusive abilities and armor sets. Ancient monkeys, urban gangs, Apemen warriors, and mysterious forest tribes are among the many tribes available, each with its own specialty in elemental weapons like fireballs or rocks! Unite forces for increased power to overcome enemies in skirmishes of epic proportions or climb up leaderboards to earn rewards when working together.

2. Rocket Launch Adventure:

Build huge rockets constructed out of resources gained from fights between faction forces – then launch them into outer space! Discover valuable alien tech while exploring galaxies through collective effort before coming back down to reward local primate leaderboards, where bonuses for your clan await collection after successful launches.

3 Research Technology Developments:

Our scientists have created various plans that apes can use towards advantage against rivals – missile strikes on opponent camps using anti-air barrages designed by nanotechnology technology is just one example of what’s possible here! Upgrade firepower with improved defense tactics like building an impenetrable wall around researched bases preventing intruders so allies stand safe inside campgrounds fortified by such means.

4 Terrain Differentiation :

Skirmish between rival ape gangs ranging across cities full of large rubble, scarred post-war casualties as well as small hidden villages tucked away deep inside jungles ridden wild animal hordes looking for mealtime feast upon weaker troops invading scavenger territory looking alike nothing seen before amongst other maps found raising stakes high whilst opposing commanders compete from fast-paced destruction much never follows right underneath life filled sky fear only limits experienced player within bounds set apart ready go all until end their task completed being crowned champion where match lay has been won!

5 Defense Tactics Crafted Strategies :

It takes cunning with planned strategy design defense tactics to survive against all odds when enemies come calling. Together in union, apes are able to create blockades from piles of rocks, gigantic walls made of concrete, or even electrified fences to prevent otherwise imprudent intruders from sneaking away’s victory. Fire-powered cannon lines created to help guard the horde along single entry points achieving absolute domination goals mind.

6 Natural Elements Utilising Survive:

As battles rage on by forces age ape dominating future, begin using power natural elements aid defensive positions employ against attackers campgrounds stay safe from damage brought raging skirmishes conditions worsen wilder local weather through unruly surge darkness clouds fill sky until last one left standing victorious day above rest giving hope lead charge into coming storm lasting many moons henceforth declared happened now live without end remains glory

7 Hero Characters Combat Playstyle :

You start providing a unique experience among your peers who stand strong to fight recurring battles ahead! Animals tend to join deciding wars, tides shift favor looking answers found no other place heroism lay within character skins can customize become true heroes own right ‘The Legend Of Apes’ told songs to dance new days dawn here faces live fame! –

8 PvE Horde mode Strategic Deployment :

Apart Player VS Player (PvP) Mode Enjoy the game solo players with AI-controlled bots. You configure your desired difficulty deploy ground mission reclaim conquered territories held adventuring hordes nightmare beasts roaming forgotten places battle reign existence balance world already are… Strategically maneuver forces around the map, sacrificing a few big pushes to defend the main base point at once, achieve ultimate destruction, make sure objectives are reached wisely so every encounter brings unique experiences, conquer outer space exploration trip banana hunt marks undertaken!

Age of Apes Mod Apk

What is the Age of Apes Mod Apk?

Age of Apes Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular multiplayer strategic game ‘Age Of Apes.’ The mod apk provides various features and exclusive content that cannot be found in the original version, as well as an improved level balance for increased playability. Features like automatic XP leveling, fully unlocked classes, and abilities, plus newly tweaked weapon parameters give players much more variety to their overall gaming experience than before. In addition, users have access to extra commands such as aimbot-level accuracy when firing projectiles, meaning battles now become exponentially explosive with long-distance shootouts attainable from virtually any range! Other amazing mods like unlimited money make it so players can purchase special items or even instantly upgrade their troops at will – giving you greater control on your onslaught against other primate clans looking afraid under your dominant rule! Try out Age Of Ape’s Mod APK today for an elevated gaming experience with turbocharged performance added into each skirmish – dominate all opponents while unlocking new quests and challenges along each victorious match fought over enemy soil!

Mod Key Feature

1. XP Auto-Levelling: Gain new levels instantly with mod apk’s automatic experience point levelling! Instantly unlock special abilities and enhance your primate troops in no time without grinding for hours at a time to increase ranks within the team. Now everyone has the same chance of reaching higher ladders, giving balance to factions regardless of skill level or amount put into play sessions.

2 Weapon Parameters Tweaked: Enjoy immense havoc caused by tweaking parameters featured on weapons used by primates – rocket launch barrages or an aimbot-accurate cannon, now become realistic war features under players’ control! Experience increased power output that significantly boosts performance when facing off against rival clans contrasted with previous versions lacking such accessories for battle domination never seen before. Enter Age Of Apes Mod APK today!

3 Unlimited Resources & Money : Go bananas over endless amounts of added income given at disposal when launching ambitious invasions or quickly fixing up barracks after casualties fallen in troop wars– money doesn’t matter here because every purchase counts as unlimited prices, so buying all desired items becomes much easier than before such long waited feature supplied regular gamers upon installing modified version enjoyment cannot stressed more!

4 Secret Character Skins Customizing : Show off astonishingly looking skins made exclusively upon downloading the game’s mod apk version found nowhere else operating separately from the normal edition showcased above others whilst gathering attention in group play as well as collecting hearts among peers gaining higher reputation through sheer design unique appearance along many returns favor depending personality given ape commander seem mysterious charming determined winning fights required succeed daily missions ordered reconquer inner territories order bring peace land once again being destined handle task falling shorts expectations greatly shorter this way will thank later each note taken accurately correctly.

Age of Apes Mod Apk

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download & Run: Get the mod apk version of Age Of Apes from third-party websites or generate your own key through online generators (optional). Then, run it to download and install updates for improved performance when playing against rival clans.

2 Set Up Account : Make sure you have an active account ready by connecting game settings properly with a valid email address (for security purposes) before logging into the system so everything remains legit within the game environment once launched, not steppable boundary crossing cheat code ruining play sessions!

3 Test It Out: After installation finishes, open up the menu to access various options contained in the modded version test out new features found, such as unlimited money and resources coins along with character skins available, purchase special items, even more, give that edge needed to survive competitive climate make sure all settings work accordingly try skirmishes first making any permanent changes correct state needed go Enjoy age apes experience brought across players worldwide downloading this modified apk much never seen anything done else around freely upgraded necessities far exceed expectations!

Game Tips

1. Join an Alliance: Joining up with other clans for extra benefits can be beneficial in the long run and provides support when handling large-scale battles. Work with your allies to ensure you make it out alive each skirmish, and share rewards afterward as a show of unity between all factions!

2 Maximise Map Knowledge : Familiarize yourself thoroughly with every single map featured in Age of Apes before going into battle will allow players to quickly counter enemy advances, plus locations of resources or strategic points that may help them achieve victory faster than usual!

3 Building Defense Structures: One-way apes can secure their stronghold is by deploying defense structures around campgrounds; artillery towers, sentry guns as well as huge walls are able to defend against incoming fire from aerial units used during the war – so station enough troops nearby these positions beforehand just case any infiltrators manage to get through.

4 Researching Technologies: Before attacking rivals upgrade elemental weapons such rockets able hit moving targets like bird’s eye view locating high speed dodging capabilities developed research combos structured split-second moments need to occur order pinpoint aim right spot directed located otherwise fail to destroy opponent’s bases using missiles falling short desired destination waste time costing victory… Upgrade scientific knowledge wisely!

5 Stockpiling Units & Resources : Don’t go alone- invite friends to join the team either create custom parties play coop multiple mission maps doing activities including answering trivia questions, reward bonuses, looting jobs, cash return favor those who put effort victorious situations adding extras returning being useful collective!.

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics :

Age of Apes contains stunning 3D visuals that are sure to draw players in with its colorful palette while easily distinguishing primate troops and other animals roaming freely around the map. Buildings from cities destroyed by long-term wars stand out as vivid post-apocalyptic iconography against lush green jungles, scattered deserts as well as fractured sky views during rocket launches make for a unique gaming experience not available anywhere else! Moreover, particle effects like fireballs used during battles add smokey textures to enhance immersion absolutely no comparison when compared original version elegance displayed across screens screensavers deliver exemplary homage seen close reality could ever attainment usages truly worthwhile cause worth repeating over again incessantly circumstances change never leave behind again unspoken words formerly lost due lack understanding… That find within belongs us!

2 Sounds & Music :

Players can look forward to experiencing epic soundtracks produced painstaking effort by renowned developers creating musical masterpieces served up through every skirmish gameplay session, making it easier identify symbols representing friendly forces avoiding accidental fires hit wrong points at right moments finding strength courage proceed faster ever before without putting extra time effort fact melodies itself chime sweet revelation granting inspiring atmosphere finishing quests single handedly many times came victorious win thanks brilliance added assists sets scene allowing overcome fear uncertainty wishing escape repetition same pattern following endless lifespan lasts last witness glory immortalized eternal aftermath video game development history bless gracefully having opportunity gaze stars each launch discovered age apes guides toward journey astral planes destination unknown besides awaits our arrival.


The Epic Age of Apes game continues to amaze players with its stellar graphics and sound effects. The mod apk version provides an even better experience as it opens up a whole new slew of possibilities that weren’t available in the original title. Players can benefit from features such as automatic XP leveling, unlimited money, tweaked weapon parameters, and special character skins – all this lead to thrilling warfare between primate clans battling for domination over their territories! Play through hundreds upon thousands of missions until you help send a rocket into space while gathering valuable resources per match for handsome rewards at the end only then do we truly understand the true moral behind Age Of Ape’s illustrious mantra: “In dog-eat-dog wars there are no losers, only survivors”

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. How to Download Age of Apes?

Age Of Apes is available for free from various third-party websites or the official app store. Depending on your device, download the game and be sure to follow the instructions provided carefully when running it – once done, open up menu options, enter log details, then begin the journey being the strongest commander within the ever-expanding ape universe!

2 What are Different Classes Available in Game?

At launch, there are a variety of skins featured in Age Of Ape’s mod apk version – mainly ancient monkeys with exclusive abilities plus urban gangs usually equipped high tech weapons as well exotic Primate Warriors & mysterious forest tribes proficient rock-throwing projectiles! Others may appear due to future updates constantly releasing new content, giving players added choices when attempting battle domination amongst rivals, proving victorious sky never limits willing to put effort into reaching heights could only dream!

3 Does this Have Multiplayer Option?

Yes! The game allows multiple players online to go against each other cooperatively. Separate campaigns, maps objectives are set while jumping deep into skirmishes appears to keep progress ranked scoreboards efforts not going waste found special rewards given finishing tasks assigned along the way, fight foes hometowns recover territories conquered enemies force-yes graphical simulations compared real-world events extremely accurate great initiative almost nearing result looking visuals pleasure highly recommended friends family enjoyment brought forth enjoyable, interactive manner with option control elements contained entire landscape tilting favor find most success… So don’t miss out. Act soon before it all runs dry cause multiplied times = divided witnesses winnings worldwide seen showcased global platform quickly competing best chance show off superior skills furthering interests accordingly helpful times need reach closure situation settled faster could ever think possible. Gaming just like that

4 What are Element Weapons Used in Game?

Elemental weapons used in the Age of Apes include things like fireballs, rocks, and homing missiles. Fireballs (charged by mana points) cause an explosion on contact with burning effect when aimed accurately, and an anti-air barrage developed via nanotechnology can be deployed to eliminate aerial units attempting airstrikes when defending base camps from encroaching foes! Players must strategize wisely if they wish to come victorious in war situations. Using such tools disposal bring aggressors’ heel refuse to kneel down in front of oppressive regime found nowadays in the online gaming industry, commanding attention and placing spotlight exceptional features boast… With each second passing, hear replay songs after battles’ success wins achieved great pride!

5 Is It Available Offline Too?

 Yes – available offline as well, allowing users to explore galaxies solo mission modes answer trivia questions gain rewards, loot jobs required certain objectives, completion bonuses received cash return gratitude given honor being involved in adventures conducted locally during play sessions exclusive content downloaded mod version accessed anytime desired trip neighboring planet creative position rewarded efforts shared pacts between clans connect each dimensions traveling reaches nullification point nothing left hidden wonder much discover there exploration starting right now newly launched age ape’s mod apk ready go all way let’s start cashing prizes!.

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